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Old May 11th, 2013 (2:47 AM). Edited May 19th, 2013 by Azu.
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I know this should be in a pokémon entertainement section, but I couldn't find any.
My friend sended me this quite funny video about pokémon sketches made just by this person her memory.
Which made me wonder how would your pokémon look like if you draw them straight based out of your memory?


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Old May 17th, 2013 (2:06 AM).
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(If you want to post youtube videos, get rid of the part of the youtube link in front of the = , so you'd be left with aIMLbSzTvV0, and then you can put the youtube command between that, and voila, working vid)
That's one cool video :D
That's actually really accurate for drawing by memory, you know.

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Old May 17th, 2013 (3:52 AM).
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Was only able to watch up to Wigglytuff, as I gotta get goin', but her Pidgey was just the best thing ever. I'd take that design over what we have now. ;P Also, her Rattata and Raticate were just the cutest thing ever, and I also felt the same way about Clefairy and Clefable. Jigglypuff just reminded me more of a older iteration of Kirby, and Ninetales made me lol.

I just knew she was gonna screw up once she hit Nidoran (and I say screw up lightly, guys). Most people don't know how to draw Nidos from memory, so I'm not surprised. I can do all but Nidoking without needing a reference myself. As for the rest, and speaking for the topic itself, I think I'd generally fare a bit better except for all the hardcore Pokemon. Like, I can't draw Gyarados or Kabutops. Scyther, Mewtwo and Aerodactyl might be a stretch. I have a general idea how Kangaskhan looks...

Nevertheless, I can guarantee you all the first generation. My memory is too fuzzy to remember all the numbers in gens 2 and 3. :\

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Old May 17th, 2013 (7:49 AM).
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That was an awesome video, I never really tried drawing pokes from memory as I always look one last time at the pokemon before drawing it without looking, it mostly turns out pretty good
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