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Old August 25th, 2012 (4:44 PM). Edited August 25th, 2012 by TwilightBlade.
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Welcome to my trading shop!

This is a shop for trading shiny, legendary, flawless, DW, and event Pokemons

1. I do not accept hacks and all the pokemons I offer are legit (To the best of my knowledge). If I traded you a hacked pokemon, you may have a trade back or choose another pokemon.
2. I accept RNG pokemons as long as they do not have the Premier Ribbon
3. You may PM me after we make a deal on this page

They are all free with a maximum of 3 pokemons per use.

- Move Breeding

UT- Untouched/ Untrained
T- Touched/ Trained

All pokemons are UT unless mentioned T.
Those without anything before it are UT

-T Ditto
-Archen (Flawless)
-T Groudon
-T Jirachi
-T Growlithe (Nearflawless)
-Scizor (Flawless)
-Beldum (Flawless)
-Dialga (Flawless)
-Palkia (Flawless)
-T Skarmory
-T Primape

-Nidoran M
-Eevee (And it's evolutions)
-Lugia (Only will offer if you have good pokemons)
-Dialga (Only will offer if you have good pokemons)
-Gligar (Flawless and Shiny)
-Bagon (Near Flawless)

-T Ho-oh
-UT Lugia
-UT Giratina
-UT Dialga
-UT/T Palkia
-UT Latios
-UT Mesprit
-UT Uxie
-UT Azelf
-UT Moltess
-UT Zapdos
-UT Articuno
-UT Reshiram
-UT Zekrom
-UT Cobalion (Shiny)
-UT Virizion (Shiny)
-UT Terrakion (Shiny)
-UT Landorus (Shiny)
-UT Tornadus
-UT Thundorus
-UT Kyurem
-UT Groudon

- UT Mewtwo (knows electro ball)
- UT Jirachi (knows draco meteor)
- UT WIN2011 Celebi
- UT Crown Beasts (Shiny)
- UT Darkrai (has enigma berry)
- UT Movie 14 Victini
- UT Liberty Pass Victini
- UT Wish Latias (Shiny)
- UT Oak's Letter Shaymin
- UT Lv. 100 Reshiram/Zekrom
- UT Movie 12 Keldeo
- UT Movie 12 Meloetta
- UT TRU Regigigas
- UT Movie Arceus (knows roar of time, spacial rend, shadow force, judgement)
- UT VGC09 Milotic
- UT PC Thundorus
- UT PC Tornadus
- UT PC Fukuoka Kyogre (Shiny)
- UT Anniversary Dragonite
- UT Anniversary Suicune
- UT Rayquaza (Knows V-create)
- UT Nobunaga Rayquaza (Flawless and shiny)
- UT Genesect

-Nobunaga Rayquaza (Shiny)
-Archen (Shiny)
-DW Torchic
-DW Bulbasaur
-DW Chimchar
-DW Gligar (Shiny)
-DW Bagon
-Scizor (Shiny)
-Dialga (Shiny)
-Palkia (Shiny)
-T Growlithe (Shiny)
-Beldum (Shiny)
-Deino (Knows Earth Power and Dark Pulse)

-All starters
-All fossils
-Extreme Speed Dratini
-Volt Tackle Pichu

I will trade multiple pokemons for some of the ones I want
-DW Starters
-DW Legendaries
-Modest Deoxys (From GameStop, Nintendo of Korea, etc.)
-Events I don't have
-Flawless/ Near Flawless Pokemons
-Modest/ Timid Embedded Tower Rayquaza Lv. 50 (From HGSS)
-Good Natured Pokemons

Relevant Advertising!

Old August 26th, 2012 (7:09 PM).
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RNG please ^-^
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Can you list the OT/ Nature/ Ability/ IVs of the pokes.
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Old August 26th, 2012 (7:21 PM).
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CMT for your WIN2011 celebi?

~ Jay

My Trade Shop: Jay's Swagon Corner (An RNG Shop)

My FC - White: 3654 7325 5400
Old August 26th, 2012 (7:34 PM).
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Can you give the IV spread, gender, and nature of your DW Torchic please?

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Old April 13th, 2013 (3:16 AM).
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Whats the nature of meloetta?

Done by a friend of mine on another forum

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Old April 13th, 2013 (6:57 AM).
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