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    It has been over 100 years since the Diabora Wars, the most terrible war to ever rip through the galaxy. With this War, the two warring factions of the Homeworld/Kazmar and Ramdyne, lead by the militaries Team Trainer and Team Aqua, had formed an alliance in order to eliminate Diabora. Diabora was an incredibly tough adversary, as the War took five years to fight. Finally, Diabora had been pinned down by the combined might of both factions and the Legendary Spirits Zhu-Quiao, the evolution of Ho-Oh; Qinglong, the evolution of Lugia; and Bai-Hu, the spirit in which the Legendary Dogs were created from. However, Xuan-Wu, the evolution of Celebi, and fourth Legendary Spirit, was absent.

    In the blink of an eye, a parallel version of rust Makuta, leader of Team Aqua, had appeared, manipulating Time Travel and crossing over into another universe, and then kidnapped Diabora, locking him away on Maridia-0, which had been merged with Maridia-69 and Maridia-99 after Diabora broke its dimensional barriers. The heroes had stared at the spot Diabora was formerly at in disbelief for a second, but the war between the two factions uprooted by Diabora continued afterwards.

    However, it was rust Makuta's pride and arrogance that lead to his downfall. To end the unpopular and repetitive war, he proposed a duel between himself and one of the Military Commanders of the Trainer faction, Neo Winterfield. Both had the powers of Legendary Spirits (Zhu-Quiao and Qinglong respectively). They met on the deck of the AMS Deathwing II, Team Aqua's headquarters, on the last morning of the War, determined to end the war for their own faction. The fight continued for most of the morning, until Neo Winterfield had killed rust Makuta, ending the Second Great War with a victory for the Homeworld and for Team Trainer.

    This wasn't the first time rust Makuta had died, however. He had escaped from Hell once before, and was determined to do it again. However, upon his arrival there, the sealed ruler of Hell, Necros, had died. To fill the power gap, Arceus made rust Makuta, the evilest dictator in all of the Corona Star System's history, ruler of Hell. This prevented him from returning to the World of the Living, but allowed him to still keep rule over something.

    This, however, left big shoes to fill on Ramdyne for rust's successor to the throne. rust's son was too young to take the throne, so instead, Finch, rust's closest advisor, had taken the throne instead. His eight years as ruler were highlighted by claims of mental instability and treachery. When Finch stepped down, rust Makuta II had taken over the throne, but having received little training from his father, was a failed ruler. Ramdyne had a revolution, and the Makutas and Team Aqua were finally deposed after 25 years in power. Ramdyne then saw its darkest days afterwards, as the government changed hands many times between different Warlords within the ranks of Team Aqua.

    On the Homeworld, the death of rust Makuta was celebrated. This was the beginning of the end of democracy in the Homeworld. The Emergency World Government that had been established by Team Trainer gave power back to each nation's respective rulers. Right after this, a full blown Civil War had erupted between North Fiore and South Fiore, catching Orre and the new nation of Almia within its midst. With all nations asking for help from outside sources, each nation was forced to choose a side, and the crisis erupted into a full blown Civil War, with the only neutral sovereign nation being that of Hoenn, where Team Trainer was still in control.

    The Great Civil War, as it was called, was incredibly devastating to the world. It decimated the economy of the Homeworld, bringing on a Great Depression whose magnitude could not have been predicted. All ties between nations had been severed, as it became every nation for themselves. Kazmar did the best they could in order to assist the world, but it was just too much for them. With threats of war between Kazmar and various nations of the Homeworld, Kazmar withdrew its relief efforts from the Homeworld and took an isolationist stance in Interplanetary affairs.

    The Homeworld's Great Depression brought on the Great Imperialist Era, in which many small wars had been fought over various pieces of territory. During these many skirmishes, territory had switched hands faster than it did during the original Great War. The Imperialist Era went on for over forty years after the Great Civil War, until one dictator declared war on the world. This dictator's name was Michael Ellis, Leader of North Fiore. After an initial war with South Fiore and Almia, Ellis quickly overtook the Western Nations of the Homeworld (which included Orre and Poketopia). Ellis quickly began his campaign against the Eastern Nations, and won in spades.

    Back on Ramdyne, the government eventually returned to civilian rule. The Democracy has prospered where the Homeworld's had failed, leading to a time of great Economic Prosperity for Ramdyne. Michael Ellis of the Homeworld knew that messing with Ramdyne would certainly be fatal to his Empire, so he kept his ambitions in check as he secretly amassed an armada to take on the Ramdyne Space Corps (RSC). The flagship of this fleet was a modified copy of Team Aqua's hallmark, the MS Zephyr, codenamed the MS Zephyrus.

    Ellis suffered a fatal heart attack six months after commissioning the Mobile Suit. His son, Balthazar, took over. Balthazar was much more crazed than his father, focusing solely on building an attack force to invade Ramdyne. With his attention fixed on Ramdyne, Team Trainer's Underground Revolution came to fruition as Hoenn had been freed from Ellis' control. The Federal Republic of Hoenn was able to hold its own against the Homeworld Empire's military, allowing it to remain a sovereign nation.

    In Ramdyne, there was also a revolution in Dymarion, led by the grandson of rust Makuta, rust 'Raidon Makoto' Makuta III. rust Makuta I and II were both incredibly hated on Ramdyne for their failures to its citizens. However, an Underground Cult of rust Makuta believers had formed, who called themselves Team Aqua. Their revolution quickly brought Dymarion back into the hands of Team Aqua.

    With Ramdyne facing political unrest, Ellis launched his attack on Ramdyne. A brutal Interplanetary War erupted between the two factions, who were fighting both the other planet and the various revolutions starting up everywhere on both planets. Both governments are keen on winning the war. Team Trainer and Team Aqua were able to take down the capitals of each of their respective planets while the government's attention was affixed on the war at hand. This brought a pause to the war, as each government brought in their militaries to fight off the revolutionaries. Both Trainer and Aqua had successfully fought back, and defeated the militaries, and reaffirmed their positions on the planets, becoming the successful ruling bodies. For Trainer, they returned peace and justice to the Homeworld. For Aqua, they brought the 'Makuta' name back to the throne.

    On Kazmar, the isolationist planet, the ruling body had been the Nightstriders. With the political instability on both planets, the Nightstriders eventually faded, giving way to the League of Urban Dragons, an organization that was founded in the honor of War Hero Neo Winterfield. As they quickly became the third power in this war, the question was raised; would they ally with Team Trainer, as Kazmar had done in the past, or would they become a separate entity and go to war with both of the factions?

    Unbeknown to the other three worlds, on the resource-rich and deserted planet of Calmencia, a new organization known as Valhalla Genesis had been formed by various people from all worlds in the Corona Star System. Their goal is to make a perfect place for warriors, and they will stop at nothing to achieve this goal...

    All three worlds finally became politically stable, an incredible discovery had been made. The original Crystals of Power, which had been the catalyst of the Great War, were still around. They had been considered missing after being consumed by Diabora. Many people believed them to be evil, whose use would bring back the return of Diabora, while others believed that they should be used for the benefit of all, while an even smaller few wanted to use them for the benefit of themselves. This caused the populations of all three planets to call for blood, leading to all of the governments beginning to amass a military. Incredible tension had been created, all of which could be unleashed by just a small spark...

    The Revolution Starts Now...

    • We're starting back from basics here. Teams can only start out with one spaceship or mech as a pre-requisite.
    • I'm going to frown upon dimension hopping. I will make exceptions though. I don't want the Team RP Multiverse even more confusing, sadly.
    • As always, no planet killing weapons and no nukes.
    • As with the WAR Season VII RP, your character can die and go to Heaven or Hell. If you go to Heaven, you can get out by convicing Ketsuban, Arceus, or an Angel to let you go back to the World of the Living OR you can attempt to escape through the Pearly Gates. If you go to hell, you need to go through the Nine Circles of Hell, and either get special permission from rust Makuta to leave, or defeat one of his demons in combat.
    • Legendary Spirits can be obtained, but its incredibly hard to do. Zhu-Quiao is possessed by rust Makuta, Qinglong is possessed by Neo Winterfield, Bai-Hu is separated, and Xuan-Wu has come under the control of Celebi. More than likely, you'll have to convince this NPC to give you his power. Needless to say, that requires a lot of posts.
    • Anything else, just ask.

    The crystals are essentially the size of a softball, and of varying shapes and colors. Each one possess a special power. They are incredibly difficult to come by, and there is only one per planet, at the very most.

    Crystal of Change
    - The Crystal of Change allows the user to transform into any living being in the world.
    - The transformation only lasts as long as the user maintains contact with the crystal. If the user loses contact, the user reverts back to the original form.
    - The user cannot use the crystal to multiply himself or herself.
    - The crystal can be used to transform hybrids back into their original human forms. However, they can still be infected again.

    Crystal of Life
    - The Crystal of Life can be used to heal any living being from simple cuts and scratches to life threatening wounds such as the loss of a limb. It can be used to resurrect the dead, though they will have no memory of any afterlife prior to being revived.
    - The user may also use the crystal to “heal” hybrids causing them to revert back to their original human forms. However, note that they can be infected again upon a second contact with PHT.

    Crystal of Communication
    - The Crystal of Communication allows the user to talk with anyone else in the world.
    - The user appears to the said person in a ghostly form.
    - The recipient sees the user as if the user was right at that location physically (though he still appears transparent).
    - The user can also see the location the recipient is at, but the recipient cannot tell where the user is.

    Crystal of Nature
    - The Crystal of Nature allows the user to use attacks that involve fire, water, air, or earth. Essentially, the crystal bestows Pokémon-like powers on the user.
    - The user can also create fissures, forests, ponds, and manipulate nature to some degree (about four acres of land at a time).

    Crystal of Vision
    - The Crystal of Vision allows the user to see anything in the world as long as the user knows what to look for in the first place (Just the name of a place, person, or event will do).
    - The user can see the area as if the user was actually there, with full audio, visual, and feeling, though no harm will come to the user (Such as using it to see a battle. You’re not going to get shot). However, the user cannot interact with what they’re seeing. Also, the witness of these events can be either in the past or present. Think of it as the ultimate surveillance camera.

    Crystal of Power
    - The Crystal of Power allows the user to boost the power of any creature/item the user wants.
    - The Crystal of Power is only useful when used with something else. Think of it as an unlimited supply of energy.

    Crystal of Weather
    - The Crystal of Weather allows the user to determine the weather at that specific location the user is at.
    - The user cannot control the weather, only change it. Thus, the user can create a storm, but cannot tell it where the lightning should strike.
    - The user can change the weather on whim, create fog, tornadoes, hail storms, etc, but cannot create hurricanes without a stronger source of power.
    - The user cannot create earthquakes since that isn't weather.

    The Corona Solar System

    The Solar System that this RP takes place in is the Corona Star System. The star in the center is called Corona and it has many planets around it.
    • Do NOT, under any circumstances, leave the Corona Solar System, and go further into space. This is enough of an expansion already, we really don’t need more.
    • Colonizing a planet is much, much harder than taking over a few cities. Also, because of the massive effort that is needed, you can only colonize one at a time. And it should be SLOW. Remember, you may be building things from the ground up. Or, you’re going to have a tough time dealing with the natural citizens. Don’t make it easy.
    • Keep role-playing realistically. Don’t do the impossible, but… you knew that already, right?
    • Absolutely NO planet-killing weapons are allowed. If you destroy a planet, you create a black hole and everyone gets sucked into it and dies. Therefore… don’t do it.
    Also, if you’re visiting another planet, make sure you make note of it in your location on the top of your post. It should be something like this as an example:

    Tarmanask City (City or Town location), Losokz (Region or Continent)
    Paltaria (Planet)

    And, if you go back to the Homeworld…

    Blackthorn City, Johto

    This will help avoid confusion.

    Also, here’s what a sample planet looks like, and what each detail means:

    Planet: Planet X (This is the name of the planet. Nothing more)
    Size: Small (Small means it’s about the size of Mercury. Medium means it’s the size of Earth, and Large means it’s the size of Jupiter. Also, taking over a large planet would be MUCH harder than taking over a small one.)
    Number of Continents: 1 (This can vary depending on the water coverage and the planet’s size. Also, if you’re taking over the planet and the continents aren’t named already, you can name them yourself. Once they’re named, I’ll add them here. )
    Climate: Mostly Desert (Some planets have mostly one climate but there are several that will have different climates based on location)
    Water Coverage: 5% (How much water is on the planet. This affects number of continents as well as life on the planet itself)
    Currently Inhabited: No (Either yes or no. No means there’s really only Pokemon and no humanoids to create civilization. However, if it’s a yes, this will describe exactly who currently inhabits the planet’s areas.
    Description: (A brief description of what the planet is really like.)
    Legendaries: Since these are new planets, there’s new legendaries, and major thanks goes to the spriting crew who participated in the War Season V Sprite Art section and offered their made up legendaries to be put in the War RP. You know who you are, thanks for your contributions!

    And now, without further delay, here are the eight planets:

    The Corona Solar System

    Planet: Jasandax Territory
    Size: Large
    Number of Continents: [1]: Jasandax
    Climate: Very hot and arid deserts and wastelands. Some areas may have an oasis with a little water, but these are seldom.
    Water Coverage: 10%
    Currently Inhabited: No, only by Rock and Ground Pokémon. Meanwhile, others cease to exist, and there are no civilizations. Jasandax was long ago inhabited by a parasitic metal called Ribers, which forms around its host to create an armor, but were wiped out by the shape-shifting Clawdites of Calmencia. Only a few still exist on Jasandax, most of which lie in Aqua possession.
    Description: While Jasandax may look very unappealing, it’s packed to the brim with natural resources just waiting to be tapped into. New metals, more efficient fuels, and new natural gases that are far superior to other resources haven’t even been touched yet. From space, Jasandax will look very light brown/gray in color.
    Legendaries: Rejuya and Scempara

    Planet: The Republic of Ramdyne
    Size: Small
    Number of Continents: [4]: Lastat, Dymarion, Uskot, Combine
    Climate: Usually a mix of rain and sunshine in temperate lands. Ramdyne goes through seasons like the Homeworld does, only there is no Winter. Instead, Fall, Spring, and Summer are prolonged.
    Water Coverage: 35%
    Currently Inhabited: Ramdyne is inhabited by hundreds of different species, with the lizard-like Trandoshans and the hammer-headed Ithorians becoming the dominant species. All Pokémon may be found, but Fire, Steel, and Rock types are more in abundance. Grass types have become very rare.
    Description: Ramdyne is a close-knit planet that had been unified by Team Aqua, and subsequently torn apart once the Makutas were overthrown. Morals are incredibly lax on this planet, as many different varieties of drugs, as well as prostitution are completely legal and government regulated. However, since the many wars on the planet, there is not much trust for another anymore.
    Legendaries: Najita and Narsaka

    Planet: The Homeworld
    Size: Large
    Number of Continents: [11]: Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Orre, North Fiore, South Fiore, Sevii Islands, Orange Islands, Poketopia, Almia, Sinnoh
    Climate: Mostly temperate. South and north poles are cold however, and areas around the equator are tropical.
    Water Coverage: 65%
    Currently Inhabited: Yes. Once had a previous civilization of humans, who had become hybrids of Pokemon. They had then transformed back into humans, where they were given the choice of hybrid or human. Years of war has ravaged the planet, however.
    Description: While the Homeworld has many towns, some of them are urban while others can be more rural. Meanwhile, there are many forests, and long pathways connect city to city. Many legendary Pokémon also inhabit the Homeworld, while other planets would only have a few…

    Planet: Kazmar
    Size: Medium
    Number of Continents: [5] The Janzek Islands, Veeshan, Syantra, Lakasanas, New Ultima City
    Climate: Kazmar is a tropical planet, benefiting from the land that had been raised a hundred of years ago from the ocean floor.
    Water Coverage: 65%
    Currently Inhabited: Densely populated by descendants of the orignal humans that inhabited the world before it was flooded.
    Description: Kazmar had been flooded for hundreds of years because of pollution melting the Ice Caps. Team Trainer had brought the land back to the surface of the planet only a hundred years ago. After Trainer returned to the Homeworld, the governing body became NSRK, whose capital was Ultima City. Ultima had been destroyed by Diabora, and a city with less defenses named New Ultima City had been built on the remains of the original Ultima City.
    Legendaries: None. The Fire and Ice Pokémon Lakaskas and Namisk were killed as a result of the flooding, and nothing of them remains except legend. Syrak was temporarily a Legendary of the planet, but disappeared as quick as he appeared.

    Planet: Olintus
    Size: Large
    Number of Continents: [14] Territory 1, Territory 2, Territory 3, Territory 4, Territory 5, Territory 6, Territory 7, Territory 8, Territory 9, Territory 10, Territory 11, Territory 12, Territory 13, Territory 14
    Climate: Various. Olintus is very similar to the Homeworld, only is much larger, and has many forests, mountains, and plains. Meanwhile, it also has multiple groups of islands both small and large scattered throughout the planet.
    Water Coverage: 45%
    Currently Inhabited: Yes. However, the few civilizations that are there are pure tribal, believing in shamanistic customs and beliefs. While their weapons only consist of spears and other stabbing weapons, they gain their strength through spiritual rites and “magical” potions (usually drugs consisting of the same materials found in steroids and other performance-enhancing chemicals). The tribes are also very zealous, and it is not uncommon for opposing tribes to fight each other. Meanwhile, any Pokémon may be caught here. However, both Poison and Dragon Pokémon seem to be more in abundance.
    Description: As for the planet itself, there are many mountains, and most of the resources commonly found in the Homeworld can be found here. The tribes that live in Olintus have barely tapped into these sources. However, civilizations are few and far between.
    Legendaries: Perydra and Diaburus

    Planet: Calmencia
    Size: Medium
    Number of Continents: [4] Cala, Mencia, Noenn, Taiyou
    Climate: Very tropical. Temperate zones are at the poles, while a few scattered deserts are in various places on the planet. Meanwhile, there are several mountain ranges. Everything else is covered in beautiful rainforests, brimming with life.
    Water Coverage: 55%
    Currently Inhabited: Yes, by a very small band of shape-shifting Clawdites (lizard-like humanoids), but it is more vastly populated by Pokémon. Any non-legendary Pokémon may be found here, except for Ice and Steel types. Meanwhile, Psychic and Dark types are more rare, while Grass and Water types are more common than usual.
    Description: For many eons, Calmencia has been undisturbed by civilization, and has become a living paradise for many Pokémon to thrive in. Meanwhile, unknown to pretty much everyone, a very rare and powerful metal called Dracaria lies underneath the surface and in the mountains… never once touched by the mining picks of people. Meanwhile, from space, Calmencia looks very blue and green.
    Legendaries: Perlilovedo and Diasirenda

    Planet: Camashk
    Size: Medium
    Number of Continents: [5] Lornrash, Fachal, Scorous. The other two are unnamed and not settled on.
    Climate: Very cold. Most of Camashk is a Winter-covered badlands, very similar to a desert only with snow. Temperatures in the poles can reach as low as -140º F. However, most of the area around the planet is around 0-20º F. Cold, but still livable.
    Water Coverage: 75%. However, much of it is pure ice.
    Currently Inhabited: Yes, by several foreign alien species that have either adjusted to the cold or have burrowed underground where it is warmer. There are several major cities in the continents of Fachal and Scorous, but Lornash is very rural. Meanwhile, there are two others that have been totally vacant for many centuries. Only slight traces of ancient alien civilizations still exist. As for Pokémon, only Ice, Rock, and Water types exist. Everything else is gone.
    Description: The aliens of Camashk are peaceful, they don’t seek to plunder or to steal. However, they will defend themselves, and they don’t look highly upon misdeeds. As for the rest of the planet, there are many mountains and snowy planes. Meanwhile, even building upon what was once ocean is possible as the ice is expected to remain there for countless centuries to come. Camashk is also filled with many natural resources, much of what has yet to be found and tapped into due to limited population density.
    Legendaries: Chron and Solneos

    Planet: Loranes
    Size: Small
    Number of Continents: [3] Debis, Rakamatiza, Luscaria
    Climate: Mixed and very random. It’s not uncommon for it to be very hot in the morning of one day and then start snowing in the afternoon. Meanwhile, the land itself seems to be constantly changing.
    Water Coverage: 25-50% The variance in the weather will cause the oceans to swell and shrink.
    Currently Inhabited: Yes. Humans and strange alien creatures thrive here, often with the desire to celebrate rather than work or labor. After managing to find a way to create their own food, the need for hard labor simply vanished. Towns and cities are usually very recklessly and hastily made, along with their tools and technology. With the citizens very carefree and only desiring celebration, the civilizations have seemed to be locked into a permanent state of Mardi Gras. Also, playing pranks and mischief is very commonplace. Meanwhile, any Pokémon type may be caught, but altogether they are rare due to the hardships of trying to survive in such bizarre weather conditions.
    Description: Not a day goes by where Loranes constantly goes through change, and the planet never looks the same way as the way it did on a previous day. While they people are very friendly and social, their desires are limited to very simple and easy to obtain things. The desire for anything complex to figure out is distasteful to them.
    Legendaries: Jestearl and Fooli.

    Planet: Sekai
    Size: Small
    Number of Continents: [2] Tousaka and Ketsubia
    Climate: Temperate climate.
    Water Coverage: 45%
    Currently Inhabited: No. Beyond a lone Ho-Oh, no one lives on the planet, as it had been massacred by Diabora during the Diabora Wars. This planet is more often referred to as 'The Ghost Planet.' Several expeditionary trips by Hiigarus have attempted to establish colonies in here, but failed.
    Description: Sekai looks similar to the original Homeworld, as it is made out of the crust of the Homeworld that had been blown off. Besides that, the entire planet is covered in the ravaged remains of civilization.
    Legendaries: Ho-Oh

    Planet: Hiigarus
    Size: Large
    Number of Continents: [6] Kushius, Regulus, Yunus, Bishius, Delectus, Girus
    Climate: Large planets always have a large spectrum of climate, from the cold regions near the poles, to the desert region near the the equator. Consistent climate with 4 seasons exist in Hiigarus
    Water Coverage: ~45-50%, depending on tide
    Currently Inhabited: Yes. They are inhabited by organometallic beings that have slight hybrid powers. They are the most technologically advanced of the civilizations on the system, and take pride in their defensive research as well as their highly developed space research. The Government system in Hiigarus is democratic, with a large senate that watches over the six continents. They are trustworthy men who gain the name of Raiders from their hardships against space pirates, and actually looting against the space pirates.
    Description: The planet is highly civilized with much power in defensive technology. Their space force is the largest (and not to mention nearly the only) in the entire sector, and has contact with the intergalactic federations in terms of politics and what not. They also have large outposts scattered across galaxies (with one near Sekai), and will fevourishly defend themselves should they be provoked. They also will not be taken prisoner, and will opt to self destruct should anything go wrong. Hiigarus is the furthest planet in the system and refuses to take part in any 'petit wars' started by the humans of the Inner Ring. They were deeply wounded by Diabora when they agreed to get involved in the Diabora Wars, and do not wish to experience that again.
    Legendaries: None.
    Thank you so much Super~Sonic!
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      Anyone give a damn about this? Really. Someone post!
      Thank you so much Super~Sonic!
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      Here's a piece of advice: Make a sign-up sheet. This way people know how to apply.

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        Originally Posted by .:God:. View Post
        Anyone give a damn about this? Really. Someone post!
        www[dot]pokemonelite2000[dot]com/forum/showthread.php?t=85656 -> Fail.

        I appreciate the flattery, but stealing a RP is no way to have a successful one. This wouldn't have worked anyway, since it relied so heavily upon three previous RPs that myself and Neo Pikachu had hosted.

        Also, thanks for using the map on MY Photobucket...
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          I am nitrodown from pe2k forums, and I verify everything rust said. Hell, you just stole the friggin RP from us, word to word. We've got clans named Team Trainer and Team AQUA, bitc*. :/
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            On the topic of giving a damn, hun?

            Yeah, we do give a damn, actually. A big damn about plagiarism and a smaller but still noticeable damn about double posting. You, my friend, have just indulged in both.

            This thread shall be locked forthwith and a certain user may expect a hefty dose of infraction on their account.

            rust, nitrodown: a report and a link to the original would have sufficed; as much as I understand your situation I would appreciate it if personal enmities stayed out of the public sections.
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