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Old October 16th, 2009 (6:29 AM).
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Pokemon Bronze is a fan game that includes the Kanto Region (and the Sevii Islands), Johto, and Hoenn, along with a new Region, the Nuovo Region, plus an island filled with difficult challenges, and 2 new types, Light and Cosmic. You'll be able to catch all the original Pokemon along with 100 fakemon.

  • Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn are all explorable
  • A New region to explore, with an Elite Four system and more!
  • 2 new types
  • 100 new Pokemon
  • The Seekers
  • A different storyline involving the new legendaries
  • New Moves for every type
  • Still deciding a team and their goals...
  • and more!
The Story

You have lived in Velocious City all your life, always wishing you could leave and be a pokemon trainer. So of course you were overjoyed when you heard Prof. Cotton, an up and coming Pokemon Researcher, was moving to your town. You head off to the lab to see she isn't there, so you head to the dock north of the city. You approach and the frantic Prof. tells you that the pokeballs of three rare pokemon were lost in the commotion of the blow out. She asks you to help find them. You enter the grass and find the three pokeballs, and just as you do a wild Rattata attacks, and you must choose a starter pokemon to defend yourself with. You have the classic talk about helping Prof. Cotton and keeping your starter, and your adventure as a Pokemon Trainer begins!

The New Pokedex

Need ideas for new Pokemon and need good spriters to sprite them!

Screenshots & Videos


(Will be added when I hit 15 posts)


(Will be added when I hit 15 posts)


(Will be added when I hit 15 posts)
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