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The Adventure of Adventures (Other Trivia Edition)

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Old March 30th, 2013 (9:59 AM).
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Welcome to The Adventure Of Adventures.


1.0 - Made the Game

This is technically just a game where you go do some stuff and battle some random stuffs.
Now, take a look at the classes.


Swordsman:You can use swords with this class, which will do your average damage. Just normal stats.
HP: 30
Attack: 5
Defense: 5

Archer: You can use bows, which do less damage, and this class has weak stats, but you can stay out of enemy range.
HP: 25
Attack: 4
Defense: 4

Magician: You can use spells, which vary in damage. Some spells may also have added effects.
HP: 30
Attack: 0 (Has no effect on the spells, don't worry. The attack stat does nothing.)
Defense: 6

Catapulter: You can use catapults, which do a TON of damage, but you will 30% get a turn where you cannot attack.
HP: 40
Attack: 8
Defense: 5

Metallic Swordsman: You can use metal swords with this character, which don't do that much. However, this class is very bulky.
HP: 40
Attack: 4
Defense: 7

As you can see, all the Classes are quite different, so have a look at the weapons. You start with none, but you can go to the shop and buy a free weapon once you start. If anything's in ninjatext, it's outta stock.
Fact: For every 2 Defense, a Pokémon takes 1 less damage.

Upgrade Store:

1: Iron Sword: Does the same amount of damage as your attack stat. Cost: £0
2: Copper Sword: Does 7 damage plus your attack stat. Cost: £200
3: Golden Sword: Does 15 damage plus your attack stat. Cost: £700
4: Razour Sword: Does 30 damage plus your attack stat and widens the sword. Because the sword is wider, you have a bigger chance of parrying attacks. Cost: £3500
5: Rapid Sword: Does 50 damage plus your Attack stat and makes the sword lighter, making you able to hit the opponent more times per round. Cost: £4000


1: Bow: Does the same amount of damage as your attack stat. Buy an arrow insurance to use it. Cost: £0
2: Arching Starter Pack: 10 Wooden Arrows are in this pack. Cost: £0
3: Arrow Insurance: Lets you buy ammo. If you run out, they will give you another pack free of charge. Cost: £5
4: Wooden Arrows: Does the Bow's damage if you fire one. Cost: £15
5: Metallic Arrows: Does the Bow's damage plus 3 damage if you fire one. Cost: £300
6: Enhanced Bow: Enables you to fire 2 arrows at a time. Cost: £500
7: Lightning Arrow: Does the Bow's damage plus 10 damage if you fire one, and the foe will have a 30% chance to get Paralyzed. If you're Paralyzed, you take damage every turn. Cost: £1500
8: White Hot Arrows: Does the Bow's damage plus 20 damage, and the foe will be burned. Being burned makes you have a lower Attack Status. Cost: £4000

1: Spell Starter Pack: A booklet with all the information you need to perform 2 simple spells. These 2 spells are Fireball and Magic Bolt, both of which deal varying damage. Cost: £0
2: Magic Wand: What you need to fire your spells. Cost: £0
3: Powerful Bolts: Deals 5 damage plus the variation of the Spell's power. Cost: £250
4: Advanced Spell Book: A booklet with all the information you need to perform 3 advanced spells. These 3 spells are Psywave, Waterball and Spinach Leaf. They too deal varying damage, but you never know what they could do... Cost: £600
5: A Bit Enhanced Basic Spell: Basic Spells can now Burn (Fireball) and Paralyze (Magic Bolt) the opponent. Cost: £1000
6: Inaccurate Pleep Staff: Instantly faints the enemy. Hits 15% of the time. Cost: £1500
7: Power Wristband: Every attack now deals 20 damage plus the variation of the Spell's power. Cost: £2000
8: A Bit Accurate Pleep Staff: Instantly faints the enemy. Hits 30% of the time. Cost: £3000

1: Wooden Catapult: A Wooden Catapult that can be used for flinging heavy balls at the opponent. Crumbles away after some uses. Cost: £0 (Only the first one is free, all others cost £5)
2: Heavy Ball Packet: 10 Heavy Balls are in this packet. They deal the same damage as your Attack Stat. Cost: £0
3: Stable Catapult: A Metal Catapult that can be used for flinging heavy balls at the opponent. Does not crumble away. Cost: £100
4: Metal Balls: Even heavier balls are designed to deal 4 damage plus your Attack stat. Cost: £300
5: Fiery Balls: Fiery Balls have a 80% chance of Burning your opponent. Cost: £700
6: Bomb Balls: Bomb Balls explode on impact, causing it to deal 25 damage plus your Attack stat. Cost: £1500
7: Ice Balls: Ice Balls are freezing cold, so it has a 20% chance of Freezing the opponent. Frozen opponents cannot move for 1-5 turns. Cost: £3000
8: Spiked Balls: Spiked Balls are engineered to really hurt the opponent. They deal 100 damage plus your Attack stat. Cost: £5000

Metallic Swordsman:
1: Metal Sword I: Does 5 damage plus your Attack Stat. Cost: £0
2: Heavy Sword I: Has a 5% chance of stunning the opponent for 1 turn. Cost: £150
3: Metal Sword II: Does 10 damage plus your Attack Stat. Cost: £400
4: Heavy Sword II: Has a 35% chance of stunning the opponent for 1 turn. Cost: £1000
5: Razour Sword: Does 20 damage plus your Attack Stat. Cost: £2000
6: Dual Sword: Enables the ability to use 2 swords at once. Cost: £3000
7: Ultimate Sword: Does 40 damage plus your Attack Stat and has a 60% chance of stunning the opponent for 1 turn. Cost: £4000

Now, you probably know which class to choose. Here is the SP Store. I'll explain later in this post. For now, you can buy SP here. SP stands for Stat Points.

SP Store:

1 SP: £200
2 SP: £390
4 SP: £760
7 SP: £1300
10 SP: £1800
15 SP: £2500
20 SP: £3000

As you can see, the more SP you purchase at a time, the more discount you get. Now, what SP does.
SP will raise one of your stats.
Here is the SP Conversionation Office:

SP Conversionation Office:

1 SP ---> 4 HP
1 SP ---> 1 Attack
1 SP ---> 2 Defense

You can convert SP into your stats. Pretty nice huh? The only thing... You never level up. The only way to get stats is SP, but that's Ok, right? Right.

Oh, and here's the Shop... Of stuff.

Shop Of Stuff:

1: Apple: Heals 20 HP. Cost: £20
2: Milkshake: Heals 55 HP. Cost: £50
3: Lemon: Heals 115 HP. Cost: £100
4: Lollipop: Heals 250 HP. Cost: £200
5: 1 Gold: You can buy stuff from Super Saturday's Store with this. Cost: £100
6: Mystery Card: You never know what it might do... Cost: £10
7: Zappinator: Zaps the opponent, and makes it super UP. Cost: £50
8: Pleep: A 1-hit-K-O item. Cost: £5000

Super Saturday's Store:

1: Super Money Prize: Get twice as much money from winning battles. Costs 5 Gold
2: Un-Darkener: Makes a Dark enemy not Dark. Costs 5 Gold
3: Epic Pearl: Can be sold to someone at a high price. Costs 3 Gold

Now, you can sign up. Just copy and paste the Sign Up sheet, and fill it in:

To Sign Up:

Nickname (Optional):

Here is the world map.Technically, all the places you can go. Stuff in ninjatext is not unlocked yet. Read the ninjatext to see how to unlock it. Oh, and maps in Green are easy, Blue ones are medium, Red ones are Hard. Also, Purple is Ultimate.

World Map:

Flat Iceberg
Beach of Crabs
Lake Maze
Monkey City
Forbidden Forest

Old Man's Lair
Bowser's Castle
Ganondorf's Troll Volcano

Giant Crater
Hidden Island
Secret Desert
Unavoidable Train World
Train Station
Mine Turtle Field
Sky Island

Curved River
Ice Rink

Core Field
Super Smash Brothers Brawl Stadium

Grappling Heights (Get a Grappling Hook)
Plain Fields (Reach Post 5)
Rocky Volcano (Reach Post 20)
Lair Lair (Beat the Boss: "Lord Of Your Face")
Pleep Spamming Land (Reach Post 50)
Sludge Swamp (Beat the Boss: Dark Monkey)
Sky Sanctuary (Obtain Teleport Gem)
Monkey Lane (Beat the Boss: Sun God)
Dark World Of Doom (Beat the Boss: Dark Lord ???)

Signed up Characters:

None yet...

NOTE: This is the Non-Pokémon version of The Adventure Of Adventures. Many things will be different.

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