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Posted September 8th, 2019
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i have question, im add Mega evolution to Weezing but I also added Galarian Weezing form, and... how i must put in scripts or pokemonforms.txt to Normal Weezing evolve to Mega Weezing form and Galarian Weezing evolve to Galarian Mega form?
When im try Evolve Galarian Weezing to Mega he evolve Normal Mega form....😯

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Use a different mega stone. Please note that essentials is not guaranteed to work with both normal forms and mega evolutions
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Add mega Weezing normally. Then, about Galarian Weezing (will be _3), you need add to change its forms, inside _Form script. Copy like SHELLOS works (when the player catchs Koffing/Weezing into these maps, will be Galarian Form:
    maps=[2,5,10,100] # Maps IDs for third form
    if $game_map && maps.included?($game_map.map_id)
       next 3
       next 0

You can put that code below the last one (HOOPA, I guess). Now, other thing: if Galarian Weezing can mega evo... Test the probabilities and tell us.
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