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    Hack name: Pokémon - FireRed - Return to Kanto -

    Hack of: Pokémon - FireRed

    Additional information about the hack: A complete remake of Pokémon FireRed with updated sprites and challenges! In a nutshell..
    Return to Kanto in a new beautiful scene. New Pokemon await you to discover them and catch them all again, only in style..

    Finished percentage:
    Graphics: 85.
    Scripts: 10.
    Story: 100. [**..May be changed if I decide to add more to the actual storyboard..**]

    Your hacking skills: Pretty much everything except for the help I need below. So I am working on scripting, and soon hexing. I also considering adding more tiles, which I need some help on.

    What help or skill you're looking for: Scriptwriters, anyone to help me script events and additions. Hex editor. Anyone who has experience in editing tiles and adding them.

    Additional contact information: Pm here.

    Additional information: I am currently working on Beta v1.6, needing help with scripting and adding new tiles. Contact me if you are interested.
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