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    This story should be suitable for pretty much everybody. xD

    Hello, people of Pokecommunity! I have written a fanfic a while ago, and posted it in some other places. I remembered it was Friday again today (the day I always updated) and that I needed to post it somewhere before next week came - so, here I am. So, we embark on a magical journey of hope and wonder little trip to a little fixfic world of Pokemon... (I'm not sure if it really matters to you, but this is my first story.)

    Reviews welcomed and loved.

    Please note that, despite what the prologue looks like, this is not a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon fic...

    Personality Quiz
    (the prologue - the part before a story begins, which in this case explains how the main characters got to where they were)

    “A Ditto,” came the words vibrating from a pink blob of shapeless mass.

    It was with an Arcanine, in a white box-shaped room. There was no windows, no doors, and no lighting except for a fire in a pit created by the Arcanine so that his interrogate could see anything. Usually, not being able to see their surroundings unnerves humans. It was fairly annoying, in the large dog Pokemon’s opinion.

    “Well, you can’t take the form of a human anymore, can you? So, in order to give you some sort of form without a true Pokemon, you are now a Ditto. If you hated it, it won’t last for long,” A gruff voice retorted. The Arcanine glowered disapprovingly at the Ditto. He was making full use of his height advantage to try and make the creature nervous, even though it was completely obvious that intimidation would never work on this one.

    A large dog Pokemon stood in front of the Ditto. It was mostly covered by a large, fluffy mass of cream fur, but orange fur striped with black was visible in some places. Broad paws supported this large mass of fluff and bone, and orange dog ears perked up from its snouted face. Said face had a snout covered by more cream fur, and a large tuft of cream-colored hair above its eyes. Its tail was composed of – surprise, surprise – cream-colored fur. The Arcanine was not amused.

    “Point taken,” The Ditto said emotionlessly.

    “Right, then. My assistant briefed you on the process we will be going through, correct?” The Arcanine lowered his head slightly.

    “If your ‘assistant’ was the Growlithe that was standing in your position before you were, then no. He acted completely mute.” The Ditto said, keeping the emotionless tone.

    “Really. Then I suppose I shall explain to you myself.” The Arcanine sighed and recited something he had clearly memorized by heart.

    “I am going to give you a personality quiz – yes, yes. A personality quiz. Even if you have barely any personality at all.” The Arcanine frowned disapprovingly at this point, and sighed softly before continuing. “Even though the questions may seem outlandish and very random, they will play a part in choosing which Pokemon you will be serving your… visit… as. When it is time for you to return to your respective world, rest assured we will find a way. Any attempt to come back early will result in terrible punishment. Do you understand?”

    “I do.”

    “Good. There will be eleven questions on this test… think especially hard about the last one.”

    “And why am I required to do that?” The Ditto asked, not dropping the blank tone.

    The Arcanine’s reply to this was a wry smile. “Forget it. First question…” The Arcanine coughed, and spoke again. “There is an alien invasion. What do you do?”

    The Arcanine then proceeded to drill him with even more questions, which seemed to have no significance whatsoever. Just what was going on nagged slightly at the back of the Ditto's mind, but he didn't make it so vocal.

    “Last question.” The Arcanine smiled wryly again at this point.

    The Ditto he was interrogating was clearly not amused. “What ridiculous question are you going to make me answer now?” He asked.

    “A simple one.” The Arcanine paused for dramatic effect, then…

    “Which Basic Pokemon do you want to serve your punishment as?”


    It was not a dark and stormy night. That much was easy to understand. In fact, it was a rather nice day, around one in the afternoon. Wingulls were flying around in the thermals above the seashore, making a racket like you’d never believe (but was normal for the Wingulls around here). The Wingulls seemed to be having a ball – so much of a ball, in fact, that they failed to notice the unconscious Magnemite lying on the sand below them.

    Slowly, the metallic Pokemon came to. The robotic eye in the center of his body began to flick about as the programs began to run themselves. Slowly the Magnemite brought himself into the air with that levitating ability that Magnemites are so lucky to have, and waggled the magnet on the left side of his body.


    As he remained there examining himself, a couple of creatures padded on to the beach. One of them was a yellow rat-like specimen on all four short, stubby legs, and the (to most people) unmistakable lightning bolt tail bobbing behind it. It had large black eyes and red circles on each of its cheeks, as well as brown-tipped, long ears stuck on near the top of its head. It was, unmistakably, a Pikachu.

    The other resembled more of a cream-furred cat. There was a shiny gold-colored coin in the middle of its forehead, wedged between two triangle-shaped brown ears. It had large green eyes on a round face, with pointed teeth and whiskers on either side. Its cream body was more ovular, with three sharp claws (sheath-able, how convenient) on the end of its arms and longer brown paws for its feet. A brown tail curled into a spiral stuck out behind.

    “What the…“ The Meowth looked up from her deep conversation with her Pikachu friend. “Caro, there’s a Magnemite on the beach.” She gestured at the Magnemite who looked like he had never seen himself before, as the Pikachu’s brown-tipped ears twitched to catch her message.

    “Looks like it, Kris,” he nodded back, speaking as if he were a Solid Snake rip-off on a Super Secret Stealth Mission. Kris, the Meowth, rolled her eyes and padded up to the metal Pokemon.

    “’Scuse me, sir,” she said, to which the Magnemite turned around silently, “are you okay? I’ve never seen you around here before.” Caro plodded beside her, and bowed slightly.

    “No,” the Magnemite replied emotionlessly, “I don’t suppose you have. I’ve come from… a long way away.”

    “I see,” Kris nodded, “so you’re a foreigner. I’m Kris, and this is my friend Caro.” She indicated the Pikachu with her tail.

    “I am pleased to meet you both.” He twitched a magnet in acknowledgment.

    Kris nodded, which was soon replaced by a puzzled expression. “We’ve given you our names – so what’s yours?”

    No reply except a soft buzzing.

    “Mister? Are you okay?” Caro frowned at him, holding up a paw and waving it in front of the Magnemite. He whirred loudly, as if just realizing he had zoned out in the middle of a conversation.

    “I apologize,” he said in the same blank tone, “I seemed to have blacked out for a while. You may call me Helio.”

    “He really is a foreigner,” Caro muttered under his breath, followed by a hiss and a frown from Kris. After that, she ignored it as if he had never made a comment, and asked Helio another question: “Do you have a place to stay?”

    “Alas, I don’t.” Helio said, as further low whirring came from his body. Caro began to get agitated by the noise and frowned, but Helio noted his expression and explained. “I’m a machine. Thus, I give off periodical whirring noises. It’s a natural thing.” Caro kept the frown on his face, even after Helio replied.

    Kris nodded. “Well, then, you can just stay with us!” Caro turned from frowning to staring slack-jawed at the cheery Meowth.

    “Thank you for the offer,” the Magnemite said in his slightly unnerving monotone, “but I don’t wish to be much of a burden to you.”

    Kris shook her head. “You won’t be any burden. We’ll find some place in the Team for you.” She turned around and signaled with her tail for him and Caro, still annoyed, to follow her off the scene.

    Team…? Helio thought as he followed after the other two.


    Heh heh... sorry for such a long prologue. And yes, there was a reason why I plopped this 'important event' in the prologue! (And ohcrud, I'm on the second page already? New record!)
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      Apparently, you guys like to update very, very fast. xD

      Jirachi's Key
      (chapter one, the first chapter of the story. note that I included a time skip to avoid boring filler.)

      A low buzzing sound filled the labyrinthine passageways and echoed off of the brown rock walls. This slight annoyance seemed innocent enough, being that one of the travelers in such a cave happens to be a Magneton, but a Raichu traveling with him sees things quite a bit differently…

      “Holy Arceus! Helio, shut off that buzzing! It’s getting on my nerves!” the Raichu spat.

      “I can’t help it. I am a Magneton, in case you hadn’t noticed. It is something that I just do.” Came the reply from the mechanical Pokemon floating near him.

      “Well, turn it off!”

      “I can’t.”


      “…” Nothing except a low whirring.

      “Ha! No comment. I beat you!”

      “But, still.” Helio replied. “The natural buzzing I emit is nothing compared to you when a female Pokemon walks by. I don’t know if you should be talking.”

      Caro crossed his arms. “Well… at least I-“

      “Both of you, stop arguing! You’ll wake up every Pokemon in this entire place.” A female voice flung a wet towel over the argument.

      Kris scolded her two friends, paws crossed across her cream-furred chest. Padding along on her four powerful, muscular paws, the streamlined cat Pokemon had an air of imposingness – usually cut short by Helio’s even more imposing aura, but that doesn’t matter. A red gem glinted in the middle of her forehead, where two dark eyes examined everything, missing nothing. Her rounded ears twitched and rotated with every sound, and whiskers twitched in much the same matter.

      Caro, the Raichu, wasn’t all too thrilled about the concept of his friend – friend, not girlfriend, that would be gross - ordering him around.

      “Hey! Who are you to order us about?! You’re hardly older than we are!” Caro argued. Helio, the Magneton Caro had mentioned earlier, lost his balance and stumbled for a second, but then regained control and moved on.

      “Anyway…” Kris said with a little bit of a loud tone to get past the voices of the two Electric Pokemon; Caro, at least. Helio never seemed to raise his voice. Kris was doing her best to forget about how much her two friends squabbled. The Persian sighed and tried to change the subject to something a bit more interesting. “We need to keep going, you two. The Treasure is probably just ahe-“

      “What is this treasure?” Caro cut in, a bit annoyed. “You’ve been talking about it the whole time we’ve been in this stupid mountain, but we have absolutely no idea what ‘it’ is! You’re always like this, Kris... Dragging us into things without telling us the whole story. So please, for the sake of sanity, tell us what the heck you are talking about.”

      The Persian rolled her eyes and snorted loudly. Typical Caro dialogue. “Well if you want to know about it, fine. We’re searching for Jirachi’s Key, a-“

      “An ancient artifact said to be able to grant any wish its wielder commands,"
      Helio said calmly, stopping and turning to the cream-colored cat Pokemon who was standing in between himself and Caro. "However, if said wielder does something incredibly foolish with it, there is no way to reverse the Key’s effects. It is very rare, and there are only rumors as to its location. One of the rumors says it is in this cave. Correct?”

      The Persian and Raichu stood there for a second, dumbstruck, until someone broke the silence.

      “Well, yeah, but I wanted to say it!” Kris glowered at her friend, ticked that he could steal her thunder so easily.

      “What, were you trying to impress me or something?” Caro snorted.

      “No! I just… wanted to.” Kris argued back, raising her snout higher into the air, determined to ignore Caro. She opened her mouth slightly to scent the air, and her eyes widened.

      “Ooh, stop arguing! You’ll wake up every Pokemon in this entire place!” Caro taunted, complete with Kris’ Persian ears imitation. The taller cat Pokemon stood briefly on her hind legs and whacked him on the side of the head with a clenched paw. She then sprang forward to catch up with Helio, who had moved ahead apparently not daunted by their constant fighting.

      Quickly running past him, Kris squealed with delight.

      “H-hey…there it is! Jirachi’s Key!”

      “You mean it really exists?” Caro gasped, quickly filling the gap Kris had made. Kris pointed to the center of the room, where a shiny black rock was sitting on a small pillar, about as tall as a couple of Pikachus standing on each others head. Sunlight came down from cracks in the cave’s roof, but any light that got near the Key was promptly… sucked in?

      “I’m gonna get it first!” Kris taunted at Caro, and then lunged for the Key.

      “No, I am!” Caro fought back. Helio watched them argue from the entrance to the smaller cavern, having no desire to touch the Key for himself; however, when Kris pushed Caro to the side, he got a good look at it and began to get worried.

      “No!” He shouted. “Don’t touch that! That’s not the Treasure, it’s the Galaxy-“

      Helio didn’t have time to finish his sentence. As he moved forward, a bright light flowed out from where Kris and Caro had touched it, at the same time.

      “Oh Arceus…” Helio muttered as the light became brighter, eventually forcing the three adventurers to close their eyes.

      High above, a bright light blasted out of the huge mountain next to Treasure Town, shooting up straight into the heavens and probably outer space, too.

      Meanwhile, down in the village, an old Alakazam exited his house to watch the light flare up into the sky. He smiled knowingly.

      “It’s been ten years already? Oh, my…”

      This is a separation! Isn't it cool?

      Bright light. It seemed like the three Pokemon were being sucked into a vacuum – they were black silhouettes on a bright white backdrop. Because of the brightness of said backdrop, the trio was forced to close their eyes. Maybe if they had kept them open they would have noticed their bodies changing shape?

      This is a separation too!

      “-Key.” Helio finished, that sinking feeling in his stomach getting worse by the second.

      “Ugh…I feel sick…” Caro moaned. He hadn’t opened his eyes yet. “What happened? We touched Jirachi’s Key and then…”

      “That wasn’t Jirachi’s Key.” Helio said in his characteristic blank tone. “It was the Galaxy Key, a different ancient artifact. Supposedly, it has the ability to teleport the wielder to whichever world he or she thinks about. Apparently, that's true.”

      “But I wasn’t thinking about…here!” Caro and Kris objected at the same time. They glared intensely at each other for a moment, but then Caro looked away.

      “Ha ha!” Kris taunted and smirked at Caro. “I got you! Score one for me! Now all you need is one point, He-“ Kris stopped midsentence as she looked at her friend. She was about to open her mouth, when-

      “BWAAAH!” Caro screamed. He looked down at himself – or, at least what he thought was himself. Instead of the sleek, streamlined, powerful body he had a couple of minutes ago, there was a body that very vaguely resembled a Lucario’s and Machop’s in terms of anatomy. The tan-pink flesh on it was not hidden by any pelt, except for some pieces of a soft material on his torso and down to his legs, which also had no pelt covering the bare skin. He tried as hard as he could to lash his tail, but couldn’t. Turning around, he saw that the reason he couldn’t do such a thing is because he had no tail to lash. Apparently, finding Jirachi’s Key is more trouble than it’s worth.

      “H-h-human…? I’m a… human…” he whimpered. Looking over at Kris, he saw the same thing with some slight differences, but he didn’t much care about those.

      She was wearing a different pelt than he was. He had on an orange pelt on his chest, with a design that looked a bit like his Raichu torso – a small comfort, but a comfort nonetheless. His bottom pelt was a bunch of blues mashed together into little fragments. The only fur he had was some brownish fur on the top of his head, which cascaded down his back and stopped with what he thought was called a ‘Ponyta-tail’ collecting it all. She, on the other hand, had a cream pelt over her torso, and white pelts covering her legs.

      “Uh…” Kris muttered, trying out her new human paws, “from what I know about Humans, we seem to be in the age range that Humans classify as ‘teenagers’. But you, Helio, look like what a Human classifies within the ‘Adult’ or ‘grown-up’ age range. Why is that?” She cocked her head, and yellowish hair flowed down her back, stopping near the bottom of her shoulder blades.

      “So… Helio. Can I ask you something?” Caro asked, having in essentials the same question as Kris did.

      “Yes.” He replied, keeping the monotone in his voice despite what had just happened.

      “Why do we look like this…and you look like that?

      JIRACHI'S KEY; end.
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        Please note that the things about to happen in this chapter did not come out of left field... I just placed a lot of good hints. ;D

        Ignore the Man in the Strangely Familiar Jacket

        (chapter two, the second chapter of the story. usually it is a boring chapter to bridge the gap to chapter three. usually.)

        Caro’s confusion was not at all uncalled for. For, you see, Helio didn’t look much like his companions at all.

        He was taller than the two teenagers looking at him, about six feet, give or take; a full foot taller than his traveling companions. He was also paler than they were, and obviously at least ten years older, if not more.

        In fact, just about every visible part of him was different than those of Caro and Kris; his hair was not nearly as long as theirs, but was shorter, spikier, and a somewhat unnatural shade of blue; steel blue or something along those lines. His eyes were also slightly narrower than theirs were, but Caro wasn’t totally sure if he was doing this on purpose or if it was just a natural thing. His eyes were a rather odd gray color that seemed to look right through you sometimes, and other times were just there, not looking like they did anything.

        The pelt on his torso was all white, though it was a bit hard to tell because there was a much more interesting gray one above it, with a medium-sized gap down the middle. This was all fine and good, but the thing that really made it set out was the unusual design. Two thick gray lines seemed to be going around the gray pelt near where it ended, and a rather oddly-shaped charcoal patch lay under the lines, in a pattern that is rather difficult to describe with words alone. It consumed half of the back part of the outer pelt, but bent inwards to be covered by the other gray lines. What a weird costume. The parts of the pelt that went down his arms were also black, as was the longer pelt going down his legs.

        However, the most important thing of all was also the smallest and arguably the least noticeable; a stylized Unown rune (G) was in plain sight on the upper right side of his gray pelt, over near the sleeve.

        By now, you have probably figured out from the description Helio’s human counterpart was by now, if you haven’t already.

        “It’s a long story.” Cyrus muttered.

        “Story? I want to hear it.” Kris quickly got up from her sitting position. She quickly lost her balance and leaned against the nearest object – unfortunately, that nearest object was Caro.

        “Watch where you’re going!” He exclaimed as Kris grabbed his arm. “Geez, will I have to explain the basics of walking to you?”

        She cut off his grumbling with a prompt “shut up, Caro.”

        Cyrus turned and looked down at the two children who used to be his only allies – he wouldn’t call them friends, but allies seemed suitable - in the dimension where he had been imprisoned in for the last... ten years or so, was it? His human body didn’t seem to age during the period he was a Magneton, so it wasn’t so easy to tell.

        “Well...I don’t exactly know all the details just yet.” Cyrus looked up at the sky for a moment, and then brought his gaze down again. “Maybe I did, and Uxie wiped my memory. I’m not sure.” He paused for a second, before continuing on. “I...have done some things I can’t say have been very helpful in my life.” He folded his arms and leaned against a lamppost, looking up into the now darkening sky, Skorupius and Draconair shining brightly.

        “Most people have. They had stolen something, or told a lie, or something along those lines. I did...something much more complicated.” Caro and Kris listened, attention unwavering, as they learned the previous – and incredibly unexpected - human life of their best friend. They were fine with referring to him as a friend, even though they had only known him for a year. (You see, time flows differently in Caro and Kris’ home universe. What was one year there could have been ten years here, and probably was.)

        After he had finished, Kris was silent, but Caro had a question, as usual.
        “ did you know about the Galaxy Key?”

        Cyrus hesitated for a moment, and then replied in his standard monotone.

        “While doing research work on the Red Chain, the Dimension Key – as well as Jirachis’s Key - was listed as a required item in quite a few of my... resources. I couldn’t find them anywhere. So I think you can imagine my reaction when one of the two things that had doomed my plan to fail was sitting in front of me on a little stone pillar in some mountain in an alternate universe, with moonlight being sucked into it.”

        Cyrus was silent after that. He quite clearly wasn’t planning on saying anything more.

        “So...what do we do now?” Caro asked, looking around, and then cocked his head to one side. Kris seemed to have gotten over the fact that her best friend had once tried to destroy and recreate the human universe, but was still shaking a little bit. She tried to analyze the story in her head, really not wanting to believe it.

        “I honestly don’t know.” Cyrus looked around, gaze sweeping over the marshy landscape, not noticing anything in particular except the expanse of mud.

        “Y-you said you came from Sunyshore City, didn’t you? So let’s go there. You must be pretty eager to see your hometown after seeing nothing but talking Pokemon for a year?” Kris pointed out, still a bit shakily. She didn’t completely understand the different places’ timeflow yet. After all, they had only been here for one human-time day.

        Nobody seemed to have had a better idea, so Cyrus removed a Pokeball from his pocket. He tossed it into the air, and it opened, spreading the red light into shape of a Honchkrow, much to Caro and Kris’ surprise and slight horror. Not a very happy Honchkrow, but a Honchkrow still.

        It squawked angrily at its owner, and then snatched the Pokeball from his hand and violently and angrily crushed it in two. Having broken the seal binding it to the person who hadn’t done anything Pokemon care-related to it in nine or ten years, the Honchkrow flew off into the night, heading in the general direction of what Cyrus could only assume to be Eterna Forest.

        “Well, so much for air transportation.” Cyrus said blankly. “If we’re planning to go anywhere, it looks like we’ll be doing it on foot.”

        “Well, then, let’s go!” Kris chirped, and immediately set off in a random direction. Caro sighed and put his hand on his forehead, but stopped to glance at his hand; he wasn’t quite used to this ‘Human’ concept yet.

        “Do you even know how to get to Sunyshore City?” He asked with a told-you-so tone, purposefully trying to provoke Kris.

        “Well, do you?” Kris turned around and huffed back, and turned to Cyrus – but he was already walking in the direction opposite of where Honchkrow had flew off in a very Honchkrowlike rage, probably to find itself some minions. Minions, it probably felt, were long overdue.

        “Woah – hey, wait up!” Caro and Kris dashed after their friend, who had longer legs and thus was going much faster than they were, even though he was moving at a slower pace and had to dodge around the expanse of marshy mud. Caro was used to this speed difference, since he used to have stubby Raichu legs and could only get around anywhere near quickly on all four paws, but Kris wasn’t – her muscular Persian body could have outraced him in Magneton form in an instant.

        As Caro chased along behind his friend, he took a better look up at Cyrus, who didn’t seem to be using much effort but was still going faster than they were. Was this Human really the same slightly creepy but lovable Magneton he had known just a few days ago? It didn’t make any sense at all. The fact he had an already-established reputation as a lunatic wasn’t helping, either.

        “Hey, where are you going?” Kris asked, panting slightly. “Sunyshore City?” Cyrus shook his head, but didn’t turn around.

        “No.” he said. “I am heading in that general direction, but I have a few stops to make first. We will be circling around Sinnoh, and when we get back to our starting point, here, that is when we will set off for Sunyshore City.” And with that, he kept walking, checking back every once in a while to make sure Caro and Kris were still alive. He, to be honest, wouldn’t put dying on their first day past them.

        For those of you who don't know, the psuedonym 'Helio' wasn't something that I just thought sounded cool. It is, in fact, still Cyrus' name - just in the Spanish version of the game. As for how he thought of it, a little knowledge of myths and legends (and a self-appointed position of 'Sun') goes a long way, hmm?
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          Set Change!
          (chapter three- the third chapter of the story. usually, the next 'big thing' happens here...)

          About two seconds after this awkward interaction took place, the three felt a slight chill.

          A couple seconds after that, they realized with a jolt where they were.

          And then, reality set in with a generous helping of sheer cold.

          Though they hadn’t realized it, they had not been near Pastoria City as Cyrus had originally thought. Far from it.

          As it turns out, they were actually in the forest near Snowpoint City, Sinnoh’s northern-most community, shivering violently from the cold, snow-covered mountain below their feet. The Pastorian landscape had just been an illusion caused by a particularly troublesome Medicham lurking nearby, laughing its little heart out.

          As Cyrus shot a quick glance of impending doom (he was very good at those) at the human-like Psychic and Fighting-type, he remembered something Caro and Kris would definitely need to get done.

          “Now. I don’t mean to sound like Professor Insert-tree-here, but you two are in a far more dangerous place than you were previously, without any self-protection at all. Both of you are going to need to find yourself some Pokemon, and register as Trainers.”

          “Wait- what?!?” Caro and Kris shouted together, and then gazed up at him, eyes wide with horror. “ mean...we have to catch Pokemon in those...things?” Caro whimpered, remembering Medicham’s vision of the Honchkrow violently crushing its Pokeball and flying off into the twilight.

          “That’s the general idea, yes.” Cyrus paused, and continued in the still-typical monotone. “Of course, you two need to decide. Would you rather wander around with no self-defense excluding myself, who will probably be lurking in parallel shrubbery for most of your time here, or have an unbelievably powerful defense mechanism, ally, and companion at your disposal?” He looked down at them, waiting for an answer with another, as usual blank, face.

          “I, for one...well...I’m going to do it.” Caro raised his hand, still shivering. “It would help me look at Pokemon in a whole new way. And besides, if we ever get back to Treasure Town, we would have some new recruits...” He nodded his head. “So yeah.”

          “Nothing better to do. Fine.” Kris shrugged.

          Cyrus considered telling them his real name, but decided against it.

          “None taken.” Cyrus blinked once, and then turned. “You two, come with me. I can go with you as far as the city limits, but past that I can’t risk being recognized. That would be...more trouble than it’s worth.” Caro grimaced slightly as he spoke. Casually walking into a new place without their only guide would be a slight issue.

          “It isn’t terribly difficult.” Cyrus continued. “Locate the white building with the red roof, go in, and ask the human behind the counter if you could sign up as Trainers.” They nodded at the same time, and set off, seeing as the three were now lurking in the shadows of the snow-covered trees near the city. “Go.”

          They quickened their pace as Cyrus slunk farther into the snow-coated shadows, using his years of (childhood) experience of generally being invisible to hide from passerby.

          “Whoaaaa.” Caro muttered under his breath as they looked around at the snowy town, the huge temple near the back in particular.

          “Place with the red roof, that’s what Helio said.” Kris pointed out, snapping him out of the trance. “Over there. Let’s go.” She tugged on his arm, and set off at a brisk pace – or, at least as close to brisk as you could get in knee-high frozen water droplets - trudging through the deep snow.

          Finally, they arrived at the huge white building, and cautiously stepped in. Kris raised an eyebrow – this place was amazing. And big. There was a clear, unblocked pathway down the aisle to the human at a desk near the other end, but there were long, cushiony couches stretched along the sides of the aisle. There were also smaller couches nearer the wall, as well as a café in the corner. While she was gazing at the Pokemon Center in all of its splendor and pink-and-yellow glory, Caro was already chatting with the pink-haired woman behind the counter near the back. She quickly dashed over to him in case he tried to do or say anything too stupid.

          “Yes, both of us want to be Trainers. No, we’re not on some far-fetched quest from Professor Driftwood. Yes, we are over ten years old. Yes, we’re not from here. No, we don’t have any Pokemon at this time.” Caro was answering questions as the appalled receptionist woman shot them out. The Joy was surprised – she usually used her rapidfire questions as a way of filtering out the Trainers destined to fail. Only one other person had done them this quickly and accurately, back when she was working in the far eastern part of the region...

          The woman shrugged and pressed some keys on the computer, and then nodded. She directed them over to near a Pokeball camera, which took their pictures, much to their amazement; “What, it’s like you’ve never seen a camera before! Ah, you were foreigners, I forgot...” And with that, she handed them both a card and some money.

          “Okay, you two. Good luck on your adventure!” Her beaming smile turned to a frown as some boy rushed in the door, cradling a Monferno in his arms. So that was why the pathway up here wasn’t blocked by color-coordinated furniture. Not paying much attention to Caro, the boy nearly plowed him over in his rush to get to the Nurse.

          “Hey! Watch where you’re swinging that Monferno next time!” Caro hissed.

          “Should we get back to Helio now? It must have been at least an hour by now...” he mused, brushing himself off.

          “Yeah, I think so.” With that, Kris and Caro left the warm, compelling Pokemon Center back into Nature’s unforgiving cold spell of a town. They moved for the southward exit, and managed to look innocent.

          Seeing Kris and Caro approaching, Cyrus put the two Ultra Balls back into his pocket and nodded when they approached.

          “You were taking a while, so I decided to catch you some starters. It would make things a lot easier later on.” He removed the Balls from his pocket again, and tossed them to the two Pokemon-turned-teenagers. Staggered, they sent the new Pokemon out.

          On the left, in front of Kris, stood a vaguely human Pokemon, about a foot shorter than she was. There was a magenta-colored circle on the Pokémon’s head, sporting three smaller oval-shaped appendages out of it; one on each side, and one out the back. Its arms were long and slender on a dull gray body, and its legs were covered by a large mass of magenta-pinkish skin, for isolation or decoration Kris didn’t know. Its lips seemed to be slightly larger than normal.

          “Hello. So, you are my Trainer? Not… that man?” It made a small gesture to Cyrus, who was looking the other way, and then bowed to its new mistress.

          “Yeah, nice to meet you too, Medicham.” Kris nodded back a bit absentmindedly, turning the Ultra Ball over in her hand.

          Caro chuckled as his Pokemon was sent out, on the right. There was a slightly rodent-like Pokemon smirking there on its hind legs, long, bright white claws shining in the moonlight. It was mostly black, save its eyes, a few golden rectangular shapes on its forehead and torso, and a large red featherlike thing growing out of...its ear? No, that feather thing was its ear, just shaped different than the other, which was more catlike. As a cold wind blew, Caro noticed there were three more red feathered thingies making up its tail.

          “Hmph. So you’re the guy I’m serving for the rest of my life.” The Pokemon cackled as it flexed its claws at its new owner, red eyes shining brightly, eager to size this kid up. “We’ve got some training to do.”

          “Hey, wait a minute! Can’t humans not understand Pokemon?” Kris objected, confused.

          “Usually, you would be correct. But in our case, where we have all lived a percentage of our lives as Pokemon, we must have retained the ability to communicate with Pokemon from our previous...forms.” Cyrus replied. “There’s no other explanation except an impossibly clichéd machine being shoved up our ears, and that hasn’t happened. Yet.” The fact that he said this in the standard blankness that he always seemed to speak in made it even harder for Caro to hold back a laugh.

          Kris nodded. “O-kaay...”

          “Well, now that you all have introduced yourselves, let’s keep moving.” Cyrus turned and moved towards Lake Acuity. The other four turned and ran beside him, eager to warm up by moving.


          Uxie smiled, eyes completely closed.

          The three travelers were coming, along with some Pokemon natives. Oh, what a joyous reunion this would be... waving farewell to his sister and brother, the Legendary Sprite Fairy Levitating Blob Thing of Knowledge teleported down to Earth with a flashy light show to be positioned in a dark corner of his cave in the middle of Lake Acuity, laughing to itself all the way down.

          It paused and remembered something. A joyous smile slowly sunk down to a grimace. There was trouble ahead for these three. And who will cause said trouble is even worse.

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            It's FRIDAYYYY!

            (chapter four - the fourth chapter of the story. with the beginning out of the way, things start to pick up speed.)

            Finally, after what seemed to be hours of trudging through deep snow, the three “adventurers” – for the Pokemon had been returned to their Balls – finally stopped in front of the opening in the trees known as the entrance to the Acuity Lakefront.

            Caro stared at the entrance for a while, then shrugged and barged right in. Kris shook her head and followed, kicking snow as she went, tailed finally by Cyrus, who didn’t seem to be cold at all.

            You really couldn’t see it in the dark corner of the cavern, but Uxie felt like he was going to explode from all of the laughter welled up inside of his ‘bottle’ (as Mesprit called it). He clammed up immediately when the crash of a Gyarados splashing into the water blasted from outside, echoing all around the cavern and really, really hurting the small blue-and-yellow Legendary’s ears.

            He bit his lip, trying to keep silent from the startlingly loud splash. Eventually, the splashing and flailing stopped, and the stifled sound of something landing in deep snow sounded. Crunching… people were coming.

            The new(ish) guys were coming.

            Kris, Caro, and Cyrus had made it to the center of the landmass, where an opening in the rocks loomed above them.

            “And here we have it,” said Caro flatly, “an old cave. Now what did you need to do here again?” He turned to Cyrus with a cocked eyebrow.

            Cyrus gave no response, but walked into the darkened rock cavern anyway.

            A few minutes passed. And then a few more. Silence. Unless Uxie wasn’t here, there should have been some reaction by now… right?

            “There’s nothing here! Let’s go.” Caro turned to leave, getting pretty bored and quite convinced that they were the only things in here besides the rocks. Kris shot one last look around the cavern and turned to depart, but stopped when she noticed Cyrus wasn’t following.

            “Why are you still here?” She asked. “It’s deserted. Whatever you were looking for isn’t here.”

            Cyrus stood there silently for a few more minutes, and finally accepted the fact that the cave really was deserted. As he turned to leave as well, though, a few flickers of light swirled around one point in the center of a large puddle. They lingered for a few seconds, and then got brighter and molded into a creature, floating, with two long tails. It had a yellow helmet-shaped head that slightly resembled a human brain, and its eyes were just about closed.

            “Hello again.” Uxie smiled warmly, crossing its blue tails around each other and twirling them together.

            “Been a while. Ten years, in fact. Exactly ten as of yesterday. Did you know that?” Uxie crossed his arms, still smiling. Cyrus, Kris, and Caro stopped in their tracks and turned around, the latter two with surprised expressions on their faces.

            “U-Uxie?” Kris took a step back.

            “Uxie.” Cyrus confirmed. “Why did you show yourself?” He turned to the floating blue-and-yellow blob that was the Knowledge Pokemon.

            “Nothing of immediate importance, actually. I just came to check in on you to make sure that you don’t get in to any more... trouble.” He hovered up to get face-to-face with the tall human male, and poked him squarely in the middle of his forehead, smiling. Cyrus was unfazed.

            “What do you want?” He asked again.

            “I already told you, dimwit.” Uxie said with a laugh. Cyrus really didn’t appreciate being called a dimwit, but he didn’t show it – and even if he had, Uxie wouldn’t have stopped anyway.

            “I’m just here to check on you. Oh yeah, and keep an eye out for Mesprit. She’s gotten pretty riled up since... you two last met.” Uxie glanced at Caro and Kris with a raised eyebrow, and Caro did the same. Has he told the other two yet? Uxie thought.

            “You met Mesprit? And Uxie? And what about Azelf?” He asked.

            “All three of them, yes.” Cyrus nodded. “If you have nothing more to say, Uxie, I am leaving now.” As Uxie seemed to have no objection, Cyrus glanced around the dark cave once more, and then turned around. He walked right past the younger kids, beckoning for them to follow.

            “Oh yeah.” Caro nodded, remembering the story Cyrus had spilled earlier on, in Snowpoint.

            “No, I’m serious!” Uxie called as they left. “Be on your guard!”

            “I’ll remember that. You two, we need to get through Mt. Coronet.” The trio stepped out of the cave.

            Uxie sighed, listening to a Gyarados roaring and splashing into a lake. He could only hope it wouldn’t be too bad.

            “Wait a second.” Kris pointed out, once they had landed back on the snow-covered mainland. “Why should we need to go through some big mountain if we can just use your Gyarados?”

            Cyrus blinked. He had forgotten for a moment that there were different laws of Water Pokemon mobility in Treasure Town.

            “No.” He replied. “Where we are, a Water-type Pokemon does not have the ability to go much farther than a few inches off the ground. We do, however, have Honchkrow, since the little escapade it threw happened in some Medicham’s little ruse.” To prove his point, he jammed one hand into his pocket and pulled out a red-and-white sphere.

            Caro and Kris both cringed. They weren’t yet completely used to the concept of storing Pokemon in those...things, but they would just have to deal with it. They were in Sinnoh now, after all.

            Cyrus tossed the ball into the air, and a Honchkrow looked back at him, chirping happily. For, time was distorted in these Pokeballs, so the Pokemon inside learned to not trust their sense of time while in the Arceus-forsaken things.

            “Hi, there! What’s up with you? Been a while, hasn’t it?” The Honchkrow chirred happily.

            Cyrus just now remembered how much his Honchkrow seemed to talk, and made a silent oath to never attempt conversation with it again.

            “Yes, it has. Fly along Mt. Coronet with the three of us – if you can’t handle three, we’ll locate some Golbats – and head for Eterna City.” He said, almost completely disregarding the Honchkrow’s enthusiastic greeting.

            Honchkrow, needless to say, was stunned. As far as he knew, humans couldn’t understand what he said, and his Boss definitely didn’t. He’s never been able to before...

            “How did you... when did you... how do you understand me?” Honchkrow squawked, clearly freaked out.

            Cyrus blinked once again.

            “Time goes faster outside a Ball. Now, can you carry one adult and two teenagers?” Honchkrow made a low rumbling noise. He wasn’t satisfied with his owner’s answer, but the large bird Pokemon let it slide anyway.

            “Oh, no way. You would need Golbats for that, sorry!”

            “Can’t be helped. To the nearest Golbat nest, then.” Kris shrugged, and turned to face the large mountain. “Finding a Golbat shouldn’t be that hard, right?”

            “In the mountain, they are more common than a Magikarp dealer.” After meeting the duo’s confused stares, he quickly added on, “Yes. Quite common.”

            Cyrus started towards a large opening in the wall and poked his head in. Honchkrow peered in as well and made a low chirping noise, almost like a whistle.

            “Yep! There’s millions of the things. I’ll leave the rest to you two, okay?” Honchkrow turned to Caro and Kris. “They’re your Golbats, after all.” He flew upwards into a nearby tree to watch.

            Cyrus tossed some Great Balls over his shoulder. Caro and Kris caught them, still a bit surprised. “Attack the Pokemon until it gives off a red light, and when that happens, toss the Pokeball and hope for the best.” Cyrus stood to the right of the gap in the rocks to give the two teenage children access to the cave. Caro and Kris poked their heads in.

            “Look!” Kris whispered to Caro, almost at once. “Red lights! Like Helio said – these guys must have been recovering from an attack by another...what are Golbats in again?” Kris wondered.

            “Colonies?” Caro muttered back. “Eh, what the heck. Catch one!”

            Caro tossed a Great Ball into the mob of glowing red light. Kris did the same. A few screeches and swishing noises later, two red spheres fell to the floor of the cave, shaking at first. Slowly but surely, they stopped quivering and lay there, solitary and unmoving.

            After doing that for a couple of minutes, the Pokeballs flew up in the air and promptly sailed right into their owner’s foreheads.

            “OW!” Caro shouted.

            “Maybe we should send them out.” Kris shrugged, still massaging her head from a metal ball hitting her square in the forehead, much as Uxie’s tiny finger had done a little while before.

            “Yeah, I guess we should.” Caro whimpered, doing the same thing. With the hand they were not currently using for massaging their heads, the two teenagers flung the balls into the air...
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              What's it been, a month since I made this thread? There's a grand total of zero reviews or comments on it... xD

              The Rebellion of Mesprit
              (chapter five, the fifth chapter of the story. this could get ugly.)
              High, high above the cold region of Sinnoh, there stood a staircase composed of fragments of light. Said staircase can only be found by playing a specific tune on a specific instrument at the top of Mt. Coronet, otherwise known as the Spear Pillar.

              Should a human ascend up this staircase (which they could not, for it was composed of fragments of light, which humans cannot physically climb) he would be greeted with a large tunnel, shimmering with ridiculously bright crystals poking out of the rock in just about every direction imaginable.

              Should a human walk down this tunnel (which they could not, for the light would surely blind them, even if they closed their eyes; a Pokemon could endure it as judged by the creators of the tunnel) they would be greeted with extremely big, bright white marble doors.

              Should the human open the doors (which they could not, for the doors were incredibly heavy) they would behold a truly amazing sight.

              The Spear Pillar as it was before it was cracked, broken and destroyed (both by time and… something else). It came complete with columns of shimmering crystal, a floor of brilliant rock with a path down the middle that was smooth and shiny and cold as ice. Located behind the end of the path was a cave inserted into the rock.

              Should one walk through this cave, once again brightly lit by crystals, they would find a Pokemon researcher’s dream; a huge room filled to the brim with Legends.

              Of course, the Legendaries had put all of these human-stopping traps in place to stop them from trespassing and consequently saving them from the possibility of having their minds wiped at the absolute least. It’s standard safety precautions, really.

              At the back wall of this enormous, shimmering, brilliant room, sitting on a huge white pillar-thing, there was the Origin.

              The Origin was a luminous white creature that resembled a Rapidash ever so slightly in terms of anatomy – four long, powerful legs, a fairly long neck, and a somewhat similar body shape. But the similarities stop there, as it was quite clear that this was no Rapidash – it’s head, instead of having a long muzzle, had what looked like some sort of horned helmet. There was a long, billowing flap of skin near the back that was connected to this helmet. Said helmet had an area around the face which seemed to be cut out, with a black area where the green eyes glowed ominously. It was then closed again and merged with the rest of the body, also a luminous white.

              Instead of hooves, it had yellow arrow-shaped patterns coming up from its pointed feet. There were what seemed to be yellow rings protruding from behind it, though on a side view you would see that the yellow rings were actually another part of the body. White, wispy things flowed from the back of its head and around its hoof area.

              This was the Origin. Arceus.

              There were countless other brilliant forms in this big white room, though to describe them all could fill an impressively-sized volume by itself. So the Legendaries will be referred to by name. By reading this far, it will be assumed you know your Legendaries.

              The room was abuzz with talk. Darkrai and Cresselia were arguing about who had rightful control of the night, and the moon by extension. Zapdos and Raikou were trying to explain to Mew the finer points of thunder-roasted Farfetch’d, Pidgey, Spearow, and just about every other non-Legend bird meat, but the vegetarian Mew wasn’t buying it. In fact, she looked absolutely horrified at the thought of eating another Pokemon.

              Azelf was glancing around, wondering where his sister went.

              “Hey, Uxie,” he mumbled to the creature floating beside him, failing to notice the fact that he was currently in a debate with Lugia about… something. They were speaking so quickly that nobody but themselves could tell what was coming out of their mouths. “Have you seen Mesprit around?”

              “No,” Uxie replied. “She’s been extremely secretive about her activities for a while now. Besides, there is always someone missing… like Palkia and Giratina. And, of course, Mesprit.”

              Groudon and Kyogre was cracking jokes about Teams Magma and Aqua, and Rayquaza soon got in on the fun with a rather amusing comment about the leader’s weak Pokemon. (They really were very weak.) Regice was laughing as well, and soon joined in with his own jokes.

              Shaymin and Manaphy were arguing about Cyrus’ Crobat. Manaphy was saying that since Crobat evolves by friendship, it was kind of impossible for Cyrus to have it evolve. Shaymin was trying to explain that Cyrus didn’t necessarily have to love Crobat back, but the small blue Legendary didn’t get it and soon gave up on the conversation.

              Everyone was having a fairly good time, and nobody expected to have someone blast angrily into the room.

              But that’s just the way things work.

              Suddenly, the huge marble doors slammed open. Mesprit was standing there, baby-blue paw extended, gritting her teeth, yellow eyes filled with rage.

              “That answers your question, Azelf,” Uxie said flatly.

              “How could you?” She spat at everyone in the room, looking around, eyes shooting daggers and laser beams.

              “I cannot say I know what you’re talking about.” Uxie said calmly, glancing at his sister, eyes half-open.

              “What I’m talking about? WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT?” Mesprit practically shouted. “YOU let him pass! You had a little chat and let him pass! YOU LET HIM! Yeah, you know who I’m talking about! YES! The useless Magikarp with the Links! YEAH, HIM! Mister what’s-his-planet!”

              “Cyrus.” Uxie pointed out calmly.

              “YEAH! HIM!” Mesprit roared.

              Articuno turned to Mesprit, wings ruffled angrily.

              “Be silent, for Arceus’ sake.” Articuno growled. You would imagine Arceus would take offense to this, but he did not take any at all and allowed the others to use the term. “You know what happened. We presented him with his punishment, he survived it, and he’s going to face the consequences. The man is no more malicious than a newborn Riolu.”

              ‘Oh, lovely.’ Uxie thought. ‘She finally snapped.’

              Mesprit snorted angrily. “Oh, yeah. That vacation? We should have gone with Darkrai’s suggestion!”

              “Well, finally.” Darkrai rolled his eyes, one of which were covered by the white wisp protruding from his black head. “See, Arceus? Both Mesprit and I think he should have been destroyed. It would have been so much less complicated that way!” He put his arms behind his head, and leaned back in the chair-like structure he was sitting on, wispy shadows at the bottom of his body turning into Blaziken-like black legs with shadows swirling around near the bottom.

              “No, it would not.” Suicune blinked, and when his eyes opened again, they were glowing white. He spoke in a very deep voice unlike his own. For, you see, Arceus did not speak; he roared, he growled, he snorted, but he did not speak. He would manipulate one of the other Legendaries (or sometimes one of his Arcanine troopers who followed him around; they are ‘legendary’ after all!) and speak that way. That’s just one of the things Arceus does; nobody questions it and it poses no problems, so nobody really cares.

              “For if we had destroyed him as you suggested, he would have been reborn, in a form with the potential to be much, much worse, if such a thing was possible for a human.” Suicune spoke in the deep voice, and when he blinked again, his eyes were back to their regular luminance. Arceus turned his head and fixed the emerald-green glare on Mesprit, who wasn’t taking any of it.

              “Ha!” Mesprit spat, now overflowing with rage. “Well, you know, if you all are going to just ignore this...this...this TRAITOR’s actions-“ She pointed a finger at Uxie, who raised an eye a bit higher with a “hm?” - “Well, then, Darkrai and I will stop him and his Pokemon underlings ourselves.” She began to hover back out of the room, tails lashing angrily, and then noticed Darkrai was not following. “DARKRAI! You’re supposed to be coming with ME! THIS WAY!” She pointed out of the open doors and out into the corridor.

              Darkrai shook his head and got up from his Slouch of Villainy. “Nuh-uh, miss. No can do.” He began to walk towards Mesprit, who was seriously ticked and very dangerous by this point, “Sure, I want the stupid guy gone, but I’m not going to go against the most powerful forces known to anything at all to do so. You’re on your own this time. Bye, now. Don’t come again.”

              He curled his hand into a fist and sent the small creature flying a good five feet into the luminous corridor, stopped from going farther only by making full contact with a particularly large crystal. (This caused her to get a pretty bad gash in her back, which then started to bleed).

              And with a flick of his finger, the door pulsed with dark energy and slammed in Mesprit’s misshapen face.

              “YOU WILL...YOU WILL ALL...” Mesprit got up, shaking violently. She attempted to attack the door and get it open, but the ridiculously heavy door would not be budged (especially seeing as Mesprit was about to faint).

              “YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!” With a final slam and kick on the door, Mesprit was gone; off in a blind rage to do whatever she could to stop Link-man (sword not included) in his tracks. Her twisted face of rage was soon replaced by a maniacal grin as she shot down the corridor, weaving out of the way of the crystals, around the stairs, and down to the Spear Pillar as it is right now, cracked pillars and all. Mesprit’s blood was flying everywhere in her frantic race down to the mainworld of Sinnoh.

              She then slowed herself and started floating over to a hollow pillar. She descended into the glorified tube, head-first. At the bottom, light was pouring in from Mesprit’s luminescent jewel on her forehead. Glancing around for a second, she finally found what she was looking for. Reaching down, Mesprit clutched her prize and returned to the surface. She looked around one last time, shook her head sadly, and then lurched into motion again.

              She flew out of the pillar, down Mt. Coronet, and off to the tiny Town of Twinleaf, clutching pieces of a broken, blood red chain for dear life. And yep, blood was still flying out of her wound.

              One certain piece of this chain fell out of her grasp without her noticing in her blind rage, and flew down into a crumbled ruin around the Eterna City area.

              “You three,” A glow-eyed Regigigas said as he pointed at a trio of Arcanine, “clean up the bloody mess Mesprit made.” The Arcanine nodded eagerly, evidently not catching Regigigas' psuedo-strange expression, and stared at the space in front of them. Various cleaning supplies were conjured into being a few moments later. The Arcanines snatched them and set to work cleaning.
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                [Yoshi's Island level-staring theme]

                Boop boo-da-doo-doo, doo doo da doop!

                Celestial Arcanine, Twelve O'clock!
                (the sixth chapter of the story. wait, what's an Arcanine got to do with any of this...? they're just minor characters, aren't they?)

                As the two red-and-white metal spheres flew through the air, all three pairs of eyes focused on them. Time seemed to slow itself down.

                Nobody actually knew why – it wasn’t anything terribly important, Caro and Kris were just sending out a couple of Golbat – but it still did nonetheless. Possibly because it was such a turning point in the story, them catching their first Pokemon?

                Everyone was silent as the Pokéballs made an indent in the snowy ground with a soft thump. They then began to open and released a red, swirling, luminescent energy into the air, which soon took the form of two Pokemon.

                One was a large blue thing, with a gaping mouth that opened almost as big as it’s body; Small, beady eyes glanced around. Purple bat-like wings with blue edging beat in the air, sending drafts of wind down to the snowy mass below. It let out a piercing screech, which everyone translated to mean, “ wing hurts...”

                The other did not have a giant gaping mouth like the first, but was rather a purple, footless blob with two sets of streamlined wings. The upper set of wings had purple edging and blue membrane inside, instead of the other way around. The lower set was entirely purple. Its mouth was twisted into what seemed to be a deformed frown.

                “What?” It rumbled in a hiss-like whisper.

                Caro blinked. “Wh... Why does she get a Crobat?” He glared over in Kris’ direction, who was now in deep conversation with her newfound friend.

                “Hmph...” He muttered, and turned to his Golbat. “Oh, hey. What’s wrong with your wing? Did I hit it too hard or something?” He stepped up to the large bat Pokémon.

                “Uh, no, my wing’s fine. But...humans can’t understand Pokémon...” The Golbat muttered, staring at the teenager with curiosity.

                “Yeah, well... I’ll let you in on something.” Caro leaned in very close to the Golbat, who was now staring at him. “My name is Caro. I used to be a Raichu and I’m from a different universe, and- Yeow!” Caro looked down to see that Cyrus had stomped down on his foot. “What was that for?” He whined, glaring up at the taller male.

                “I don’t know if it’s such a great idea to go off telling your life’s story to a Golbat, who could very well sneak off in the dead of night while you’re asleep and babble to the whole world, do you?” He asked blankly.

                “Uh... oh yeah... I knew that!” Unfortunately, Caro was not a very good liar.

                “I’m sure you did,” Cyrus replied. “But if you’re finished rattling off to a Golbat, I think now would be as good a time as any to figure out a way to get you two back home. Surely you don’t want to stay here.”

                Golbat shifted his gaze, and jumped with surprise. “Caro, behind you! There’s-“

                “Yeah, Golbat,” Caro said, “I know.”

                “But… but…” the Golbat whimpered, wishing at length that he hadn’t woken up today.

                Cyrus kept his legs in a squatted position, to make flying easier for Honchkrow. All Caro and Kris needed to do was hold on, but a flat disk with wings has a much different method of flight than a large bird does. (Yeah, yeah. I know. A Honchkrow isn’t large, but how would a six-foot-tall man get around flying on a three-foot-tall bird?)

                “You okay up there?” Honchkrow called.

                “Yes,” came his master’s blank response. At least they were at a high enough altitude nobody could see anything but a Honchkrow, a Crobat, and a Golbat having a pleasant flight...

                Glancing back, Cyrus saw that Kris seemed to be holding on to the Crobat’s head, which the ride-ee didn’t seem to mind that much. Caro was having a bit of an easier time, though, as he had the Golbat’s feet to hold on to.

                The two were both talking about what would happen, and what Pokemon would say, when they got home. Since they had been captured, Golbat and Crobat had proven extremely knowledgeable about the history of Sinnoh, real and mythical - so much so, in fact, that Cyrus never needed to step in to explain anything (he was secretly quite relieved for that).

                After explaining at great length what happened and who they really were, and assuring Golbat and Crobat that Cyrus would not, in fact, try to kill them, they worked out a plan: it involved, on the most basic level, going on a whirlwind trip around Sinnoh, trying to get the Lake Trio to remove the wall in Mt. Coronet (it was probably rebuilt after Team Galactic blew it up) by way of Legendary powers, getting in, and begging/pleading to either Giratina or Palkia to get themselves home.

                It wasn’t formal, it wasn’t stylish, it wasn’t the least bit tested, analyzed, or incredibly plausible, but it would probably work.

                How did this...happen? No matter how many times Cyrus had tried to ignore – and eliminate - that thought over the past few days, it just would not die. He knew exactly how it happened, of course.

                After what happened at the Pillar (soon redubbed the Spear Pillar Incident), he had slunk off into a side cavern. The police force didn’t want anyone to know he was still out there, and he wasn’t showing any rebellion, so they kept their mouth shut and he did too. Of course, he couldn’t hide from everyone.

                Or, rather, everything.

                He remembered the scene vividly; it was hard not to. After all, it was only an ancient messenger for the higher powers in the universe sending him an invite to a divine trial up above the Spear Pillar...

                Mt. Coronet had so many useful little passages. It was quite an aid when you were being tailed by a couple of women in blue suits and a ‘detective’ who could not be bothered to do any decent detective work at all, but in fact favored slinking around in costume.

                With every step, Cyrus progressed farther and farther away from his failed... experiment. He couldn’t call it a dream – a dream is the product of hope. And, of course, hope dies after you finally realized it just wouldn’t work… but that was a trivial thing, something that didn’t matter. What really mattered was that he get as far away from the fools back at the Pillar as quickly as possible, and not be caught by any of them.

                He wasn’t caught by the police.

                He was caught by something much, much worse.

                The Arcanine watched with glowing eyes – literally glowing, as they were emitting a white light that just so happened to illuminate a small part of the corridor – as he put one silent paw in front of the other, making sure not to make his presence known to the human he was pursuing. That was, in the Arcanine’s honest opinion, one of the most important parts of the mission – to keep himself a secret until he felt the time was right to reveal himself.

                He glanced down at the paper in his jaws. It was in Unown runes, so he wasn’t sure if his target would even understand what it was trying to say. But the runes these people used were unknown to the Pokemon, so hopefully Unown is one of their understood languages. This target was a smart one, anyway.

                Finally, the target had stopped. This was his chance. Pawstep by pawstep, the glowing-eyed Arcanine quickened its pace, closing the gap. The target didn’t need to think he wasn’t there anymore; that wasn’t important anymore. What was important was that he got his invitation and accepted.

                The large orange-and-cream dog Pokemon soon caught up. He didn’t go unnoticed – as soon as the target noticed something was behind him, he turned around and blasted the Arcanine with a blank but extremely creepy stare. The Pokemon quickly shook this off, and then walked up to his target. Dropping the letter at his feet, the Arcanine walked back a few paces and sat down, waiting for an answer. He tried to ignore the fact that he was overreacting to the whole thing, calling this man ‘target’ and everything, but nobody knew about it. It’s not like this was a story, written out in words or anything…

                “Well,” The target said. “It seems your owner isn’t capable of using proper English. This is all in Unown runes...” He glanced across the letter for a few minutes, and the Arcanine sat there. After waiting for the Pokemon to leave, the target soon realized exactly who this Arcanine was owned by.

                “You Legends certainly do have fast postal service, don’t you?” He put the letter into his pocket, and stared the dog in the eye. “Fine, I’ll do as you want. I hardly have any choice in the matter anyway…”

                Happy that the objective had been completed, the Arcanine blinked. When they opened, the bright white glow in its eyes had disappeared.

                So had the target.

                The startled caw of his Pokemon brought him back into the present.

                “Swellow at twelve o’clock! I repeat! Swellow at twelve o’clock! And... It’s got a rider! Swellow with rider at twelve o’clock...!”

                (In other news, this is my 300th post. Yay?)

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                  Swellows and Skuntanks
                  (chapter seven - the seventh chapter of the story. yes, i'm still posting this.)

                  Cyrus racked his brain for any possible way he could get out of this without either A: being seen by the child or B: getting himself, Honchkrow, and even Caro and Kris as well as their Pokemon killed.

                  At this point, it was difficult to tell which one was worse.

                  “Swerve down.” He commanded, ducking in closer to the Honchkrow. Honchkrow nodded, and took a dive down into a cloud. However, Honchkrow soon regretted attempting to do that.

                  When they soared back out, both rider and mount were shivering and Honchkrow’s wings had a little bit of frost on them. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the Swellow kid had quite obviously seen him.

                  “Hey!” The kid said, her eyes widened. “You’re that gu-“

                  “No, I’m not.” Cyrus cut in. Honchkrow stopped in front of the Swellow kid for a second, and then resumed his previous speed.

                  “No way...” The girl muttered. “Duskwing, turn around and use Peck on that Honchkrow!”

                  “What?!?” Honchkrow squawked. Cyrus clenched his teeth. If this kid was going to go on the offensive, he would be forced to do the same.

                  Squawking angrily, the Swellow started making a beeline for Honchkrow, who took a nosedive.

                  “Night Slash.” Cyrus muttered softly to his mount, doing his best not to open his mouth for too long.

                  Making a quick midair loop, Honchkrow spun around and concentrated all of the dark energy he could muster into his right wing.

                  “Okay...” He muttered as the dark energy began to make the wing glow, “Swellow! Taste my Night Slash!” With that, he flew right past the Swellow, jutting out the wing practically dripping with dark energy to strike the giant blue bird on the stomach.

                  Swellow emitted a loud screech, and wavered for a bit to wrap a wing around his injured stomach (when he began to lose altitude, however, his opinion changed). Regaining control only by flapping its wings quickly, nearly toppling its rider, the Swellow swung its wing in a broad arc. “Air Slash!” The Swellow screeched loudly.

                  Honchkrow flapped frantically to keep the thermals under its wings under control. “Whoa, now! Don’t get too cocky!” It threatened weakly, beginning to get worried.

                  Looping back around again, Honchkrow charged a Dark Pulse. It stopped moving completely, only beating its wings, after the appropriate amount of malevolent thoughts had been brought out of its equally malevolent head. Honchkrow was panting by now; it’s hard enough just to carry a rider through the air, but now he had to waste valuable energy beating this thing out of the sky?

                  Honchkrow brought himself to a halt again, and he opened his eyes wide to glare at the Swellow. The solid thoughts were soon extracted from Honchkrow’s mind and were sent soaring towards the Swellow, who tried to fight them off to no avail.

                  “That’s why you should never start a midair battle.” Cyrus instructed calmly. “If your Pokemon faints, then you go plummeting towards the ground...” He watched as the two figures dropped like stones, screaming all the while. “Like so.” Cyrus retrieved from his pocket a Max Potion, and flung it down after them in hopes of the girl catching and using it.

                  “Well, that was fun.” Caro said sarcastically. “We didn’t even get to do anything!”

                  “Be satisfied that she didn’t attack you. If you had lost, which you probably would have, you would be plummeting to the ground instead, forcing Kris or myself to rescue you.” Cyrus said over his shoulder. Rolling his eyes, Caro flew off in pursuit, Kris right behind.

                  “Hmph!” The boy grunted.


                  “Let’s land here.” Honchkrow suggested. “If we get into some clearing in that forest, then there’s a lesser chance of someone recognizing us than in a Pokemon Landing Area.”

                  Without waiting for a response, the Honchkrow went into a level descent. While Caro and Kris instructed their bat Pokemon to follow Honchkrow’s lead. Cyrus hopped off when they were a few feet from the ground, and Honchkrow landed smoothly soon afterward. The other two had a bit more trouble, but did it.

                  “Honchkrow.” Cyrus turned to the bird Pokemon now preening itself, spreading the natural oil over its skin to keep the feathers in shape after his battle. “You are aware that you have just landed us near Jubilife City, one of the busiest cities in Sinnoh?”

                  Honchkrow looked up for a second, analyzing what he had said, and groaned dramatically. “Aw, crud! Listen. I’m sorry about this, and I-“ Honchkrow earned itself a bone-chilling glare, and shut its beak immediately.

                  “Well.” Cyrus turned towards the south, the location of Jubilife City, and ultimately, Lake Verity. “As Honchkrow has lead us to such an... inconvenient destination, I suppose we will just need to keep moving on foot... unless you have any objections.” Cyrus turned back to Honchkrow, who shook his head hastily.

                  “No. Nope! Not me! I’m perfectly fine with tha-“ Honchkrow caught himself and stopped abruptly.

                  “No, sir. No objections.” He squeaked. Cyrus returned Honchkrow silently. Caro and Kris eventually did the same, after much confusion and shaking/prodding/rattling/yelling at Ultra Balls.

                  “That was fun.” Caro muttered.

                  “People know you again, right?” Kris turned to the older man, a bemused look on her face.

                  “I can only assume so. The city limits are where I leave you. Keep going straight down, until you reach the southernmost exit. Once you do, wait a few feet into the forest. Around dusk, I will find you again.” With that, he began to disappear into the trees, Caro and Kris trying to keep up behind him.

                  It was a silent trek to the city of Jubilife.


                  “Sort of stinks how he has to lurk around back in the woods, just because of something that happened, like, ten years ago...” Caro turned around to glance back at the entrance to the city, where they had been standing just a few minutes ago. Kris followed his gaze, and put her hands in the pockets of her white pants. “I guess he asked for it. Nobody forced him to do all that.”

                  “Yeah...” Caro muttered. “But we’d better get going. It’s nearly dusk right about now, and Helio might be expecting us.” Nodding, Kris turned to face the front too.

                  “Mhm.” They continued on, observing the city sights and dodging clowns insisting they answer simple questions.

                  It was getting progressively darker, and Caro and Kris had nearly made it out of thehuge metropolis (which, honestly, scared Kris out of her wits). Of course, there was one more thing in this city who wanted to smell- er, see them...

                  An excited, high-pitched squeak jarred Caro and Kris out of their thoughts. A few seconds after they stopped and whipped their heads around, the clattering of sharp claws scrabbling around on stone could be heard. A few seconds after that, a purple-and-white blur skidded around out of a side alley, and dashed towards the two teenagers. They barely had time to analyze that something was moving before it had skidded to a halt in front of them.

                  “I don’t believe it!” The shape chirped. “I don’t, I don’t, I don’t! It’s too good! I got him! I got him! Eeheehee! Listen up, Magnezone! I got hi- oh.”

                  Upon closer inspection, the shape was a large, four-legged thing with purple fur and a giant, poofy tail positioned in such a way that it stopped right above the creature’s head, which was also purple. It had a large muzzle, and small purple ears poked out from under the tail. Small, squinted eyes turned from happiness to disappointment to embarrassment, in the span of a few moments.

                  “I...don’t get it...” He muttered. Shaking his head wildly, the Skuntank said, “I must have mixed up his scent. It’s been a while since I saw him...”

                  “Saw who?” Kris asked confusedly. The Skuntank jumped.

                  “What...? Uhh... Tank! Skun-tank! Tanktanktank!” Both could feel an anime sweatdrop on their heads. It felt strange, like it was just floating next to them and dampening their hair.

                  “Why… are you saying your name?” Caro scrunched his eyebrows in confusion.

                  “What’s attracted you this time, Skuntank?” A metallic whirr that could almost be a sigh sounded from the alley that Skuntank had emerged from. The two absolutely dumbfounded kids turned to the origin of the noise.

                  A Magnezone hovered a few feet above the ground. It was a large, oval-shaped metal Pokémon, almost like a UFO, with two black magnets jutting out at the front, their tips red and blue. The magnets were attached to two circular things on each side of the main body. Each circular port looked like a Magnemite’s eye, but they stared straight ahead. A single red eye stared unblinkingly at them, and some huge screws near the back rotated slightly.

                  “I thought I found him... but I got these two humans instead.” Skuntank shrugged back to his metallic counterpart. But his tone dropped to a whisper and he looked around before continuing, “but I think they can understand what we’re saying.”

                  “What?” The Magnezone protested loudly. “That’s impossible.” Caro and Kris shared a quick glance. The UFO-shaped Pokemon suddenly pointed one magnet at Caro, who jumped visibly.

                  “You! What does Pikachu evolve into? And how?” The Magnezone’s glare intensified as the singular eye in the center of its mechanical body began to glow red.

                  Caro blinked for a second, and then responded.

                  “P-pikachu evolves into Raichu, with a Thunderstone...” The steel Pokemon lowered its magnet slowly, staring at Caro.

                  “Who... are you...?” He muttered.

                  “And just why should we tell you?” Kris glared at the two Pokemon, hands folded over her chest.

                  “All right, fine, Miss Defensive.” The Magnezone huffed. “Why are you here and where are you going?”

                  “You sure ask a lot of questions...” Caro pointed out.

                  “Shut up!” the Pokémon snapped in response.

                  “Fine, fine. We’ll tell you a little bit.” Kris grumbled. She didn’t like this street Pokémon at all.
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                    (chapter eight - the eighth chapter of th story. why do I even bother posting this anymore?)

                    “...Yeah. We’ve never been to this part of the world before, and our friend hasn’t been here for a really, really long time...” Kris finished with a shrug.

                    Magnezone still wasn’t persuaded. “Where is this friend of yours?” He asked.

                    “In the forest.” Caro replied. “He doesn’t really like to be around people. Don’t ask me why – he’s sort of weird.”

                    Skuntank blinked. “You never told us this guy’s name!” He pointed out.

                    “Oh, uh, yeah. His name is Helio.” Kris shrugged again. Magnezone glared at her for another brief moment, then dipped the front part of his body forward in a nodding action.

                    “Fine.” He grumbled, clearly unhappy about not getting much information on this person the kids were babbling on about. “Go now.” He pointed a magnet towards the south exit of the City. Kris nodded and swiveled towards it.

                    “Right. Bye.” She grabbed Caro’s arm and set a swift pace.

                    Skuntank glanced up at Magnezone. “Well?” It asked. “Are you going to send a Magnemite after them?”

                    “Of course.” The screws on Magnezone’s back began to turn in different directions, eventually turning so that one point of the plus-shaped indents on the tops of each one were facing the antenna atop its head.

                    Almost immediately, a Magnemite came to a halt in front of him. “Go follow those humans, and see what they’re up to. Send reports back to me.” The Magnemite did a full cartwheel to show its approval, and then set off at a pace to match the two humans.


                    The Magnemite was sending a steady flow of pictures and data back to its leader, who was skimming it, searching for something useful and/or interesting. Magnezone wasn't finding much. But when the Magnemite sent a rather odd report, Magnezone began to pay a bit more attention...

                    “New target identified. New target human male, adult. Targets interacting with New Target. Over.”

                    Then the next picture feed came in, and Skuntank’s mouth fell wide open at what was happening on Magnezone’s projection. “No... way.” He squeaked. “Do you think that guy was...?”

                    “Of course he was, dimwit. You just didn’t realize it.” Magnezone replied, still staring at the video feed, when a new message came in to interrupt their gawking.

                    “Target identified. Additional identification now available. Name: Cyrus (Surname Unavailable). Most recent identified sighting: Spear Pillar. Estimated: 10 years and three days previous to current date.”

                    That feed closed the matter. Skuntank scrabbled to his paws, racing off into the woods at incredible speed. Magnezone whirred along behind him, not wanting to be left out. Well, it’s about time.


                    “Do you hear something?” Caro asked. “It sounds like buzzing of some kind...” He turned to Kris. She stopped and listened, trying to concentrate with all of her might.

                    “No. I don’t hear anything... you must be hallucinating, Caro.” Kris snickered.

                    “Hey!” Caro shouted back. He knew he should have expected this, but...

                    “Anyway, we’re nearly to the edge of the city... and there he is, up there.” Kris raised an arm dramatically to a dark cluster of foliage, where a single figure was only just discernible against the dark shadows.

                    Caro scrambled ahead of her and into the darkness, while Kris paused for a little while. She looked around, wary of the dark shadows of the dusk-enveloped city. Anyone could be in those shadows... or anything, for that matter. The girl wasn't eager to meet anyone unpleasant.

                    Caro took a few more paces forward, until he was quite sure that the person lurking in the trees was, indeed, Cyrus. Caro smiled at him, and got a nod in response. Turning back around, Caro pointed to Kris. She was still lurking around silently back there for whatever reason. He walked back out of the shadowed area to retrieve her.

                    “Hey. Wake up, Sleeping Beautifly.” Caro clapped his hands together in front of Kris’ face, which effectively earned him a punch to the gut.

                    “Watch it.” She spat back. Caro rubbed his stomach.

                    “Fine, fine. Geez, let’s just get out of here.” He turned back to the forest, about to enter.

                    He hadn’t even put his foot down before a large purple thing bowled him over and scampered into the forest. “Yeep!” Caro shouted, struggling to regain his balance. He failed and tumbled to the gtound in a heap.

                    “Heh.” Kris snoerted, and walked over next to the still-winded Caro. “Can’t even keep your ba-“ Her sentence was cut off by a large black thing smacking into her arm, and sending her flying into the ground beside Caro.

                    Caro was about to send another argument back at her when he looked up, just in time to see a Skuntank and a Magnezone moving into the forest. Caro realized what this meant and turned to tell Kris.

                    She had already scampered to her feet, and pulled Caro up. He nodded thanks before they both dashed off in pursuit of the Pokémon who had ever so graciously slammed them into the ground, and then headed off in a direction dangerously close to their friend who nobody should be seeing in this point in time.

                    The sound of crunching leaves brought Cyrus back to his senses. For a second he thought that he had actually been talkng out loud, but even that would have been a low murmur. From the sound of the crunching noises, whoever was making them wasn’t a two-legged creature, so...

                    Wait a second. That was a buzzing noise in the background.

                    A very familiar buzzing noise.

                    That was the buzzing of a frantic Magnezone, no mistaking it.

                    Turning to the location of the buzzing, Cyrus stared off into the darkness. It seemed to shift and turn, and little specks of light appeared to glint off of something...

                    Cyrus barely had time to register this before a huge purple ball of fuzz rammed him down.

                    The Magnezone dashed into the small clearing, staring at the Skuntank now sitting contentedly on Cyrus’ chest and purring like a cat. “Skuntank, get off of there, you gre- Oh.” Magnezone stopped mid-whack, the mass of fur and claw having been flung tot he side by his broad magnet. “Hello again.” He said sternly.

                    Cyrus opened his mouth to reply, but stopped himself. He left it open for a few seconds before closing it again and letting the situation run in his head. “This isn’t happening.” He muttered. “It isn’t. You’re just some regular Magnezone and some hyperactive Skuntank who... who...”

                    Skuntank looked back at him over the large mass of fur that was his tail and seemed to raise an eyebrow. “Quit denying it,” he said.

                    Cyrus stared back at Magnezone, who was staring at Skuntank, who was still staring at Cyrus.

                    “First off, what are you and Skuntank doing here?” Cyrus asked, getting up.

                    Magnezone sighed. “Long story... very, very, very long. Are you traveling with a couple of pipsqueaks? And what the heck for?” Evidently, Magnezone was fond of questioning people.

                    “Magnezone, shut up.” Skuntank rolled over to glare at Magnezone. “Can’t you see he’s had a long day?”
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                      Question and Answer
                      (chapter nine - the ninth chapter of the story. just who are these two, anyway?)

                      “What’s going on...?” Caro asked as he pushed a rather thin tree branch out of his path. He and Kris had finally made their way to the clearing where the (rather strange) rendezvous was in full swing.

                      “You...” Magnezone lunged back at Kris. “You... LIED! Lying liar! I understand why, yeah, but you LIED!” He pointed one magnet to the girl in an accusing fashion.

                      “Me?” Kris snorted, and pointed to herself. “Why, I never."

                      She shrugged. “I told you the truth. I gave you his name.”

                      Magnezone glared at Cyrus.

                      “Did you…?” He asked. Magnezone was big on truthfulness, it seemed.

                      “Yes. I did.” He got up, and walked over to Caro and Kris.

                      “I… lied to you.” Caro and Kris stared at him, blinking as if they didn’t believe what they were hearing. “My name isn’t Helio. It’s Cyrus.” He honestly didn’t want to know what Caro and Kris would say when they found out he had been lying to them from the get-go, but it was unavoidable thanks to the… new additions.

                      “You’ve been… what?” Kris furrowed her eyebrows. “What in the name of Arceus would convince you to give us a different name when you’re in an alternate universe?” She crossed her arms, clearly not pleased with the man.

                      Cyrus had a feeling that Kris would react like this. “You surely don’t think that I am the only one who’s been sent into that place as a Pokemon,” he said. “I didn’t think it was a very intelligent idea to give you my actual name.”

                      “I’ve been wondering where that came from for a while now,” Caro cut off Kris’ assumed angry ranting. “So… how on Earth did you think up something like that?”

                      “It was the first thing that came to mind.”

                      Caro furrowed his eyes together in an expression that very much resembled Kris’ face. “Okay. So who are they?” He pointed to Magnezone and Skuntank somewhat accusingly, not taking his eyes off of Cyrus.

                      “Those two.” Cyrus nodded at Magnezone. “First, Magnezone. Last time I saw him, he was a Magneton.”

                      “Alright, so you’ve seen him before.” Caro continued the interrogation. “Now why does he act like he knows you?”

                      “Because I do,” Magnezone whirred. “In case you hadn’t figured it out already, Cyrus and I are already quite familiar with each other. I was his Pokemon… a while ago.”

                      “Exactly.” Cyrus put his hands in his pockets and looked at Magnezone. “I gave his Pokeball to someone else, and this is the first time I’ve seen him since. Evidently, he went to Mt. Coronet since then.”

                      Caro and Kris stared at Magnezone for a few seconds. “And Skuntank,” he continued, “was Jupiter’s. You recall me telling you about her, correct?” The two nodded. A few seconds passed, and…

                      “That’s why you wanted to find him really bad!” Caro gasped, as if he had just realized this. He turned to Skuntank, a look of absolute confusion twisted on his face.

                      Kris glared at him. Her expression delivered the message quite clearly: ‘And you’ve just recently figured that out?’

                      “What? Just because I’m not as good as you two at figuring things out…” Caro took a few steps away from her, and soon had his back to a tree.

                      Magnezone spoke. “She’s looking for you, you know.” He told Cyrus. “Even though she’s acting like a real pessimist, she’s still looking for you.” Cyrus nodded, as if he understood the whole thing.

                      “And the Murkrows?” He asked.

                      “Um. Yeah. About them…”

                      “Please don’t tell me she lost the Murkrows.”

                      “Um…” Magnezone said weakly.

                      “I figured. Who else?”

                      “Uhh… let’s see. Last time I checked, she had Moltres and Raikou. Along with the Murkrows and that Luxray you did a while back, but he’s somewhere else. She lost the controller, and…”

                      “Of course she did.” Cyrus said this with a rare undertone of sarcasm. “In any case, we would best be going now.” Caro and Skuntank stared up at him, horrified.

                      “Like… without Skuntank?” Caro whined. He had started up a conversation with Skuntank, as Cyrus and Magnezone's conversation was far too boring for them to possibly care.

                      “Jupiter released me, officially. It’s legal.” Skuntank explained.

                      “All right, fine. Magnezone, do you have the Pokéball?” Magnezone dipped his front parts forward in a nodding motion. “You wanted it?”

                      “Of course I wanted it.” Magnezone tossed him the scratched-up Ultra Ball. “Thank you. Now, we leave.”

                      Caro nodded. He had already caught Skuntank, and was now safely in a Pokéball.

                      “Well, this was fun. How come I don’t get a new Pokémon?” Kris whined, crossing her arms. She was getting fairly temperamental by this point.

                      “You’re welcome to go and catch one.”

                      Kris grumbled angrily, but gave no further comment.


                      Later that night, Kris woke up from a rather light sleep. After realizing the other two were still out, she slunk off to check out the scenery. As she walked, the gentle cooing and hooting of the night Pokémon echoed all around her. She could have sworn she saw a Hoothoot wave to her as it passed from tree branch to tree branch, switching talons as it went. Breathing deeply, Kris felt much better.

                      She sat down on the edge of a lake, looking out over the water. It sparkled and gleamed in the moonlight, not keeping the same shape for more than a few seconds. Shadows of various Water Pokemon could be seen under the glossy surface; sparkling Magikarp swam gracefully through the water, passing clumsy Psyducks. Kris sighed deeply.

                      She needed a break like this every once in a while – everything else was too complicated to deal with without a rest stop. Her serenity was disturbed by rustling bushes. Instinctively, Kris rolled around and crouched… but then she forgot that she sort of wasn’t a Persian anymore and sat down on her knees. Whatever was in the bushes made a chuckling noise.

                      “You came here too, huh?” A Bibarel slunk out from behind the large, leafy mass. “It’s real pretty this time of night… it calms me.” Kris lowered her head slightly, trying to hide her relief. It was only a wild Bibarel…

                      “You’re right.” She said, looking at the scenery. The Bibarel was a little surprised when she responded in a way that made sense, but shrugged it off.

                      “Right now would be one of those times in a movie where we break out in some stupid duet about the calmness of the universe, wouldn’t it?” Bibarel joked.

                      “It would… and then people would make up ridiculous theories about you and me doing stupid things and the guys who made it would be slamming their heads on a wall somewhere.” They both snorted at that.

                      “I heard about you.” He said, smiling at her. “You’re that girl who talks to Pokémon, aren’t you? People say you used to be a Raichu.” Kris shook her head.

                      “Persian,” she corrected. “A friend of mine was the Raichu. My name is Kris.” The Bibarel’s aloof grin turned to a slight grimace as he seemed to remember something rather unpleasant.

                      “Sorry to change the subject, but have you heard? Some friends of mine said that loony was back.” He plodded beside her and sat down.

                      “Which one?” Kris asked, beginning to get worried.

                      “That’s right; there are a lot of nutcases here. But the one I’m talking about… the one who tried to control Giratina.” The Bibarel shuddered. “I thought he got what he deserved, but not so for those of us looking on from above.” The Bibarel glanced up towards the stars.

                      Kris was beginning to feel sick. “My friends and I haven’t been here in a while, so I don’t know any of the history…” She was really trying to evade this conversation, but Bibarel nodded and continued.

                      “I see. What happened was, this weirdo just had a bunch of slave clone people stomping around trying to steal Pokémon. A Commander – someone pretty high up – had the brilliant idea of blowing up a lake. The Magikarp were restless and fuming mad for weeks. And then he went about trying to steal Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf… then you know what? These guys must have a fetish for exploding things, because he tried to blow up the universe from the Spear Pillar. You know the place – the one where Giratina and company come down every so often? It’s disgusting. Sometimes I wonder if people like him have any compassion – okay, scratch that, any emotion - at all.”

                      “But he hasn’t been doing anything ridiculous, and he’s still around. In fact, a friend of mine saw him just the other day. He’s a Trainer’s Pokémon, see. So am I. So, this pal of mine met the guy up in the sky, while he was letting our Trainer ride him. The guy was flying on that Honchkrow of his, and… that thing is strong.” The Bibarel shuddered.

                      Kris was silent. Her face was roughly the color of a sheet of paper.

                      A couple of seconds later, Bibarel’s ears perked up. “Oh, hey. My Trainer must have realized I’m gone. Nice talking to you.” The Bibarel got up and chirped happily as a girl ran on to the scene.

                      “Bibarel! There you are…” Kris’ stomachache got worse.

                      As soon as the girl saw Kris, her face hardened behind the veil of black hair. “You weren’t talking to her, were you? I hope not.” The girl walked up to Bibarel, still looking at Kris like she was an old Magikarp corpse that washed up on the shoreline. “People like her shouldn’t get away from their scummy friends. I mean, you know, because they might infect us mere mortals with a disease or something.”

                      Kris snorted angrily. “Excuse me?” She asked, standing up. “What do you have against my friends?” She, in reality, knew exactly what the girl had against her friends, but she wasn’t thinking too hard right now.

                      “Yeah, you heard me.” The girl growled. “That scumbag buddy of yours, on the Honchkrow. Don’t you know what he did?” She turned around. “Come on, Bibarel.” She said. “You don’t need to socialize with such messed-up people as this specimen.” Bibarel shot Kris a shocked glance before following his Trainer. He felt pretty terrible for rambling on at this point, and even worse for seeing the expression on her face.

                      He had just recently pieced together what his Trainer and her Swellow had said. “Yikes.” He grumbled. “I didn’t mean to hurt you like that… you seemed like a nice person…” Better than her, he added in his head.

                      Bibarel gave a glance back at Kris, before his Trainer’s harsh voice reached his ears. “Don’t look back, Bibarel. Just keep walking and you’ll get out of her pollution zone.”

                      That was the last straw. “You know what?” Bibarel spat, even though he knew his Trainer didn’t know what in the name of Arceus he was saying. “I’ll pass.” He shot a Water Gun at her back. As she shrieked and whipped back around, Bibarel leaped up and snatched his Great Ball from her belt. This accomplished, he sidestepped the fuming black-haired girl and walked calmly back to Kris.

                      “Here.” He said. Handing the Pokéball to Kris, he smiled warmly. “You’re much better than she is, even if I need to travel with that… guy. And, I’m sorry about what I said earlier…” He looked away.

                      “It’s all right,” Kris smiled back at him, “you didn’t know. Do you have a name you like to call yourself?”

                      “No, I just stick with Bibarel.” She took the Ball from his paw and examined it. It was dirty and slightly rusty – she had a bad feeling about this girl.

                      “You can’t just take my Pokemon!” The kid screamed angrily.

                      “Give her another Pokemon in return,” Bibarel explained. “Something better than me. She’ll shut up after that.” Kris smiled at him, and took out another Great Ball she had conveniently found lying on the ground a while back. An Azumarill hopped out of the water to eat, and Kris took the opportunity.

                      She put the Great Ball back into her pocket and, with another swish of a metal sphere, sent out Medicham. The graceful pink Pokemon shot the Azumarill a smirk, which the rabbit-eared blue Pokemon quickly returned.

                      “What are you doing?” The girl spat.

                      “I’m catching you a new Water-type.” Kris turned and smiled at the flabbergasted Trainer for a second before returning to the battle. Medicham and Azumarill were now squaring off in an attempt to scare each other. Medicham grinned; it felt the Pure Power filling its body. The Azumarill gave a determined glare in response, and was taken off guard when Kris swiftly directed her Medicham to deliver the first attack.

                      “Force Palm!” Medicham quickly sprung into motion, making strange twirling movements as it built momentum for the attack. The Azumarill made the foolish mistake of trying to follow it, and the only thing that the blue Pokemon got out of it was a Force Palm to the gut. The Azumarill squeaked in pain, but survived the attack with plenty of energy to spare. It sprung back up and began to attack.

                      Medicham leaped back to its original position; however, it didn’t take the time to notice its surroundings and got nailed with a particularly powerful Bubblebeam. The Azumarill closed its previously wide-open mouth, which quickly turned into a smirk as it watched Medicham stagger.

                      “Bullseye,” Azumarill grunted.

                      Medicham got knocked off balance, and took a crouching position to prevent from falling over. From this position it stole a glance at Kris’ face, and smiled when she demanded it deliver a Thunderpunch on the blue-and white, rabbit-eared, floaty mass of fur.

                      Medicham sprang from the ground, curled fist sparking and cracking with electricity. It practically flew over the sandy area, sending buckets of the stuff up in its wake as the Azumarill got nearer and nearer. With a final burst of speed, Medicham lurched its fist forward. The Azumarill barely had time to react - it tried to escape the attack, but got skimmed by the super-effective Electric attack as Medicham’s fist passed it by.

                      While Azumarill staggered for a few seconds and finally fell to the ground, Medicham preformed a front flip and landed on its feet. It swiveled around, ready for more. The Azumarill shook its head, and regained the fighting position; but both of them knew that Azumarill was painting heavily and had scratches all over its body. Medicham wasn’t in much better shape.

                      Azumarill leaped high into the air, and spun around. Its giant tail was pulled along like a blue wrecking ball (with water now surrounding it, to boot). Medicham barely had time to react when the spinning blue Pokemon brought its tail down right on Medicham’s head with a very unpleasant-sounding crack!

                      Kris grimaced and watched as Medicham returned to fighting position, shaking and wobbling. Realizing that her Pokemon wouldn’t be able to continue, Kris decided to end it early. She was further urged to this decision by Medicham’s brief gaze in her direction. It delivered the desired ideas perfectly: End this.

                      Kris nodded. “Alright, fine.” She tossed the Pokeball at Azumarill, watching it quiver and shake three times. It once again was sent on a path directly aimed at Kris’ forehead, but this time she put up her hand in time and was able to spare herself from any head injury caused by flying Pokeballs.

                      That accomplished, she calmly tossed the Pokeball to the utterly shocked Trainer and waved farewell. The girl backed up a few steps and ran, charcoal-gray coat flying out behind her. Kris returned Medicham after a quick “Thank you!” and returned to her conversation with Bibarel, which wasn’t quite the same.

                      “Bibarel,” she said, “this adventure you’re volunteering for is going to be completely and utterly insane. You know that, right?”

                      Bibarel nodded. “I noticed. With your point being…?”

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                        Sonic Heroes' Hang Castle level music is scary, yet addictive.

                        (chapter ten - the tenth chapter of the story. onoes, that title name is japanesian!)

                        When Kris re-entered the clearing where the three had camped for the night, she found Cyrus performing a rather unusual practice on Magnezone.

                        “Wh-what are you doing?” She squeaked. Cyrus looked up. He appeared to be… repairing Magnezone.

                        “You don’t know how a Magnezone works! You could hurt him!” She shrieked loudly and ran over, but Cyrus put out a hand to stop her.

                        “Think about it. If I didn’t know what I was doing, would I be attempting this in the first place?”

                        Kris grumbled angrily, admitting defeat - Cyrus, she knew, was most definitely not stupid enough to screw with something he didn't know much about.


                        She lay down on an extremely comfortable pile of moss, Bibarel curled up next to her.


                        “We should be nearing Sandgem Town right about now.” It was the next morning, and Caro, Kris, and Cyrus were on the road once again.

                        “Shrubbery?” Caro asked in a bored tone, turning to Cyrus for a second.

                        “Shrubbery,” came the equally blank reply.


                        “Hey, Caro. I’m going to poke around over there. Don’t get yourself killed, okay?” Kris pointed to one end of Sandgem Town.

                        “Whatever.” Caro mumbled. He turned the other way to wander aimlessly. He did so, for a few minutes… until a rather dramatic entrance interrupted him.

                        “Hey! You!”

                        Abruptly, a woman burst out of a house on the northern side of town. She was a thin person, wearing a black shirt and blue pants underneath a white lab coat. She had jet-black hair that went down to her shoulder blades in he back with long stringy bangs covering her face. Her eyes were a bit larger than normal and her face a bit longer, too. She looked to be what humans called a ‘professor’.

                        Caro nearly jumped out of his skin as the woman blasted out the door facing him, panting slightly. “Have you seen a tall guy, spiky blue hair, sorta pale face…” Apparently, this lady was describing Cyrus. Caro opened his mouth to respond, but at that moment, an Ursaring slipped outside and covered one broad paw over the woman’s mouth.

                        “Urrrrrrrrsa-ring!” It scolded.

                        “What in the- Professor, are you ambushing travelers again?” A third figure stomped out of the house. This one was a female, about twelve years old. Most of her thick, brown hair was tied back in a lengthy ponytail, though her bangs and some locks on the side of her face were left untied. She was wearing a simple white tee shirt under a tattered charcoal-colored jacket, as well as blue jeans patched in various places. A look of combined embarrassment and anger was twisted onto her face.

                        “Ursaring, you can let go now.” She commanded, nodding to the gargantuan bear Pokemon now holding the ‘Professor’ captive.

                        The girl turned to Caro, who recognized her immediately and backed up a few steps. “Wait a second…” the girl began. “You’re with the scumbag, aren’t you?” Her eyes narrowed.

                        “Where’s the other tagalong? Licking her wounds in the forest? Shame… I wanted to ask how the useless Bibarel she got was coming along.”

                        “Actually, I’m right here.” Kris said bitingly, exiting the Pokémart and moving over to stand next to Caro. “You called?” She growled.

                        “Well, isn’t this just fine and good. Hey, you know what I just noticed? The scumbag isn’t here. Now, where could he be…?” The girl looked around in mock confusion; hand on her chin, she wanted to see Caro and Kris’ reaction.


                        Cyrus really detested Sandgem Town.

                        Not only was it dangerously close to Mesprit, it was also where the brat – Dawn, was it? – was currently in residence. No doubt about it; if the woman saw him, Cyrus was dead meat. He made his way as quickly and quietly as he could through the vegetation, but stopped short when he heard Kris’ voice echoing form the town. Was she… shouting?

                        “This will not end well.” He began to peer out from the shadows of a large building – probably Dawn’s laboratory, but he didn’t honestly care – and watched as the scene unfolded before him.

                        Kris and another girl seemed to be shouting, in an argument of some sort. The girl… she was the same foolish child who had attacked him in midair a few days ago. His prediction, he felt, was entirely correct; this would not end well at all.

                        “What’s your name, anyway?” Caro huffed. “We can’t possibly unleash our poison-tongued wrath upon you without your name.” Kris glared at him, but the girl fell for it. Or maybe she just wanted to give them her name – this girl was unpredictable.

                        “You,” she said, “may call me Rin. I came from Orre, and have traveled all over the world, y’see – but I don’t see how dingbats like you knew where Orre was.”

                        Kris snarled angrily – probably a trace of her Persian form. If there was one thing she hated, it was people acting all high-and-mighty and treating everyone else like dirt. Even if the people were right.

                        “Now listen here, you,” Kris growled at Rin. “I’d be more than happy to kick you and your Pokémon’s sorry tails.” Rin smiled nastily.

                        “Aww, but I really do hate seeing insolent little children get hurt… well, okay. Double battle. Me against you and your boyfriend.” Caro’s attention was wandering quite a bit up until this point, but at the mention of him being Kris’ girlfriend he stiffened up.

                        “You’re on,” he spat at her.

                        “You two really have no idea what you’re getting into, don’t you?” She taunted.

                        “Charizard, Tyranitar. You’re up.” Rin flung two Pokéballs into the air, to reveal two menacing Pokémon.

                        One was a large red-orange dragon, looming above its Trainer and its opponents, with a long tail tipped with fire that lashed every which way. It had a strong jaw, and wasted no time in lurching its head back and demonstrating its sharp teeth, loud roar, and fire-breath. Leathery, dark blue dragon wings spread out as it roared and claws pulled back as if coiling for a final attack, making the Charizard look even scarier than it already was.

                        The other was a large, green, lizard-like Pokémon, with very thick armor that came down like diamond-shaped scales. Its small eyes glinted malevolently and flicked everywhere, as it let out a huge roar to rival its partner’s. It had a blue diamond-shaped indentation in its stomach area, as well as an armored, multi-layered tail. Tyranitar shook its large head violently, and took a step forward. It whipped out one claw, talon pointed at the two teenagers with a dead-serious expression on its face.

                        Rin sighed. “Tyranitar, Tyranitar. Must you be so showy?” Tyranitar rumbled, but made no further comment. Kris spat like the Persian she was.

                        “Can’t you see your Pokémon hate you? You’re a bad Trainer, and you don’t show too much sympathy either.” She took out a Pokéball, and glanced at Caro.

                        “Right. Sneasel, go!” He flung the ball into the air in a rather dramatic fashion (Rin snorted and rolled her eyes), and Sneasel leapt back down, ready to pummel whatever stood in its way.

                        At least it was, until it saw what its opponents were.

                        “A Charizard. Really.” Sneasel glared back at Caro. Kris shook her head and took out a Pokéball, before directing her steely gaze in the Raichu-boy’s direction.

                        Caro shrugged at them both, a sheepish expression on his face.

                        “Medicham, get ready!” Medicham leaped out from its Ball in a graceful motion, striking a taunting pose before getting into battle position.

                        Caro stared at her as if she was stupid, but Kris just grinned back.

                        “It’s okay,” she whispered. “I have it covered.” Caro shook his head and turned back to the battle.

                        Rin either wasn’t thinking or didn’t remember Medicham’s possible move set, as she decided to attack Sneasel instead.

                        “Tyranitar, Stone Edge on Sneasel!” Tyranitar began to slam the ground with its tail and fists, sending large chunks of rock into the air. A bright white glow emitted from its small, beady eyes as the boulders were sent hurdling towards Sneasel with a power nobody could explain – not even the Pokemon.

                        But, just for good measure, Charizard began charging a Fire Fang. Once the necessary amount of combustion was arranged in its mouth (it must be heat-proof or something), Charizard lunged for Medicham. She giggled like a young girl, and watched with a grin as the huge orange dragon aimed for her. At the last second, she leaped in the air and landed behind Charizard with a spin and a Thunderpunch to his back leg.

                        Sneasel yelped in pain as the Super Effective Rock-type move came in contact. He was knocked back, but endured and was still ready to fight. Tyranitar rolled its eyes and lined up a Rock Slide. “Metal Claw, Sneasel!”

                        “Now you’re thinking.” The small black Pokemon laughed, almost as if he were enjoying this. Sneasel’s claw took on a metallic sheen, and he sprinted towards the Tyranitar, who was busy making a giant rock appropriate for sliding. The Super Effective attack hit him in the unguarded blue area of his chest.

                        “GACK!” Tyranitar shouted. “That was cheap, man. Real cheap.” He began to haul the huge boulder up, until he could fling it at Sneasel.

                        Medicham, noticing that Sneasel was in trouble, turned her attention away from Charizard. “Hi Jump Kick!”

                        Medicham proclaimed as she bounded into the air once again; she wasn’t trying to be fancy or graceful this time – she just needed to be accurate. Charizard took the chance, and began another Fire Fang.

                        The following situation was quite interesting: the huge, armored Tyranitar was on the receiving end of one of Medicham’s intact Hi Jump Kicks while Medicham received some fiery jaws clamped around her stomach, sending Charizard’s head (and the rest of his body after it) into the stricken Tyranitar.

                        A simultaneous scream of pain from Medicham and Tyranitar ensued. Both fell to the ground, defeated.

                        Charizard dropped Medicham, blew the last bit of smoke from his mouth, and looked around. This little skirmish of theirs had attracted the attention of the entire town. Even Ursaring had dragged Professor Dawn Driftwood out from her lab to watch.

                        “Well, well.” Charizard let out a loud laugh that made Sneasel whimper in fear. “It would seem your comrade-in-arms has fainted. You have no decent attacks against me, and almost any move in my arsenal could destroy you in a heartbeat. I think I’ll savor the moment, and watch you cower at the same time! This is just too good.” Charizard spoke as if he were a Munchlax in a candy shop and shot a toothy grin down at Sneasel, who was looking up into the large dragon’s eyes.

                        This is it, man. Sneasel thought. It’s been a nice life.
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                          I have to say, what I have read so far is rather well done. The detail is nice and easy to understand, the sentences are believable. Good work all around. I do hope that you continue writing it
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                            Thank you! Wh-hoo, first comment! [brief happy dance]

                            Anyway, yes, I will continue to post this story. I've already written the entire thing a while ago, and have been going over it to fix any spelling, grammar, or general stupidity errors I might have made.
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                              this story is sick. its amazing i would put it in the top 5 i've read (including other anime fanficts). keep up the ace work
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                                Originally Posted by gooner View Post
                                this story is sick. its amazing i would put it in the top 5 i've read (including other anime fanficts). keep up the ace work
                                Thanks, Gooner! Dear Mew, people are posting now. xD
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                                  girantinasaur, i rated it 5 stars so that will bring in more ppl =)
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                                    And who's living without any feeling...?

                                    The Meaning of Resistance
                                    (chapter eleven - the eleventh chapter of the story. this can't end well...)

                                    Frowning deeply, Sneasel braced himself for the impact. “It’s been good, buddy.” He said softly, under his breath so that the Charizard about to roast him for lunch wouldn’t have another excuse to mock him without mercy.

                                    Charizard, he knew, would be specifically looking for that.

                                    “Go ahead,” he said out loud, “do what you like with me. Make me faint, kill me, anything. I will take it like a male either way.” He stood up to his full height (which wasn’t all that much taller than he was previously anyway) and stared Charizard straight in the face. Sneasel had no reason to do something so foolish as to present himself to be barbecued like a cowering wimp; if he was going to be barbecued for a dirt-talking Charizard’s lunch, he would take it like no Sneasel worth his salt would - with honor.

                                    The Charizard was not fazed, but was rather even more amused.

                                    “This keeps getting better and better!” the dragon pronounced. He stood on his haunches, pondering the best and most pleasurable way to sauté the little thing. He didn’t expect Sneasel to go anywhere, and Sneasel wasn’t too likely to back down.

                                    “Oh, yes,” Charizard muttered. “This shall be fun.” As he spread his wings for dramatic effect, the beginnings of a Dragon Pulse were already rushing about in Charizard’s gaping mouth.

                                    Unfortunately, this spectacular display of spontaneous combustion was cut short by a Thunderbolt that emitted a loud and unpleasant sizzling sound as it hit Charizard in the skull.

                                    The Charizard coughed and wheezed, still twitching from the mini- explosion that followed the attack. It took a final breath, and thumped to the ground, out cold. Of course, this last breath sounded like something that only the noblest and most respectable Charizards would say when defeated in battle:

                                    “YOU ICICLE-TOTING WIIIIIMP!!!”

                                    Sneasel made a ‘tsk, tsk’ noise.

                                    Everyone gasped in unison and began to search frantically for the creature that had summoned such a powerful attack; but the thing responsible was lurking in the trees just outside of their line of sight.

                                    “Good, Magnezone.” Cyrus turned to his Pokémon, who whirred contentedly.

                                    “Of course,” Magnezone bleeped back.

                                    Something stirred in the trees behind Magnezone. He turned around to see what had made the disturbance, as Cyrus didn’t seem to hear it.

                                    “Who’s there…?” He whispered.

                                    “Oh, nobody important.” An innocent female voice with just the slightest hint of malevolence echoed out from the trees. A crimson-colored gem glowed from the leafy gloom, illuminating bright yellow eyes and a pink-and-blue face halfway between a wry grin and an evil smirk. It was attacked to a blue body, covered by the bushes. Not a pretty picture, I tell you.

                                    “Come closer,” Mesprit cooed. “I have something to ask you.” She slipped further into the forest.

                                    “I need to check on something. I think I heard a disturbance.” The metal Pokemon turned to his owner for a second.

                                    Cyrus nodded. “Go ahead.” He leaned further into the shadow of the huge building, listening to the uproar a few feet away and deciding he didn’t need to see anything more.

                                    “What is it?” Magnezone asked. He had arrived in a clearing not far from the space where he had fried Charizard from. He glanced slightly upwards to find the origin of the noise.

                                    Mesprit was floating in the air, looking down at him. Four thick, pink, tube-shaped appendages with rounded edges stuck out of the sides and back of her head. The same pink color circled around her eyes and baby-blue face like a mask. Two long tails flowed down from the blue body, each one ending in spikes and another gem.

                                    She smirked at him. Magnezone was about to ask again what she wanted, but was cut off by a chant that made her objective quite clear.

                                    “I call upon the higher powers bestowed upon me by the Unknown One,” she muttered. “I call upon my powers to mold the emotion of this metal creature to my will, and to keep it until I may dislodge it or its consciousness is lost, should that be the case.” Mesprit wanted to say ‘no matter what’ but Arceus forbade her; so she did the best she could.

                                    Magnezone blinked.

                                    “Y-yes, Mistress? What do you require of me?” He asked, making another odd bowing motion.

                                    Her malevolent grin widened as she explained to Magnezone what she wanted him to do…

                                    “Of course, my Mistress. I will follow your instructions to the syllable.” He bowed again and turned to leave, heading back for Sandgem Town. He didn’t consider for a second the effects this would have on his Trainer.

                                    Cyrus watched as Magnezone flew over him and into the town, where the uproar from the battle had died down and Kris, Caro, and Rin were back to their flame war. Caro looked away for a second and noticed Magnezone skid to a halt. All eyes were on Magnezone as Caro nudged and pointed to Kris. She turned, and fell slack-jawed before running the other way very, very fast (along with everyone else).

                                    For, you see, Magnezone didn’t seem to know what in the name of Arceus he was doing. He was electrocuting everything.

                                    There were electric sparks flying as he sent various attacks in every direction he could reach. People began to scream and retreat to their homes, but Sandgem town wasn’t big enough for everyone to find a way away; he was blocking the north exit, and the other land route was blocked off by a fallen tree, now on fire; not many people had Surfing Pokémon on them, either. Darn the starter Trainers who hadn’t found the Hidden Machine Surf yet.

                                    Mesprit watched in great amusement from the underbrush as Cyrus analyzed the situation silently. If he just stood here out of sight, Magnezone would overheat and quite possibly explode. If he didn’t, well… if he didn’t, he would have to run out into the town square, shut Magnezone down, and get himself, Caro, and Kris out of there before anybody saw him.

                                    Mesprit had it all planned out.

                                    It was genius.

                                    Magnezone was beginning to overheat, and sooner or later Cyrus would have to run out, leaving himself open for Mesprit to attack and to be seen by passerby. Or, alternatively, lead him to explode and make her mission much easier.

                                    She began to giggle as Cyrus made his decision.

                                    He bounded out into the town square, shoving screaming citizens out of his way. Most of them were running for their lives, and the rest had only a split second to se him before he kept moving and was swallowed up by the crowd (they all probably thought they were hallucinating). He soon got to Magnezone, who was reaching the danger zone by now. Mesprit’s smile slowly began to sink into a frown as she suddenly recalled his talents with machines.

                                    He leaped onto Magnezone’s top half, positioning both feet on the magnets on either side. He held on to Magnezone’s antenna with one hand, and with the other began to frantically remove a panel on the metal Pokémon’s back. He knew this thing inside and out. However, trying to deactivate a bucking Magnezone who is quite capable of exploding at the slightest screw-up made the operation a bit more difficult.

                                    Most people had gotten into their homes by now, and were shoving their heads up against the window panels trying to catch a glimpse of their almost-savior. They were pretty happy with the guy; at least they were, until a particularly bright Zap Cannon lit up the previously-silhouetted form of the person on Magnezone’s back as it dropped to the ground with a thud.

                                    A woman watched the scene from the window of a Pokémon Center from behind dark sunglasses. There were so many emotions swirling around in her head, she couldn’t quite decide on one to put on her face.

                                    Everyone else jumped in surprise when the Magnezone fired the Zap Cannon, lighting up the lunatic trying to shut it down – wait, that wasn’t right... She just began to shake violently. Dizzily, she made her way back to her room.

                                    She ignored the murmuring people saying such pleasant things as, “He’s supposed to be dead!” “What in the…” “This isn’t possible!” “Hey, have you healed my Bidoof yet?”

                                    Cyrus returned Magnezone as he ran, grabbing Caro and Kris by the arm as he tore off into the forest moving towards Twinleaf Town. Their mad sprint for the exit was fairly undisturbed, as the only other moving creature in the immediate area was taking a much more direct (and much higher) route.

                                    Mesprit left for her cave, grumbling angrily.

                                    “That little pest!” She hissed. “I made a perfect plan, and that scummy Link-spamming dingbat screwed it all up!

                                    Messing with Legendaries, as you should realize by now, is a very messy and serious affair (ignoring, of course, the fact that humans taste like chicken). Thus, it was not recommended by anybody. Ever. But people still did it, for whatever deluded reasons they have in their heads. Most of the Legendaries give the punishment, and once they’ve done their share of the work shrug it off and continue with life as planned. But not Mesprit.

                                    No, not Mesprit at all.

                                    She usually goes along with it just as all of the other Legendaries did, and all of the other Legendaries (at least those of them smart enough to realize Mesprit wasn’t entirely a bubbly ball of fluff) accepted that gratefully. But this was the first time for quite a while that she’d lost her calm like this, and all of the other members of the celestial Cool Kids table knew something was going to go very, very wrong with Mesprit’s desire for twisted justice.

                                    And the worst part was, nothing in their extensive power could be done to stop her.

                                    Most Legendaries can’t control most other legendaries (the exception being Rayquaza and the Sootopolis incident, and a few other instances). This was pretty much because nobody thought Mesprit was going to go off the deep end except Uxie and probably Suicune (who’s wary of everyone anyway), but really - who would bother to listen to the being of knowledge?

                                    Pfft. Nobody, of course!

                                    Mesprit teleported back to her cave, frowning deeply. It would be rather difficult to describe what she was saying and keep any sign of respect for the younger crowd (without her speech bubble consisting of a very, very long line of dashes and/or asterisks), so it shall just be said that she was very, very angry and was speaking as such.

                                    “That was fun,” Kris said coldly as they caught their breath in a separate area of the forest, hopefully far away enough from Sandgem Town.

                                    “Caro nearly got himself beaten to a pulp, Magnezone went on rampage, you went out in public, I’ve got an annoying pest who likes to whine about people to look out for, and someone is trying very hard to screw up our lives. Something is going very, very wrong here!”

                                    She growled as a large raindrop fell with a plop on to her head. Kris’ short temper was beginning to shine through.

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                                      Something Legendary This Way Comes
                                      (chapter twelve - the twelfth chapter of the story. analyzation ahoy!)

                                      It was quite odd how Fate would mess with Kris (and everyone else in the little traveling party) in this fashion.

                                      None of the members of this traveling party pretended that they knew what the heck Fate was thinking, or why it went out to lunch and left Irony to tweak about for it.

                                      In reality, Fate was having a lot of fun.

                                      Palkia watched his little reunion in hysterics. “I… am… a… genius!” he chortled. It was quite obvious that Palkia was enjoying this immensely.

                                      “Having fun?” Dialga asked, plodding into the room and trying not to scratch his annoyingly long and sharp foot ornaments on the luminous ivory-and-pearl flooring.

                                      “I’m fine…” Palkia turned to his brother (well, every Legendary was related to every other Legendary, so…). “But did you see what I did there?”

                                      Dialga frowned. “You’re quite the prankster, aren’t you? Arceus might not be too thrilled about it.”

                                      Palkia harrumphed and folded his arms. “Now, why would Arceus be mad?” He held out his arms in a shrug. “It was all in good fun. Besides, nobody got hurt.”

                                      Shaymin padded into the room. “Are you sure?” she asked, sounding concerned. “It looked pretty bad out there. Plus you made Cyrus go out into the open…”

                                      “That was Mesprit,” Palkia argued back. “Besides, all I did was made the two pass Professor Driftwood. All of the other stuff was her doing.”

                                      “And you could have stopped it, though.” Shaymin flicked into Sky form and leaped onto Palkia’s desk, where he was messing with the universe on what seemed to be a large touch screen, projected as a long, flat, rectangle of light. “But did you? No you did not. You could have!”

                                      “No I couldn’t. I can’t control another Legendary…”

                                      “But you could control Magnezone.”

                                      “I could not! I make fate. I don’t control things. You want control? Go whine to Arceus!” Palkia spat, getting annoyed.

                                      Dialga, who had moved closer to Shaymin in case she got too irritable at the laid-back Palkia, nodded in agreement. “That’s true,” he rumbled.

                                      “Well,” Shaymin frowned, eyes narrowed as she reached out one white paw and grabbed a rather good-looking French éclair from Palkia’s own creation, the Platter of Spacewarped Baked Goods. “Just what makes you think you couldn’t put a barrier or something in the way?” She frowned, taking a small bite out of the éclair.

                                      “I was busy in Johto.” Palkia grumbled quickly, snatching the Platter of Spacewarped Baked Goods out of Shaymin’s paws. Shaymin rolled her eyes and turned away to float back down to the floor.

                                      “Well, fine.” She said. “Be that way.” And with one last wave of her short tail, Shaymin padded out of the room.

                                      “There’s nothing going on in Johto, is there?” Dialga asked.

                                      “Oh yeah… something about a red Gyarados…” Palkia replied with a wry grin.

                                      Kris was trying quite hard to not descend into the realms of hot-tempered, quickly irritable Persian-girls. She really was. But so far, everything that had happened here had gone south.

                                      And when things go south, Kris’ mood plummets with them.

                                      She trudged irritably through the forest, taking glances at her traveling companions once or twice. One of them was a helpless goofball, and the other was… well…

                                      “What are we supposed to do now? And we’ve gotta get to that mountain, or else we’ll never get back home again. Remember?” Kris asked irritably, as much to the open air as to the other two. “Turning around isn’t the most fantastic of ideas, and nor is going forward. Can’t go around it, can’t go under it.”

                                      “That leaves only one option: go above it.” Cyrus’ flat voice cut into her ranting.

                                      “Can we get to Mt. Whatever now?” Caro asked.

                                      Cyrus looked up. “It should be late enough by now.” He observed. “We are going to Eterna City.”

                                      “Why’s that?” Caro asked.

                                      “You didn’t honestly think I was going to lead you two into Mt. Coronet without provisions, did you?”

                                      “And where are you supposed to get these provisions?” Kris asked, her irritable mood heightening. “We’ve got no money, no means of getting free stuff, and walking into a market with you around is like suicide.”

                                      “I never said we were going to pay for anything,” Cyrus replied calmly, choosing to ignore the suicide comment.

                                      Caro and Kris stared at him.

                                      “And no, this won’t involve thievery,” he added after meeting their glares.

                                      Caro, all doubts shot down, took out Golbat’s Pokeball and sent out the bat with a blast of red light.

                                      “Where to?” the Pokemon asked Caro, Crobat quickly appearing by its side in a similar fashion.

                                      Cyrus sent out Honchkrow silently. Before the Pokemon had an opportunity to speak, the man gave Honchkrow his command. “Fly to Eterna City.”

                                      Honchkrow looked around cautiously, a hint of fear in his eyes. “Are you sure…?” He squawked. “I mean… Eterna is… and the building… and the…” But he quickly cut off the string of complaints, prompted by a downright creepy glare from his master. “Okay, okay! I get it! You can stop staring at me now!” (Unfortunately, Cyrus hadn’t kept his promise to never attempt interaction again.)

                                      After the three had ascended their mounts and were up in the air, Cyrus’ Crobat was sent ahead to scout for danger (danger, in this case, meaning Trainers or enraged deities who were the only explanation for the general bad luck they dealt with since entering Sandgem Town). After the Pokémon returned with no news of importance, he was sent back to his Pokéball after declining the offer to keep flying.

                                      It was, as Crobat promised, an uneventful ride. Nothing but cold, wet cloud, pricks of light, and dark blue vastness around the three… it got quite boring. Finally, the trio – who had probably earned themselves a spot in the Strangest Traveling Parties of All Time by now – reached Eterna Forest.

                                      Honchkrow dived downwards, to a large clump of trees around a rather large (but dilapidated and vacant) mansion. Cyrus turned around and motioned for Kris and Caro to follow him – they did. The Crobat and Golbat plummeted past Honchkrow, making the Big Boss Pokemon (how appropriate) lose his balance. As Honchkrow straightened out, Caro and Kris waited for him from their hovering positions in between the treetops. Both were laughing.

                                      Silently Honchkrow flew past them, purposefully sending a large gust of air in their faces. Silenced, the Pokemon followed Honchkrow to the ground.

                                      The lights shining out the Pokémon Center were, of course, on. As Caro, Kris, and Cyrus trudged along the path (or at least the area next to it) leading from EternaForest to the city of the same name, the light coming from the Pokémon Center
                                      faintly illuminated a very large something a little way to the north.

                                      Kris cringed, and Caro took a sharp intake of breath.

                                      For, in the exact location that the Eterna Galactic building had been before, there was the same building – except most of it was crumbled ruin.

                                      A normal person in Cyrus’ position would not be too pleased with this. But this is Cyrus we’re talking about, so there was none of that ‘emotion’ garbage here. Arceus no.

                                      So his face was the same stoic expression when he saw the crumbled half-intact building that used to be the Eterna Galactic Base.

                                      “Ouch,” Caro mumbled, breaking the silence.

                                      “So that’s what… about half of the building looked like,” Krismused, more to herself than anyone else. Suddenly, her eyes widened in surprise as the moon shifted for a second and caught a glimpse of light from within the half-crumpled ruin.

                                      “Hey! Did you see that?” Caro whispered, pointing to the ruin. Apparently, he had seen it too.

                                      “Yes,” Cyrus muttered back.

                                      Caro proposed a completely educated opinion that of course had no flaws: “I say we investigate. It’s around highmoon, and who’s about to look at an old ruin anyways?” Nobody had any objections, so Caro lead the way into the ruined building.

                                      Around this time, Cyrus was beginning to lose his grip on the disgusting things people called ‘emotion’. He was keeping a blank face and tone, yes, but with some difficulty. It was quite overwhelming, in fact.

                                      Kris smiled smugly at him and spoke, bringing his train of thought to an abrupt halt. “You didn’t want to get any supplies at all; all you wanted to do here was see this place again.”

                                      He didn’t reply. He did, however, look the other way, staring at something that wasn’t there.

                                      “Hunh? What’s this?” Caro asked after a few more minutes of smug smiling and ‘Kekeh, I knew it’ remarks from Kris.

                                      “What is it?” Kris leaped over a rubble pile to see what her friend had found. Snapping out of his stargazing, Cyrus followed her.

                                      Caro stood a few feet away from them, holding something small, hollow, and ovular. It was chipped and cracked in several places; it looked like a chain link. It was blood red, however, and appeared to have roughly (no pun intended) the texture of sandpaper.

                                      “Give me that.” Cyrus took the peculiar link from Caro’s palm almost immediately after seeing it. He examined the link, not speaking, for several minutes.

                                      “It’s a piece of a Red Chain,” he said finally. “However, it seems to be heavily damaged and isn’t likely to do anything on its own. It looks to have been quite unused for some time, left somewhere else to be forgotten but moved quite recently. As an estimate, it was made about…” Cyrus’ voice trailed off into silence.

                                      Caro and Kris simply stared at him, surprised and astonished by his accurate explanation just by looking at it.

                                      A few more minutes of silence, then-

                                      “You made it, didn’t you?” Kris asked, the smirk not removing itself from her face.

                                      “Yes. I did,” Cyrus replied (if you strained your ears very, very hard, you could have heard a small sigh come out of his mouth with it). “However, it was handled and moved quite differently – and much more recently - by something else. Something not human.”

                                      “What do you think remade it?” Caro snorted. “A Bibarel?” Though this was meant to be a joke, Kris didn’t seem at all amused and Cyrus took an opportunity to glare at him. Caro grimaced and kept quiet.

                                      “Not a Bibarel,” Cyrus said slowly, “Or any other normal Pokemon for that matter. As ludicrous as it sounds, this seems to have been handled quite roughly and hastily by a Legendary.”
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                                        The Problem with Infamy
                                        (chapter thirteen - the thirteenth chapter of the story. this won't end well.)

                                        A tall woman watched from the dark corners of what was left of the Eterna Galactic Building, on the top floor. She stood among an empty room, half blasted into smithereens and the night air pushing itself against her pale face. As she stood there, watching silently and (she hoped) unnoticed, the past of the room she was in began to creep up to her.

                                        This place gave her goose bumps – she loathed it, she loathed it all, for more reasons than it was merely a building owned by bad guys. It was a bit more personal than that… scratch that. It was far more personal than that.

                                        The figure watched from the shadows as three humans moved around below her. Frowning deeply, she tried to work out what was happening right now… three people, one of whom had caused major head bashing in the past, were kicking around in old ruins. Knowing him, he had probably been stupid enough to think this place was intact. Sure, she was amazed that he was alive (not to mention in Sinnoh) but when one of the tagalongs found something she couldn't help but snarl.

                                        The girl had found something round. And red. And shiny. And painfully familiar.

                                        Yami could feel her stomach lurch. She shook her head, whisking straight, ink-colored hair (cascading in spiky clumps near the bottom) that went down to her elbows from her face. She was slightly pale, and sported a mostly black ensemble; black shirt and pants, both seriously worn-out by the edges. These were covered by a long trenchcoat, which has also faced its share of tough love.

                                        She removed the large black sunglasses from her face, shifting her weight uneasily. You couldn’t see her eyes, even without the sunglasses, though; a ridiculous black hat resembling that of the crest of a Murkrow provided a handy hat-shadow covered them. She had a black bag – the strap went around her chest and the actual bag hung down on her right side, right near her arm. The frown on her face deepened.

                                        “What in the name of Arceus is he doing?... Scratch that – why is he alive?” She stared at the man now observing the piece of the Red Chain once again, and shook her head. She slowly reached into the bag and removed a heavily scratched Ultra Ball.

                                        She stared at it, temporarily lost in nostalgic thought as a reflecting expression took over her face. Snapping out of it a few seconds later, she shook her head and sent out the Pokémon inside. Aforementioned Pokémon inside flew out of the ruins and streaked over the trio’s head, squawking.

                                        Yami groaned – her cover was blown. She needed to fix Nightwitch’s squawking problem sometime soon.

                                        “What was that?” Kris jumped and looked up.

                                        “It was a Honchkrow. See it up there?” Caro pointed it out.

                                        Cyrus watched the Honchkrow circle around for a few minutes, wings beating, and finally reached for his pocket to retrieve a Pokéball of his own. He was about to toss it into the air and send out the Pokémon inside, when Caro stopped him by sticking out an arm. “What are you doing? It’s a wild Honchkrow flying near a dark forest. Honchkrows like dark forests, don't they? It's probably wild.”

                                        “It’s not wild. It had a rider, and that rider was following us.” His Crobat emerged from the red beam of light. As the Honchkrow suddenly and miraculously remembered that it had a mistress to ferry, the Big Boss Pokémon briefly returned to the ruined building to pick up its Trainer.

                                        “Now that we know where the owner is,” Cyrus said calmly to the large, purple bat, “Air Slash.”

                                        As Crobat sent out the attack, firing at the giant black bird-and-rider like a bullet, Nightwitch tried to swerve out of the way. He failed miserably. The Air Slash collided with him, sending bird and rider down to the ground in a rather miserable-looking, crumpled heap – hurt, but alive. Meanwhile, Crobat made a loop in the air and returned to loom above Cyrus' spiked hair ominously.

                                        “Hey! You were right!” Kris’ eyes widened as she ran over to the crashing site. She crouched down, putting her hands around the woman's shoulders and shaking them wildly. “Hey! Are you okay, ma’am?”

                                        “Get of'fa me,” she growled in return, clenching her fist and frowning. Kris raised an eyebrow.

                                        “Well, if you’re going to be that way, fine with me.” And she backed off. The woman got up, and glanced around. After making a disapproving noise that sounded something like 'pfffh', she reached into her bag and pulled out a Max Potion. She was about to get down to heal Honchkrow's injuries when Cyrus' stare turned on her.

                                        She put her current mission temporarily on hold to send him a chilling glare.

                                        Returning to the problem at hand, she got down on one knee and sprayed the Max Potion on her Honchkrow. It twinged as the burning spray touched its injury, but the jagged breathing slowly returned to normal.

                                        “Shh,” she whispered, “Its’ fine. Everything’s okay.” The Big Boss Pokémon chirped softly. “Can you fly?” She asked. It looked up at her and nodded its beaked head. She stroked its wing, smiling at it. “Good.” She took another glance at Caro, Kris, and Cyrus, and mounted his back. Shooting a frown in their general direction, she flew off silently.

                                        “Who was that?” Caro mused, putting a finger on his chin momentarily.

                                        Cyrus' eyes followed the Honchkrow trainer, but he didn't reply.

                                        They watched the silent night air for a few minutes, when Kris broke the awkward silence.

                                        “So, Helio. Any other tourist locations around here?”

                                        Cyrus hesitated for a second. “No.”

                                        “Well, if that’s all today, I’m beat. If we actually are going to go to Mt. Coronet, can we wait until morning?” Caro swiveled around and began to walk back towards the forest. Kris and Cyrus followed suit, the former gazing around at the dark city. They all stomped past a bush, rusting slightly. From the wind, apparently…

                                        “Hm.” A figure sat in the undergrowth, crouched low. It was a very odd catlike Pokémon, ears twitching constantly. “I’m sleepy…” it yawned. “No! I have to keep awake this time!”

                                        The brown creature shook its head, and kept watching through its sightless eyes. A vaguely human-shaped body covered in tan and brown armor shifted to keep a center of balance, and a similarly covered tail stuck out behind.

                                        It scampered into a large thorn bush near the humans strolling along. Well, okay, they looked like humans but they all had the aura of Pokémon (although that tall one had less Pokémon Aura than the other two). The Abra positioned itself, tensing the muscles in its legs as the small Psychic-type prepared to spring.

                                        Long story short, it sprung – and did so do well that it landed on the tall one’s head. Apparently startled, the human swiped at his hairspikes. What happened next was a blur to anyone who was (hypothetically) passing. The Abra snatched the man’s hand as he reached upwards, leaped onto the shorter girl’s head while still clutching it, and grabbed a lock of the boy’s hair in his free paw.

                                        “TELEPORT!” He pulled both paws down and sprung again off the girl’s forehead.

                                        As the Pokémon landed, the mental spell that someone – something – had laid on it lifted, and the drowsy creature flicked back to its home to sleep. He didn’t care in the least what these guys were doing, or what problems he had caused. He was too tired to give a Ratatta's tail about it.

                                        If you recall as the Abra slipped away into nowheresland, it let go of the man’s arm and thrust him forward. As such, when the trio arrived at the Abra-for-hire’s destination, Cyrus got a faceful of mud.

                                        As he got up, he wiped the wet mess of dirt and water out of his eyes. “Disgusting,” he muttered. “What creature did that?”

                                        “I felt a really hard tug on my hair…” Caro rubbed his head as he emerged from a lake. Apparently, he had fallen in. “…and a flash of brown, too.”

                                        “I saw that too, yeah. And something sprang off of my forehead really hard…” Kris nodded. She was apparently the only one who hadn’t been covered by a wet substance, but had instead landed on dry grass. The blond girl was regaining her balance against a tree. “I think that it had armor.”

                                        “Armor?” Caro and Cyrus said together.

                                        “I saw a brown chestplate thing.” She shrugged.

                                        “An armored Pokémon, tan apparently, with a brown chestplate. Small enough to keep its balance on my head and yet large enough to pull us off balance… there is only one Pokémon I can think of that fits our criteria, but what that Pokémon did was not in its nature in the least...” Cyrus was back to rambling incoherently. Again.

                                        Caro and Kris stared at him while they tried to calculate his mini-analyzing speech.

                                        “Which would be…?” Caro gestured in a way for Kris or Cyrus to finish the sentence for him.

                                        “An Abra, right?” Kris suddenly found its name.

                                        “That’s the only possible solution. Even though there is no other possible solution, exclusing the small chance that it is a new Pokémon nobody has ever seen before, it still acted very different than a normal Abra would have done in a situation like this one. It also clearly had a motive; there is no Abra who ever would have done that for pleasure. Or at all, for that matter.”

                                        Cyrus suddenly became aware that he had been rambling… again. With that, he added another mental note not to go on so much. (This one probably wouldn’t go down well either, judging by the success of the ‘never talk to Honchkrow’ concept.)

                                        “Basically,” Caro said slowly, “what you’re saying is that Abra – if that was what it was – is working for something that’s making it doing something it wouldn’t usually do.”

                                        “Exactly. Ironically enough, the same thing happened to Magnezone earlier.” Cyrus turned to the now-risen sun, which was currently in the process of sending barely audible sparks of light across the black skies.

                                        As it did, the rising ball of fire illuminated a floating figure perched on the top of a cave far out on the lake.

                                        Aforementioned perching figure smild widely. "Alright, s'cool," it mumbled. "Finally! It tkes you guys too long to visit your old buddy Azelf, huh?"

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                                          Ominous Azelf of Doom
                                          (chapter fourteen, the fourteenth chapter of the story. it seems our cameo triangle has been completed!)

                                          From its perch on the lake, a creature watched the three humans, drumming tis tiny figures on the rocky roof of the cave upon which it was seated.

                                          It chuckled softly when they first appeared, watching in great amusement as two of them slipped almost instantaneously upon arrival. After zoning out the junk in the middle, it then tried to listen a few minutes later as they slowly – very slowly – managed to figure out that it was, indeed, an Abra who had so unkindly forced them into that position.
                                          “It’s about time.” The creature sat down to watch, directing its two long, stringy, baby-blue tails to wrap around it. A red gem glinted on the left tail, while the other one didn’t have a gem for some reason. “No love for the willpower, honestly.”

                                          He watched with bright eyes setting out from a triangle-shaped face, swapping between two shades of blue. It had a body similar to that of Mesprit and Uxie. A red gem glinted in the early-morning light. The small Pokemon – about a foot high – repositioned himself to lie on his stomach. A combined expression of irritation and excitement was fighting for rights over his face; Mesprit would be proud.

                                          Had she not gone out of her mind, of course, but that’s another story.

                                          “Finally,” said Azelf, “You bother to turn up. I’ve been watching…”

                                          It abruptly sprang up off the cave top, crouching its stubby legs to get as high as possible upon takeoff, and took a floating position in the air. Stopping briefly to check the winds, he sent himself ricocheting forward to zigzag in between the three humans conversing nearby, catching them all by surprise (but not all of them showing it – Azelf expected this).

                                          “Heya!” He skidded to a halt on the left of the three people, who quickly swiveled around to find out what had made the pointlessly giddy noise (and worse, who had witnessed them covered in mud). “Been a while, yeah?” He smirked. He did not smirk in this manner on purpose; simply put, Caro had tumbled back into the mud again, startled, and Kris was gracelessly hauling him onto his feet.

                                          “Get up, Caro.” Kris sighed and tugged on his arm once more. Caro stumbled to his feet, grumbling angrily about something involving something being pulled from its socket.

                                          Despite their squabbling, Cyrus merely glanced at them before returning his ever-deadpan gray eyes towards Azelf.

                                          “You three are quite fond of that term, aren’t you?” He said.

                                          Azelf grimaced slightly at his remark, but soon brushed it away. “Nice to see you too,” he said tartly. By now, Azelf had got word that these guys could talk now (well, alright, they could talk before, but not understand what Pokemon were trying to say). It didn’t honestly care how.

                                          “So, anyways. I heard about the whole Sandgem thing. Nice quick thinking, there. Especially since Mesprit sorta-kinda led you into a trap.” The rim of its deep blue headpiece-thing raised over its left eye, which probably suggested a cocked eyebrow.

                                          “She did what?” Kris had stood up, and along with Caro was now staring at Azelf in shock.

                                          “She led you idiots into a trap,” Azelf said matter-of-factly. “She manipulated your Magnezone to make it run rampant and do stupid things. Probably did the same with that Abra.”

                                          “It was an Abra, then?” Caro noted.

                                          “Mhm,” Azelf nodded back.

                                          “Assuming you’re telling the truth…” Cyrus said slowly, causing everyone else in the vicinity to go suddenly wide eyed (they knew an oncoming ramble when they saw one), “The… unfortunate actions of the Abra and Magnezone were all Mesprit’s doing.”

                                          Kris nearly sighed in relief. Crisis averted.

                                          “Yeah, pretty much. Any bets on why?” Azelf tilted his head to the left, smiling wryly.

                                          Silence descended over the group. After a few seconds, Caro made a motion with his head to designate that they clearly didn’t have any bets on why, and that Azelf should elaborate (just in smaller words).

                                          “What? You want a play-by-play?” He looked at Caro skeptically.

                                          “A reason why Mesprit is doing what it’s doing would suffice,” Cyrus said.

                                          “Right. Well. First thing’s first – Mesprit is a girl. And don’t give me that ‘Legendaries don’t have genders’ garbage, either, because we do.” Azelf frowned at the entirety of the human race before continuing.

                                          “You see,” Azelf explained. “You’re sort of an odd case way Up There.” It pointed upwards, at sky that was now turning a dark shade of pink. “Up There being where the Legendaries go on their offtime, like when they’re not out saving the world from… stuff. You know why you got turned into… what you got turned into, right?”

                                          “I assume it’s for what happened at the Spear Pillar. Correct me if I’m wrong.”

                                          “Yeah. Sort of obvious. Anyways, you’re sort of an odd case. There are two opinions of you that the community Up There has: Mesprit versus everyone else. All of us believe that you’re off the hook ‘cuz you got turned into a Magneton and thus paid your punishment for doing that stuff you did.”

                                          “But then, you know, there’s Mesprit. She’s convinced it was a sea-breezy little vacation for you, and that you need more punishment than that – which, judging from your selfless act of sacrifice…” Azelf giggled at this point, “…you probably don’t. I’ll leave it up to your twisted little mind to figure out what she believes you need to deal with; the similarities in thought patterns these days are startling.”

                                          Azelf paused, and sighed softly. “So now, you know, she’s out to cause turmoil of every breed, and despite our best efforts Legendaries can’t do everything.” This earned Azelf three glares from his audience. Realizing his mistake, Azelf giggled nervously.

                                          “Well… you know… like dealing with Mesprit and the rest of the universe at the same time… it’s real stressful. So we can’t monitor her at all times. Or control her. At all. Well, Arceus can, but I guess He figures that she’s not all that much of a threat… then again, He hasn’t really noticed. You know, with all His intergalactic mishmash and other more important stuff.” Azelf shrugged.

                                          “So on the most basic level, Mesprit wants me dead and you can do practically nothing.”


                                          “Anyway…” Azelf said. “Be on your guard, ‘kay? She might try to do something absurdly stupid and dangerous and maybe life-threatening… or something.” He hastily added the last two words at the end. It was evident by these recent actions that Azelf probably knew more than he was letting on.

                                          “Yeah. Right. Well, um… I guess you should be going now, because there’s really not much left to do except hang around staring blankly at each other,” Azelfsaid as he pointed with one paw towards the forest.

                                          “Uh, yeah! Exactly!” Kris had fallen into a daydream, and had missed Azelf’s last words.

                                          “Oh... um, uh... I forgot one thing.” Azelf piped up as they turned to leave. Kris and Cyrus turned around, and Caro glanced over his shoulder.

                                          “What?” the boy asked slightly irritated. “We’ve got a Legendary to grovel to, you know.”

                                          Azelf smiled grimly and ducked his head down slightly, so that his head gem and eyes glowed ominously. It certainly sent a message. “Don’t kill yourselves. Mesprit has no mercy when she’s mad – and you’d better believe she’s mad. Any living thing could be under her influence, and there’s really no way to tell – they just have loads of respect for her, and loads of hate for yo- hey, where are you going? Are you listening to me?”

                                          The threesome left without another word, leaving Azelf to wave his arms and yell angrily in their wake.

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                                            Preparations Must Be Made
                                            (chapter fifteen - the fifteenth chapter of the story. does anyone even read this note in the first place?)
                                            A creature plodded into the cave that held what, in its firm belief, was the most respectable and glorious being that Arceus had ever made, ever. Aforementioned being held in such great regard was in the middle of the cave, sitting down, head bowed and eyes closed. The four-legged creature walked forward.

                                            “My lady,” it said in a gravelly voice.

                                            Mesprit opened her eyes slowly. What stood before her was a four-pawed mammal, with a large, imposing, and quite dangerous black scythe jutting out of the side of his head and curving backward, ever so slightly. A similar appendage served as its tail. Sharp black claws lay, unsheathing, on the rocky cave floor, partially covered by thick white fur.

                                            “Absol,” Mesprit said, smiling evilly. “How are our friends faring with Abra?”

                                            “Oh, it was absolutely disastrous, my Lady. Absolutely disastrous. One for the record books, I’d say. I’ve never seen something so hilariously catastrophic – and oh yes, it was also quite funny. You should have seen wh-”

                                            “Spare me the detail, please. Now, what about Azelf?” Mesprit cut in, silently scolding herself on using such a talkative spy. Absols weren’t supposed to be gabbing loudmouths like this one…

                                            Absol looked away. A strong blast of uneasiness radiated from him.

                                            “I see.” Mesprit didn’t need to ask to understand what had happened with her ‘brother’. “Dismissed.”

                                            “My lady,” The Absol crouched into a deep bow before padding off into the darkness once more.

                                            “Azelf,” Mesprit growled. “If only I could manipulate fellow Legends… then he would drown in his own grief. Oh, yes. That would be fun to watch…” Mesprit’s smile turned from evil to maniacal.

                                            She twitched from her meditating position, and floated up into the air. Slowly, her small figure slid into a side cavern. She followed it, dislodged the guard Pokemon she had positioned there, and entered a smaller cave room.

                                            It was bathed in red glow by two crimson, chipped stones standing exactly five feet away from each other. She glided quite calmly over to where an X was marked on a large boulder (moved in by a Machoke), and waited, not so patiently. She felt no regret, none at all.

                                            After all, she was doing the right thing.

                                            Caro, Kris, and Cyrus were trudging through wet mud, again. For real this time. It was no Medicham playing with them, or a prophetic dream of utmost importance. They were, quite simply, walking through thick and annoyingly slippery wet dirt. (Hey, what did you expect? Stories like these aren’t explosion-to-explosion thrillfests cover to cover.)

                                            “We should be nearing a hotel by now,” Cyrus started, “And I’ll leave you to guess what’s beyond that point.” If he or Kris had said any more, Caro hadn’t caught it. His mind was preoccupied with other things.

                                            Caro shivered. He had an odd feeling in his body, like something was about to happen. Life will go on as it always has, things will happen anyway.

                                            But this was different. It was like something very, very big was staring at him from a cage, glowering hungrily, the key slowly being inserted into the lock that kept it secure.

                                            Something was going to happen. It wasn’t going to be fun. That much was certain.

                                            “Hey… Kris?” he asked, suddenly weak.

                                            “Huh?” The girl had evidently been having thoughts of her own.

                                            “Do you feel… weird?”

                                            “Weird?” Kris raised an eyebrow and turned to look at him. “Weird how?”

                                            “I mean… I can’t describe it, but it’s like this feeling in the pit of your stomach that this… shouldn’t be happening, you know?” Seeing her face and getting the general impression that she did not, in fact, know, Caro elaborated. “I don’t mean here as in this patch of mud here. I mean… this world. I mean, we’re Pokemon, aren’t we? We’re not supposed to know a place like this exists.”

                                            When she kept looking at him, he said another sentence simply because it seemed like the thing to do: “Like… like we’re not supposed to be here.”

                                            “You have every right to be here,” Cyrus said from behind them, making the duo jump. Even though they had long since learned that he had an annoying habit of suddenly making his presence known, the man was so shrouded in stoic silence that it was very easy to forget he was there at all. “If you weren’t allowed to be here, then you wouldn’t be here.”

                                            That silenced them all.

                                            As the Honchkrow beat its wings, the rider looked out over the blue sky, holding her three-pointed Murkrow hat in place with one hand.

                                            There was no doubt about it – he was back. And he has a couple of pipsqueaks tailing along behind. She didn’t understand any of it, and when she didn’t understand anything it was not a pleasant day for any random passerby who happened to as much as glance at her while going about their business.

                                            Having suddenly been absorbed in these thoughts, she gradually lost the grip on her hat. As the wind finally caught up to it and blew the article of clothing off of its standard position, she only barely managed to snatch it back again. Shaking her head, Yami decided that it was better to just hold on to it. Now that there was no Murkrow hat to keep it in place, the large amount of black hair on her head was suddenly trailing along in the breeze commonly generated by flying on a Pokemon’s back.

                                            She directed the large bird to land, and it did so outside of the limits of Twinleaf Town; in a deserted-looking, grassy Route that looked like a glorified T-intersection. To the south was a rather boring-looking town, down the right road of the T was another rather boring-looking town, and to the left was a great amount of foliage. She quickly entered the clearing amidst the expanse of tree, and looked out over the shining lake that caught the sun’s light in such a wonderful manner.

                                            She liked it here.

                                            She liked it here, knowing that whatever was in these waters were all serene and at peace.

                                            A cave floated on an island barely bigger than its contents in the middle of the brilliant, shining blue waters. Crossing these brilliant, shining blue waters was a Sharpedo, with a woman on its back; the only way she could keep her balance was to make sure one hand was fastened around the fin that stuck towards the sky.

                                            Eventually, the Sharpedo got to its destination, the woman hopped off, and returned it with a ‘thanks, Sharpedo’.

                                            “What is happening in there, Lucario?” She asked as she sent out a new Pokemon.

                                            It was a canine, though perched on its hind legs. Jackal ears twitched, as the Pokemon closed its red eyes. There seemed to be a mask on its blue face, with four appendages similar to Mesprit’s – except there were two on each side of his head, right below the blue ears. A white spike stuck out from the fur on its chest. Two blue arms ending in black paws and yet another spike clenched their fists. Lucario shifted his weight, and repositioned his black legs.

                                            “Luuuu!” It yelped suddenly. Its paws suddenly flared with blue light, almost like semi-transparent fire.

                                            “Calm down, Lucario!” Yami put her hand on the Lucario’s shoulder. “So I guess something important is going on in there, huh?” She asked. Lucario nodded, curling his mouth into a snarl and making the appropriate noises.

                                            She took a step forward, but no sooner had she put her foot down that Lucario stuck out a spiked paw in front of her throat. She took a step in the opposite direction, shocked. Lucario shook his fur-covered head at her.

                                            “What?” She said. “Why shouldn’t I go in there?” Lucario fixed a stare on her that made his message quite clear: “Just don’t.”

                                            “If it’s just because it’s dangerous, don’t stop me.” Yami frowned at her Pokemon. Crossing his paws over his chest, Lucario sighed to the best of his ability and shook his head again – it wasn’t the danger of an unknown cave.

                                            Lucario desperately wished he could get the message across to her: There is something that will be painful to you in that cave, in more ways than one! Unfortunately for Lucario, in the wise words of his mother, ‘Aura does not work that way!’

                                            But, alas, he couldn’t. He knew his Trainer trusted the smarter creature’s judgment. And, what do you know, she did. “Fine,” the woman sighed, “you win. We’ll leave.” Satisfied, Lucario nodded at last as he was sent back into his Pokeball.

                                            The woman fixed a last fleeting look at the cave on the island. Her gaze drifted down to rest on her Pokeballs, and she shrugged – what ferocious demon was going to nail her down here? A Psyduck with about a third of the power any of her Pokemon had, at the very most. That was hardly a threat.

                                            Of course, she never expected a Machoke to leap out at her from the undergrowth, and drag her back into the cave, gagged. But, you know, Machokes under a spell do some pretty dim-witted things (not that they’re much better in full control of themselves).

                                            Mesprit was interrupted by a slam at the cave wall. Furious, she got up from her solitary position and floated out into the cavern. “What is it?” She asked irritably, turning her head to the source of the disturbance. It was one of her Machokes, apparently caught some human pain-in-the-tail slinking around outside.

                                            “What are you waiting for?” She snapped in Pokespeak. “Bring it out so I can see our friend clearly.” The Machoke yanked the woman into the brighter area. She wore a long black trenchcoat, heavily tattered, as well as a black shirt and pants. Her boots were a charcoal gray, with orange soles. The (in)famous Murkrow hat jerked off her head, as did her dark sunglasses.

                                            My sunglasses. That was the only thought that ran through the woman’s head as she felt her body soar forward in the Machoke’s grip. My sunglasses… my sunglasses… And then a new blaring alarm shot through her body: If she sees my eyes, chances are I’m dead. Urgh, I hate this.

                                            As the pair of shades clattered to the rock-strewn floor, the woman looked up at Mesprit; the creature was going to get the picture anyway, so she might as well get it over with quickly. The Emotion Pokemon stared, dumbfounded, at her hostage’s face. The confusion settled for a while.

                                            But slowly, very slowly, right in front of the Machoke and his prisoner, Mesprit’s eyes narrowed, and her mouth slowly rose up into a snarl/maniacal grin, pointed teeth glowing.

                                            And, what do you know, she laughed. She laughed like a maniac. Again.

                                            Everything had fallen into place, and this was only making it better!
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                                              The Madman Boy's on the Steets Again
                                              (chapter sixteen - the sixteenth chapter of the story. it's the home stretch.)

                                              Caro and Kris had explored just about all of Sinnoh. Ironically, the last place they visit was going to be the most dangerous – but they had to get through Route 222 first.

                                              Eventually, two or three days later, they clawed to the large building that signaled the entrance to Sunyshore City. After looking up and admiring the building for a few minutes, Caro peered in the giant metal entrance flanked by tacky yellow-painted walls. Kris did the same, and smiled. The streets were deserted; except for at the far side of the city… a huge crowd was assembled there, apparently for some sort of festival. Assuming nobody glanced at the entrance to the city, they should be perfectly fine.

                                              Ah, the convenience of local festivities.

                                              Exiting the gate, Caro casually strolled up to the forest’s edge, standing as if he were admiring the forest as a casual observer. When Cyrus found him, Caro nodded subtly and indicated a short fence.

                                              “Hm,” Cyrus murmured. He got the picture.

                                              As Caro turned and ran back to Kris, signaling to enter, Cyrus approached the fence. He calmly stepped over it (not too difficult, seeing as the fence was about a third of his height). A patch of darkness in the shadow of the huge building seemed to shift slightly, but lay still after. Cyrus walked right past it, and met up with the two teenage kids just to the side of the door.

                                              “What’s going on over there? It looks like some sort of festival,” Kris pointed to the group over near the lighthouse.

                                              “People here have many festivals and celebrations of that nature. They’re not very rare occurrences here.” Cyrus followed her gaze, and his eyes lingered on the lighthouse for a second.

                                              “This place is really big,” Caro mumbled as he looked around at the deserted city. “And those high-up walkways with the creepy blue tiling and everything… what the heck are they for, anyway?”

                                              “Those tiles are solar panels. They power the city with the surplus of sunlight Sunyshore City receives daily.” Cyrus said to him.

                                              Caro was shocked (no pun intended). “You mean people can make electricity out of the sun’s light?” He stared wide-eyed at them for a second.

                                              “Yes.” Cyrus said simply. “They can.”

                                              Caro was clearly impressed. “Huh.” He said. “Cool. I’d like to walk on one of those.” He admired them for a few minutes, and realized with a jolt that Cyrus had already started walking slowly around the mazelike city, looking like he knew the place like the back of his hand. Kris was in the same position that Caro was, admiring the solar streets – but as soon as she realized Cyrus was going somewhere, she blurted out her feelings.

                                              “Where are you going?”

                                              Cyrus stopped, and turned around. “You’ll get it eventually.”

                                              Accepting it as an answer, Kris and Caro followed. They soon found themselves on a cliff face. Caro had gotten his wish of walking on the solar panels, and he had turned back to wander around on them some more. Kris and Cyrus, however, were staring at the house on the left.

                                              “And… that would be yours, I’m guessing.” Kris said blankly.

                                              “Correct,” Came the equally blank reply. “If you wish to stay outside, I understand.”

                                              “Arceus no!” Kris snorted. “I want to see what a house looks like!” Cyrus looked down at her.

                                              “Even though it’s been deserted for quite a while now.”

                                              Kris nodded. “Yeah.” She walked over to Caro, and said something. He thought about it for a few minutes, overreacting slightly, and nodded. Kris beckoned him back to Cyrus. “Alright. Let’s go in there.”

                                              Cyrus’ old house was relatively normal, but Kris was looking around like it was an ancient temple. The ground floor was a large room, but going up a long set of stairs eventually led to a fairly lengthy hallway, with three doors – two on the right, and one on the left. Cyrus drifted towards the right side of the room, and stopped in front of the first door, considering if he should go in. After a few seconds of this, he moved on to the next door and pushed it open.

                                              The resulting area looked like a robot had blown up in it. And, chances are, this room had faced its worth of exploding machines too.

                                              Various bits and pieces of metal littered the floor, almost to the extent that they were the floor. A long bed was pushed in the corner, and near the only window in the room (which was facing the direction the sun sets - west) was a bettered desk, in much the same condition as the floor – bits and pieces of metal and paper sprawled over it. The walls were peeling and dull, as was to be expected – nobody had been in this place for ages.

                                              Everyone was silent until Caro spoke in a traditionally Caro-like mood-breaking manner: “Well, now we know what your pastime is.”

                                              “It’s funny how things like this work out, isn’t it? They’re like two completely different people.”

                                              Everyone swiveled around to face an Alakazam, a smug expression on his face. “You may call me Tajiri, but I hardly believe that will matter.” He held up the spoons in his hands, and clacked them together. Immediately, the colors in the room began to blend and eventually formed themselves into Something Completely Different.

                                              Grays of multiple shades positioned themselves into long, thick poles on either side of Caro, Kris, Cyrus, and Tajiri (who was looking around silently, even drumming his fingers on the side of his leg). Some trickled down to the floor and melted into a faded marble, milky dull white mixed with swirls of gray and brown. Darker browns filled the empty space left by the other colors, as a giant stretch of blue flung itself across the ‘ceiling’.

                                              “Teleport,” Tajiri said smugly. “Very pretty, don’t you think?” He looked around the huge cavern with the smug expression still lingering in his eyes. Cracked (and intact) Grecian pillars stuck up from the floor, and boulders were scattered around a slab of marble stretching across the floor. A couple of stone arches were placed near the back.

                                              “This is complete overkill.” Cyrus looked around. The Spear Pillar had not changed.

                                              “I agree with you on that one,” Tajiri noted, “but I’m just following orders. Farewell.” With that, he turned around and walked out of the open-roofed cavern and into the corridor beyond. “I am finished here.” Tajiri then proceeded to teleport away with a wave.

                                              “Wait a second.” For once, it was Caro who thought of something first. “Isn’t this the… er… Spear Pillar? Isn’t this the place where-” He stopped abruptly.

                                              Cyrus nodded. “Yes, it is.” This is getting ridiculous… His thoughts were interrupted by the sudden swooping of something going at a downward angle very, very fast.

                                              Instinctively, Cyrus jerked to the left. Kris pulled Caro to the right to make way for the buzzing projectile.

                                              A flash of black and yellow shot past him, and the Beedrill landed on a nearby pillar. It scuttled around the top to face the trio with its spindly, navy blue legs, and leered at them (making full use of the large and dangerous spikes on its front legs and black-and-yellow striped abdomen). It had unblinking red eyes, and two slightly translucent wings jerked and twitched quickly. The drills on its front arms posed threateningly, and the Beedrill let out a shrill declaration.

                                              It said only three words, before falling silent: “Here she comes.”

                                              It turned its head and made a flying leap backwards onto another pillar, spreading its wings and legs wide, as an area above the entrance to the Spear Pillar began to distort itself.

                                              First the colors simply got blurrier, but then new ones replaced them. It started with a magenta pink, arranging itself in what looked like a helmet with four rounded… things sticking out of it. Then, baby blue began to fill out a small body below the pink, shaped like a teardrop with arms and legs. It flowed upwards and finished off the helmet. Near the bottom of the body, two long tails jetted out and ended in what looked something like a spiked club, with a red ovular gem glistening on the left tail.

                                              Just after Mesprit had finished her reappearance, everyone turned around. There was silence for a few seconds, and finally someone spoke.

                                              “Was this really necessary?” Cyrus asked tonelessly.

                                              Mesprit nodded cheerfully. “Yep!”

                                              She smiled vacantly like that for a few seconds, and then her face turned to a frown.

                                              “I’m not going to ramble on about my plan in a dreadfully boring monologue like a couple of people I can think of-“ she paused- “so I’m just going to cut it short with this: you did something very, very bad. You got a pretty loose punishment for it. And now you’re finally going to get what you deserve.”

                                              “And how are you proposing that’s going to happen?” Cyrus asked, looking calm but feeling vastly different.

                                              Mesprit shrugged. “Ah, nothing big.” She said loftily. “I’m just going to use an old plot device of yours to rip your souls out of your bodies, simply because you deserved it. And just because you’re a bad person overall…” She shrugged again.

                                              “You do realize that by doing this, you’re technically just as evil and violent as I am?”

                                              “Yes. I get that. Only difference: I’m just planning on hurting you three. Not blowing up the universe. There’s a difference, you see…” Mesprit made a circling gesture with her hand, and the frown twisted into a maniacal smile.

                                              “But the method is almost exactly the same.” She removed something scarlet red from the ledge next to her and jangled it casually. Her face lit up in mock surprise as it made a clanking metal sound that echoed all around the room, almost like…

                                              A chain.

                                              Caro and Kris’ faces twisted in disbelief, and Cyrus came very close. “And what reason do you have to use the Red Chain to do so?” He asked.

                                              “Because it’s more fun.” Mesprit grinned. She clearly had planned this out exclusively to use the Chain.

                                              “But of course.” He murmured. “More fun.”


                                              The enormous Celestial Screening Room way Up There, above the clouds and the rest of the universe going on its merry way below them, was watching with baited breath. The Gardevoir giving the 3D projection stopped to rest (it’s hard work, watching something happen a long way below and trying to recreate it using psychic powers) and the Legendaries watching it happen groaned.

                                              “That idiot,” Darkrai sighed, putting his head in one hand. He was slouched (villainously, of course) in a chair made of obsidian, with a giant jade – what else? – set in the back. The purple stone shone and glinted in the radiant light coming from… well… everywhere. “Although, I can’y say I never saw this coming.”

                                              “That’s absolutely ridiculous!” The Arcanine sitting next to Arceus proclaimed. “Oh… sorry, sir…” He inched away a few feet when Arceus glanced at him.

                                              “It is fine,” another Arcanine, eyes shining a fiery red, spoke from the other side of Arceus. Remember how Arceus can do just about everything but talk, so he gets another Pokemon to do it instead? This was one of those moments. “I agree with you completely.”

                                              “Now how did we not see that coming?” Azelf sighed dramatically from his hovering area in the corner.

                                              “Cyrus is right – she is making complete overkill on this.” Uxie commented softly. He was floating next to her. “But that is the way Mesprit is. It was bound to happen eventually.” He sighed softly. “Mesprit is one of the most mentally unstable creatures in existence,” he continued, “and she was bound to crack eventually.”

                                              Entei brought himself from a lying position to a sitting one, his head ultimately reaching Uxie’s body. Entei was a four-legged, gray-pawed creature, covered almost completely in chocolate-brown fur (save for a stripe of cream down his stomach).He wore a multi-layered mask over his snouted face, first with three red spikes on his forehead and one at a downwards angle. Over that was a three-pointed yellow piece fixed in his forehead, shielding his eyes. Lastly, a silver thing covering his nose with a spike stuck down on either side of his face.

                                              His paws were gray and broad, with a thick metal ring secured on each one. Overall, a large and imposing dog that looked like it could – scratch that, was able to – breathe fire.

                                              “I suppose you’re right,” he said in a low, rumbling voice. “She was the embodiment of emotion… Emotion is a terribly shaky part of living creatures. How fitting that she should be out to destroy Cyrus… they’re complete opposites.” His gaze turned to Palkia. “Was this done on purpose?”

                                              Palkia made a face of mock surprise. “Who, me? Why would I do something like this? Nothing I do is important enough to watch in the Celestial Screening Room.”

                                              “The founding of the Pokemon League. The Sootopolis City Incident. Mewtwo’s creation…” Entei hesitated, and then spat out the last example as if it was painful to say.

                                              “Ash Ketchum.” The tone in the room plunged, turning considerably darker than it already was. The creatures inside gave a unanimous shudder.

                                              Palkia looked away. “It was a joke,” he said meekly. “Shaymin made me do it. I didn’t intend for it to end like… that.”

                                              Shaymin wasn’t paying attention, even when Palkia said her name. “Does Mesprit know what she is doing? It does not look like it, to me.” The glowy-eyed Arcanine shook his fur-covered head.

                                              “No,” he said. “Her common sense has been silenced by her rage.”

                                              The Gardevoir coughed, and everyone looked back to the wisps of light that were beginning to form a scene.
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                                                If I have to hear Hoedown Throwdown one more time I swear I am going to scream. > .<

                                                Nostalgia Trip
                                                (chapter seventeen - the seventeenth chapter of the story. just a few strides left...)

                                                Uxie was correct. Mesprit is probably - scratch that, definitely - the most mentally unstable being in existence, and she was bound to do something like this eventually. And, knowing Mesprit, it would be done with a ridiculously big bang…

                                                “Well… I really don’t want to monologue evilly for you, but I still want you to leave this world with some answers. So after we get you three accommodated, interrogation may begin…” Mesprit got up from her position and looked down over the edge of her ledge-seat, into the cavern below. “Release the guards!” She chirped, somehow sounding menacing and evil at the same time.

                                                A new voice spoke, shrouded in the shadow of the corridor. “Honchkrow, use Embargo on the boy and girl. Machamp, make sure that Mr. Brilliant over here isn’t comfortable.”

                                                Mister Brilliant? Cyrus thought. There is only one person in the world with enough nerve to call me that. But she couldn’t have…

                                                Almost immediately, luminous purple orbs of energy shot out of the corridor and, swishing through the aor with a loud whistling sound, began to circle Caro and Kris, acting like a barrier or one of those sci-fi force field traps. Meanwhile, a Machamp lunged out and, dodging the Embargo, grabbed Cyrus by the arms.

                                                “And what do you expect Embargo is going to do? All it does is make the target incapable of receiving help from items.” Cyrus said, not bothering to kick the Machamp – it would probably grab on to his legs with its second pair of arms, and that would be even worse.

                                                “On Pokemon, yes.” Mesprit nodded. “In that case, you’re exactly right. For humans, who are entirely different as a species, the function is a lot different. To you all, an Embargo acts as a paralyzer that prevents you from moving the body below your neck until the Embargo is lifted. And I don’t think our friend here is going to lift it any time soon.” She looked down to the tunnel’s entrance again, and smiled wickedly.

                                                “Come in, Yami.”

                                                A woman stepped out of the shadow, and bowed slightly to Mesprit above her. She didn’t seem to be much in the way of color – a black shirt and pants, covered by a long, billowing trenchcoat that was considerably tattered and worn. Her wide-brimmed Murkrowesque hat hid the top half of her face, but that didn’t stop her from putting on dark sunglasses to further shield the light (and her vision). Almost as if she wanted to hide her eyes… hm.

                                                She had a tall, thin, almost slouching frame, and pale skin. Her hair was black and flowed down past her shoulders, forming into thick spikes at the bottom. The automatic place for her hands seemed to be in the pockets of her trenchcoat.

                                                “Hello, people.” She gave a wry smile, and took her hands out of her pockets only to fold them across her chest. Mesprit looked down to her and asked, “Hey, want to get up here? It’s way more fun for laughing at them.” Kris grimaced.

                                                “No, no. That’s alright, Mesprit. I’m fine down here. It looks so much better when the good parts come.” Yami shrugged.

                                                “Suit yourself. Any questions?” Mesprit turned her attention back to the three hostages, tilting her head ever so slightly.

                                                “Here’s one,” Kris practically shouted, “why are you trying to kill Caro and I, too? Isn’t it just him you want?” She inclined with her head towards Cyrus, still being held in the air by Machamp.

                                                Mesprit’s eyes lit up. She had expected this one. “First, I’m not trying to kill you. I’m trying to destroy you. When you ‘kill’ someone, they can be brought back if you can convince Arceus to go for it. When you ‘destroy’ someone, you can’t bring back their soul or their body. It’s all gone. Burned. Ripped to pieces. Eaten. Destroyed!”

                                                Cyrus was now throwing any personal beliefs to the wind and was glaring angrily at Mesprit. “This is insane!” he spat.

                                                “And so are you,” Mesprit said, putting a small frown on her face and raising her head. Yami laughed. “Why am I taking you two, as well?” Mesprit continued. “Well, there are two reasons: One, you two are witnessing this entire shabang and therefore must be dealt with, and two, it’s just more fun.” She beamed. This thing really had gone crazy.

                                                “I’m beginning to get pretty tired of that excuse,” Kris spat. She winced and gasped as the Embargo around her tightened.

                                                “Oh, yes,” Mesprit chirped. “Did I mention Embargoes can also squeeze the life out of you?”

                                                She was saying all of this with a completely optimistic tone, making it that much easier to get very, very mad at her. This was supposed to be an epic finale – Kris and Caro are paralyzed from the waist down, Cyrus is being hung from his hands by a giant Machamp (not to mention being reunited with the exclamation point), who apparently belongs to someone he knows. And Mesprit was totally slaughtering the mood by beaming and speaking in the most pleasant way possible? You’d think she would be a bit more ser- oh, hold on.

                                                Never mind.

                                                “Question two.” Cyrus spoke again. “What is she doing here?” He inclined to Yami with his head, due to his lack of range with his hands.

                                                “Ah, yes. Yami. Nearly forgot about her, silly me.” Mesprit smiled evilly. “You’re referring to my assistant over here? I’m sure you must be completely puzzled by why she is so willing to do what I say, and so enraged at you. Let me tell you now – all that fury is totally authentic. I didn’t put in any of it. Deep inside that emotional bottle of hers, she really, really hates you. Couldn’t imagine why…” Mesprit laughed evilly. “I just messed with her loyalty and self-control a bit… you know, to make the transaction go smoother?”

                                                Kris turned her head to look at Cyrus. “Are you saying that you know this lady?” she asked.


                                                “You know, telling us something would seriously help here!” Caro hissed, beginning to get angry.

                                                “There’s really no point in telling them,” Mesprit’s malicious smile stretched further. “I think that we should just let Yami’s eyes do the talking, don’t you think? It would make for a much more dynamic revelation. Yami, take off your sunglasses.”

                                                The woman slunk up to the people being held hostage by her Pokemon. Cyrus couldn’t help feeling Machamp’s breathing get faster - it wasn’t exactly helping his situation. Bad. Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad! Very bad…

                                                Oh Arceus. Why did Mesprit have to bring her?

                                                She smiled wickedly, and took off her hat and sunglasses. At that point, it was completely apparent why she had done so much to shadow the upper side of her face.

                                                This is insane! Completely insane!

                                                Her eyes were a rather odd gray color that seemed to look right through you sometimes, and other times were just there, not looking like they did anything.

                                                Everyone was silent for a few minutes. After that had finished, Kris was mumbling things under her breath, and Caro kept looking frantically between Cyrus and Yami. After a while of this, he groaned loudly.

                                                “Mesprit! Not cool!” The boy groaned.

                                                She nodded proudly.

                                                “Brilliant, eh? They’re exactly alike!” Her tone turned darker again. “Alright. Now that we have that all taken care of, we can start the summoning, yeah?” Everyone turned up to look at her.

                                                “Summoning?” Kris shouted. “Summoning who?”

                                                Mesprit laughed maliciously. “Oh, you know.” She lowered her head ominously, so that the shadow went farther down her face and obscured her eyes. She got up and floated a few feet above her perch above the door, and then spoke. “Nobody special…”

                                                “Just an old plot device of yours.” Mesprit jangled the Chain again, as Yami smiled.

                                                “Nice quote,” she said up to Mesprit.

                                                “Thank you.” Mesprit smiled genuinely at her for a second, before her face twisted back to its now-usual malevolence. “GIRATINA!” She shouted as she flew over their heads. The Embargoes holding Caro and Kris flung them around gracelessly, and Machamp turned in much the same manner. “YOU MAY COME OUT NOW!”

                                                Yami gave one last evil smirk at Cyrus before walking back to join Mesprit.

                                                Black drops began to bleed out in the center of the room, eventually being filled by a larger hole. It grew bigger and bigger, soon swelling to such a size that it stretched from almost one side of the walkway on which it rested to the other. Two red pricks of light appeared in the middle of the inky blackness, and from it raised a huge tower of shadow with six luminous red spikes drumming against each other, three on each side, in the center. It soon became apparent that the pricks of light were meant to be eyes.

                                                Mesprit reclined backwards; looking almost relaxed, she put her hands behind her head to watch the spectacle. Yami returned her hands to her pockets and leaned against the wall.

                                                The red spikes stopped drumming and flung themselves outwards, where they suddenly revealed themselves to be claws of some sort on a giant set of… well… paws. But, you know, that’s just the way Origiratina rolls. The shadow reared up like a giant serpent, and it spread out its claw-things menacingly...

                                                (It should be noted that Cyrus is shaking violently and breathing unevenly at this point. You didn’t honestly expect him to stare into space through this entire thing, did you?)

                                                And Origiratina stayed there.

                                                No pouncing violently on anyone this time, thank Arceus for that.

                                                It just stood there, waiting for Mesprit to give it orders. It began to move the claws, bringing them out of their ominous rearing position, and did the most amazing thing – Origiratina crossed them. It glowered at Cyrus, and its glowing eyes narrowed. “Hello,” It spat in a cold, echoing tone.

                                                “Yes, yes, I’m sure you’re quite eager to start the reunion.” Mesprit nodded understandingly, and floated up right next to Origiratina, much to his – her? - annoyance. “But try to act as imposing as you possibly can. It’s way, way more fun.” She nodded at Origiratina, who nodded back. Kris’ grimace deepened.

                                                “Really?” He – she? Forget it, let’s call Origiratina an ‘it’ - said, after pausing to think it over. “That sounds interesting. All right… hold on; let me get in character…” It took a deep breath, and reared back even further, as if it were about to unleash a giant Flamethrower.


                                                “Alright, that’s better. Sayonara, loonies!” Origiratina, still cloaked in shadow, stretched up out of the wormhole to such an extent that he was barely touching it, and reared its shadowy claws again.

                                                "And now!" Mesprit cheered. "Now, all will end. And all will begin... for you three, anyway. Gyahahahaha!"

                                                With one fell swipe, Origiratina brought the huge glob of shadow down.

                                                It swung towards the trio like a giant pendulum (with glowing red spikes pulsing and twitching for added effect). The Machamp was hastily called back into its Pokeball, flinging his hostage to the floor, and the Embargo lifted, just before the shadow-claw reached the three defenseless humans thrust to the ground. For some reason, maybe Cyrus’ brain working in overdrive to analyze the situation, something Yami whispered rang in his ears loud and clear:

                                                “See you never, bro…”

                                                And all was white.

                                                As Mesprit disappeared into another dimension with her Mad Legendary Skillz, Yami regained her previous mindset (meaning, before she was practically brainwashed). She could remember everything that had just happened, and as she recalled it a look of horror swept over her face. She looked back up at Mesprit’s perch, breathing in ragged gasps and seriously hating herself.

                                                “Arceus… what have I done…?”

                                                Before you ask, yes. Yami is Cyrus' sister. She was an old character I had retired a while ago, but since Cyrus was in this story I might as well add her. C:
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                                                  Why this gets no reviews is anyone's guess, really. It's actually got a great storyline, with believable, entertaining characters and original plot. The opener alone is an eye-catcher that essentially takes the old PMD clichés beats them over the head with a lead pipe, and rifles around for things to use for an original plot. Don't get me wrong. That's actually a compliment. As in, you set up the fic making us think it'll be another PMD fic, but by the end of just the first scene, it's pretty obvious that we're not looking at a Pokémon who's going to save the world. Likewise, within two chapters, you actually manage to invert the genre as an added bonus.

                                                  The breaking of the fourth wall felt a bit jarring at first, but to be honest, it really works by reminding the reader on a constant basis that this isn't serious business. That way, you end up taking a fic loaded with adventure and, well, Cyrus's brand of happiness and keep it lighthearted and interesting, rather than wandering down dark and angsty paths. Sure, a legendary went flipping psychotic. Sure, she wants Cyrus dead for attempting to rip apart the universe. Sure, she's manipulating the lovely trainers and Pokémon he encounters. The humor that you pepper this fic with allow it to dance away from becoming just another dark fic in which mortals go up against legendaries.

                                                  Also, you get extra points for your portrayal of the legendaries as a whole. For example, the entire using Arcanine as a Metatron thing plants amusing images of Arcanine as brown-nosing groupies in my head. Darkrai is only mentioned as evil in the text, but he otherwise doesn't really care about what's going on, making the entire evil thing seem almost like another joke. Uxie's nonchalant attitude made him likeable, and watching the way Azelf spoke to the group was amusing.

                                                  Then, of course, you had Mesprit. Oh, Mesprit. I love her when she's psychotic. It's just not what one would expect (because she's cute and… pink), but it fits so much. Not to mention watching her brand of crazy is incredibly refreshing. All too often in this fandom, you have the kind of evil that's obviously evil. As in, yeah, okay, they're surrounded by an evil aura, and they're doing something that's obviously illegal. They drip in evil, a la Darkrai over there. But Mesprit? Psycho***** as a result of messed up morals and her own element working against her? Actually, honest-to-God insane, rather than just slightly misguided? Not a villain often used in the Pokémon fandom, probably because it's one knife short of not designed for kiddies. But even then, it's anyone's guess why that kind of crazy doesn't pop up in fanfiction anymore.

                                                  That all aside, there's just a few things to clean up. At various points in the fic, there's just a few things that can best be caught through a spell-checker (or by turning on spell check as you type so you get the red squiggles under words and thus can see whether or not you're screwing up one), and there's a few dialogue rules and comma rules that I'm going to go over through a review of your latest chapter (which will also include some bits that just apply to it). I'd go over the rest, but come now. Sixteen chapters. Sorry, dear, but I don't lack that much of a life.

                                                  Originally Posted by Giratinasaur View Post
                                                  swishing through the aor
                                                  I'm guessing you mean "air" here. Like I said, there were certain parts of earlier chapters that could use just a once-through with a spell checker. I know that makes a computer want to commit suicide when trying to handle a Pokémon fanfiction, but there is a way to cheat:

                                                  If you're using Microsoft Word or Open Office, learn how to turn on the red squigglies that you get whenever you misspell a word. (In Word, this is Tools > Options > Spelling & Grammar > Check spelling as you type. I don't recall off the top of my head what it is in Open Office.) By doing this, you can physically see what words are misspelled as you go along, so you can easily go back and figure out what's correct and what's actually a typo.

                                                  “And what do you expect Embargo is going to do? All it does is make the target incapable of receiving help from items.” Cyrus said,
                                                  Another thing to note is that whenever you have dialogue, there's a few rules. It's easier to explain by first defining what the parts of dialogue are:

                                                  1. The quote. Obviously, everything in the quotation marks.
                                                  2. The dialogue tag, or the part that says "he said," "she said," whatever. Note that tags need to define how a quote is said and who said it. If you don't have that but have the speaker interrupt their dialogue with some action, then it's just an interruption.

                                                  Now, how you punctuate dialogue all depends on where the dialogue tag is. If it comes before the quote, you need a comma at the end of the tag. If the dialogue tag comes in the middle, you might need dashes or commas, depending on what the circumstances are. If the dialogue tag comes after the quote, you'll need a comma if the quote itself would otherwise end in a period.

                                                  To make it even clearer, the rules are like this:

                                                  Tag Before Quote
                                                  Rick said, "I'm going to the store. Mary, don't wait up."

                                                  Tag in the Middle of the Quote
                                                  "I'm going to the store," Rick said. "Mary, don't wait up."
                                                  "I'm going to the store." Rick said, "Mary, don't wait up."
                                                  "I'm going to the store. Mary," Rick said, "don't wait up."
                                                  "I'm going to the store. Mary—" Rick turned to face her. "—don't wait up."

                                                  Tag After Quote
                                                  Statements: "I'm going to the store. Mary, don't wait up," Rick said.
                                                  Exclamations: "I'm going to the store. Mary, don't wait up!" Rick said.
                                                  Questions: "I'm going to the store. Mary, don't wait up, okay?" Rick said.

                                                  Not a Tag
                                                  "I'm going to the store." Rick picked up his jacket and nodded to his sister. "Mary, don't wait up."

                                                  Confusing, yeah, but just remember that the tag isn't technically its own sentence.

                                                  it would probably grab on to his legs with its second pair of arms, and that would be even worse.
                                                  I feel like this should be its own sentence. It can really stand on its own.

                                                  She looked down to the tunnel’s entrance again, and smiled wickedly.
                                                  Be careful about commas. Not all sentences with conjunctions (such as "and") are compounds. Try replacing the comma and conjunction with a period. If it forms two separate sentences, then the comma's okay to leave in the text. If it doesn't, then take it out. (There's exceptions, of course, that are basically the other comma rules, but this is a simplified tool to help you avoid inserting a comma into a sentence, thinking it's a compound.)

                                                  She had a tall, thin, almost slouching frame, and pale skin.
                                                  Same thing about commas here. Because this is technically a list with only two items, the comma isn't needed to separate the part about her frame from the part about her skin. You'd need commas if you had more items, though.

                                                  Other than those, really, your work is pretty clean. Despite working with a deadline, it's obvious you've taken your time with this. Not to mention, as I've said before, the plot and characterization were actually good, the humor didn't make me want to beat myself up with a spiked club, and as a result, I think I kinda like Cyrus now.

                                                  About this chapter specifically, you've got Mesprit's crazy and the age-old device of, "Oh snap. You're my sister, and you hate me." Granted, I'm not actually saying that's a bad thing. I actually like it, mostly because I really wasn't expecting Yami to be Cyrus's sister at all. In fact, I thought she was Jupiter incognito, if anything else. So, extra points for catching me off-guard.

                                                  Not to mention, hey, even if it is a bit of a cliché, it's one of my favorites, if only for the part where the sibling squirms.

                                                  Overall, I enjoyed this, and I'm looking forward to the next chapters. Good work.
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                                                    Aww, thank you! =D Don't worry, you don't have to run over the rest of the story. There's not very many chapters left anyway. I posted the request for someone to beta it when the story was about a fourth of the way through, and to be honest I didn't expect anyone to even look at the thread now. xD

                                                    You're right, I felt my liking for both Mesprit and Cyrus go up while writing Metal Coat too. The first draft of this story was written before I learned the 'quote-comma rule', and even though I went over it I might have missed some things. Dark and angsty fics are not my kind of story, and seeing as most of the plot was thought up at eleven at night waiting to fall asleep it's not a very serious story.

                                                    I was a bit worried about the whole Yami-and-Cyrus-are-related deal. Like I said before, I made up Yami when Diamond and Pearl just came out - I wasn't a very good author or roleplayer back then. xD I figured that if I was ever going to confirm that they were brother and sister, it would probably be best to do it near the end of the story so that such a clichéd detail wouldn't seem quite as blunt.

                                                    And there is a reason for breaking the fourth wall, I assure you.

                                                    Anyway, thank you so much for reviewing this. I don't know why there's been a grand total of about five posts that weren't by me either, but I think it's because this is my first story on here. x3
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