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Tita Gasman: Duronyte Wars

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Old June 6th, 2008 (7:08 PM).
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    Tita Gasman: Duronyte Wars
    TPI Inc. Games

    Welcome to the vivid, 2-D platforming world of Tita Gasman: purple grassy plains, bustling cityscapes, and vast underground sewer systems, amongst many other locales. The action takes place in and around the Saturn Moon of Titan, in the year 1998. We humans never knew of the advanced technology the citizens of this world had because of our limited understanding of Titan, and their fear that there was nothing but burnt-out planets beyond the asteroid belt. Enter this tantalizing world and see the action for yourself! This game is being developed on GameMaker 6.1.

    The story of this game is pretty straightforward at a glance, but scratch below the surface and you'll find a rich and enticing plot. The main conflict is as follows: a war-like race of brutes named the Eons (from the planet Eonnous IV) have been directed by their supreme ruler, Lord Netanch, to conquer worlds in the galaxy in order to have them under an iron fist of brutal law. He has had conflicts with the North Titans in the past, and seeks revenge. When his Titanese First Officer T. Trickster suggests that they build their enormous war machine on the planet (he also wants to get back at them for reasons unknown), the Eon Lord sees it as a perfect opportunity: the required materials can be harvested on the planet and a new base of operations can be built on Titanese soil. The main character, Tita Gasman, learns of this plot from his younger brother Urania and sets out on a quest to destroy the Eon Lord's computers scattered around Titan for probing purposes, defeat the commanders the Eon Lord has assigned to Titan, and ultimately prevent the destruction of this space station. Along the way, Tita will encounter many others trying to stop him, including wild and untamed beast, the foot soldiers placed on guard duty, Titanese security robots hacked and gone amok, and a notorious gang of squishy elites.

    Tita Gasman: A North Titan born with special powers caused by his radiant green skin who seeks to set things right on Titan and liberate the galaxy. He is a hero of justice and compassion, but the only reason he is that way is because of his brother's pestering motivational lectures.

    Urania Gasman: Younger brother to Tita. He built Tita's skin-tight green suit, the Oros defence bots, and was instrumental to the completion of the first interstellar space shuttle designed by North Titans. A master of mechanics, we get to play as him for a few levels in the game when he delivers a weapon to Tita from afar.

    Netanch: The grand conqueror of worlds and glorified leader of the Eons. While he treats his own subjects and members of his race with respect, dignity, and compassion, he is the complete opposite when dealing with rebels and others against his cause. He uses a substance known as Skull Acid in the traps his first officer has laid.

    T. Trickster: A North Titan who serves the Eon Lord, and is his best friend. Ruthless and smug, this cunning trap-weaver savours any moment he gets to utilize his traps. He claims to have known Tita Gasman from a long time ago, but the relation is unclear.


    Gordon Banditos: The comically obese North Titan who attacks Tita with his powerful robot. Serves under Netanch.

    Monocle Ape: The dapper foil to Gordon's life of sleaze. The dropped banana is a firm statement of his independence.

    Harold Putino: Friend of Tita and Urania's father, he aids Urania in the design of the weapon Tita needs. He owns a pizzeria in Oros City.

    Slime Gang Boss: Crime lord with a Premu-brand raygun. He mutters frequently.

    Alfredo Ape: Monocle Ape's older, but certainly not wiser, brother. He only makes a few cameos during the main game.


    DEMO -

    Karolis O.

    All screenshots and related items property of TPI Games, 2008.
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