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Old December 9th, 2004 (4:18 AM). Edited December 9th, 2004 by Airiesca.
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    Yeah, im working on a game in rpg maker 2003 and Im having a little trouble with a event. Im trying to make an Npc walk up to the king and then a message that says *bows*. When I tried to do this either the message box would be blank and would repeat, or the box would never come up and the game would freeze. Oh also if anyone knows how to test play the game in a windowed mode instead of fullscreen that would help. (my screen looks all wapred in fullscreen). And is there a way to make a one-time event where the Npc deletes itself and stays deleted even if you leave the map and come back?

    Thx in advance

    Edit: Figured out the fullscreen thing. Grr another question, how do you change the battle pictures of your characters?
    Edit:nevermind about the battle thing.


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    Old December 9th, 2004 (4:59 AM).
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    To make an event stop after it's done what you need it to, you can turn it off by using a switch (Switch Operations, or Change Switch if you use RM2k), then create a new page in the same event, and turn on the switch.
    Old December 9th, 2004 (7:36 PM).
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      Was the issue fixed? If so this thread will be closed.

      Old December 10th, 2004 (4:50 AM).
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        remember to post these sort of issues in the help/requests thread next time.
        If you'd like I could change the title of this thread if you want to discuss the game
        you're working on here

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