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Old March 16th, 2013 (11:21 PM).
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    The Chikorita Tournament is a new event that will be hosted each Friday, hosting a number of four matches altogether. Whomever has won the most matches by the end, against the operator of the tournament, that being me, will receive a level nine male Chikorita, with the Overgrow ability and Jolly nature. Only catch, is that only three players will be selected for the tournament. Applying for the tournament will last up until Thursday, before applying can once again be accepted on Saturday until Thursday. As a reminder, there will be an updated posted on this thread as a notification to when applying will be accepted and when applying has ended to avoid general confusion. It is also possible that the tournament may be closed until further notice due to lack of willing players, or lack of Pokémon as rewards.

    Applying starts now until Thursday, and on Friday the tournament shall begin, all players must read the rules shown below before even considering filling in their application form. It is important that you understand the situation that you'll be put in if accepted. Each match will be either performed on Diamond/Pearl or Battle Revolution, preferably Battle Revolution. If you would prefer playing it on a more recent game past the fourth generation, you're out of luck, as I have not obtained any past that generation.


    Rule one - No rematches, if you lose, you lose.
    Rule two - Do not complain if you've not been accepted for a tournament, as you shall be able to apply for it when applying is accepted again.
    Rule three - Legendaries are not allowed, and you will be cut out of the tournament if you attempt to use one.
    Rule four - Mistake or not, disconnecting will result in you being unable to participate in the current tournament, and you'll have to wait till next opening.
    Rule five - Only Diamond/Pearl/Battle Revolution matches will be accepted.
    Rule six - You are only allowed to change teams each tournament, not match.

    Application form

    Friend code: (Optional, as you may prefer to send it via private message.)
    Team: (Optional due to common change.)
    Name: (Please place either your actual name or nickname.)

    If you are accepted, and you were to win the tournament, you'd receive a private message regarding the free purchase of the Pokémon, and your name would be listed as the winner of the tournament. While those who lose the tournament will receive nothing more then a message regarding their loose in the tournament.

    And that is pretty much it. Applying has begun, I shall go over the various application forms and accept them practically by random. Those who didn't or did make it will receive an identical message of my decision to either accept or decline. However, you will not be notified when a new tournament is ready for participating in. Nor will you be notified of prizes up for grabs in future tournaments.

    Applying started on the 17th of March 2013
    Applying ends on the 21st of March 2013

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    Old April 13th, 2013 (10:47 PM).
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      Please pick me I've only just started and I want to show off my pokemon plzzzzzzzzz :•

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