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Old September 8th, 2011 (6:59 PM). Edited September 9th, 2011 by Darkfly.
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Old September 8th, 2011 (7:30 PM).
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We definitely encourage people to post discussion threads and we appreciate your zeal, at some point it gets too saturated. If you'd like, you can keep one thread to post these or just post them less frequently. I definitely don't want to discourage you from posting these since it's a nice change of flavor, but it would probably be better served for one thread with periodic updates. That way a lot of Pokemon can be covered without the rest of the threads being bumped down. As for what's open now, I'm fine with them staying open, but it would probably be best if you let the three current discussions play out a bit more before resuming.
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Old September 9th, 2011 (12:24 PM). Edited September 9th, 2011 by Darkfly.
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Oh, okay haha. How about, I won't post one until a week has gone by or the last one I made gets 150 views?

EDIT: Actually, just forget about that. Go to this link: And tell me what you think of it.
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