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    Shattered pieces. Thats all that was left of the Jewel Of Life as Arceus stomped on the precious stone. The jewel kept the balance of all life, and now, with one simple action, it was all gone. Arceus looked around the scene; all 47 of the extremely powerful legendaries lay before him, unconscious or dead except for one.

    "Hmph. It's what the bastards get for trying to get in my way. The humans are going to pay, I don't care what it takes!" The God Pokemon roared, maniacally laughing as he finished his saneless rant.

    "I'm going to watch as every last one of them die off, and no one is going to stop me!" He continued. Dialga, who lay beside a no longer living Palkia, played dead and waited for the beast to leave the area before even trying to breathe. Arceus used Psychic to pick up the pieces of the jewel, and pondered what to do with them.

    "Screw it." He said, and launched the shards of the jewel into the sky like an angry child. The pieces flew at incredible speeds, spreading across the region. Before finally dissapearing, Arceus shot an over charged Hyper Beam-like bomb into the air, soon to come down. Dialga disappeared just before the bomb landed, appearing a few miles in the opposite direction. The explosion wiped out all of the Pokemon with a few hundred meters and left nothing but a crater.

    "I...can't b-believe this.." Dialga said as he fell to his knees of exhaust and pain. Tears flowed down his face as he stared at the ground. "Dead..All of them are d-dead..T-there isn't any hope left.." He sobbed.
    Thousands of miles north of the happening, two Pokemon sat around a small clearing in a forest, eating their catch. One was a Riolu, and the other a Mienfoo.

    "Lyra, do you feel like something...just isn't right?" The Riolu asked her as it finished a bite of it's meal.

    "...No. I don't sense anything out of the ordinary. Why do you ask, Kai?" Lyra asked him curiously.

    "I'm not sure...It just seems like something it out of balance." The Riolu answered with a concerned face. The ground began to shake slightly, a small crack beginning to appear between the duo.

    "Kai!?" Lyra said as they both stood. The shaking almost immediately turned to tremoring, sending both of them to the ground. The crack spread closer to Kai, finally sending him into the crevice. He managed to grab hold of the opposite side. Lyra pulled him up, and they ran as fast as they could to the largest clearing, the local river. As they dashed, they saw Pokemon crushed by trees, and heard screaming from crevices. It was as if all Hell had been released. After they arrived at the river, the trembling had decreased greatly.

    "What the hell is going on!? We are not on a fault!" Kai barked frantically. Lyra was sobbing in pure terror after seeing all the dead and maimed Pokemon; she said nothing. After a few moments of silence, a hologram appeared over the river. It was Dialga.

    "You two...please listen..Arceus..h-has gone insane..He's killed all the other legendaries and shattered the Jewel of two are the only hope..find the shards of the jewel and recreate it, and kill have to to save all life..ple-" Dialga was cut off as he was blown to pieces by Arceus, who had no idea about the duo. The Hologram faded. Both Kai and Lyra stood, speechless. "Wha...Wh..." Kai couldn't contemplate was happening. Lyra was completely silent. The two had no idea what was coming for them both. After about ten more minutes of utter and complete silence, Lyra spoke.

    "Kai..why did he pick us?" She asked, face nearly emotionless, only showing a small amount of terror.

    "I have no idea..." He answered. Those were the last words that would be spoken for that day. A few more hours passed as the two simply stared into the water, unsure of what to do. As night fell, the two moved closer to each other, and soon fell asleep. They had nothing left but Hope.

    So, tell me what you think! All criticism is welcome!
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