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What pokemon games do you have?

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Old April 4th, 2012 (12:33 PM).
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Main series;

- Blue
- Yellow
- Silver
- Crystal
- Ruby
- Emerald
- Leaf Green
- Diamond
- Platinum
- Soul Silver
- Black
- White


- MD: Blue Rescue team
- Ranger
- Colosseum
- Trading card game

I'm not really I fan of the spinoffs (didn't play them for long), and I don't even bother with them nowadays.

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Old April 4th, 2012 (1:00 PM).
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Wow, I definitely don't have as much as everyone else here, haha.

I'm sure I have some that aren't on this list which are just hanging out in a drawer somewhere (namely Gold, Crystal and TCG), but the ones I'm certain I still have are:

Battle Revolution
Explorers of Sky
Old April 4th, 2012 (9:41 PM).
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I'll post the games I have on my list.


ポケットモンスター赤 (Pokemon Red JP) - Bought from eBay
ポケットモンスター緑 (Pokemon Green JP) - Bought from eBay
ポケットモンスター青 (Pokemon Blue JP) - Bought from eBay
ポケットモンスターピカチュウ (Pokemon Yellow JP) - Bought from eBay
ポケットモンスター金 (Pokemon Gold JP) - Bought from eBay
ポケットモンスター銀 (Pokemon Silver JP) - Bought from eBay
ポケットモンスタールービ (Pokemon Ruby JP) - Bought from Play-Asia, because I was inspired by Final Fantasy IV Advance JP after buying it.


Pokemon Ruby Version - From GameStop, because I have nostalgia towards Ruby and Sapphire.
Pokemon Sapphire Version - Same as Ruby
Pokemon Fire Red Version - Got it from my local game store along with GBA SP.
Pokemon Leaf Green Version - Got it for free when buying Ruby and Sapphire
Pokemon Emerald Version - Same as Fire Red
Pokemon Platinum Version - Got it on my 18th birthday along with Nexon Cash Card.
Pokemon Heart Gold Version - Pre-ordered it to get a figurine.
Pokemon Soul Silver Version - Same as Heart Gold
Pokemon Black Version - Got it on my 20th birthday
Pokemon White Version - Got it on my 20th birthday
Pokemon Snap! - Downloaded it on the Virtual Console
Pokemon Colosseum - Bought it off of Amazon.
Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness - Bought it at GameStop along with Resident Evil 4

There you have it.
Old April 4th, 2012 (10:22 PM).
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Stadium 1
XD Gale of Darkness
Old April 5th, 2012 (12:56 AM). Edited April 5th, 2012 by Treecko.
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Main Series
Emerald (2 copies one lost the other I gave to my brother)

Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team
Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time
Pokemon Ranger
Pokemon Dash
Pokemon Pinball: Ruby and Sapphire
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Old April 5th, 2012 (7:22 AM).
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A broken gold because I played it too much
Battle Revolution
Stadiums 1 and 2
Heart Gold
Explorers of Darkness
and Black
Old April 5th, 2012 (9:53 PM).
Raichupacabra Raichupacabra is offline
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I have: LeafGreen, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, Black, Colosseum, XD, Rumble, and Battle Revolution

I had: Blue, Yellow, Silver, Ruby, Sapphire, FireRed, Emerald, Diamond, Channel, and Mystery Dungeon Red

Lol I also had Quartz and Perla xD Lv. 3 Deoxys FTW.
Old April 5th, 2012 (10:03 PM).
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Red,Blue, Yellow,Gold,Silver,Firered,Leafgreen,Ruby,Sapphire,Emerald,SS,White,Stadium 1, and the pokemon trading card game.

ive had most of the handheld ones at some point, and Snap,Stadium 2,Hey you Pikachu. Never had a wii or gamecube one, as i dont have a wii or gamecube, nor have i ever had one.
Old April 6th, 2012 (5:32 AM).
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I have Blue, Yellow, Gold, Crystal, Emerald, LeafGreen, Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, SoulSilver, Black, White, Ranger: Shadows of Almia, Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky.

Nothing but handheld games on my inventory here.
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Old April 6th, 2012 (11:42 AM).
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I have all of the main series, at least without Leaf Green, Soul Silver and Pearl. I also have Pokemon Stadium 2 and the TCG game.
Old April 6th, 2012 (11:50 AM).
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I own all of them.....if we're talking emulators, but ones I physically own:

Red rescue team
Pokmon Channel
Hey You pikachu
Pokemon stadium 2
My pokemon ranch
(used to have) Diamond

I only like getting one game per generation, I didn't start on pokemon until third gen explaining lack of gen 1 and 2 (and I don't want to go hunt for a copy) and I'm wating on 5th gen for B2/W2 or R/S remake. Spin offs were random games given to me as gifts, I only personally bought my pokemon ranch.

Old April 9th, 2012 (8:34 AM).
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I have Pokemon Leaf Green, Soul silver, Pearl, Platinum, White, Explorers of the sky, Rumble, and Ranch.

Forgot about X D and PBR! Wow lol
Old April 12th, 2012 (5:01 AM).
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I have Red ( Which I recently corrupted due to not saving after showing my brother how to get Missingno.), Yellow (Which needs to be taken apart and cleaned due to its performance issues), Gold, Silver,Crystal, Ruby (I've put more time into Ruby over any other pokemon game), Sapphire (if roms count :D), Emerald, Fire Red (a favorite of mine), and I HAD Pearl for a while but I lost it. But its whatever Pearl doesn't count for me. (Wasnt much of a fan of Gen 4 besides HG/SS)

I WISH I had XD and Colosseum. Those games look awesome. I also have a slew of Pokemon adv gen hacks as well as prism but we all know hack dont count.
Old April 12th, 2012 (2:54 PM). Edited April 12th, 2012 by pokemaster4315.
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Well here they are....

.Fire Red
.Leaf Green
.Heart Gold

I have also come across some cool hacks:

Liquid Crystal
Light Platinum
Snakewood Edition
Shiny Gold

' The Storm Cometh'
Old April 12th, 2012 (3:23 PM). Edited April 12th, 2012 by BlooBoi23.
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I feel left out ! I only have:

Leaf Green
Heart Gold

And the others, I have on ROMs.
Old April 12th, 2012 (11:32 PM).
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Pokemon Master Rygar
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O dont worry most of mine are roms.

' The Storm Cometh'
Old April 13th, 2012 (10:14 AM).
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Posts: 12
Pokemon Crystal
Pokemon Diamond
Pokemon Platinum
Pokemon HeartGold
Pokemon White
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky
Pokemon Ranger
Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs
PokePark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure
Pokemon Link!
Super Pokemon Rumble
Pokemon Box: Ruby & Sapphire
Pokemon Colosseum
Pokemon Battle Revolution
Pokemon Play It!
Old April 27th, 2012 (5:22 AM).
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I've got pretty much every Rom, but as original Cartridge i got:

  • Pokemon Red Version
  • Pokemon Yellow Version
  • Pokemon Silver Version
  • Pokemon Crystal Version
  • Pokemon Ruby Version
  • Pokemon Emerald Version
  • Pokemon FireRed Version
  • Pokemon Pearl Version
  • Pokemon Platinum Version
  • Pokemon Soul Silver Version
  • Pokemon Ranger
  • Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia
  • Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs
  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team
  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness
  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky
Old April 27th, 2012 (1:36 PM).
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I wish I kept my Pokemon games, I always think I'm not going to regret it when I trade it in haha...
Anyways I only have 2 which are Pokemon Black Version and Super Pokemon Rumble.

Old April 28th, 2012 (4:13 PM).
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Let's seeee uhhh I'm not gonna include ROMs btw because you don't really ~*have*~ those and you can get all of them anyway so it's not much of an accomplishment or whatever.

- Yellow
- Blue
- Gold
- Crystal
- Sapphire
- Emerald
- FireRed
- Diamond
- Pearl
- SoulSilver
- White

- Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team
- Pokémon Ranger
- Pokémon TCG

- Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness

So unless I forgot any, that's basically it.
Old April 28th, 2012 (5:17 PM).
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Gold, Cristal (somewhere), Emerald, Pt, HG, B/W.

I'm playing Pt agian right now
Old April 29th, 2012 (10:14 AM).
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Some of these games have been resold/lost/whatever, but I have owned all of them at at least some point in my life:

Main series games
  • Pokemon Blue
  • Pokemon Yellow
  • Pokemon Gold
  • Pokemon Sapphire
  • Pokemon Platinum
  • Pokemon SoulSilver
  • Pokemon Black
Spin-off games
  • Pokemon Trading Card Game
  • Pokemon Pinball
  • Pokemon Stadium
  • Pokemon Stadium 2
  • Pokemon Colosseum
  • Pokemon Snap
  • Pokemon Dash
I can't believe it's actually that many! My brother bought the complimentary games from Gen I - III, so I had a cursory knowledge of those as well. But if you'd asked me before completing this post how many Pokemon games I'd had, I wouldn't have said 14, that's for sure. Colour me surprised!
Old April 29th, 2012 (11:57 AM).
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I have Pokemon Blue, Pokemon Red, Pokemon Crystal, Pokemon Stadium 2, and Pokemon Black. I am awaiting Pokemon Black 2/White 2.

Don't leave comrades behind.

Old May 17th, 2012 (10:34 AM).
Chardregionite Chardregionite is offline
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Gender: Female
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Main Series:
*Pokemon Yellow (does not work anymore)
*Pokemon Blue (I got it used because my yellow didn't work but that one had problems too so I never actually played it)
*Pokemon Silver (doesn't work anymore)
*Pokemon Crystal
*Pokemon Platinum
*Pokemon SoulSilver
*Pokemon White
*Pokemon Black

*Pokemon Pinball
*Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs
Old May 18th, 2012 (12:07 AM).
Charsquirtle Charsquirtle is offline
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Red/Blue/Yellow, Gold, Stadium, Black
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