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Old June 13th, 2011 (4:45 PM).
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    How to play

    Simply get a "secondary character",to qualify it must not be a main character and/or must not be very important.Let's say Luigi from the Mario series,than take "qualities" of it and turn it into pokemon restrictions.So making a team for crystal,we have:


    He's slender(Pokemon with (less than) 30 pounds)
    He's "green"(Pokemon that have large green parts)
    He can Flutter Jump(Pokemon with Levitate)
    He has a mustache(Mustached pokemon)

    So we have

    Haunter,Scyther,Weezing and Kadabra


    Just apply these rules to a game from each generation(keeping in mind that FrLG and HgSs substitute their original versions).TEam changes are okay,and the games can be done at any order


    1)You can have at most 3 HMSlaves,Mules or whatever you call them
    2)Please do not repeat pokemons or a team used by a previous challenger
    3)Trading is okay at all times
    4)Hacking is only okay if you can't trade evolutions, and/or can't get your first pokemon before the 2nd gym
    5)The challenge ends when:
    RBY-Defeat the E5
    GSC/HgSs-Defeat Red
    RSE-Defeat Steven
    FrLg-Defeat the E5 twice
    DPPt-Get every colored print at the Battle froniter or Defeat Cynthia twice,your choice
    BW-Defeat Alder


    GSC: ビデオゲーム常用者(Luigi)


    How to sign-up

    In-Game name:
    Game or Games(If Ultimate):

    My sign-up

    In-Game name: VGA
    Game or Games(If Ultimate): Crystal
    Character: Luigi
    Team: Haunter,Scyther,Weezing and Kadabra
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    Old June 26th, 2011 (5:43 PM).
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      i had a really good one wrote up, went and made a trainercard and everything to get fancy.. i hit go advanced to look at it before i post..... and it deleted my entire thing because "you cant post offsite links till you have 15 posts"

      thank you stupid forum systems lol ill write it up again in a few after i have 15 posts lol
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      Old June 30th, 2011 (8:18 PM).
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        In-Game namequall
        Game or Games(If Ultimate):Fire red Omega by Drayano
        Characterquall (FF8) i want six pokemon so...
        Dark clothes(Pokemon that are mostly Dark colours)
        Gunblade(So pokemon with 'swords' or claws)
        Lone wolf(Lonely Pokemon)
        Fur collar(So fur around the neck area)
        Griever Necklace and Ring(Lion so a pokemon that most resembles a Lion)
        Gunblade again(Steel type pokemon)

        So my pokemon are:
        Umbreon(Dark colours
        Kabutops(Arms are swords)
        Cubone/Marowak(Lonely Pokemon)
        Jolteon(Fur around neck)
        Arcanine(Most Lion Like without using legendaries)
        Skarmory(Steel type, wings are also blade-like)
        Completed Challenges!

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