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Hack of the Month Voting - July 2009

Progressing ROM Hacks This forum is for ROM hacks which are currently in production, but not yet finished. Come and find a ROM hack that's starting out, or post your own for others to see! For Pokémon/non-Pokémon hacks.

View Poll Results: Hack of the Month
Pokémon Iris 31 16.76%
Pokémon Azure Horizons 39 21.08%
Pokémon Legend of Fenju 115 62.16%
Voters: 185. You may not vote on this poll

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Old July 16th, 2009 (12:58 AM).
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Originally Posted by cloud8151 View Post
i have to agree with sasquatchd00d vote for Azure Horizons (why couldn't life of gaurdians be on the list )
Because Life of Guardians already won the HOtM Jan. Anyway I vote for Iris because it has great scripts and tiles.
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Old July 16th, 2009 (8:35 AM).
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legend of fenju because i looked at all the threads and fenjus story and tiles are the best for me

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Old July 17th, 2009 (3:25 AM).
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Oh wow I didnt even know there was a hotm and now that someone told me i see i got so many votes... thx for that to al lwho voted for me so far

but the reason why im actually posting here is that there is no date given which marks the end of the voting... ill be away from the 31st this month for 2 weeks, so in case my hack wins this i would get to know about it 2 weeks later and i couldnt hold a stupid speach thanking everybody and saying what an honor it is for me blablabla

so is there a date?
Old July 19th, 2009 (2:33 PM).
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Oblivously people have the most voting on Pokémon Legend of Fenju. That would be my final decision. Plus I like how the gameplay goes with their video sharing account.
Old July 26th, 2009 (4:27 AM).
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I'll vote for Pokemon Azure Horizons cause it has very good tiles that can attract players directly.............I also like Pokemon Iris but its not in english language its in spanish........I wanna say to all hackers that better make your hack in english language so that many people would like to play it..............
Old July 26th, 2009 (11:30 AM).
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ill vote for Azure Horizons i would vot for iris but sadly it is not in english and i dont now any spanish cause im learning japanise the hardway (by myself with pc)
Old July 31st, 2009 (2:07 PM).
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thx in advance to all who voted for me, its pretty obvious my hacks gonna win this but ill be on vacation from tomorrow morning til 13th of august so i wouldnt have the time to thank people then...
Old July 31st, 2009 (8:55 PM).
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I'll vote for Fenju!
The reason is because of the tiles.
Also the story is epic.
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