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Old June 26th, 2012 (12:19 PM).
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    This was originally an idea I had for a ROM hack, but since I possess no skills in scripting or graphic design whatsoever I abandoned it. If anyone capable in these fields likes the idea, please let me know.

    If you have seen the Avengers film you will know that a group of extraordinary people are researched and gathered by an important man to stop an exceptionally powerful enemy. This drew comparisons for me with Pokémon. In every game the trainer overcomes all odds to defeat a team of enemies, but the common link between all games is in the completion of the Pokédex.

    The Pokédex is a creation of Professor Oak. He issues these to trainers who he sees potential in, and to other Pokémon Professors for them to seek potential in trainers of their own region. It is referenced throughout the games that not everyone has a Pokédex, indicating a selection process.

    The idea being that those who are lucky enough to get and fill their Pokédex, or perform hugely commendable acts (taking down a criminal organisation, becoming champion of a region) are chosen, for when the time is right, to be admitted into the program. Ok, now to begin...

    Part 1: Exceptional Trainers

    Ash Ketchum was just a boy from Pallet Town. That was, until he gained friends - Pokémon and Human, collected gym badges, saved lives, and soon became a hero to many, even discovering he was 'the chosen one' of the Shamouti Prophecy.
    Disturb not the harmony of fire, ice or lightning, lest these titans wreak destruction upon the world in which they clash. Though the water's great guardian shall arise to quell the fighting, alone its song will fail, and thus the earth shall turn to ash. O Chosen One, into thine hands bring together all three. Their treasures combined tame the Beast of the Sea.
    (This means he is responsible for the taming of the three legendary birds, Moltres, Zapdos and Articuno)

    Events always seems to occur in his vicinity, but he remained clueless, perhaps ignorant as to why. Sometime later he discovered he was one of the only humans to possess Aura, the rare ability to read the minds of others. He contemplated this being the reason 'fate' seemed to choose him, however chose not to harness this power, as he always knew what he wanted to be.
    And that was nothing magical, mystical or of legend. He seeked to be the greatest Pokémon trainer alive, what is known as a Pokémon Master.

    Ash was home. Having yet again failed to fulfill his dreams, he did a rare thing, and took a break. As he lay atop his freshy made bed, his mother brought him his Pokégear. It was ringing, adorned with the face of Professor Oak on the incoming call screen, Ash snatched at it immediately and answered "Professor!"

    Oak, with a distressed look about him, (not something he showed often), replied hurriedly "Ash, I need you to come down to the lab. I have some people I'd like you to meet, some you may know already. As quickly as you can please" and hung up. The air of mystery about this excited Ash, he scrambled for some clothes in his wardrobe but could only find those he wore when he started out as a trainer, but luckily they still fitted him.

    He shot down the stairs, briefly glanced at his mother who was relaxing watching television, and beckoned his beloved Pikachu - his Best Friend, playing with Mimey, his mothers Mr. Mime. After collecting Pikachu, he burst out of the door, forgetting to close it. This hurried run was reminiscent of his mad dash to receive his first Pokémon, he thought to himself, which was odd, as he had a tendency to forget things earlier in his trainer career.

    Fully evolved 'starter' Pokémon of all regions minus Kanto littered Professor Oaks lawn, chasing each other playfully, along with flying Pokémon of matching regions. This must be how these people traveled here, Ash considered. As he entered the Laboratory, equipment seemed to be shifted aside to allocate space for a makeshift meeting room. A meeting room it was, too.

    Professor Oak, alongside four other professors - Elm, Rowan, Birch and Juniper, immediately spotted Ash behind the collection of trainers approximately his age, male and female.
    Oak pointed in Ash's direction "And this.... Is Ash." This caused the trainers to swivel immediately and lock eyes with Ash as he headed towards Oak. Ash recognized their glistening gym badges, which he owned all of himself, but chose not to carry on his person. All were present in the room but separately distributed between the trainers. He'd clearly done more travelling than them.

    A boy with a black cap decorated with a large gold stripe stood close to two girls, one with blue and the other with brown hair. Oak saw Ash noticed them first. "Ethan, Kris, Lyra. Champions of Johto from New Bark Town."
    The remaining four trainers separated themselves into two solitary trainers and a couple as to make it clear to Ash who knew each other.

    Oak, now seeming very aware of the sheer magnitude of powerful trainers in his company, began to smile, as if a plan was coming together. He introduced the first solitary trainer, wearing prominent green in his outfit "This is Brendan. Remember May? He is her best friend, and champion of Hoenn." The next trainer looked very fashionable, wearing a scarf and a trendy cap. Oak explained "Lucas, champion of Sinnoh. His best friend is Dawn, also one of your counterparts. Oh my, you do get around, don't you?" The room chuckled.

    Oak stepped up to the couple, in the style of a military sergeant, with his arms behind his back, "And finally, the Champions of Unova. Hilda and Hilbert. Friends that have both overcame the Unova Elite Four, a commendable honour, as are all of yours." He said this as if he was about to present them with an award. Jealousy overcame Ash for a brief moment, he blushed - the Battle Frontier and Orange League were incomparable to their achievements. He had not won anything that would make him feel like a Champion.

    "But Professor, I'm not a champion!" Ash exclaimed. Oak looked to the other professors, issuing a stern glance as if to warn them from intervening. He approached Ash, placing his arm on Ash's shoulder, looking him in the eyes "You are so much more than a Champion, Ash Ketchum. I know you more than you can imagine. Your Pikachu, it was impossible to tame. But look at it now. I knew that was the Pokémon for you, as it also, is exceptionally strong."

    Professor Elm noticed Oak had finished talking and was nodding at him, so stepped in "All the trainers here have achieved so much for our research, we thank you for your complete Pokédexes, but we always knew, when the time came there would be something far more important." Ethan exchanged angered glances with Kris and Lyra, and questioned Elm "Professor, are you trying to say the Pokédexes were just a way to see how capable we were?"

    Elm took no time in replying "Yes, and we are very sorry. But let's focus on why you are gathered here. Why we did this. The problem we are facing." Professor Birch handed a file to the only Female Professor, Juniper, who cleared her throat, "Er-herm. You've all faced challenges alone. But unfortunately this one needs a team." She opened the file and handed sheets to each trainer. "What you are reading is our problem. You are the initiative."

    End of Chapter 1 ~ (Criticism Welcome, this is my first time)
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