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View Poll Results: Favorite B2W2 gym leader?
Cheren 16 10.88%
Roxie 37 25.17%
Burgh 8 5.44%
Elesa 22 14.97%
Clay 8 5.44%
Skyla 26 17.69%
Drayden 12 8.16%
Marlon 18 12.24%
Voters: 147. You may not vote on this poll

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Old December 18th, 2012 (6:49 AM).
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    My favorite gym leader would have to be Roxie because I love her style and she kind of reminds me of myself. The gym leader that I still cannot stand for the life of me is Elesa and that's because of her Emolga always using Volt Switch.....I really hate that move lol.


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    Old December 19th, 2012 (10:25 AM).
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      Favourite is Cheren. I played the japanese version first, and, not speaking a word of japanese, had no idea that he was the first gym leader. It was a pleasant surprise to see that after the whole "I WANT TO BE THE CHAMPION" phase, he actually took a more realistic pathway.

      Least favourite is Marlon. At first, I thought he was another attempt to include a more racially diverse gym leaders group, but nope.
      Turns out he is really, really, unnaturally tanned. You look at the tan line around his wetsuit pants and his feet - he's a fricken snowflake. And he's a surfer douche. I just wanna double punch him in the nuts.
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      Old December 31st, 2012 (3:45 PM).
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        The gym leader that stood out to me was Dryden's gym at Opelucid city. Just the way to get through the gym and the dragons mad the gym really cool, and after you defeated him he helped you to defeat Team Plasma. He was also a powerful leader, I had a little problem defeating him. His Pokemon (druddigon, flygon and haxorus) were cool and somewhat hard for me to defeat as well. Overall, I thought his gym was fun and was my second favorite gym in the game, but it stood out to me the most. My favorite gym was Elesa's gym in Nimbasa city. As gay as it sounds, hers was my favorite because of all of the fans and the atmosphere just seemed fun! Her Pokemon were easy for my pignite to take out, and you get a standing ovation after you defeat her so that is always great too! Also, the costumes were stylish, and were all unique (even the trainers you have to beat before you get to her).

        My least favorite gym would have to be Driftveil's gym. Clay was the leader and his Pokemon (especially excadrill) took me forever to defeat! Also, I had to keep leaving his gym when versing the trainers to revive my Pokemon at the Pokemon Center which took time. I had to do that like three different times. Also, I kept getting lost in the maze, but finally got to Clay and defeated him after a long and arduous battle. Gosh, that gym was hard and annoying but the badge was so worth it because I earned bulldoze which helped my pignite out in many battles to come.

        My least favorite gym was probably Marlon's gym. His gym was pretty lame for being the last one. I defeated all of his Pokemon with ease, and I had just wish that getting to him would have been more formidable and that his Pokemon would have been harder to defeat. It literally only took me about five minutes to defeat all of the trainers in Hamilau's gym and then another two minutes to sweep Marlon's team with my ampharos. My second favorite gym leader would have to be Roxie! I liked her attitude, and the rock and roll atmosphere of her gym was convivial and marvelous. It was a very upbeat, but easy battle (though she was only the second gm so I give her an excuse).
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        Old January 3rd, 2013 (8:21 AM).
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          I like Marlon, shame that his Pokémon are fairly weak.
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          Old January 3rd, 2013 (10:56 AM). Edited January 3rd, 2013 by vapes.
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            Originally Posted by Pika-D View Post
            Elesa is my favorite because she just looks awesome and she uses Electric-type Pokemon.

            Marlon is my least favorite. I hate him. He looks like a gay porn star and that tan line! Ew! Dx
            But he's probably the most chill gym leader ever, and he even insults Hugh a bit, which I always welcome

            Elesa, I love you so much
            And Skyla you are also amazing <3

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            Old January 8th, 2013 (9:18 AM).
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              I like Clay the most. He is just no nonsense and he can be a real challenge to beat. My least favorite is Cheren. I have hated him since B/W, he is just so annoying to me.
              I do however think its cool they made him a gym leader in this one, progressing his own storyline.
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              Old January 8th, 2013 (3:18 PM).
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                Least favorite: Clay as it took me 17 tries to beat him (My Snivy wasn't a high enough level), and my favorite is Skyla because I happened to find a Zebstrika right before I battled her, and I one-shot her strongest (It is water and flying), and two shotted her other two. I did have trouble getting to her in the first place though.
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                Old February 2nd, 2013 (9:27 AM).
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                  my favorite was draydon because dragon pokemon are cool. my least favorite was roxie because i consider poison types to be weak especially since my favorite type is psychic and they destroy poison.
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                  Old February 2nd, 2013 (10:09 AM).
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                    Elesa's B2W2 gym made me feel like a star for the first time ever while playing Pokemon. The audience, scenery, and music created this amazing celebrity-like atmosphere. Elesa, herself, is always going to be my favorite gym leader.

                    Least favorite was probably Marlon. I don't dislike him as a character, but his gym was nothing special.
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                    Old February 2nd, 2013 (11:11 AM).
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                    Favourite gym leader is kinda hard to say. None really stood that much out to me, however I really liked Cheren this time around, compared to how I felt about him in B/W. In the originals, I felt like he just acted like a prof, without really being at quite that level, however in B2/W2, I felt like he actually was more than just talk. It may just be because of his position I feel that way, but he does seem to have matured, and his appearances in the games weren't as annoying anymore, though that's just kinda the rival feel. So I like him for his development since the originals.

                    Least favourite is kinda a tie between Clay and Marlon. Clay's my least favourite, mainly because the battle against him was so difficult for me, without actually being fun. I'm pretty sure I just had a bad choice of Pokemon and didn't plan out the battle well enough, though I just didn't really like the battle. And the gym puzzle was really boring for my taste. Marlon was more because of his personality, and because he was so weak despite being the final gym leader. I just kinda feel like Clay and his gym should've been switched around, maybe then I'd have been less annoyed at Clay. But the way Marlon talked to you was just super annoying, and it felt like he was kinda undermining you, even though he'd just lost a battle and asfdghsdgfk. I just really didn't like him.
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                    Old February 3rd, 2013 (11:42 PM).
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                    I can't say as I really had a favorite, but I found that I preferred Skyla and Drayden to the rest of the Gym Leaders. I really liked the designs of both their Gyms, and thought they both had neat occupations outside of being the Gym Leaders (pilot and mayor, respectively).

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                    Old February 4th, 2013 (12:57 AM).
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                      I liked Drayden a lot mainly because he actually used Flygon and Haxorus together which, yes was a tough fight but certainly worth it to see the place freeze over. I think I liked Clay's gym the least, not because of the gym itself but because there was so much accessed after it the tension was infuriating.

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                      Old February 4th, 2013 (6:04 AM).
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                        Skyla and Roxie both have that special something in their personalities and style. Elesa too, but I'm not that much attracted to the diva-style gym leader. xD I do have to admit that Homika's DOGARS freaked me out when I first arrived. I did NOT expect that at all (despite knowing that it'll happen -.- )

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                        Old February 7th, 2013 (8:52 AM).
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                        I'd say my favourite is Cheren just because of how interactive he is in the main story of B/W2 and I think his character is general improved in this game and out of all the gym leaders he comes to mind first.
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                        Old February 7th, 2013 (11:28 AM).
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                        Favorite Gym Leader: Definitely Roxie. Her gym isn't anything elaborate but it fits her punk-rock motif perfectly and I seriously love her design. Close second to Cheren!

                        Worst Gym Leader: Burgh, I've never liked him.
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                        Old February 11th, 2013 (9:12 AM).
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                          I'm judging only by their personality in the cartoon series, 'cause otherwise they all seem too plain to me, and I wouldn't be able to pick a favorite at all.

                          I love Burgh. He's hilarious. Probably the character in the whole series that gave me the most laughs. He may be weird, but in my opinion he's funny-weird.
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                          Old February 16th, 2013 (10:47 AM).
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                            Drayden was my favorite Cheren was my least
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                            Old February 17th, 2013 (1:09 PM).
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                              I really liked Roxie and Marlon, they just stood out from the rest for some reason to me.

                              I abosulutely hated Clay, he was just really annoying and he thought he was such a bigshot.
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                              Old February 18th, 2013 (9:45 AM).
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                                Elesa, for a variety of reasons...
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                                Old February 18th, 2013 (1:15 PM).
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                                  Roxie was my favorite. I love her punk-girl personality.

                                  I dislike Drayden. I don't know why, but...
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                                  Old February 18th, 2013 (1:49 PM).
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                                    The Bug gym leader, Burgh, is my least favorite- he's kind of creepy...
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                                    Old February 18th, 2013 (2:49 PM).
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                                      I liked Skyla the best.
                                      I don't know, her gym was fun, and her personality fit her perfectly.

                                      In game, I personally disliked Burgh's gym. I don't know why, I found him and his gym to be somewhat forgettable. >.>
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                                      Old February 18th, 2013 (3:17 PM).
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                                        I'll just say my opinion on each of them, because I'm too scatterbrained to pick a definitive favorite and least favorite! :D

                                        Chili Cilan and Cress - Honestly my favorite part of them were the bad puns and wordplay. I do love me some bad puns. As characters their design and battle style doesn't interest me much though.

                                        That Normal type Librarian Lady - I appreciated her role and existence in the game. It seems minute too; but I'm just glad they finally put a black gym leader into the mix as well. (NO Brock is... some kind of, Idunno something besides black though. Maybe... The same thing as The Rock. HAH ironic.)

                                        Burgh - he uh, well I liked his pokemon and battle more than him as a character. In the show it made me wanna swallow my fist when his Leavanny knew Hyper Beam. :I Why Burgh... why....

                                        Elesa - Not really one I liked at first, in fact I thought little of her in B/W 1. BUT - in B2/W2, through the memory link - I got to see the most amazing cutscene in pokemon ever. The discussion between Elesa and Skyla. I learned that Elesa secretly did not like her life as a model, and yearned to be taken less seriously - and make TERRIBLE jokes and puns. This tickled me to no end, and instantly made her my favorite gym leader. "Throw that misbehaving Klink in the Klink!" DOHOHOHOHO

                                        Clay - Meh, Clay was kinda cool I thought - because he was one of the first to run in and fight the Seven Sages at the end of B1 / W1, which seemed kinda awesome. Plus, his pokemon were neat. Excadrill besides being banned, is cool.

                                        Skyla - looks like Sylveon / Ninfeon. :I Also, appreciated her design - but as soon as I saw it, expected the more adult pokemon community to um... Well, indulge themselves in a lot of fanart with her character.

                                        Brycen - I liked Brycen. He was given an awkward gym leader role, being the Ice type leader, where even his little welcoming guy kinda told you Ice types had a lot of weaknesses (then proceeded to list them all off... that guy should be fired.) But he also had a signature pokemon, that was physical - and ice. His Beartic was pretty intimidating though. Still, Gigalith lol'd at this.

                                        Drayden - I disliked. :/ I seriously spent about, maybe 2 hours looking at his sprite, character art, and fan art of his face... because I couldn't figure out what the buck was going on with it. Is that... a beard? A chin strap thing? Is he trying to be Bane from Batman? Did he like, bury his face in whip cream and decide to just go with it, and leave it on? It wasn't until my friend in the opposite version - Spitfire - told me it was actually supposed to be a beard, I gave up on liking him. That's not how you wear a beard, Drayden. :L It looks like that thing is trying to eat his face, and the two are engaged in a neverending battle. That he's losing. Seriously, I wanna hear him talk. It must sound like "Mmmff pmmf mahhhfmmfm."

                                        Cheren - I'm glad Cheren was not only back so soon in the sequels, but also played such a significant role. I wasn't used to that much character development and importance in a Pokemon game, and it surprised me. Plus I like his pokemon, and going around with him when you team up.

                                        Roxie - Roxie was legit. :D I liked her, her design, pokemon, persona, and battle style. She's coo.

                                        Marlon - when i first saw his character pre-release... I shuddered a bit not gonna lie. Then I played the game and found out he talked kinda like I did, and was basically the biggest bro in the entire region- and what's more, a pretty solid gym battle. Respect, blue haired half-wetsuit wearing guy. Respect.
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                                        Old February 18th, 2013 (10:29 PM).
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                                          Can't say I dislike any of the gym leaders, but my favorite one has to be Drayden. He's got probably the coolest gym leader design out of all the gym leaders (and not just from this game), and he's also a dragon type trainer.
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                                          Old February 26th, 2013 (9:10 AM).
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                                            Favorite: Elesa. I love her new look and her new Gym layout, plus I love how down-to-earth she is. And the Lady Gaga references were amazing! I also like Marlon quite a bit - his design is cool.

                                            Least favorite: Probably Cheren. I kinda found him a little annoying, and he was hard. But at least he's helpful on the Xtransceiver.

                                            I kinda miss the Striaton brothers as Gym Leaders.
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