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    Ch. 6 Dreams

    As Andrew slept, he heard the prayer of the Metang. I he visualized the pokemon, floating on the raft in his dreams.
    "I can not do that for you." Andrew told it.
    <Why not?> the steel type asked.
    "I am king of the sea, not of the weather. I can make the oceans as calm as possible for you, but I have no power over the storms. That is Rayquaza. He is angry at the invaders." Andrew answered. "Why do you need calm weather any ways? What are you doing sailing into the ocean?"
    <we, myself, and my masters daughters are sailing to the capital of Slate Port. We come from Dewford, which has been ravaged by the invaders. They killed my master, who was one of the lords' guards. I must now protect his daughters.>
    "You give a good argument. I will do what I can." The image faded from his mind, and Andrew had no more dreams the rest of that night.
    For Althalos, though, it was different. He had been having night mares about what would happen to his family if he did not complete this mission. Then, suddenly, Terowin was there. The Alakazam, like Drowzee and Hypno, could communicate through dreams.
    <How is your mission going?> he asked.
    <not to well. One of his friends, the Latios, doesn't like me to much.>
    <that is fine. Kill him first then. I was just checking in. I'll let you go now.> the psychic type started to fade.
    <one thing though.>
    <Yes?> Terowin quickly reappeared.
    <Why can't I just kill him now and get it over with?> Althalos asked.
    <Because he might possess crucial Hoennian military secrets.>
    <He didn't even know that we had attacked Hoenn until I found him.> Althalos said with a shrug. Terowin gave a thoughtful glance towards the Typhlosion.
    <he still might know something. Don't kill him yet.> and with that, the Alakazam faded away, and Althalos's night mares began once more.
    - - - - - - - - - - -
    Andrew woke up to feel a wet nose nudging his face. When he opened his eyes, he saw that he was staring at a small Vulpix. Behind it, stood two Ninetails. Andrew was more or less surprised to see the pokemon. They were rare in Hoenn, but they were almost never in this area. The male looked at him curiously.
    <Hello Andrew.> it greeted him.
    "Do I know you?" Andrew asked him.
    <Well you should, I fought with you as leader of the fire regiment during the fight against the darkness.>
    "Jogun?" Andrew asked.
    <No one else.> the pokemon replied.
    "But, you're, you're normal!" the boy exclaimed.
    <yup.> Jogun gave a sly grin. <I guess that when the darkness evaporated, all the rebels became normal instead of disappeared.>
    "And you have a family too!" Andrew picked up the Vulpix and scratched its head.
    <Yes, this is my mate, Salin, and my son, Jamor.> Andrew put the little Vulpix down and walked over to Jogun.
    "Everybody else is still sleeping, so we should probably take this conversation else where." Jogun nodded, and followed Andrew out of the clearing with Salin and Jamor following close behind.
    "How did you know where I was?" Andrew asked curiously.
    <when I was out hunting, I heard loud noises, and came to see what it was. It had been you fighting that Tyranitar and those soldiers.> Jogun replied.
    <I take it you won?> Salin spoke for the first time.
    "Yes, yes I did. I'm not one much for running from an enemy."
    <sometimes it's smart to though. Imagine if there had been 20 Tyranitar. You would have been sacrificing the welfare of your friends, and those humans too.> Andrew gave her a curious look. <I was there too.> she sighed.
    <My mate gives words of wisdom.> Jogun nodded. <She knows what she is talking about.> Andrew nodded, scratched Jamor behind the ears again, waved them off, and left.
    When Andrew came back, he saw that Latios wasn't there, and neither was Althalos, so he assumed they were out hunting together. Latias was still lying next to the fire pit and shivered when a cold wind blew by, ruffling her feathers. Jack and Nicholas were sleeping a little further off, Jacks arm around his brothers' body. Andrew fetched some more sticks and got the fire going again. He then retrieved some arrows from his bag, and went out hunting for himself.
    - - - - - - - - - - -
    Latios angrily tore a chunk of meat out his preys' body. <Why on earth would Andrew do that?> he said to no one in particular. The only things that heard him were the trees. <Andrew is smarter than that. To let someone from the attacking country to follow us.> Latios paused and thought for a minute. <if he is going to act so naively, than I should be the leader of this group. I'm older than him too.> he laughed to himself. <The first thing I would do would be kicking that blasted Typhlosion out, or killing him.>
    <Who are you talking to?> a voice came from in front of him. Latios looked up from his meal, a dead Swellow. A blue pokemon, a Swampert in Hoennian battle armor, stood looking at him.
    <myself.> Latios answered. <What are you doing here?>
    <I got separated from my scouting party yesterday. We were looking for Kantonians when a Tyranitar came roaring through the forest. Most of us jumped out of the way. The leader of our group became paralyzed or something, because he stood shock still, and let hi-> the water type never finished his sentence. He fell over onto his stomach with a dagger sticking out of his back, shoved into a gap in the pokemons armor.
    <You may be older than Andrew, but that doesn't make you smarter.> a voice from the trees said. <Or stronger.>
    <Althalos, you little bastard, show your self!> Latios called.
    <it wouldn't matter if I did.> the fire type chuckled. <I was able to sneak up right behind that Swampert, kill him, and even make it back to the forest without you seeing me.>
    <It is not wise to threaten me.> Latios squinted towards the trees.
    <oh, why not?> this time, the voice was right behind him.
    - - - - - - - - - - -
    Alys and Kayla snored softly as the small waves rocked the raft. The Metang stared at them thoughtfully. It had been his masters' last wish for him to protect his daughters. He had been right to pray to the king of the sea for good weather, even if the pokemon couldn't control it. Smooth waters were better than nothing. The answer had come almost immediately from Kyogre. Although he answer he had gotten disappointed him somewhat, he was glad he got an answer at all. The steel type knew that most legendaries were very busy with there lives, or whatever it is they do. He looked around for a moment, and noticed a Pelipper floating on the water nearby.
    <Hello?> he called out. The water pokemon turned his head towards the Metang.
    <Yes?> he swam closer to the little raft.
    <Do you know which way to go to get to Slateport?> the Pelipper thought for a moment, then answered.
    <um, yes. It's that way, about a few days sail away. It pointed with its wing to the northeast.
    <Thank you.> the steel type grabbed the rudder stick at the back of the raft and turned it to the correct direction just as it started to rain. The drizzle quickly became a downpour.
    <Be careful!> the water type called after the raft, but Metang didn't hear over the downpour.
    Kayla and Alys quickly woke up after the rain started. Kayla quickly crawled underneath the small roofed area. She was followed by Alys, who curled up in a ball next to her sister and tried to keep from falling over from the waves that were continuously hitting the boat. Kayla motioned for the Metang to get under the roof. The steel pokemon gave a refusing whir, and held tight to the rudder stick as a good sized wave crashed over the side of the raft. He then decided that it might be better to join the girls. He used his psychic to hold the rudder in place, then glided underneath the roof, and held onto Alys and Kayla. Another wave, this time a larger one started rising out of the water, and then, just before it hit the raft, it shrunk back down into the water. The Metang gave a sigh of relief, and released the two girls from his grip.

    Ch. 7

    Latios sourly dragged Althalos' limp body behind him, and the fire type gave a weak groan of protest. Latios huffed and moved faster towards the clearing.
    <the little bastard. Thought he could sneak up on me like that.> the eon said to himself.
    - - - - A few minutes earlier - - - -
    Latios spun around quickly, hitting Althalos across the face with the back of his paw. This dazed the Typhlosion, and gave Latios enough time to change his appearance.
    When Althalos recovered, Latios was no where in sight. Rather, a large tree was right next to him.
    <He thought he could trick me with his mind tricks now did he?> he went over to the body of the dead Swampert, and removed his knife from the base of its neck. When he turned around, the tree wasn't where it was when he first recovered, now it was right behind him. <You're not as smart as I thought dragon.> he said to the tree.
    <Well, neither are you.> Latios' voice was behind him. He quickly turned around to see the blue pokemon hovering over the dead Swampert. <I mean truly,> Latios laughed, <you were talking to a tree.> and he hit Althalos over the head with a branch.
    - - - - - - - - - - -
    Latios reached the clearing to find Andrew sitting by the fire next to Latias, who was still asleep.
    "What have you got there?" Andrew asked, and looked at Althalos, who was now covered in dirt and leaves from being dragged. Andrew gave him a shocked look. "Is he dead?" Andrew asked. Latios frowned
    <Unfortunately not.> he grumbled.
    "That was not exactly kind. What did he do to you?"
    <Well, he tried to kill me just now for one, and he killed a Hoennian soldier, a Swampert, a relatively young one at that.>
    "The stupid bastard!"
    <That was not exactly kind.> Latios mocked Andrew under his breath. The boy stood up from his position by the fire, and walked over to the passed out Typhlosion.
    "Wake up, you little bastard" Andrew kicked the Typhlosion in the side. Althalos groaned in pain. Andrew leaned over him: "if you don't get up, I'm gonna gouge your eyes out and shove them down your throat. Latios looked at him, shocked that he could be so violent. Althalos almost instantly opened his eyes and attempted to get up, and when he fell back down, Andrew grabbed him by his throat and hoisted him to his feet. He brought his knife to the fire types' neck, pressing against the soft flesh.
    "I have just heard an interesting tale: one about how you attempted to kill one of my best friends? Is this true? If you say no, I'm not believing it at all." Andrew stared directly at Althalos's eyes, and, this seemed to discomfort the Typhlosion more than the knife at his neck, but when he tried to turn his head away, Andrew pressed the knife into his cheek.
    <Umm, uh, yes…> Andrew glared at Althalos. He told Latios to wake Jack, Nicholas, and Latias, and to start north. Andrew held the same position, Althalos' throat in hand, until everyone else had started moving.
    "You remember when you tried to kill that pokemon? Well, both he, and his sister are more family, than any creature on this planet. And you threatened the welfare of my family. I won't hesitate to cut your head off if you threaten them again." He pressed the knife into Althalos's throat enough to draw blood.
    Althalos knew that Andrew could kill him in a less time than he could say the "n" in no, and he was worried about many things, and his mind raced back to another time, not to a time when he and his family were living peacefully, his family was just a blur in his mind, as he went back to a time before he had met his mate, before he had evolved into a Typhlosion, or even a Quilava. He went back to a time when he was with his brother. The memory of his last moments with his older sibling was as vivid and fresh in his mind as if it had happened moments ago.
    He was next to his brother, a recently evolved Quilava, learning about the pokemon that lived in the river.
    <That one is a Quilfish.> his brother said to him, pointing to a small blue and tan fish pokemon with spike around its body. <Yūkan'na are you listening?> he looked at his little brother who had suddenly began to cower behind him.
    <Whatever that pokemon is, it doesn't look very nice.> the older brother looked up at his little brothers words. A large shadow fell over the two brothers, and a Feraligatr loomed over them.
    <How nice for two such tasty looking morsels to wind up at my river.> the water pokemon gave a toothy grin and licked its lips as the older brother flared his back. <Yes, I do like my meals warm.> the younger brother ran into the woods and peered out from behind a bush. He ducked down when he saw the water pokemon pick up his brother and hang him over his open mouth. He then heard someone yelling and looked out again, seeing a boy chasing off the alligator pokemon. When he didn't see his brother, he thought he had been eaten, but then saw the boy pick up his brother. He cradled the fire type in his arms for a moment and looked around before running off into the woods.
    Althalos' mind ran to a few months later. He had been living alone for what had seemed years to him. Although, it technically had been. His father had died from a disease a few years before, and his mother died soon after of heart break, leaving only him and his brother.
    Living alone had made him strong, and he evolved into a Quilava a month after the incident at the river, and then into a Typhlosion a year after.
    Andrew looked at Althalos curiously. He had suddenly drifted into his own mind. He held his gaze, looking for something that might show what he was thinking about. When Andrew saw nothing, he transformed momentarily into a Kadabra and used mind reader. It showed Andrew everything Althalos was thinking about: the Feraligatr, attack, living alone… watching Andrew save his older brother. Andrew turned back into his human form and released Althalos and backed up. The fire pokemon returned to the present time when he felt his neck released.
    "You… you're his, his brother?" Althalos looked at Andrew, confused.
    <Yes, but how-?> he asked.
    "I can transform and use mind reader."
    <You saved my brother?> Andrew nodded and turned around. <I suppose I you a certain amo->
    "I don't want your thanks, and nor do I care if your brother was part of my family, as much if not more than Latios and Latias, I will still kill you if you threaten the family I have now." Andrew didn't let him finish.
    <fine. You are obviously a caring person, and I respect that, but answer this: if my brother was family to you as much me, than why isn't he with you now?> Andrew stopped for a moment, and turned around, glaring at the Typhlosion.
    "He's dead." Andrews' eyes looked watery.
    "You heard me."
    Althalos was quieted and watched Andrew walk away. "You're welcome to come with us, but heed my warning, and just in case you forgot: your eyes will be shoved down your throat."
    "He's dead." Andrews' eyes looked watery.
    "You heard me."
    Althalos was quieted and watched Andrew walk away. "You're welcome to come with us, but heed my warning, and just in case you forgot: your eyes will be shoved down your throat."
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