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Old October 9th, 2012 (12:24 PM).
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Did all the events in Castelia, beat Burgh, evolved my Riolu, caught shiny Petilil (before actually seeing one Eevee :D), caught 2 Eevees, evolved one into Espeon and let the second in waiting. Caught Sandile who beat the Elesa's gym and evolved into Krokorok.
My team now:
Lucario (32)
Pignite (28)
Espeon (24)
Krokorok (29)
Eevee (18) - waiting for Surf to get Water Stone.

@mrsnuggles: Huh? You dropped Riolu because of movepool? o.O What about Shadow Claw + Swords Dance + Aura Sphere + Ice Punch Lucario?
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I beat the 4th gym leader, and well on my way now
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Second day with the game, and have 2 badges. I am now in Crestelia City, about to take on gym #3 after a little more training.

My team at the moment consists of Riolu, Flaafy, Dewott, and Magby all on 19.
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I started on Sunday and chose a snivy (Timid nature, very lucky!) I named him Cadel. I went on with my journey, etc, etc, where I searched for hours for a Riolu. Finally, I found one, and his name is Raok.

I beat Cheren, then went to Virbank and tried to take out Roxie; but her Whirlepede was too strong. So I went and caught a growlithe. Her name is Dash, with a Naughty nature. She took that Whirlepede out, no problem. Same thing happened with Burgh's gym; Dash was the star player.

On my way to Nimbasa, Raok evolved at only Lv. 21. I was really suprised. I did some grinding and took Elesa out with Raok's return. I went to Driftveil and got N's Zorua (and I had a total fangirl attack since I love N) and tried to train it, but gave up after a bit and boxed it. (I promised to come back for it, though.) I was having a bit of trouble beating Clay with only three pokemon, so I went out searching for a new partner.

I found a Marill which I named Jordan. I'm working on training him now, so I'll hopefully be able to beat Clay with him and Cadel. Yay!
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I started the game, did all of the opening stuff, and chose Snivy as my starter. I defeated Hugh, my rival, and traveled through Route 19, Floccesy Town, Route 20, and Floccesy Ranch. I saved the Ranch owner's Herdier and caught an Azurill. I then went back to Aspertia Town and defeated Cheren. I traveled to Virbank City, caught a Magnemite in the complex, then defeated Roxie. Then I did the PokeStar Studio quest, before chasing Team Plasma to Castelia. I did everything Castelia had to offer, then went into the Sewers. While there, I visited the Garden and caught an Eevee fairly quickly. Next, I rode my bike for about 15 minutes so I could evolve Eevee and Azurill. I evolved Azurill into Marill then Azumarill, and evolved Eevee into Espeon. Right now I'm trying to catch a Sandile with Moxie and training my entire team to level 25 before taking on Burgh.
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Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post
@mrsnuggles: Huh? You dropped Riolu because of movepool? o.O What about Shadow Claw + Swords Dance + Aura Sphere + Ice Punch Lucario?

by that i mean he wasnt going to learn anything good anytime soon by himself & i didnt have anything good to teach him so i dropped him

also any ideas for my sixth pokemon not sure what to use

on another not my Ampharos easily defeated skyla & now im training for my 7th gym badge
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  • Obtain Ananke the Oshawott
  • Defeated Cheren
  • Caught Komodia the Magby
  • Defeated Roxie
  • Defeated Burgh
  • Caught Eucleia the Heracross
  • Defeated Elesa
  • Caught Maera the Frillish
  • Defeated Clay
  • Caught Arae the Tynamo
  • Defeated Skyla
  • Caught Despina the Grumpig

Current Objectives:
Currently trying to catch a female Tynamo in Chargestone Cave
Train Maera to replace Ananke

Grind until all are Lv. 43 or above.
Catch Altaria


the Magmar Lv.40

the Heracross Lv. 41

the Jellicent Lv. 41

the Eelektrik Lv. 42

the Grumpig Lv. 40

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The Meta Journey
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I had decided to try my luck at Elesa's gym after a little more training and was pretty surprised that I won. Sandile, Venix, and Lucario did most of the work, with Vice getting taken out in the first hit because of a critical Volt Switch. After beating Elesa, I went across the bridge to Driftveil City and went to the house with Team Plasma. When the Sage offered me a Zorua, White 2 instantly went from a great game to the best Pokemon game I ever played. I didn't have room for it so I went to Pokemon Center to make room and once I reentered the building, I encountered a Zoruark. I nearly cried out in joy, thinking I would get to catch it, but then I realized one of the memory scenes was starting since I did the memory link with White. Right now I'm just training my team.

Current Team

Growlithe (Vice) Lv.25
Sandile Lv.28
Zorua Lv.25
Servine (Venix) Lv.25
Braviary Lv.25
Lucario Lv.28
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I chronicled my Black and White journey on a different site, but would like to return to this site after many years to continue that journal here on Pokecommunity. I've missed it here!

Anyway, since I've caught all 151 in the Unova Dex in Black and White, I'll only be catching the added 150 in White 2 (and Black 2). Here goes!

Pokémon White 2 (& Black 2) Journal

October 6, 2012

Professor Fennel finished her updates of the Dream Machine. I had Leavanny inhale some Dream Mist so we could enter the Dream World. A few things have changed. First, a Diglett dug 4 more rows in my berry garden for a total of nine! Second, it appears we can spend a longer time in the various areas of the Dream Isle. Despite that, all we found was a Bastiodon that knows the move Fissure.

October 7, 2012

Fennel introduced me to her colleague, Professor Burnet. Unlike Professor Fennel, Professor Burnet studies the space between dreams and reality. She gave me a visor that allowed me to visualize this space, and when I put it on I was able to detect clouds floating in the air around me. She gave me a beam to use to fire at the clouds, which mostly produced special orbs. One orb was a little livelier. When I concentrated the beam on it, it actually revealed itself to be a Munna! Burnet said that she has detected unusual Pokémon in this space, and would like my help in identifying or capturing them. I’m more than happy to oblige, and can’t wait to try it out more!

Meanwhile, after taking some tests at the Battle Institute in Nimbasa City (which I did terrible on), I came across an unusual Pokémon at the Pokémon Center. It looks like a little blue and white Unicorn. It followed me onto the ship I was taking to Eastern Unova. I tried scanning it with my Pokédex.

“Keldeo, the Colt Pokémon. Keldeo is a legendary Pokémon found in the Unova Region. No further data is currently known.”

I put away the Pokédex, relaxed on the deck of the ship with Keldeo, enjoying the warm summer Unova air.

The ship finally reached its destination later in the day. I entered a place called Aspertia City, a small town nestled in the wooded southeastern area of Unova. I was supposed to meet Bianca at the Pokémon Center, but she wasn’t there. I found here atop a small hill looked out over the woods. She was talking to a trainer who said his name was Hugh. Hugh was just starting his journey with his Oshawott. Bianca saw the little Pokémon following me.

“Oh, a Keldeo!” Bianca exclaimed as she ran over to it. “It’s so cute!”

“Yeah, but the Pokédex doesn’t have much information about it,” I commented.

“Yes it does,” said Bianca as she looked thoughtful. “Oh! That’s right. You didn’t have your Pokédex upgraded yet. Here, I can do that for you! There are now 300 Pokémon in Unova, not counting Victini.”

“Whoa, 300? That’s twice as many more!” I took my newly upgraded Pokédex and scanned Keldeo.

“Keldeo, the Colt Pokémon. Keldeo crosses the world, running over the surfaces of oceans and rivers, or, by blasting water from its hooves, it can glide across water. It excels at using leg moves while battling. It appears at scenic waterfronts.”

152. Keldeo

“Cheren is setting up his gym here in Aspertia City,” Bianca told me, “but it’s not quite ready yet. Why not do some exploring in the area? Floccesy Ranch isn’t too far from here. You might find some new Pokémon that you can’t see anywhere else in Unova!”

I made a brief stop in the Pokémon Center, and then headed out to Route 19.

I did stop to use the Dream Radar in between. In addition to finding a few items, a found a Swablu, a Drifloon, and a Sigilyph that I caught among the Dream Clouds!

It was a short journey across the route to Floccesy Town. When I got there, I ran into the Pokémon League Champion, Alder! Apparently, Floccesy Town is his hometown.

I then explored a little bit of Route 20, where I found a handful of familiar Unova Pokémon, but also a Sunkern! I managed to catch it fairly easily. My first Pokémon for my new journey through Unova!

“Sunkern, the Seed Pokémon. Sunkern suddenly fall out of the sky in the morning. Knowing they’re weak, they simply feed until they evolve. A year after a cold summer, their population explodes.”

153. Sunkern

I returned to the Pokémon Center in Floccesy Town, and called Professor Burnet. She helped download my data from the Dream Radar, and transferred the Pokémon to me in Dream Balls!

“Swablu, the Cotton Bird Pokémon. Swablu can’t relax if their surroundings are not clean. They wipe off dirt with their wings. For some reason, they like to land on people’s heads softly and act like a hat.”

“Drifloon, the Balloon Pokémon. Drifloon are called ‘Signposts for Wandering Spirits’ because of the way they float aimlessly. Children holding them sometimes vanish.”

154. Swablu

155. Drifloon

Meanwhile, in the Dream World, Scolipede befriended a Spheal with move Aqua Tail and a Machop with Helping Hand.

October 8, 2012

I took my team of new Pokémon and crossed Route 20, battling trainers along the way. It was only a short distance to Floccesy Ranch. When I arrived there, Hugh had seen that I caught some new Pokémon, so he challenged me to a battle! I sent out my Sunkern against his Oshawott, thinking that type advantage would help. But, it took only a few Tackle attacks and Sunkern was KO’d. Swablu didn’t fare much better. Drifloon was finally able to take it down by making it flinch with its Astonish attack.

After that, the owners of Floccesy Ranch approached us, and asked us if we could help them find their lost Herdier. Hugh got very angry at them for losing their Pokémon, but he did agree to help me search the ranch for it. While I searched, I found lots of wild Pokémon wandering around the ranch! There were plenty of Mareep that belonged to the Ranch owners, but I did find several wild Pokémon to add to the team.

“Azurill, the Polka Dot Pokémon. Azurill swing their large, nutrient-filled tail around to fight opponents bigger than they are. They can bounce on this tail like a rubber ball.”

“Psyduck, the Duck Pokémon. Psyduck suffer a constant headache. When the headache stimulates their brain cells, which are usually inactive, they can use a mysterious power.”

“Riolu, the Emanation Pokémon. Riolu use the shapes of auras to communicate with others. These auras change according to emotion, such as waves of joy or rage.”

“Mareep, the Wool Pokémon. Mareep have a fluffy coat of wool that doubles in size when static electricity builds up. The tips of their tails also glow slightly.”

156. Riolu

157. Azurill

158. Psyduck

159. Mareep

After catching all of them, we did find the missing Herdier, as well as a Team Plasma member! He ran off after being discovered. I guess Team Plasma is still active in Unova.

I returned to Floccesy Town, where Alder asked me to help him teach some kids about being a Pokémon trainer by having battles with them. It was a good opportunity to give some experience to my new Pokémon. I had Riolu battle them. When I left Alder’s house, I guy approached me and gave me a Medal Box. He said that various medals can be awarded to trainers based on their accomplishments. They can be awarded at any Pokémon Center throughout Unova.

The Medals I’ve received so far:
First Step
Step-by-Step Saver
Busy Saver
Dowsing Beginner
Smart Shopper
Beginning of Memory
Light Walker
In addition to the 9 Hint Medals I was given as clues to more rewards, gives me a total of 16 medals. Apparently there are over 250 medals to earn. As if catching 300 Pokémon wasn’t enough!

I’m still sending my Unova Pokémon to the Dream World, in an attempt to catch the 19 remaining Pokémon I have yet to find. Today: Cottonee. Found: nothing new; Miltank with Curse.

I’ve also been powering up the Dream Radar components by transferring Dream Orbs I find to Professor Burnet. Everything is at level 2, and I have 2 of each temporary power-up stored. I’ve found more Munna, Sigilyph, and a handful of useful items.

October 9, 2012

It was a rainy day in the Floccesy Town area. Perfect to train Pokémon like Mareep and Psyduck in, especially now that Psyduck learned Water Gun! After training all 7 of my Pokémon, I returned to Aspertia City. I received two new medals and a few Hint Medals, bringing my total up to 21:
Pokémon Center Fan
Sweet Home

Quick stop in the Dream World with Liligant. Found: nothing new; Mankey with Reversal.

Then I went into the Trainers’ School, where Cheren was setting up his gym. I congratulated him on his decision to teach at the school and also to become a gym leader. And, I told him I’d be honored to be his first challenger!

Aspertia Gym Challenge
Vs. Cheren

“I want to be an entry-level gym for trainers, so I’m not going to use Emboar or any of my stronger Pokémon,” Cheren informed me.

“That’s ok, all the Pokémon I have with me I just recently caught in the area,” I replied. “So this should be a good test for them.”

“We’ll make it a two on two battle, ok?” Cheren said as he took his place on the battlefield.

“Sounds good to me,” I pulled out a Dream Ball. “Drifloon, let’s go!”

“A Drifloon? In Unova?” Cheren was shocked. “Ok, let’s make this a battle to be proud of. Go, Patrat!”

“Drifloon, let’s start things out with your Gust attack!” The wind hit Patrat for a critical hit!

“Not bad,” commented Cheren. “Patrat, use Work Up.”

“What, did you study under Lenora, or something?” I joked. “Drifloon, use Gust, one more time!”

“Patrat, quickly, use Bite!” After taking the Gust attack, Patrat countered with Bite, which was super-effective. Both Pokémon would only withstand one more hit each.

“Drifloon, hang in there!” I encouraged it. “Use Gust again!”

“Patrat, finish it with Bite.” Patrat hit first, and Drifloon was knocked out.

“Drifloon, return. Thank you, you did a great job.” I readied my next Poké Ball. “Riolu, you’re up next!”

“Ah, you’ve been to Floccesy Ranch, I see.” Cheren seemed less surprised by this choice. “Patrat, Tackle it!”

“That’s what I was hoping for,” I smiled. “Riolu, Counter!”

The Tackle attack hit, but Patrat received twice as much damage from the attack, and was knocked out!

“Return, Patrat,” Cheren said calmly. “You made me proud out there. Now, Lilipup, it’s your turn!”

“Ok, you definitely studied under Lenora,” I laughed. “Riolu, get ready to Counter again!”

“Lilipup, Work Up, please.” I made a foolish choice.

“Ok, then we’ll attack directly. Riolu, use Quick Attack!”

“Lilipup, stand strong and use Tackle!”

The Work Up-infused Tackle was enough to knock out my Riolu!

“I… can’t believe it. Riolu, return, I’m sorry, I got overconfident. This loss is my fault.”

Cheren walked over to me and put his hand on my shoulder. “As gym leader, I aim to be a wall for challengers to overcome. I see I have succeeded in that objective.”

I nodded. “You’re right. Ok, a little more training, and I’ll be back to challenge you again… and win!”
Alola Pokédex: Obtained 84 Seen 96
Melemele Pokédex: Obtained 58 Seen 68
Akala Pokédex: Obtained 50 Seen 57
Pokédex Go: Obtained 183 Seen 191
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Just defeated Burgh for the third badge.

Old Team,

New Team,
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Okay. Didn't get too much farther but I have all six of my teammates now and defeated Clay. Now I'm grinding a bit before facing Skyla, but we'll see how long this 'grinding' lasts. Honestly, probably until I run out of trainers and get tired of waiting for shaking grass (I had enough of that with trying to find an Emolga ok) and just face her with what I have.

Anyways, here's the current status of my team.

Got two more team members and beat Elesa! So not much further than my last post but there's been a pretty nice change in my team. Probably going to spend hours trying to find a Water Stone now so I won't be making much progress in this game for a while. Oh well.

Servine ( Fukube ) /w Leftovers
Gender: Male
Nature: Impish
Ability: Overgrow
Level: 33
Slam, Leaf Tornado, Vine Whip, Growth

Scraggy (Heiji)
Gender: Male
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Moxie
Level: 32
Brick Break, Faint Attack, Hi Jump Kick, Chip Away

Scolipede (Yusaku)
Gender: Male
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Swarm (wish it was Poison Point but what can you do about it.)
Level: 32
Baton Pass, Rollout, Poison Tail, Iron Defense

Axew (Gajeel)
Gender: N/A
Nature: Relaxed
Ability: Mold Breaker
Level: 32
Scary Face, Slash, Dragon Dance, Dragon Claw

Emolga (Roxas)
Gender: Male
Nature: Timid
Ability: Static
Level: 33
Volt Switch, Acrobatics, Double Team, Shock Wave

Vaporeon (Jellal)
Gender: Male
Nature: Bold
Ability: Water Absorb
Level: 32
Surf, Acid Armor, Aqua Ring, Bite
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lvl 52 lucario, lvl 54 volcarona, lvl 53 magnezone. Lvl 48 samurott who I plan to scrap for a walrien. The water/ice combination is more appealing to me and I LOVE walrien. BE GONE STARTER; I'm really disappointed starters didn't have more interesting typing like empoleans steal/water and that we got stuck with the same ones.

All 8 gyms defeated and heading off to giant chasm. The dragon gym boss was very challenging for me; I used 2 sword dances on lucarion with a metronome item and swept him with forcepalm...had 17 hitpoints the whole time due to getting hit by 2 fighting moves before sweeping. The 'offensive' trainer leading to him was hard and I nearly blacked out (had to use a revive).

I love volcarona but dealing with it's awful skill pool until lvl 59+ is really tiring and I simply ended up giving it the exp. share so that I wasn't wasting tons of items on it. Magnezone has carried the team in a lot of places. Lucario is a bit squishy and I'm considering grabbing cobalion instead.
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I'm supposed to battle Elesa now but I'm taking the time to train my Pokemon. My Pokemon are all severely underleveled and all of them are weak in Electric.

Pokemon team so far:
Petilil Lvl. 25, Dewott Lvl. 24 and Darumakka Lvl. 24
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Okay, got the Basic Badge and I just entered Virbank. I'll just grind a little bit more, maybe to about Level 20.
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I defeated gym #3 last night, and I am training some more before I take on Elesa. I'm dreading this gym since I had a hard time with her in White. Hate battling electric types.

The team:
- Lucario lv 30
- Dewott lv 30
- Magmar lv 30
- Ampharos lv 30
- Zoroak lv 25

I just traded my Zoroak from my White because I never used it before and yeah.
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Started my journey with my friend Hugh.
I chose an Oshawott who I named Sam. I have also caught a Mareep, who I'll name Marla in Castelia, and will trade over the other four members of my team soon.
I've been catching many Pokemon to fill my Dex but more so to trade over so I can trade items to B2.

I've got to the point where the Aspertia City Gym is open and bravo GameFreak. This game already feels really different and fresh and I really like it.
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Black 2.
File name- Danie
Rival- Jack
Starter- Oshawott named Gandalf.
Current Team-
Gandalf the Dewott
Eva the Mareep
Hipster the Magnemite
Derpenator the Genesect (That's not his name that's just what I call him)
Sherlock the Riolu
Ingrid the Purrloin

Caught a Riolu. Male, level 7. Named 'Sherlock', because it kept using Foresight.
Caught an Audino. Male, level 7. Named 'Joy' after the Audino from Black Adventures.
Beat Roxie!
Participated in Pokestar Studios.
Battled some grunts and really liked the Plasma music.
Went by boat to Castelia.
Laughed at the fact that the same NPC's are there in their same places, saying similar things. After two years you'd think they'd have moved.
Got a bicycle from a clown.
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After a long rest from training, I take on Clay with my team. It was a fun but not very challenging fight with Akatosh, my Dewott leading. After earning my fifth badge, Clay invites me and my rival to the Pokemon World Tournament. We both enter with very little provocation.

The tournament was exciting. I beat both my Rival and the Gym Leader Cheren, (should totally get a badge for that), and faced off in the finals against some mysterious researcher. He was a bit harder than my Rival and Cheren but I still beat him.

Once the Tournament was over and I was crowned Champion, we left the tournament site to find Plasma members lurking around. We followed them to the docks where, Cheren, my Rival, and myself fought off various Plasma grunts only to be knocked out after winning by the Shadow Triad. After that disappointing event, I stayed behind to train.

While traveling through some cave near the Tournament, I stumbled into some ancient ruins where I found a sleeping Volcarona. I couldn't let this chance pass up so I battled with it and managed to catch her! She was named Azura.

Together with my team we traveled back to Driftveil and started towards Charged Stone Cave. We stayed to train up a bit then passed all the way through to meet with Professor Juniper and Skyla.

After our meeting I followed the Professor to Celestial Tower where she gave me an item to assist with my training. There wasn't much else so I continued further to Twist Mountain where a member of the Elite 4 stopped me from entering.

I made my way back to Mistralon and battled Skyla. She was fairly easy with an Ampharos on my team XD.

After earning my 6th Badge, Skyla gave me a ride to the top of Reverse Mountain. Going to stay and train here a bit before pressing on.
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  • Started as the male protagonist; named myself Maverik
  • Chose Snivy, because I always use Oshawott, and I don't want to use Tepig
  • Was very startled to see Alder jump off a cliff at me
  • When searching for the Herdier, captured a Riolu, nicknamed him Vladmir.
  • Also caught an Azurill (Penelope) in the farm, was the worst decision of my life.
  • Surprisingly beat Cheren's Work-up-ing pooch with Azurill. (I charmed until it cancelled out Work Up, and then chipped away with Bubblebeam.
  • Went to Virbank and was surprised, but completely ecstatic, to see Magby. Caught one and named it Hades.
  • Audino-spammed until my team was at level 19 and then swept Roxie's Pokemon.
  • Participated in a few movies cause it was too darn fun!
  • Chased Plasma out, and took the ship to Castelia.
  • Riolu and Azurill finally evolve, unfortunately after Roxie
  • Searched around, got a few good items, and after learning of Burgh's disappearance, was lead to the sewers by Iris.
  • Now I'm currently scouring in this filthy place with Hugh.

Servine @ Miracle Seed
Serious (Male) LV20
~Leaf Tornado
~Leech Seed

Bold (Female) LV20
~Aqua Tail

Relaxed (Male) LV20
~Quick Attack
~Force Palm

Adamant (Male) LV21
~Faint Attack
~Clear Smog

Oh my, it almost pains me to write their horrible natures down. I can't wait to restart so I can make them better. XD

Friend Safari and DW Pokemon - A Gen VI Trade Thread

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ok so i jsut got my eight badge & my team is

Krookodile Lv 48
Nature: careful
Ability: Moxie

Leavanny Lv 51
Nature: Bashful
Abilty: Chlorophyll
Leaf Blade

Braviary Lv 47
Nature: Naughty
Abilty: Defiant
Hone Claws
Air Slash

Ampharos Lv 49
Nature: Docile
Abilty: Static
Power Gem
Thunder Punch

Samurott Lv 47
Nature: Bashful
Abilty: Torrent

now I need to prepare for the final leg of the story & the E4
So I need to get a sixth party member
also how is every one else not finding them selves underleveled
If it wasnt for the lucky egg i wouldnt be anywhere near as far as I am
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Managed to come out of the Giant Chasm alive with all of my Pokemon around 54-56. I haven't felt so accomplished and immersed in a Pokemon game in a long time...
The bloody blade
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Just beat N, and I was like Oh **** when he sent out his Level 70 Reshiram, (I thought he had a team of 6 pokemon of a similar level like in B/W) but it was beaten in 2 earthquakes from my level 61 Swampert.

Now I'm gonna do some post game stuff, plus the pokemon world Tournament.
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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand now my Tepig evolved into a Pignite.

Does anyone know how to measure happiness with Bianca? Anyonw? D:
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Originally Posted by RR☆Oresama View Post
Does anyone know how to measure happiness with Bianca? Anyonw? D:
You call her by using XTransreceiver or whatever it's called =) And then there will be 3 possibilities:
Just Chat
Check Happiness
//They are not exactly named that, I just randomly named them after what they do.
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Why? Has someone died? (¬_¬;)
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Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post
You call her by using XTransreceiver or whatever it's called =) And then there will be 3 possibilities:
Just Chat
Check Happiness
//They are not exactly named that, I just randomly named them after what they do.
Oh, thanks! I did just that just now. Now I don't know whether or not my Riolu's happy though. XD
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