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    Just want opinions on the concepts of this game series I've been working on using RM2K.
    The series is called Path of Destruction and is supposed to be a rather camp spoof on RPG games in general. It's purposely tacky + makes use of humour in different ways including spoonerisms, pop culture references, parodying storylines, anachronisms, black humour + simply making fun of typical attributes of RPGs and their mechanics.
    Basically each game involves the archtypes of the unlikely hero or the typical hothead hero who has to fight a demon called the Destruction Lord or his progeny.
    Heroes are often either really arrogant to the point of being seen as a 'jerk' (such as the drunken prince in POD#3) by other characters or they are presented as being plain people or rather scrawny 'emo' kids (Blake, the hero of POD#4 who listens to HIM and Hawthorne Heights + always complains his life sucks, from POD#4).
    Supporting characters are intentionally quirky and range from a talking chicken to a twink of a half-fairy (well if you're into blue hair) + a sarcastic sorceress who hardly smiles. POD#4 even features a pedophile who assumes an 'Obi Wan' mentor-type/wise old wizard role to the hero.
    Often elements of the games are supposed to poorly mimic scenes from actual RPG games such as POD#2 loosely parodying the locations and plot in Zelda The Windwaker complete with a childish play on names (e.g. 'Windsend Island' instead of 'Windfall Island' + 'Dragonbutt Island' instead of 'Dragonroost Island').
    Some of the games feature inbuilt clocks which usually determine time-based events allowing for in-game concerts to be played at certain times and locations, often involving sprite versions of real popular singers + bands.
    Popular culture inserts are a recurring feature as often they will come into the game at unexpecting moments and include anime character cameos and references to certain brands. Anachronisms also play a prominent role in the humour aspects including people in a pseudo-medieval setting watching television + talking about other modern icons (such as a sorceress crushing on tennis star Roger Federer).
    As for the fighting, monsters are often given names which are either really plain or just really weird such as the GoriMantella monster which is supposedly named using a fictional in-game desert language although it's really pure gibberish. Moves in battle range from being the usual 'stabs' and 'slices' to 'kicking in the nuts' and 'serving beer to the enemy'. Often a boss will be a celebrity turned monster.
    The game's items include a hero's Questbook to keep track of quests and 'steroids' which are used to boost the hero's stats as opposed to leveling which only increases HP and gains skills in the game.
    Some of the games feature additional 'Sword Club Quests' which allow for additional gameplay. Prizes include quest points on the 'sword club member card' + rare items.
    Inns in the game work much like Pokemon Centres as they not only allow healing, there is a special area where the player can access a PC to do their banking if a bank is not available and where party members can be switched around.

    How's the game sound despite the fact I am too lazy to use my own graphics most of the time + usually use defaults? Opinions please.~
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