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Old November 28th, 2011 (7:31 AM).
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I am new and have no idea where to post stuff. I post this somewhere else and a guy blocked it and told me to put it here. So i just copy pasted what i have:
Many pokemon as soon as created, dropped into the NU tier. This has led people to believe they havent got a chance in the UU or OU. Just the sight of stats, movepool and abilities have banished them into the abbyss. I would like to discuss these and present good arguments about their usefulness so that they may gain respect and might see the light of competitive play, and create new strategies. Right, our first subject is LUMINEON the Neon Pokemon

Lumineons stats are, quite poor generally but his movepool is quite varied, opening it into stalling, annoying or supporting cast. Though it may be a little below average in terms of other Pokes, it does have its niche(s). Its arsenal contains U-Turn(a move rarely seen on Waters), Safeguard, Tailwind, Whirlpool, Soak and the common Substitute and Rain Dance. Lumineon also doesnt suffer the moveslot dilemma that befall countless Pokemon. What it has can be utilised very well, say like this:

Abillitytorm Drain
Item: Leftovers
Nature: Calm

Moves: Whirlpool
Aqua Ring
U-Turn/Protect/Toxic/Signal Beam
The idea is simple. You switch in on a water type move to nab that SpA boost, Substitute, Aqua Ring, trap with whirlpool(even a water type), and then you can Protect for extra damage while preserving the Sub, Toxic to rack up even more passive damage, Signal Beam to wear the Opp down or if it gets tight, U-Turn.

What do u say to that?
I am finished as my time has run out so i will resume next time. If u have any comments, please make them clear and present your point well.

Until next time, BYE

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Old November 28th, 2011 (12:24 PM).
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Lumineon is very poor in general. Even in NU, there are Pokemon like Alomomola (I can never spell that right ;-;), Lanturn, and Slowking that simply do nearly everything Lumineon can but better. Annoyer/"stalling" sets hardly ever work unless you've got fabulous typing and a great ability (see: Gliscor). Lumineon isn't built to withstand any kind of attack at all and with no way to force passive damage other than Whirlpool off of a presumably non-invested base 69 SpA stat, it's 100% set-up bait for basically anything, especially if you don't run Toxic. Lumineon has a heck of a time doing anything significant to any Pokemon.

And NU Pokemon generally are best played in, y'know, the NU tier. There are some very solid ones that can be used in upper tiers (Quagsire, Magneton) but there is a reason most are in NU: they're bad and/or outclassed. Lumineon is both.

Also, Toujours is female.
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