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Old December 20th, 2007 (2:07 PM). Edited December 28th, 2007 by Corrosion.
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    Well, I guess i'm relatively new. In the past I have done graphics and programmed in Lua, so I set my sights on a Pokemon game for a new challenge. Hope you like it so far!

    Pokemon Amber is set in the entirely new region of Cingulus. Cultural diversity and a whole new set of goals will set you on a most excellent adventure.

    As a young boy you have always aspired to train pokemon (No surprises there). Your mother and father have never really delved into the world, and you want to follow the inspiring field. However you get more then you bargained for...

    This will come in soon, I will inform you of it when it happens. -->(N.B. The Plot will be shown alongside the maps. These will be displayed in spoilers and to reiterate this is actually as they ARE spoilers!)




    Cingulus is an historical controversy- Some say that it has been scarred by war, others that it was a neutral haven during the Second Hoenn-Kanto war of centuries ago. It first was colonised by a group of exiles from Kanto. Apon arrival onto the now Isthmus of Twyford, they found a basic social hierachy displayed by the Pokemon of the area (equivalent to Mystery dungeon). However, not wishing to share their new home the Humans tore up this idyllic union and planted its seeds. The people of Twyford, worried that news of their arrival to their new home would reach to their former country, A palisade wall was erected around the then existing houses. As many of the new citizens had skills, business began. At first, there was not straight 'economy' as everything was obtained through bartering, but after two generations a formal administrative body was formed, holding a then crude Unwritten Constitution. Though wealth could not be obtained from outside, money circulated quickly. 150 years after the first landing, walls began to be erected of white stone (that still stand today). The apperance had evolved from a clumsy wooden Bailey to an impressive symbol.

    However these outcasts were not the only people to notice this new patch of Paradise. Despite the raging First Hoenn-Kanto war a mission was sent to investigate the area which intelligence reports had found out about. These men and women landed in what is now Yamabukiiro Bay. Unlike their counterparts in Twyford, they found little in the way of wildlife. They found out soon enough however two months later as the Floods came. Many were lost to sea, but the hopeful people stayed, though a real reason is still unknown today. The men and women set up a small outpost at their landing place and soon headed north. Some went on from there to the east, where the town of Jigoku was formed. The others, in the majority stopped in the mountain range of Sallust, and there founded a city. Yamabukiiro, though small remained. Its being open to the sea made it invaluable to the colonials. This happiness would not last as the War crippled the economy of Hoenn. The war ended with a stalemate, though there was a toll on those who opted to leave their fatherland- Supplies abruptly stopped. The people of Jigoku, Sallust and Yamabukiiro were united. Fishing thrived, crops were grown and livestock were risen. They had become self sufficient.

    Next, Sinnoh sent their envoys to settle themselves a place in the boom. They headed into the area now defined as Route 136 and landed. They were never welcomed, but allowed in with a reluctant hospitality. A series of events led to the group being chased away and out of the confines of Sallust. They ran to the mountains Northwest of Sallust. The pursuit did not last, as the season was winter, and the mountain being the tallest in Cingulus (Though this fact was not known at the time), they were not expected to live. However, after days of struggle the survivors reached the foot of the mountain on the opposite side. They pushed on a little longer and found a perfect nesting spot for themselves. The settlement we now know as Murano was erected. Its position was well justified; It sat atop cliffs with three entrances; to the east, west and south. To the west there were the clear waters of Lake Karush, where fish were in abundance. To the south were fertile fields and an entrance to the sea. To the east was their route of entrance, where they had fought with nature and come out victorious. The community was small due to the decimated population which had been lost to the mountain. They worked hard though, and despite the dwindling supplies that dogged the season they emerged in the spring and began to sow fields. They built a monument to their plight in a cave to the south. Isolated, they formed their own customs and only kept a few traits of their homeland, including currency which endured. As the years went past the people of Sallust found of the survial of their rivals and a mutual hatred arose. Small conflicts battered both cities. Though not severe, this still exists to this day.

    Johto were themselves inactive in the region, though backed an expiditionary force sent by Kanto. This was fifty years after the founding of Twyford. They headed west and erected a number of settlements. These are of little significance in history as they steered clear of conflict, though trade was kept up with Kanto. Unlike with Twyford which was seen in the earlier days to be full of barbarians and those of Jigoku and Sallust of simple farmers, they were characterised by an intellectual elite. Philosophers, scientists, merchants all originated here. This was to be the ground on which Cingulus was to be united as an independant and where it was decided that Cingulus would adopt an isolationist stance in the Second Hoenn-Kanto war.

    There is another, final group in Cingulus. Southwestsouth of Murano there was a commune of natives. These were untouched for many years and wiished to remain independant from Cingulus. Politically, they have kept their autonomy but geographically they are very much a part of Cingulus.


    The main feature of Cingulus is its mountains. Cingulus was wracked by earthquakes, volcanic blasts and other violent phenomena caused by the volatile postions of the two tectonic plates that lie beneath it. A faultline runs right down the middle of the country, going through both Twyford and Sallust. It is predicted that in the next ten years, the Isthmus of Twyford will be torn in two.
    There are also a very good number of caves. This is down to two factors- the erosion of rock caused by the ever changing sea levels and the constant volcanic activity. A feature, Xanthar Passage southwest of Murano is the proof of this. Because of this there is a limited amount of living space. The region itself is irregular in shape and has puzzled geologists as to where the landmass originated from. The archipalago to the south is also a feature in the region- these islands all were in origin Cone volcanoes but most are inactive.


    The climate in Cingulus varies considerably with the seasons and the existence of many microclimates. The Southern Archipalago is Tropical in climate, and the temperature rarely dips below 15°C. The East is temparate, though there are great downpours during the Autumn (Fall). There is a microclimate around Murano, rendering it cold most of the year where it often snows. Twyford is mainly hot and humid but it has been know that rain has rolled in and floods have occured. The West is Temperate.


    The goverment is a Pure Democracy, slightly to the right with the Conservative party ruling. The Administrative centre is in Daqar to the west. The constitution is unwritten. There are representatives in government for every community, each having equal weight. As far as foreign policy is concerned there are ambassadors to every major region and a reciprocal embassy from each in Daqar.

    Team Ventule

    This team has been a part of the region's character for years, terrorizing the inhabitants and spreading corruption, within Pokemon Markets and the administrations of the nation's settlements. They are said to be headed by a leader whose mission is said to be to 'Unite' Cingulus, and is rallying an army of believers (The grunts effectively. Please don't let the story get in front of the facts). They believe that the origins of Cingulus have split it since it was colonised (As it formed into City States) and that it should be bound together.


    There are several ranks in Team Ventule. There is the Basic Grunt to begin with. These men are stationed around Cingulus. Their main job is to divert the public by guarding the entrances of important buildings. They all carry Pokemon with them- though Dark Pokemon are known to be preferred there are no restrictions. These Grunts appear in mass.

    Next is the Elite Grunt. These people are usually dispatched in groups of two or three. They all carry restorative items and take a variety of Pokemon types. They are easy to spot due to their costumes. You can find these all over Cingulus.

    Above the Elite is the Commando. These are rare and will only appear in person on the most improtant of assignments. They all carry five Pokemon and restorative items. There are five known operatives. They are personally appointed by the head of Team Ventule.

    At the top of Team Ventule is a man who is little known. He rarely leaves the confines of the Island of Imber. The man organizes all the major criminal exploits of the team. He is the founder and oversees all operations.

    Other members include a plethora of scientists. There is much research into weaponry influenced by Pokemon- Rumours of weapons fashioned around Pokemon surround the labs. For several years money has been poured into making a feasible Pokemon powered generator of electricity. These people are not required to carry pokemon but some do for personal protection.

    Administrators are often based at the scene which they are directing. When they are they carry pokemon. They are significant in their control of the exploits of Team Ventule- They receive the orders from the top and pass them down to be executed.

    Guards and Elite Guards are only found at the Team Ventule base on the Island of Imber. They guards items and places of improtance, such as labs, weaponry, living quarters and the unarmed. They are more senior than the Grunts but equal to the Elite Grunts. They do not carry out tasks like the Grunts, but make sure everything is carried on safely.

    -All Pokemon (Up to Generation Three) are obtainable (Excluding Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Deoxys)
    -Huge maps filled with Trainers, Pokemon, Items, etc.
    -The Eight Gyms, The Elite Four and the Pokemon Colloseum (equivalent to the Battle Frontier and Pokemon Tower)
    -New Terrain, Trainer Card, 'Equivalent Pokenav' and other Graphics
    -Longer Story: This allows you to play even after the Elite Four!
    -More Area
    -Large towns filled with more features

    This list may grow or fall as time goes on.

    These are the Maps so far. I will not show all of them as there are quite a few homes, caves, bases etc. I have put down some of the features that will be available in the final version, but all around there will be new tiles and OWs.

    Yamabukiiro- The Ancient Bay

    Features in the Final Version
    -The rock in the middle will be Yellow
    -There will be new houses

    v.1 (20/12/2007)

    v.2 (27/12/2007)

    How the Story Unfolds here...
    Your journey begins in your room. You are sat in front of your television. Your mum calls you downstairs with a news article on the television. The article is the news talking about a certain 'Team Ventule' (See Above). The report is saying that activity has sharply fallen and that officials in Daqar are making moves to end the Team's existence.

    Route 135

    Features in the Final Version
    -The cave entrance will not be visible until an event triggers it to open later in the game. It is open to show that there is an entrance.
    -The map may be bigger.

    v.1 (20/12/2007)

    Route 136

    Features in the Final Version
    -The blank spaces will be filled with sideways steps. I haven't got some yet, so for the moment they are blank.


    v.2 (27/12/2007)

    Jigoku (Name Subject to change)

    Features in the Final Version
    -The Houses will be in the style of Japanese A-Framed houses [[EXAMPLE]]
    -The team members will look different as they will be a part of Team Ventule.

    v.1 (20/12/2007)

    v.2 (7/12/2007)

    Route 137

    Features in the Final Version
    -First Double Battle

    v.1 (27/12/2007)

    Sallust (Name Subject to change)

    Features in the Final Version
    -Introduction to fishing
    -First gym
    -Plot of the team unravels
    -(Hopefully) This is where the Trade Centre should start working.

    v.1 (27/12/2007)

    Here are some other images which don't really fit into the other catagories.



    v.2 (27/12/2007)

    Just a note, the changes are
    -Aligned so that when I need to I can directly use it with the Cyclone Prototype
    -Recoloured the Southern Islands

    All the Islands to the South (Excluding South-East) are accessible. The Pokemon Colosseum is one of the three islands in the south east, i'm not sure which one yet.

    New Trainer Card

    It needs work, but I have the theme sorted in my opinion.


    v.1- I put in my synopsis, maps and some extra images- The Trainer Card and a map of Cingulus. The Maps included Yamabukiiro, Routes 135 and 136 and Jigoku.
    v.2- Inserted updated maps for Yamabukiiro, Route 137 and Jigoku, placed in new maps, Route 137 and Sallust and added the updated Cingulus.

    Relevant Advertising!

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    Unless you work on shadowing, I dare comment that your trainer card may end up looking rather unreadable on the white, textured background you've picked. Perhaps you should tone it down?

    That world map can confuse my eyes.

    Your mapping, however, is quite nice. Keep at it!
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      Nice work with the plot and trainer card, I like it. The maps seem really good but awfully full of errors, and I like the region map, but some of the islands are out of surf area and there are some glitches.

      Old December 23rd, 2007 (8:44 PM).
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        it looks really good. Just check your maps for errors, for the most part they are really good, just a few mistakes.
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          Voila again~~
          Great Mapping Man!! :D
          keep up the good work~~
          the trainer card the region map is quite good lol
          Old December 26th, 2007 (7:01 PM).
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            Well, thank you all for your replies. Sorry things have been slow- Christmas has been ploughing on.

            @Hiroshi- I have seen that yet I have yet to address it. I will be fiddling with the trainer card in the near future, I assure you.
            Can I ask what about the Maps confuses you? Is it the general complexity or the obscurity from the originals?
            And finally, thanks for the compliment.

            @Celebi- Why thank you very much, I didn't know I had much of a plot! I have fixed the surf area problem (Above). What do you mean by glitches? At any rate thatnk you for posting and your kind words.

            @zman- Thanks very much. Not much else to say... Did you enjoy christmas?

            @TotoMud- Thanks again! You know that I won't be offended if you do remark about the downsides of the stuff I have, but I'm not complaining.

            And on that note do be honest, whether you think it is sweet or sour. Enjoy the New Year all.
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              Wow... Ur STORYLINES ARE SOOOOOOO LONG. nice Region. Keep it up.
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                I knew it a noob opened a month old thread again *reports*
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                  Make that 4 months darkcookie.

                  This hack does look good though. I hope it isn't abandoned.
                  Old April 4th, 2008 (8:29 AM).
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                    TBH, it's 14 months, not 4. But it does look like abandoned...shame.
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                    Need someone who can make a region map!

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                      Seeing as this was revived, I will lock it.


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