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Old January 28th, 2013 (1:48 PM). Edited April 11th, 2013 by Sunbean.
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    A hack of Pokemon Ruby.


    My name's Lessly, and I'm currently recruiting for my team, Team Cinder!

    Put basically, I'm new to this hacking business. I've only begun working on my personal project - still nameless - a good five months ago. That being said, I'm not very experienced with a lot of things, if you don't include writing and kind of spriting.

    Although I preferred working on my hacks alone, I've recently taken a break from my personal project, and am now setting my sights on a new, more complicated hack (more on that later) that I want to work on with a group of people! As I have said, I'm not very experienced and thus need all the help I can get because this hack is a bit more ambitious than I can handle.

    Now, that being said...

    Current Projects!

    (working title)

    #1 Priority right now, I'm not sure if this Team will be working on it or not.

    The game is a prequel to Cinder, obviously, as I have decided that this hack is far too plot-heavy to pull off in one game. There are many back stories and characters, too many, so I've decided that a smaller, more simple prequel is in order.

    The game is entirely set in an academy on the southern coast of the Atora region. The player is a student there. What seems like a normal school year soon turns awry as you unwillingly discover secrets far beyond your control...

    Extreme lack of maps (Estimated 40 in all) but it makes up for it in the significance of the story and intriguing gameplay. Not like a traditional Pokemon game in most ways (aside from Pokemon of course) but it also has hints of the basic things the games have but with less monotony. It's actually pretty interesting figuring out how to play.

    I'm not going to explain how the academy works, if only for the sake of not spoiling the fun. :3

    Features similar to Cinder.


    This is, for now, the only game this team is going to be working on. Who knows, if all goes well, we'll work on another bigger project! But let's not get too ahead of ourselves.


    You are sixteen years old and dying to embark on your own journey. However, after your mother disappeared over ten years ago while gathering research with Atora's Professor Cedar, your father has forbidden both you and your brother from even leaving your hometown and you reside in Fresheast, as safe as can be...

    At least, as long as it could be. One day, a mysterious group raids your town and sets of a bomb in the village square, leaving a crater with a mysterious Pokemon resting inside...

    In the midst of the event, your brother suddenly goes missing, sending your father into crippling hysteria. Without needing to be told twice, and your best friend of nearly twelve years are now taking up the task of finding your brother. Along the way, you will solve the mystery of the strange Pokemon and the raiders, find the connection between the sudden chaos and Jirachi, and discover a link between all of this and the past of your mother...


    - New region: Atora (with more towns, cities, etc. than usual)
    - New Hero/Heroine
    - New, darker, and more intriguing plot (split into three parts)
    - Better characterization (No more flat main characters!)
    - Interesting dialogue (That means NPC's say things you may want to hear.
    - Decapitalization
    - New tilesets
    - Different gym leader System (and "hidden" sub-leaders)
    - Modified typing and evolution methods for some Pokemon
    - Less Pokecenters. Only available in any place with a gym leader.
    - Diners/Restaurants/Motels/Hotels in place of Pokecenters. (Lodging and Dining is free! Well, for Pokemon.)
    - More than one rival (they all contribute to the story, of course.)
    - Hidden items!
    - HMs can be forgotten
    - Bookcases, television sets, etc. all have unique content. Most are just full of jokes or random tidbits of information but some can be "treasure maps" that will help you find hidden, rare items. Some can also contain information regarding the plot (i.e. a television set may broadcast news letting you know where the raiders are in the region so you can initiate the event.)
    - Roller skates! (Because bikes are too hard to sprite)
    - Swimming! (That means no Pokemon required - this is a maybe, however.)
    - More expensive items
    - Slightly increased difficulty
    - Minigames (Maybe)
    - Fakemon (Maybe)
    - Side quests (Vary in task. They could be a rescue mission or just a request to hang out.)
    - Romancey-stuff (Perhaps)

    The big idea in this hack? More worthwhile content, characters that you can really get to know, and a story that gives you real options. Being an aspiring author, I like to find new mediums to tell stories with and this hack may be the PERFECT opportunity, even if it is a bit too ambitious.

    I have plenty of ideas for this hack. However, this is a team effort. So...


    Right now I need a few people with some experience, even if it's only a little. I'm learning here too, so this will be a collaborative learning process. I'd like to keep the group tight-knit, so we can all be able to keep track of one another and trust and whatnot, but I'm lenient on the size of the team. Anything from two to twenty (well, twenty may be pushing it!) is fine, as long as we all can get to know each other!

    In Search Of

    - Spriters/Artists: People that can sprite things, be it trainers or fakemon. OW sprites are not my strong suite, and neither are backsprites, so I'm going to be needing someone who is skilled in that aspect. The artists will make mugshots, character art, and the title screen.

    - Mappers: REALLY need these! I am clueless when it comes to making new tilesets, so someone who can do that is desperately needed. I'm still in the process of learning mapping, so I'll need help with that as well!

    - Scripters: I really, really need people who have some knowledge of scripting. I'd prefer someone with a bit of knowledge, or at least enough to be able to help me with it.

    - Plot Peeps: My right hand people. They'll aid me in making events, writing dialogue, and the like.

    - Region Specialists: They'll work with the mappers in planning out the region of Atora, the layout of towns, the gym layouts, etc.

    - Trainer Planners: These will make trainers and their teams in a logical fashion.

    - ASM Hackers: Probably the most important people of the lot. I'll need some experienced people here!

    - Beta-Testers: I'll need plenty of these! Be sure to critique as much as possible. You'll be in charge of pointing out bugs and grammatical errors, and will need to turn in logs with screenshots in order to keep your position. (We're not just playing for fun here.)

    Everyone's going to do a bit of everything, I anticipate. Also, ALL of the team members will be included in the game in whatever way they want (as long as it's reasonable) as a special thank you for being a part of this production.


    Position: (As many as you like.)
    Past Experience: (Not required)
    Examples: (Not required, but if you have any past experience, please provide proof of it.)
    Activity: (When or how often you'll be available)
    Contact Methods: (Any other way we can contact you? You don't have to provide it until you're accepted, don't worry.)

    My form

    Name: Lessly (you can call me Less)
    Position: Basically everything.
    Strengths: Writing, Spriting, Drawing
    Past Experience: I've started an independent hack.
    Examples: I have some examples of my sprites (I'll have them up in a later edit), but most of them are on my laptop which is being repaired.
    Timezone: EST
    Activity: Mostly on weekends, but I'll do a little something every day.
    Contact Methods: Email, my Skype, and text messaging.

    Relevant Advertising!

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      No one? Really? D:

      If anyone's interested please PM me as I will barely check this thread.

      Posted from App for Android
      Old February 9th, 2013 (7:56 PM).
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        Name: Dave/David
        Position: (As many as you like.) Story Line Development
        Strengths: Creative
        Past Experience: (Not required) Eh I used to write scripts for a halo machinima series but never finished it. As for other pokemon hacks I have no experience.
        Examples: (Not required, but if you have any past experience, please provide proof of it.) I dpn't have any proof of the scripts i have written in the past cause I got a new computer and didn't transfer over any files
        Timezone: Central
        Activity: (When or how often you'll be available) Mainly weekends, would work on story line development during the week.
        Contact Methods: (Any other way we can contact you? You don't have to provide it until you're accepted, don't worry.)
        Skype, can get other methods of communication as well.
        Old March 14th, 2013 (6:20 AM).
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        Froakie is Awesome!
          Join Date: Jul 2012
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          Nature: Naughty
          Posts: 419
          Name: Superqami
          Position: Scripting (I know how to change text with a script editor)
          Strengths: drawing, making Pokemon game with Pokemon Essentials and RPGXP
          Past Experience: (Not required)
          Examples: (Not required, but if you have any past experience, please provide proof of it.)
          Timezone: (UTC+05:00) Islamabad, Karachi
          Activity: I may available on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.
          Contact Methods: (Any other way we can contact you? You don't have to provide it until you're accepted, don't worry.)

          3DS FC: 1908-0265-1342 Psychic Friend Safari with Espurr and Drowzee and umm Don't know yet! :/

          Pokedex status ORAS 269/718 please check out my list here thanks!
          Old March 29th, 2013 (6:24 AM).
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            Join Date: Mar 2013
            Gender: Male
            Posts: 29
            Name: Patrick Symus
            Position: Scripting
            Strengths: Scripting
            Past Experience: None
            Examples: None
            Activity: I don't know, possibly every day.
            Contact Methods: PM/email
            Old March 30th, 2013 (8:06 AM).
            jackhiggins138 jackhiggins138 is offline
              Join Date: Aug 2012
              Gender: Male
              Posts: 11
              Name: jack higgins
              Strengths: termediate scripting
              Past Experience: tried making my own hack but other dropped out
              Examples: None
              Activity:every day but school days ill be on in the after noons
              Contact Methods: PM/email
              Old March 30th, 2013 (2:23 PM). Edited March 30th, 2013 by Rayziken 2.
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              Beginning ROM Hacker
                Join Date: Jan 2011
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                Posts: 235
                Name: Blaquaza
                Position: Mapper and Writer
                Strengths: Mapping
                Past Experience: Not any public experiences, apart from the Pokémon Topaz thread in Game Development which I only posted a couple of minutes ago.
                Examples: That thread I mentioned earlier in Game Development. The map is in FR\LG style, though.
                Timezone: (GMT+-0) Although the clocks go forward tonight so +1 I guess.
                Activity: Usually around 3-5 hours a day, although it's half terms so around 6-12 hours a day until the 15th.
                Contact Methods: PM, VM, SEGA Forums or PokéStadium Forums (The two places I'll be if I'm not here; I'm called Blaquaza at both of those Forums).

                Here's an example of my writing in the form of a TV show that you'd see when you press A on a TV:

                Announcer: Nice to see you, to see you, nice! This is the 'Name Those Lyrics' show! This game is simple; my assistant will read out some lyrics, and you will have to work out what they are, are you ready?
                Assistant: 'Rolling around at the speed of sound, got places to go, got to follow my rainbow'.
                Announcer: Have you got it yet? Well, the answer was 'Escape from the City' by Crush 40. And the first round is over! Stay tuned for more songs, and more lyrics!

                If you can get who I was referencing by the announcer's first line you'll get a free e-cookie.

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                  Nature: Naive
                  Posts: 132
                  Name: Wasay
                  Position: (As many as you like.)Spriting (Both Trainer and pokemon)
                  Strengths: Uhh... Good Spriter?
                  Past Experience: (Not required)I am in three teams here. And I was in thrre other teams in another hacking website
                  Examples: (Not required, but if you have any past experience, please provide proof of it.)
                  Timezone: +5Hours
                  Activity: (When or how often you'll be available)
                  Almost Everyday
                  Contact Methods: (Any other way we can contact you? You don't have to provide it until you're accepted, don't worry.)
                  Facebook, Or message me
                  Be my Weavile.

                  Come on, take a walk on the wild side
                  Let me kiss you hard in the pouring rain
                  You like your girls insane
                  Choose your last words, this is the last time
                  Cause you and I, we were born to die.
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                  Fan of hack series like 1158 hacks, Dark Rising hacks, and especially Ruby Destiny by Jagold..
                    Join Date: Mar 2013
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                    Age: 18
                    Gender: Male
                    Nature: Serious
                    Posts: 11
                    Name: Gagongputi

                    Position: Beta-tester

                    Strengths: I want to be a tester since I'm 11

                    Past Experience: I used to be a beta tester in Pokemon Killing Machine..but we didnt finished it and didnt upload it as well...

                    Examples: Nothing,my team does not recognize me anymore because I change my username from KillerBee then changed it to FilipinoGuy then Gagongputi..

                    Activity: Mostly everyday....

                    Contact Methods: via FB,Yahoo..I'll gave it after Im accepted...

                    Uhhhmm How can I know if im accepted or rejected?
                    I did not choose the pokemon life..
                    The pokemon life chose me...

                    Old April 11th, 2013 (1:02 PM).
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                      As I said, I'd rather you all PM me also so I can know if you're applying!

                      Anyways, I'll PM everyone soon to see if you're still interested. (I've only just gotten my laptop fixed after months)

                      And I also have decided to make a prequel that I've made significant progress in; I'm not sure if you all want to also work on that but I am publishing it before Cinder seeing as it sets up the complicated back-story and whatnot.

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