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Ark's Pokesprite Shoppe (Cuz I was bored)

Started by Ark_Silvanos March 6th, 2011 9:17 PM
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Posted March 23rd, 2015
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I've been really busy, and i haven't had time to do any spriting. Since my internals just finished, i figure i have some time. I'll try to be active, but no guarantees....i had a sprite thread but i've been so long gone its disappeared off the forum

Wokay...down to business...

What this shop's about
Basically, i'm not that into pokemon, but i enjoy spriting for fun. I've been spriting off my own concepts, and thats been cool and all, but i run out of ideas, and stop, so i figure, by opening up to concepts, i can be more...regular...and hopefully improve :)
I'm not the best spriter out there, but i like what i do, and as i said before, i'm out of good concepts :P

So this is my shop for custom pokemon battle sprites. ONLY battle sprites and only for the 3rd gen style (64x64) for right now. If i get requests, if i have time and if i expand my skills, i will add to this, but as of right now, please don't request anything else

Examples of my work <----- thats my old sprite thread, it contains *most* of my work, so im not going to display everything here, just the ones that i really like.

^I think thats enough.... visit my old thread if u wanna see more.

Basic conditions you agree to by requesting
1. I take my own time to make these sprites, and my time is important to me. I'll try to finish as fast as i can and if i can't i'll tell you.
2. Any sprites i make will be public. Y? cuz i like to display my work. I know most people wont take sprites without permission, but the easiest way to ensure that is to make it legal.
3. However as an exception to rule 2, if the requester has a super cool, one of a kind awesome idea and specifically requests it, i'll pm him/her the backsprite :) (and only the backsprite).
4. Yes i do like to show off, so credit in anyway is appreciated and mandatory. It can be anything from a shrine dedicated to me (like that'll happen) to my name in a footnote in the smallest possible legible font, whatever, i just want credit :)

Forms to fill out when requesting

FORM 1 (for girls only):
Phone number:-

lol...nah...m just kiding....

There was no form, but it was pointed out that having a form does have its i'll give a basic outline of what i need, stick to it, deviate, ignore it, it doesn't matter to me... just make sure you give me enough of a description to be able to sprite it. Using my imagination pains me, so don't expect me to make up little details.

Skeleton Form:-

Base:- most pokemon are based of an animal or thing, it is ESSENTIAL to specify it. If its imaginary, please try your best to draw it out, or concentrate a lot on the next part.
Description:- all the little details that make it a pokemon...leaves growing out of heads, or tails lit on fire...what ever.... if its not based on an existing organism/thing describe it please.
Type:- if not specified, i'm taking it by default as normal, or whatever the most likely element would be (ex. a fish would be water)
Colors:- if not specified, the color scheme will be based on the type, and if thats not specified, similar to the base.
Backsprite:- simple yes or no will suffice. I hate doing backsprites, so tell me if you need it done or I won't do it (yes im lazy :P)

like i said, its just an outline...feel free to add info wherever... or leave out whatever...

The little details i didn't cover
I'm a slow spriter, so expect anywhere from a day to a week depending on my mood and what i have going on. If you want something immediately, i'll try, not more than that.

Also, all basic rules of a successive society still function here, so no preference based on gender(atleast i'll try not to :P), religion, race, yadda yadda... its FIFO here, so form a queue ( pun...but whatever)

I wanna try to expand this shop, but i can't do it without requests, so request request request.

So if you like my work, request. If u don't, tell me what u don't like and then request, i'll do my best to satisfy you.

If u wanna show ur support, u can add this userbar to your sig.



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I was gonna request, but sure
Name: Carly
Age: 15
Phone number: xox.xox.xoxo
-------On on-topic news

How about a pair type pokemon.
~Species: Red Panda
~This creature is always seen in a pair
~It has a blank face expression while the second has a more scared one. They have have a mane circle around their head/face with has a patern of dark/light/dark.
They are small. and have a racoon type tail.
~Color scheme: Dark red / Dark red-oarnge & Similar
Is this good?


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Posted September 23rd, 2015
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could you just try to make an sprite for the first fakemon?????
and show me the result just without colours all white and black first if you don't mind:)


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Posted April 5th, 2011
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Base:- Hydra
Description:- 3 heads, Scaley-like skin, floating, and has an evil look in its eyes >.>
Type:- Dragon & Fire
Colors:- Greenish-Aqua
Backsprite:- Yes Please :D
It doesnt matter how long it takes! ;) I would like it anytime that ur done with it
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Posted May 5th, 2015
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Base:- Tiger
Description:- It's tail should be completely composed of fire, like a flame on it's butt more than a tail XD.
It should look cute and small and it should be able to fit inside a GBA Sprite box limit. also, don't make the color too light orange, i want an orange kinda like this:

Type:- Fire! certainly Fire!
Colors:- Like the orange i posted above, but needs to have black stripes like any tiger would, please don't add a kind of beard thing like you did on your own fire starter, speaking of that fire starter, make mine a little smaller than that, not too small but smaller than yours.
Backsprite: can i say this? just a backsprite of what i posted above basically.

I think i've been here before. yeah. i guess i need your help again dude. if it's ok with you i'll be requesting some evos for this thing after you're done.
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