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    Pokemon Time of Rebellion is a pokemon game being developed by some of my friends and myself. It is our first project ever.

    The game will be set in the new region of "Arora". There will ONLY be fakemon in the game. We hope to achieve a game that is different from other fan-made games. Thank you for checking it out, and we hope you play it when it comes out.

    Feel free to leave feedback. Please do!



    Many years ago, the many regions of the world were torn inwar. The war was between the Pokémon, and the humans. What was the reason?Although the reason is not known for sure, most say that the Pokémon wanted toshow that they can fend for themselves. And they succeeded, even though theylost the war.

    Legend has it, that at the time of the war, 3 powerful Pokémoncame to aid the Pokémon so that they could win. Those Pokémon were Terrakion,Cobalion, and Virizion. They turned the tide of the war dramatically, and ifnot for a single hero, they would have won. The hero was also your great,great, great, great grandfather. He caught the 3 legendary Pokémon, and he hidtheir pokeballs in underground caverns.

    Now, many years later you turn 16. You have been living inthe small town of Crimsonwood all your life and you have never left. Nowfinally you parents let you free. However you do not go alone. Accompanied byyour two best friends and a Pokémon given to you by your father, the three ofyou venture out to fulfill your dreams of defeating all 8 knights of Arora,fighting in the Grand Annual Tournament ,battling the 6 heroes and then grandchampion of Arora.

    Meanwhile, the current King of Arora by the name ofAlexander AKA “The Master”, is plotting. Recently the people of Arora have notbeen listening to him and respecting him. He is a weak king, and is not able tofollow in his father’s footsteps. So therefore he decided to gain the respectanother way. Using evil tools created by his scientists, he plans to find thelegendary Pokémon, capture them, and release them on the region. Then when allwill seem lost, he plans to capture the legendary Pokémon and be a hero. And incase someone tries to break away, he will use the legendary Pokémon to stopthem.

    When you hear of this, you understand you cannot let it go.You decide to go together with your friends and on the side of your journeys totry to stop the King.

    Will you succeed? Will you stop the king? Will you beat allother trainers in the region? Will you be a hero? Or a villain? It’s time towrite your own story.

    Knights and Heroes


    The 8 knights, are the guardians of Arora. They are there to
    protect the region from all harm, and to test and train the trainers of Arora.
    Each one specializes in a certain pokemon type, and can be found in an
    environment that matches that type. Once defeated, you will be awarded with a
    badge, and a gift that the Knight may decide to present to you.

    The 6 heroes have many explanations, but only one is
    widely excepted. The 6 heroes are said to be immortals, who have lived from the
    beginning of Arora. They have lived through the countless kings, wars, and
    natural disasters. Their job is to protect the Region along with the knights,
    and to battle all those who think they are worthy to battle the Grand Champion.
    The only way to challenge them is to have all 8 badges, and to have defeated the
    Grand Tournament.


    The old kings of Arora created a tradition back when they
    ruled. Each year they would hold a Tournament, where anyone with the 8 badges
    could enter and battle for a large sum of money, fame, and the chance to battle
    the 6 Heroes.

    The Tournament is made up of countless trainers and will
    truly test your skill in Pokemon. Only the best win, and are you one of them?
    The tournament is a 1 on 1 style and the winner proceeds to the next round.
    Between each round your pokemon are healed and you are given a chance to buy
    some equipment. The trainers are more powerful as the rounds progress. Can you



    Ian is the male hero. He is a smart, strong, and has a lot of
    courage. He grew up in Chrimsonwood, and has never left it. He loves watching
    pokemon and learning their behaviors. His best friends are Leilla, and Ethan. He
    is quite mischievous and him and Ethan get in lots of trouble. They have tried
    to sneak out of Chrimsonwood, but to no avail. He knows how to take care of
    himself, since his parents are almost never home.


    Leilla is the female hero. She grew up in Chrimsonwood. She is
    almost always happy, and is known to be the most optimistic person in all the
    lands.She is quite bossy, but humorous as well. She adores pokemon, and has
    grown up with them since she was a young child. Because she shares so many
    traits with Ian, and Ethan, they are the best of friends. They do almost
    everything together, and they set out on this journey together.


    Ethan has lived in Chrimsonwood for as long as he can
    remember. He is a clumsy boy, often lost in his thoughts. However, do not get
    deceived. Ethan is very intelligent, and he always thinks before he acts. He is
    a bit on the hot headed side, but he tries to stay calm. He is best friends with
    Leilla and Ian. They never leave each others sight, and he believes that he
    would not function without them.


    Your father is a successful architect. He has been in the
    business for many, many years, and has developed a calm temper. He is always
    cool and collected and is rarely angry or upset. He is home more than your
    mother, and is always teaching you new things. He is always open to give advice
    and to guide you. He is the one to give you and your friends your first


    Your mother is a Head Ranger. The Rangers are the police force
    of Arora, and help protect it from the smaller harms, like burglars, murders,
    etc. They use Pokemon, but unlike trainers, they only battle with them when they
    must, or to train them at a local gym. Your mother herself is rarely home, but
    when she is, she allows you to play with her pokemon so you could understand
    pokemon a bit more. Recently she has been more busy then ever. Team Comet , and
    various other single criminals have been causing trouble, and its her job to
    keep the people safe.


    Professor Mallow is a successful pokemon professor and have
    been fascinated by pokemon since he was a young boy. He has spent his life
    researching the pokemon of Arora, adn for your joourney will supply you with a
    pokedex, and a lot of other things that will come in handy. He gives each of
    your friends one of the pokemon that you did not choose. He is highly respected
    by everyone and is thought to be one of the most intelligent professors in all
    of the lands. Now he is spending a lot of time researching this re-awakened
    legendary pokemon. He will be doing a lot to help you and your friends succeed
    in your journey.

    The 8 Knights and 6 Heroes


    Jady-Bug type Pokemon-

    Jady was born in the forest. She has lived her life
    surrounded by bugs, and unlike other females, she is neither creeped out by them
    or scared.

    Vander-Water type Pokemon-

    Vander was thrown into the ocean when he was born
    because he was unwanted by his parents. However, instead of drowning, he was
    taken in by some water type pokemon and raised as one of their own. It is said
    that he is able to breath underwater.

    Iris-Grass type Pokemon-

    Iris was born in a field. Her parents were both farmers
    and she did lots of work at the farm. When day when a robber tried to steal some
    cattle, she gathered some pokemon and defeated him. From then on she became one
    of the best grass pokemon trainers in all of the lands.

    Bolt-Electric type Pokemon

    Bolt was originally named Sam. Until one day he was
    electrocuted by a pokemon. Somehow, he did not die, but instead he grew a small
    shock of electricity floating around him.

    Adam-Ground type Pokemon

    Adam grew up in a cave. His parents were excavators and
    always took him with them. It is because of this that he became obsessed with
    ground and rock pokemon.

    Emberlyn-Fire type Pokemon

    Emberlyn specializes in fire type pokemon. Back when she
    was a lab assistant, she ventured to a volcano to do some research. When she
    almost fell into the lava, a pokemon jumped out and brought her to safety.
    Because of this, she became a master fire trainer.

    type Pokemon

    Casper's parents died when he was at a young age. He ran
    away from his foster home to an old abandoned shack in the woods. There he met
    dark and ghost pokemon. Ever since he has thought of them as his closest


    Abigail was always afraid of heights. One day, because
    of peer pressure she climbed a mountain. At the top she fainted from the sight
    of how high she was, and was caught by a flying pokemon. She then befriended it, and became a very powerful trainer using only flying pokemon.

    The Features


    -150 new Fakemon!!! Well drawn

    -A new region full of adventure!

    -Harder battles. Gyms will no longer be a joke,
    and the Heroes will be very difficult to defeat. High levels are not going to be
    the only thing you will need.

    -Side quests for more fun!

    -Mini-games such as cooking and being a

    -Organizations and clans that you can battle for
    prizes. Will also be apart of the story line.

    -A custom storyline never seen before. We hope its

    -More to come soon!

    Team Comet


    Lead by "The Master", Team Comet is set in being as evil as
    they can be. Their members are those of the old teams such as Team Rocket, Magma, and Plasma. Recently some citizens loyal to the king have joined their ranks as well. They usually just steal pokemon, or cause disturbances at public
    events. However now, they are planning on something much worse. They want to
    capture the awakened pokemon, so that they can take over Arora. You will have to
    stop them.

    You will encounter them throughout the game. Even a bit in the
    begining. Remember this is not the only organization/clan out there.



    The organizations, clans, and guilds of Arora are all special
    in their own way. They each have their own practices and beliefs. They will
    often challenge you, and sometimes help you. When you defeat a leader of a
    organization, clan, or guild, you will receive a special plate. When you collect
    all the plates, you will be able to open secret pathways that lead to secret
    things. Here are a couple organizations, clans, and guilds.

    Team Comet-

    Lead by "The Master." More information on them


    The police force of Arora. They handle minor crimes, and
    sometimes help with big cases.


    The Mystiks are a guild that learn and teach magic. They focus
    on physchic pokemon. They are a neutral guild and do not like to get involved
    with what happens in Arora.


    The Shadows are a team of bandits, burglars, and murderers.
    They are the solo criminals of Arora, and often cause trouble. They focus on
    Dark type Pokemon.


    The Poke'Fans are an organization of pokemon loving people.
    They help you often in the game, and are always there to help. They collect
    pokemon, and treat them better then themselves.


    You will find these guys all over Arora's beaches. They love
    water pokemon, and often work as lifeguards.



    The Starters are here!

    Introducing, our three starts! (Fire lion, Grass
    elephant, Water Bull/Shark

    Crimsonwood, new and improved!

    The Second Town

    The Forest

    Random Route

    3rd Town

    The Following are some more random routes-

    Some other towns/cities-

    That is the region map.

    Our Team

    OldBarrel- Head of Pokemon Jade, ideas, plot, editing, mapping, eventing

    Yoni- Co-Founder of Jade, ideas, plot, minor mapping.

    LittleRed- Mapping, editing

    Hagler/Typhlosion04- Pokedex entries, Fakemon ideas

    Pkmn.Master- A LOT of help, battle screens, mapping

    Ivee- Fakemon

    Akuma-Tsubasa- Character sprites

    Zusuriki- Fakemon

    We Need YOUR help!

    We can not finish this project without your help! We are in need of a team of people more experienced then ourselves who can help us along the way. If your interested in helping, please message me, and say so in the comments!

    What we need-

    -Artists- Fakemon, Sprites, Tiles, Backrounds, Ect.
    -Mappers- Will work with me on making maps.
    -Scripters- Will script the game. Neither my friends or I know how to script.
    -Ect- Good at something I failed to mention? Want to help? Feel free to let me know!


    Poccil-Poke Essentials
    Kyledove- Some tiles
    07harris- Some tiles

    Dudlyspud- Some tiles
    lotusking- Some tiles
    thatsowitty- An awesome public tileset
    alstair- some tiles
    WesleyFG- Many tiles
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