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    Originally Posted by soopaord View Post
    I don't know why, but I still think that the RSE remakes will be on the DS. This is a really bad example, but Emerald was released on the GBA when the DS was already out. It still sold like hotcakes. The RSE remakes will sell regardless if it's on the DS or 3DS or not. I'm just leaning toward a DS release as GF already has the resources for it (Gen V engine) plus it's quick and cheap.

    Gen VI will get the 3DS treatment.
    No they didn't >> They sold ok but the GBA sales were horrible. All of Gen 3 as a whole had bad sales compared to later sales, and Emerald wasn't a remake of a previous game either. It was the Director's cut version of Ruby and Sapphire.

    We don't know what they plan on doing. The DS IS a dead/dying system. Just got back from work and they pulled the DSi's from the store over the weekend. We had like 20 of them when I went in Friday morning and when I was putting out the 3DS XL which were released today I had to ask about the DSi's cause they were all missing. My Manager said they were pulled out of our stock by the Nintendo Representative.

    Its gunna be a big thing if the remakes are for the 3DS but then again we haven't had 6 games released for one Generation before either.

    Then of course there is the new, in-credible rumor about Pokemon finally calling it quits. I say in-credible because there isn't any credit to it. This appeared thanks to the Anime preview with Team Rocket. Course some people still believe that at the end of every generation the games are the last of their kinds.

    3DS has a pretty good chance of getting the remakes before or after Gen 6. Earliest we'd see sometime next year possibly.