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    So, this is in no way the team I currently have. I really enjoy theorycrafting, and I hate looking back and feeling like I made the "wrong" choice, so this is the team I'm building towards. Please let me know your thoughts and any areas in which I can improve! Edit: Oh, and I should Specify- Gen V White is the game I'm playing.

    #1: Emboar- my starter pokemon, it's tradition to keep him around until the game is complete. Probably wouldn't make it onto a competitive team, but he's my first pokemon, so he stays. The rest of the team is thus built with the assumption he's there, and my main pokemon.
    Nature: Careful (it's what I got, and it's not that bad). Ability: Blaze
    Flare Blitz - it's his signature move. It's also very powerful. Has undesirable recoil, but unfortunately he doesn't have access to any competitive options for his primary attack, so this is it.
    Brick Break - Making sure the opponent isn't halving his damage is nice. Having a reliable STAB attack w/o recoil whose coverage perfectly compliments Fire is fantastic.
    Bulk Up - For when he needs to carry the team on his back.
    Rest - For removing the damage done by enemies and more importantly himself.
    Item: Shell Bell. Makes it so Brick Break heals him, Flare Blitz only does 20% recoil (vs 33%), and overall gives him more staying power to deal w/ multiple foes.
    Other options: Flamethrower, for dealing w/ enemies with high defense and low special defense, flame charge or fire punch, for physical attacks which don't cause recoil, Wild Charge, for coverage reasons.

    #2: Lilligant- One of my first pokemon, and the Perfect compliment to Emboar. Hits Sp. Def where he hits Def, ravages all the types he's not suitable to handle, and gains life like mad instead of throwing it away. A must in this team.
    Nature: Modest. Ability: Own Tempo
    Sleep Powder - For dominating enemies, shutting down someone dangerous, and catching pokemon alike. Too useful to go without.
    Giga Drain - for gaining life and dealing damage. A useful, controlled, STAB attack w/ great side effects.
    Petal Dance - Not controlled, but incredible damage and very PP efficient. For laying the smack down on sleeping opponents.
    Aromatherapy - For curing my resting pokemon of their sleep, wiping the slate clean against difficult enemies, and getting through areas with pokemon who love status ailments without downing items every 5 seconds. I must have this.
    Item: Miracle Seed. Gains (indirectly) 20% more health w/ Giga Drain, while dealing more damage w/ Giga Drain and Petal Dance. She's too fast for a Zoom lens and Sleep Powder is too inaccurate to really benefit from a wide lens, so this is the best I could come up with.
    Other options: Quiver Dance, for turning her into a true powerhouse. Would love to have it, not as much as I'd love to have the others I've selected, though, so...

    #3: Escavalier- A nice Defensive pokemon to compliment the offensive power of the above pokemon, not that he's any slouch offensively. He's the guy who sticks around for the long, drawn out fights, especially when it comes to catching pokemon.
    Nature: Careful. Ability: Shell Armor
    Iron Head - The obvious Stell STAB attack.
    X-Scissor - It is, over time, about 20% worse than Mega Horn in terms of damage, but I don't have any pokemon that can breed Mega Horn onto him, and he's all about the slow and steady anyway.
    False Swipe - For catching Pokemon. Someone's gotta have it, it makes sense for it to be him.
    Iron Defense - For making him a true wall and allowing him to go the distance with physical attackers.
    Item: Leftovers. Pretty obvious why, it's his only means of recovery, and if you haven't caught on by now, I Love HP recovery, and Hate using items. So, it's the obvious choice.
    Other Options: I suppose swords dance, if I wanted to be more offensive, but really, I don't see a lot of other good options for him.

    #4: Seismitoad- Rounds out coverage in terms of types. Also I happen to like him as a pokemon.
    Nature: Hardy. Ability: Water Absorb
    Surf - For foes weak vs water, or with low Sp. Def stats.
    Earthquake - For foes weak vs earth, or low Def stats.
    Drain Punch - For HP recovery, and foes weak vs Fighting
    Stealth Rock - vs Bosses, pays for itself and then some, and most foes won't clear it. A very low cost trap ability.
    Item: Expert Belt? The somewhat bizarre mixed set I'm giving him means a choice item won't really work, nor will a type enhancer. I'd considered a metronome, but this seems like the superior option. Other suggestions are welcome.
    Other options: Rock slide, for enemies weak vs Rock, Rain Dance, to boost him up and weaken his likely opponents.

    #5: Spiritomb- At this point I think I might just want him because I've wanted him so long, but nonetheless, I do want him. He's not bad, either, so it works out.
    Nature: Quiet. Ability: Infiltrator
    Hypnosis - I do love putting people to sleep. It also only makes sense (in my mind) to have multiple pokemon capable of doing so, in case the pokemon I'm trying to catch happens to be, say, fire typed.
    Dream Eater - For HP recovery, and damaging Fighting types
    Nasty Plot - For boosting his sp. attack to awesome levels (and therefore increasing HP recovered as well)
    Dark Pulse - the STAB of choice.
    Item: Zoom Lens. If he's going after his opponent (which he is), Hypnosis gets boosted to 80% accuracy, not too shabby at all. Even if it takes 2 turns, his Def is high enough to handle it, and he'll get it back w/ Nasty Plot then Dream Eater anyway.
    Other Options: Curse, for outright killing the toughest foes (would probably include this if this team wasn't more focused on catching pokemon than killing them), Momento, for use after Curse, Spite, for rendering impotent Legendary pokemon I'm taking forever to catch.

    #6: Eelektross- handles flying pokemon, but really, he's extra. This slot can / will be filled w/ my HM slaves as needed (people whose only moves are as many HMs or movement related TMs as I can stuff on them), but against Gyms, Bosses, etc, he's my 6th pokemon of choice.
    Nature: Quirky. Ability: Levitate
    Thunderbolt - for STAB attack w/ good coverage and perfect accuracy. Doesn't cause recoil.
    Dragon Claw - to make him a Dragon killer, I hate those guys, and he has no weaknesses, making him a great choice for the job against their typical mixed elemental sets.
    Coil - For use vs Dragons, mainly, but makes him a force to be reckoned with.
    Rest - He lacks other forms of healing, and Lilligant can take care of it for him, so it's not so bad.
    Item: Whatever. He'll probably be rocking a Amulet Coin, to be honest, as I don't feel the need for him to have anything else in particular, and sometimes an XP share to catch back up when he's out for a bit. Though of course suggestions are welcome.
    Other Options: Reckless Charge plays to a slightly higher stat, Thunder, if I somehow fit Rain Dance on Seismitoad.

    Ok, that's what I've got, thanks for taking the time to read all that! Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions! I'm not above trading or using the Dream World, but any pokemon in my team I do want myself as the OT, and I have a preference for stuff native to Unova (with the obvious exception of Spiritomb). I look forward to your feedback!

    Edit: I do have an "Alternate", as it were, a pokemon I think would be fun to have around, but who just doesn't quite make the team as he fills a very similar role to Seismitoad. Nonetheless, I do plan on levelling him up and playing around with him, and I'd love to hear your thoughts on him as well.
    #??: Hippowdon- Playing with a weather inducer, and going the route of timed demise, seems fun. This is that guy.
    Nature: Jolly (to win "weather wars" he needs to have a lower speed than the other inducer, but that's rare enough to be a secondary concern) Ability: Sand Stream
    Toxic - the basis of this build. With Sandstorm already in play, he can chew through opposing life pools, regardless of type or defense, pretty fast.
    Sand Tomb - Adds to the life draining mix, and ensures they stick around until it's too late. Makes it a guaranteed 4 turn K.O., which is too fast for sand tomb to wear off.
    Rock Slide - Partially used because it's an ally friendly multi enemy attack, Mostly used because of the flinching, so they don't use a move to escape.
    Slack Off - To heal.
    Item: Wide Lens. Gets Toxic to 100%, Sand Tomb to 95%, Rock Slide to 100%. Makes him not just potent, but consistent as well.
    Again, I know he doesn't really "fit" per se, but if I had a 7th slot on the team, it would be him, and I'm Very open to suggestions for a pokemon I could afford to switch out with him. It's just a very different style than the rest of my guys, which provides nice variety. Thanks again for the time!

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