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Pokemon Special Manga Vs Sprite - Yellow

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Old November 13th, 2010 (5:42 AM).
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    I been trying to find this sprite of Yellow for ages. I heard it was on spriters resource, but I searched that entire forum for it and I can't find it anywhere. Can someone look for it for me, or at least rip Yellow off of the provided picture? I need it really bad.


    Pokemon Pyrite is now complete, check out the trailer/download link here:
    Old November 13th, 2010 (5:52 AM).
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      You should know where to post things like this by now o_O.
      And looking through deviant art might be able to help you, not the spriters resource as it is a custom sprite.
      Old November 13th, 2010 (6:34 AM).
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        Here you go:
        Old November 13th, 2010 (7:08 AM).
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        There is a stickied thread for these sort of things. Try requesting that sprite over here.

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