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Draconius GO
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Old July 30th, 2009 (3:48 AM).
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    *AHEM* here it goes.......

    My Return and Excuse for Absence:

    Well its been more than a month so i guess im supposed to make a new thread, although my old one only is back on the third page (somebody tell me if im wrong about making a new thread). Plus im just copy/pasting from my old thread. Im not even gonna bother to put a poll in. Oh well.

    You know, two months in Japan with no computer access really puts a gap in the usuall time i spend making my game each day, meaning all of it, so for the past 48 hours ive been trying to make up for lost time. Sadly, thats still not nearly enough to make up for two months. But i did manage to polish up some stuff and add a couple features. So I may or may not decide to release another demo as of now seeing as i havent done much more.

    So without further adieu, I give you, some pokemon game:

    Hi everybody! This is a thread I am making for the game I made on RMXP using poccils starter kit. Since my old version of the game (which i never posted) got deleted somehow, I am trying to remake it bigger and better than ever. Enjoy!

    The Setting:
    The game takes place in the new region called Zentor. The Zentor region is divided by a large volcano named Mt. Deravan. The volcano has many entrances and can sometimes be a shortcut to new areas. Mt. Deravan has been extinct for many years so it's safe. Or so, people thought. There is one man who plans to reactivate the volcano using the powers of the legendary pokemon Heatran. So, where does Darkrai fit in to all this? You'll just have to wait and see...........

    The Rise of Team Dark:
    A long time ago, A man name Cassidy lived in a mansion Route 516. He was an inventor and one day, he invented a machine that could capture and control the legendary pokemon Darkrai. But the experiment went horribly wrong. Darkrai was too powerful. He destroyed the machine and sentanced Cassidy to the only thing worse than death, an eternal nightmare. Cassidy had a son named Landon. Landon inherited the mansion and once, when he was looking through some papers, he found the blueprints to Cassidy's machine. He gathered a group of people together to help him build a better, working version of the machine. And pretty soon Team Dark was formed.

    Your Journey:
    You start out in the small town of Newberry where you are given a task by the professor to investigate a rare pokemon sighting at Lake Malapa. He gives you your first pokemon to help you out. It turns out, there was no rare pokemon, but there is something else, or rather, somebody else. It's a man in a black suit who attacks you. When you beat him you have to go to your friends birthday party, who gets a pokemon for his birthday (which just happens to be the starter strong to your own). Anyways you have a battle with him and then the professor send you out on your journey's. You must now make your way to Vardon Town, where one of the professors assistants will greet you and show you some of the basics that you need to know along your journey. He tells you that the professor told him to tell you that you must go to Vividia City and challenge the gym leader. And that is the beginning of your adventure........


    Male Hero:

    Female Hero:


    Professor Maple:


    Flora (Vividia Gym Leader):

    Rainor (Dampwood Gym Leader):

    Brett (Rockbeach Gym Leader):

    - Gym battles and frontier battles

    - Able to visit Hoenn after defeating the Elite Four

    - Various moves can be used to access secret areas (by this i dont mean HMs though there will be HMs)

    - Many other new areas that can be accessed after defeating the Elite Four

    (Features subject to change depending on my level of laziness)


    *Note: not all screenshots may be up to date, be sure to check the rest of the thread for more screenshots*







    The Zentor Region:

    Newberry Town:
    Newberry Town is a small town in the southwest part of the Zentor region. It is where you and your friend live. It is also where you will recieve your first pokemon from Professor Maple. It has a lake named Lake Malapa which is small but will end up being a bigger part of the story than you thought.

    Vardon Town:
    Another small town that isn't very important to the story, though it is a nice break between Newberry Town and Vividia City.

    Vividia City:
    A bustling city that has some nice sights such as the broadcasting station, and the first gym you will face along your journey. The gym leader's name is Flora and she uses grass types. The city is near a cave which you will have to travel through to get to Dampwood City.

    Dampwood City (not a full picture):
    A city built over a large gulf. Dampwood consists of three small peices of land that lead to three differents parts of the region. Just north of Dampwood is the volcano Mt. Deravan where you will have to make many visits in order to finish the story.

    Rockbeach City:
    A large city with many landmarks such as the bike store, Team Dark's factory, and your first frontier battle. It also has a nice beach where you can challenge some of the beachgoers to a quick battle.

    Route 501:

    Route 502:

    Route 503:

    Route 504:

    One interesting thing about this game is you meet up with Brendan from R/S/E a couple times. After you finish the elite four you may travel to the Hoenn Region with him and challenge the Hoenn Pokemon League. The following are some of the Hoenn maps redone for Pokemon Midnight.

    Littleroot Town:

    Oldale Town:

    Route 101:

    (mostly outdated)

    Beginning (please note that the character in this video will not be used):

    First Rival Battle:

    Vardon Town/Route 502/Vividia City:

    Encounter Brendan/Dampwood:

    Second Rival Battle:

    My Youtube Channel:

    (up to the 3rd gym / Team Dark Factory) (old OLD OLD!!!!!!)

    I know my game isnt very big yet (meaning on pc) but I just have the audacity to put these here. If you support my game put one of these nice little userbars in your signature and make CDrew a happy spaz.

    Well that just about wraps it up. More updates coming soon.


    Myself - some tiles, music, and sprites (and of course the story and areas and all that)

    Kyledove,, and WesleyFG for tiles.

    Haru Raindose, klnothincomin, Cheese, Sapphire Dragon, and Silentninja from for various graphics.

    Various people at for music

    And once again thanks to Poccil for the amazing starter kit.

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    Old July 30th, 2009 (8:24 AM).
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    Hey, welcome back. It's always good to see some new games around. However, with this game, I'm... really not all that impressed. :/ It doesn't seem to have an original plot, or all that many new features; there aren't even any fakemon to hold my interest. The plot is cliche, honestly; "Team Dark"? Really? And the custom sprites you do have are subpar: your trainer sprites and overworlds show poor spriting skills and bad color choices, and your D/P sprites are outside the size limit and resized so that they look jagged. You should get a spriter and someone to help you with the plot, or else do a bit more work yourself. Don't just settle for the norm and use cookie-cutter plots and tilesets. Make your game stand out.

    I think you have the potential, as a lone developer who knows how to script, to up your game's quality. Just keep working. :)
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    Old July 30th, 2009 (9:59 AM).
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      excuse me, D/P sprites? I dont use any D/P sprites. Im not much of a spriter as you said though. I dont usually make original stuff, I edit and combine stuff from the old games to make a new character. Some are edited more than others, such as the main character vs. like you said, the unoriginal Team Dark.

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      Old July 30th, 2009 (12:16 PM).
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        I decided to fix some colour and alignment issues with your region map. If the colours were intended (which I think they were) then they can be put back, but the alignment was really off. I've also added my own little spin to it, and I hope you like it

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          I have recently started the game and I have one problem, I can't get by the mother. She tells me to go to the professor and I can' get by her. It's probably just me (as in I just can't find the way out >.>).

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          Old July 31st, 2009 (1:01 AM).
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            Yes, I have the same problem...
            Then I started it in Debug mode( Because I wanted to see the rest of the game), but when I get teleported to Newberry Town, the game crashed.
            ( You should compress your game data ).
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            Old July 31st, 2009 (1:40 AM).
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              You still havent fixed the problem with the mother? I remember playing it when you had the old thread and, i remember saying you coudn't get past your mother. And im sure you said there was no problem.
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