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I had sone ideas which I want to implement in my first fan game.

1) I recalled that Bagon's pokedex entry says that it's head is hard enough to break rocks. Despite that, Bibarel's headbutt is stronger due to STAB and a superior base attack.
When we see all physical attacks, they can be divided into categories {tackle, headbutt, punch, kick, slash, tail and earth} What if we had a base value for all these, and a Pokemon's base attack be average of its top 3 categories?
This would help us to ensure that Pokemon like blaziken and lucario are better at kicking while goodra and nidoking are better at tail attacks for example. Thus I want to rebalance the attack stat of all Pokemon.

2) The same could be said for special attacks. What if every Pokemon had an individual stat for all types rather than simply leaving it at a common base SpA and STAB? It would, imo, give more individuality to Pokemon.

Of course, for implementing the above two, I'd need to remove STAB altogether.

3) I never really understood the logic behind EV training. Why does your attack increase if you defeat certain kind of Pokemon? If anything, it should increase the more you attack. So basically, Pokemon with high defence should give attack evs since defeating them takes more offensive effort.

However, I would like to change the EV system altogether. I think the more times you slash any Pokemon, the better your slashing gets... And the more you use a dragon type attack, the better your dragon type special attack gets. This would make it harder and more rewarding to train a Pokemon, since the EVs are limited.

4) And lastly, I think all entries in the pokedex should be complete from the start, as it has been 20 years since the first games and the excuse that we don't know enough about the Pokemon wears thin.

How viable do you think these ideas are, especially since I have never worked on game Dev before? Please share your thoughts.