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    Chapter 0: The Prologue
    Chapter 1: The Boy With No Memory
    Chapter 2: A Fateful Meeting
    Chapter 3: Meeting The Professor
    Chapter 4: Kenta, The Lone Wolf

    Chapter 0:

    The Prologue

    Somewhere deep in another dimension of endless shades of black and white, a battle was taking place. This wasn't any ordinary Pokemon battle, in which the only risk was defeat at the hands of your opponent.

    No, this battle was quite possibly risking the destruction of an entire universe. This titanic conflict involved the governors of Space, Time, and Distortion:

    Dialga, the governor of Time and Flow
    Palkia, the governor of Space and Creation
    Giratina, the governor of Distortion and Reversal

    Floating there was a creature that possessed six long streamers across his back that stretched outwards. Giratina, whose mouth was hidden by dark head plates, reared his head back. A tremendous amount of black spiraling energy twirled around the front of his lips. This immense force was pitch black and took the form of a gigantic sphere.

    Giratina fired this terrifying force towards his two brethren who hovered in the same environment.

    Palkia, the creature that was enveloped in light pink essence in the form of lines, attempted to match Giratina's ferocious onslaught. He brought his trembling arms towards each other and began to gather a great amount of spiraling light energy that twirled around his arms.

    The color of this energy shifted from pure white to a translucent light pink color.

    With all of his might Palkia brought his hands behind his head, and launched his sphere of energy towards Giratina's.

    It only took an instant for the two energies to collide, but when they did the shockwave that was created from the impact was beyond staggering. Huge quantities of wind gushed from the clash.The dimension itself was being ripped apart by the frequent disruptions. The two bundles of energy engaged one another endlessly, until Giratina's black sphere was able to overpower Palkia's positive counterpart.

    Diagla, the sauropod deity that glowed in a blue essence, realized the outcome of this futile struggle and flickered in front of Palkia in an instant.

    Suddenly, the colour of his deep and sharp eyes had changed, and instead of his threatening red pupils, blue ones took their place. Reluctant as he was, Dialga knew that Giratina's attack was not to be taken lightly, and gathered up as much energy as he could. Inhaling heavily, Dialga produced a roar that could shake even the heavens to their core.

    The pitch black sphere that had previously overtaken Palkia's attack slowly shifted further and further back until it could no longer bear the magnitude of his roar. The force of the explosion blew the three deities back a few feet as they hovered in the endless space of the universe. As the smoke settled, the two deities glared at their traitorous brother, while Giratina pulled off a smirk of superiority over the two.

    Palkia and Dialga had to admit, Giratina's strength surpassed both of them individually. If wasn't for the fact that Palkia's sphere was able to weaken Giratina's sphere, Dialga's roar might not have been enough to stop it. Realizing team work would be the only solution, Palkia and Diagla glanced at one another, trying to devise a strategy.

    It was no surprise that the two of them were not the best of terms. Constantly, the two engaged each other for leadership over different dimensions. In fact, before Giratina established itself as the ruler of this dimension, the two couldn't stand each other. However, even though they weren't the best of buddies, they had come to respect each other's strength and instinctively knew how reliable the other was.

    With no other choice, the two nodded their heads in sync, to signify that a truce had been made, albeit only temporary. Turning their heads back to normal, the two focused their attention on the single threat that stood before them, glaring the two of them down with his clouded eyes, intent on finishing them off.

    Swiftly, Giratina dived his head under his body and blitzed towards his two former friends, ready to take them both down. Attempting to intercept the approaching threat, Palkia reared his stretched head backwards. A substantial amount of small particles arose from Palkia's gaping mouth, steadily increasing in size with every second. Confident that this energy would be enough, Palkia brought his head forward and unleashed that same amount energy at the incoming Giratina.

    Girtatina pulled off a spine-chilling smile, unimpressed with the magnitude of Palkia's assault.

    Effortlessly, he shifted his body to the side, avoiding the attack completely and continued on his path towards the two.

    However, Giratina assessed Palkia's facial expression, and instead of him showing signs of being dazed and astonished, a slight smile was plastered on his face. Irritated, Giratina tried to comprehend why his brother was grinning towards him.

    It just didn't make any sense. Palkia must have known that he was no match for Giratina, so what reason could he possibly have to smile?


    A swift realization had just overtaken Giratina's senses. Where was his other brother? Giratina frantically inspected his surroundings, hoping to catch a glimpse of his vanished brethren.


    A series of disturbing noises had erupted from behind Giratina's head.

    Alarmed, he rotated his head backwards to find the origin of these sounds and to his utter disbelief, there he was. The sauropod pokemon that had vanished was now hovering a good distance behind the shadow Pokemon. If that wasn't surprising enough, in his mouth was an enormous quantity of spiraling energy that was similar to Palkia's and Giratina's spheres.

    How? Where did Dialga find the time to not only sneak up behind Giratina, but also gather such an amount of energy.


    How could Giratina not have realized it. Dialga was time. If there was any being in existence that could manipulate time in their favour, Dialga was your pick.

    This was strange however. With Dialga's time distortion, he could have been able to land several different hits on the shadow pokemon, but he didn't.

    Giratina had landed itself in a bad position, with Dialga on one side and Palkia on the other. However, even though he was cornered, Giratina was certainly not outmatched. He decided to wait it out, planning on making his move when they left themselves vulnerable.

    Dialga, who still poured as much energy as he possibly could into his forthcoming attack, pondered for a moment. If this attack did succeed, and they were able to silence Giratina once and for all, what would they gain? The only thing that would result from this struggle would be the death of their misguided brother.

    Palkia, who on the the other side of the stationary deity, resolved itself to do what was needed to be done. Bringing his hands together, he once again focused all of his strength into shaping an immense sphere. However, this time the concentration was much more powerful, and Palkia could feel his arms burning at the sheer magnitude of how devastating the force was.

    Palkia wasn't playing around. Giratina had made his choice and it was time to own up to it.

    Palkia knew that out of the three of them Dialga was the most defensive one, in battle and also in characteristics. He wasn't completely sure, but he assumed that Dialga was most likely hesitating to use his full strength on Giratina.

    Trying to reaffirm his brother's reluctance, Palkia screeched out violently towards his less enthusiastic sibling.

    Dialga's conflicted eyes widened considerably as he heard his brother's shriek. He could tell immediately from the tone of the scream, that Palkia was telling him to stop holding back. Still not convinced, Dialga screamed back at his firm brother, asking how he could kill Giratina without a second thought. Dialga just couldn't do it, Giratina was family and using such force on your own family was something that Dialga loathed.

    Sure, the three of them had gotten into several arguments with one another but it had never come down to battle of this magnitude before. Dialga could see in Giratina's eyes how determined he was on destroying the two of them.

    But why? Why had Giratina become like this? Why did it have to come down to such a meaningless battle? Dialga was so conflicted on what to do until he heard Giratina let out an eerie laugh. Both of the deities turned their attentions towards their brethren, laughing to himself.

    Suddenly, Giratina faced Dialga's direction, beaming him with his murderous eyes.

    The two siblings locked eyes with each other, neither making a single movement. Dialga couldn't believe that this was the same brother he had known for millennium's. He had changed so much, compared to how he was before this whole pointless conflict started.

    Unexpectedly, Giratina made a dash for Dialga, while the sauropod Pokemon was still gathering the energy for his next attack.

    Dialga couldn't believe that Giratina was aware of his weakness. Dialga had one major drawback towards his ability to control time, and that was his incapability to move or alter time whenever he gathered his inner force.

    Palkia, knowing his brother was in danger, stopped gathering his compressed force and flew as fast as he could towards the two. He had to stop Giratina before it was too late, regardless of his brother's feelings. As the shadow creature steadily approached the still charging Pokemon, Dialga froze. He couldn't find the strength to get out of the way, or launch his collected energy. He just floated there, watching his brother approach him.

    Palkia tried as hard as he could, using every last bit of his strength to reach his brethren that was in trouble. He was too soft for his own good, and this is what was going to lead to some severe problems. Closing the distance between the two of them, Palkia reached his hand out to grab onto Giratina's tail to stop him from hurting Diagla. However.....


    A sudden burning sensation overtook Palkia's senses as he had absolutely no idea what he was feeling. Slowly, he lowered his head to find the cause of the sharp pain, and to his astonishment, one of Giratina's horns had been embedded into the centre of his stomach.

    Palkia's eyes began to lose their colour, as the mighty Pokemon slowly drifted into unconsciousness. An unexpected laugh had erupted from the shadow Pokemon, basking in his triumph at defeating his brother.

    All of the energy that Dialga had been gathering up instantly dispersed the moment Giratina had sprung his trap.

    Dialga stared, mouth hanging open, eyes twitching at what he was witnessing. His brother, his sibling, his main rival, was impaled in the stomach. It was all Dialga's fault. If he had used his attack when Palkia had asked him too then this would have never had happened.

    Emotions that Dialga had never once felt before began to surface in the centre of his being, and he couldn't control himself.

    Hatred, Anger, Revenge.

    These emotions clouded over Dialga's better judgement, and in all of his rage and anger he burst himself towards the unforgivable Pokemon.

    Aware that the angered Pokemon was an easy target, Giratina used the weakened Palkia as a distraction. He flung the injured Pokemon from one of his horn's and sent Palkia flying towards the rushing Pokemon.

    Caught off guard, Dialga immediately stopped his charge and caught his barely conscious brother with the side of his body. Unfortunately, everything worked out in Giratina's favour, as he quickly levitated above the two of them. With one last look, Giratina made a rush for the duo, finally having the perfect opportunity to finish both of them off.

    Dialga just gazed at the incoming Pokemon getting closer and closer, eventually waiting for the impact. Staring at him closely, Dialga could no longer recognize Giratina's previous face, where be always had a frown or a small smile. That was long gone and instead a psychotic lunatic smile was permanently attached to his face. It wasn't just the face also, it was Giratina's entire personality. From the way he was acting, it seemed as if Giratina enjoyed causing them harm.

    During Dialga's last moments of existence, he took one last glance over at his defeated brother, and one look at his murderous one.

    All Dialga wanted to know was why his brother was doing all of this? With no will left to live, Dialga closed his eyes, waiting for their inevitable destruction.

    Blinding Light

    An incredibly powerful white light abruptly exploded from above and intercepted the three of them just before the moment of impact. Being accustom to the shadow's, this was complete torture for Giratina. He immediately shut his eyes and reared backwards, putting some distance between them.

    Dialga, who also had his eyes closed slowly opened them to figure out what exactly had happened. Waking up from the sudden disruption, Palkia's eyes opened as well curious to know what exactly was going on.

    The light slowly dispersed, getting thinner in the process. As the three deities fully opened their pupils to get some answers, they were utterly frozen in place as the being descended from the light.

    It was the one entity that they didn't want to encounter ever again, the one being that they feared above anyone else, the one soul that had the power to eradicate them from existence. He was their father the creator of all Pokemon, and the supreme ruler of this universe.


    His beautiful skin tone that was coloured white with gray vertical stripes, illuminated the darkness that covered the dimension. The four jewels that were attached to his golden cross located under his abdomen, sparkled wonderfully as the divine Pokemon descended.

    As the majestic being slowly lowered itself between his astonished children, Giratina took this as his only opportunity to defeat him. He might have been the ruler and the strongest out of all of them but even he had to let his guard down eventually. Similar to his previous attacks against Palkia and Dialga, Giratina used the same technique as before and fired this energy towards his new target.

    The majestic pokemon just floated there, eyes lids closed, as the monstrous ball of energy was aimed at his location.

    Dialga and the weakened Palkia both made loud cries of worry that indicated that they were trying to warn him. Arceus ignored them completely and continued to levitate, not taking Giratina's attack seriously. The attack hit dead on and Arceus was enveloped in huge amounts of smoke that filled a good portion of their universe.

    Giratina, who obviously resented the slumbering Pokemon just as much as the other two, had grinned his signature sinister smile.

    However, to his dismay, Arceus emerged from the aftermath of the attack without so much of a scratch on his godly stature.

    An emotion had begun to overlap Giratina's senses, one he had never been faced with before.


    Arceus continued to hover in silence with his eyes shut, not having a care in the world. He didn't have to do anything to let Giratina get the message of how insignificant he was compared to him.

    Frustrated, Giratina attempted another surprise assault on the godly Pokemon. Swiftly, he charged at the Pokemon with unbelievable speed. In an instant, Giratina closed the gap between the two and was inches away from impaling another victim. Tired of his foolish behaviour, Arceus slowly opened his eyes revealing his clear golden orbs.

    Immediately, Giratina's body was paralysed, completely motionless as he levitated inches away from his father.

    Giratina couldn't even open his mouth or wiggle his available limbs as he was trapped, unable to do a single thing.

    Arceus slowly rotated his head behind and glared at his two other sons. It had been an eternity since he had last seen them so it was nostalgic to look at their faces again. His eyes winced slightly at the sight of his oldest son Palkia, impaled right through his stomach. Who could have done such a barbaric thing?


    Arceus knew. He had instantly realized who the perpetrator was and where he was situated. He had gone too far, and now he was going to repent for his beastly actions.

    Slowly turning his head around, Arceus's clear golden orbs began to change and instead of their usual colour, crimson red ones had surfaced.

    Before Giratina had a chance to move a single muscle, his body was sent plummeting downwards endlessly floating towards nothingness. The sheer amount of Arceus's angry presence was enough to apply such gravity towards the shadow Pokemon.

    Giratina wasn't even able to scream, cry, or even beg for forgiveness. He was frightened not only by his father's intimidating gaze, but also by his destructive might.

    Seeing no reason to torture the shadow Pokemon any longer, Arceus's eyes sparkled. In an instant, Giratina's paralysed body stopped in mid air and launched itself back towards his previous position. As he made his way there, Giratina's could feel a strange sensation coming from his insides. A metamorphosis was taking place on the inside of his body. Giratina's tail and body began to rapidly tear themselves apart from the inside and his head shape began to change as well. What exactly was going?

    Palkia and Dialga were completely in awe, speechless as to what they were witnessing. Giratina's entire body structure was transforming! Just what exactly did father do to him?

    Returning to where they were, Giratina had changed entirely, and it was as if they were looking at an entirely new creature. Giratina was transformed into a former shell of his previous form, with six short gray legs and two small black wings.

    This was a disgrace. How could he do this to him? Giratina had never felt more ashamed of itself than it did at this moment.

    Maybe it wasn't too late? Maybe if he apologized, Arceus would let him off the hook just until he had enough time to plot another attack.

    Unfortunately, before for Giratina even had the chance to finish the thought, Arceus's body began to glow vividly, completely blinding anything near his shining presence. It spoke the last words that Giratina would ever hear from him. It was his final message towards his son, and whether he appreciated it or not, was entirely up to him.


    One word. It only took one little word to completely shatter and destroy Giratina's attempt to foil his father.

    His voice was cold, distant, and reeked of disappointment. For the first time in his life, Giratina had no idea what he could do to get out of the situation.

    Palkia and Dialga then stared one last time at Giratina as they watched the shadow Pokemon stare wide mouthed at his own father. Deciding to put an end to to the battle, Arceus ascended Giratina's paralyzed body into the air and continued to do so until he reached a bright light into the sky.

    Giratina watched in horror as the bright light enveloped his body and opened a crack through the dimension, pulling his being towards it. As he was thrown out of the dimension, courtesy of Arceus, he took one final glance at Palkia and Dialga who watched as the Pokemon was being removed.

    You'll regret this Father! I swear it!

    That was all the shadow Pokemon had communicated to his siblings until the crack closed, completely sealing Giratina's presence in another dimension and putting an end between the battle of the gods.

    Even though Palkia and Dialga were glad that they're bout with Giratina was put too a close, they still felt sorrow for their lost brother. He was still apart of them and it was never easy to accept the fact that someone who you spent your entire life with was gone forever.

    Arceus looked up into the void of different colours, reflecting on how he went about handling the situation. Saying goodbye was never easy, but he had to do what was right. If they had continued to clash, the frequent disturbances would be strong enough to tear apart multiple dimensions.

    It didn't matter now, Giratina was gone and Arceus had made sure of that by stripping Giratina of all of his former power, sealing it within an Orb that now floated in front of him.

    In the spur of the moment, Arceus gazed upon the last remains of his banished son and decided to give the orb a name.

    The Griseous Orb.

    With one final look into the sky, Arceus stared into the direction of where he had sent his son.

    Good Bye, My Son

    Shortly After....

    Giratina looked around his surroundings and couldn't accept where he had been sent. The universe in which Giratina now existed in was filled with broken rock formations as far as the eye could see, and huge spiralling energies that enveloped the air.

    It was desolate place that was intended to act like some sort of prison for this rebel Pokemon. The realization of the fact that no matter what, he was trapped in this filthy and remote universe without any possibility of returning home, entered Giratina's mind. Another emotion that Giratina had not known became apparent to him and overtook his egotistical persona.


    Giratina screamed out violently in despair as he stood alone, trapped in this new world.

    This sadness however didn't last very long. Giratina's sorrow completely took a one hundred and eighty degree turn as it stopped screaming. An eerie smile began to spread across Giratina's face as he raised his head.

    A mild chuckle erupted from his mouth, which was replaced with full blown laughter. He had gone absolutely insane, not caring about this dimensions or even about his brothers. He only cared about one thing, or to be more precise one certain Pokemon

    Giratina stared intently at a crack in the sky, symbolizing his eternal banishment. With one last inhale, he roared with all of his might at that rift, communicating only towards itself.

    It had an eternity to devise a plan at getting Arceus to reveal itself again, and it was prepared to do anything.

    Absolutely anything.

    Sorry for such a long Prologue xD I really wanted to rethink the idea of how the battle went down and so I decided to change it a bit. Tell me what ya'll think :)
    Next Time: Chapter 1:“The Boy With No Memory”: A mysterious Pokemon escapes from Team Galactic, who is this run away Pokemon? As these events unfold, an unexpected guest arrives in Twin Leaf Town.
    Special Thanks to Doodles for the Badass Banner
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      A/N: So here we are with the first chapter. Now, we are in the present time, let's read on shall we?

      Chapter 1:

      The Boy With No Memory

      Running was all it could do.

      It didn't know where it was going; all it knew was that it had to get away from that place.

      As it ran, it could hear the barks and screams of nearby threats that had been closing in on it's location. With haste, it sprinted faster and faster while dripping sweat from it's forehead to signify how long it had been on pursuit.

      The moonlight that was cast over the grassy plains illuminated the scenery, and revealed the shadow's of it's pursuers.

      "Don't let it escape!" a husky voice screamed from the opposite direction.

      Swiftly, it picked up it's pace, ignoring it's current surroundings until it tripped over a rock that had been laying there and began tumbling down a hill. It continued to fall down until it landed into the river. Knowing that it would be found out if it emerged now, it hid underwater and waited for its followers to disappear.

      The pursuers arrived and scanned the area for their run away target but to their annoyance, they came up empty.

      "Blast it! We let it get away" one of the shadowed images exclaimed as he held the flash light. Next to these pursuers, were two canine type Pokemon that had been snarling since the target they had been chasing had got away.

      Annoyingly, the two began to walk away from the scene until they were nowhere in sight. Little did they know however, that the Pokemon that they had been searching for laid in the lake.

      As soon as the coast was clear, the Pokemon veered it's head up and quickly looked in all directions to confirm it's safety. Confirming this, it leaped up from the water, unfortunately dripping wet also, and continued on it's path away from "that" place. It's fatigue had begun to catch up to it due to the fact that it began to pant more and more with each step it took.

      The stinging sensation that became more noticeable as the seconds passed became a problem for the small Pokemon, so it held on to it's petite right arm to at least reduce the damage. It suddenly stopped running and turned its head around and stared intensely at the tall building that lied only a couple of miles away.

      "Rogue!" the Pokemon growled as it raised its weakened arm while glaring the building down.

      It continued to run towards the forest that was overshadowed with pitch black. The forest possessed a terrifying atmosphere and did not look as welcoming as the forests that appeared in broad day light.

      With no other choice, the Pokemon decided to venture inside the mysterious green land, as it needed a place to rest and recover it's strength. It had no idea where it was going or what it was going do; however it also knew that no matter what happened, it had to survive at any cost. It had made a promise, a promise that it was going to keep without fail.


      In Twinleaf town, the beginning of a few new trainers in the Sinnoh Region, a sudden burst of light abruptly appeared in the sky, which alerted the attention of a woman who was nearby in the forest picking some berries.

      She was of average height and was wearing a white shirt and blue tights that had an orange apron on the front. Her hair also was in the form of an afro and she wore a red pin on the right side of her head.

      "What in the world is that?" the woman thought as she held her elbow in front of her eyes to shield them from the bright light. A crack began to form around the light and suddenly, it blasted itself into the direction of the woman.

      "It's coming this way!" she mentally screamed as she began to run in the opposite direction. The light that soon engulfed the entire dimmed forest, finally crash landed a few metres behind the woman, which created a huge crater.

      The woman squealed quite loudly as she was blown a great distance ahead of the crater and landed on her front. It wasn't the most graceful way for a woman to land, but she managed to avoid sustaining any injuries.

      The crash had managed to shake up the entire forest at where it had landed. The residential Pokemon that inhabited the forests had begun to shake and scurry around trying to avoid the landing site.

      As the woman opened her eyes she began coughing at the amount of dust that the crater had made.

      "What...was that…" she managed to say as she stood up from the collision. She walked over towards the crater with caution and peered her head into the centre. The radius of the crash wasn't enormous but it still made quite a land mark.

      Her eyes widened quite a bit as she examined what was in the crater closely. As the dust settled, the figure of a human came into sight. The woman rubbed her eyes with her arms and tried to deny the possibility that the crash earlier was made by a living person.

      As she released her hands from her eyes and looked once again at the centre, she dropped her basket which contained different types of berries and stood their speechless.

      For in that crater, was a young teenager who looked no older than fifteen years of age.

      He was quite tall for his supposed age, reaching a height of about six feet and had outrageously long hair that was coloured mostly brown with black edges which reached all the way down to his hips.

      When was the last time someone gave him a hair cut?

      He was wearing a traditional Japanese martial arts outfit which was coloured black but had yellow outlines. The most noticeable thing about the boy wasn't his unfamiliar outfit, or even his outrageously long hair, it was on his right arm. For some reason, there was a pitch black item that covered all of his right arm up to the elbow.

      Was it a fashion sense? Did he lose his arm in an accident and had to get it replaced?

      All of these thoughts processed through the woman's head as she gazed upon the boy. She quickly realized that he must have been injured from the earlier collision, if he was alive for that matter. With caution, she made her way down the crater trying not to slip on any of the rocks and had reached the boy. She bent down and examined his body several times over looking for any signs of injury.

      Worried, she rested her head upon his chest and waited to see if she could feel if he still had a heartbeat. After a couple of seconds, she heard a faint but still beating thump emitting from his chest.

      She sighed in relief. It looked as if the boy had not been critically injured. Apart from the dirty stains on his outfit, dust that was encased around his face, and unusually sweet scent; he seemed to be fine. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a red ball the size of a sugar cube with a circle in the middle and clicked it. The ball suddenly grew three times its size.

      "Come Glameow!" she said as she threw the ball into the air. The ball opened up and a grey cat like creature appeared from the dazzling white light.

      "Nya!" that cat purred as its springy tail that looked as if someone had twisted it several times around themselves, bounced up and down.

      "Glameow, I need you to help me carry this boy to the house" she asked as she looked at the pokemon. That cat purred once again to show that it understood and headed towards the boys legs.

      The woman proceeded to lift the boy up and placed him into a piggy back style position while Glameow kept his legs from dragging. He was not as heavy as she had expected but he still wasn't a light weight to carry.

      They made their way out of the crater and headed towards the woman's house that wasn't too far away from the crash. She entered her home and carried the boy all the way towards an empty room located on the second floor. She placed the boy down onto the bed that was already there and covered him with a blanket.

      "Let's wait for him to recover, and then we'll ask him about what happened" the woman addressed the cat to which it purred understandingly.

      As she walked out of the room with her small cat pet, she turned her head around slightly and gazed upon the sleeping boy's face. She didn't know what is was but there was something about the boy that seemed awfully familiar.

      A couple of days passed by with the boy showing no signs of waking up….that is until…

      "Ugh…" the boy said weakly as his eyes began to twitch open.

      Without warning, his eyes swiftly opened wide and he arose from the bed gripping his torso. As he breathed heavily with sweat dripping from his head, he blinked several times as he tried to regain his senses. He then looked around his unfamiliar surroundings and noticed at the blanket in front of him.

      "Where… I?" he quietly said. He hadn't recognized this place at all; it was fairly small room with a few windows on the sides and a fresh scent to it.

      It was as if someone had planted a garden inside of it.

      As the boy pondered what to make of this, the same gray cat from earlier had come into his room with a food tray on its back. The boy noticed this and looked at it with careful eyes.

      "Is that a…Pokemon?" he thought as he stared deeply at the cat. He hadn't recognized this pokemon, not from what his memory could remember that is.

      The cat noticed that they boy had awakened and was startled by his sudden glare. It stopped what it was doing and glared right back at him. The two stared at one another with the cat giving him subtle hints in its eyes that it wasn't food.

      They continued to stare at each other for what seemed to be an endless amount of time, until the cat's owner walked into the room, wanting to know what was keeping her feline friend.

      "Glameow, what's the ma-"she was about to say, but noticed that the boy had awoken.

      "Oh, you're finally awake!" she exclaimed happily.

      "That's good I thought you were planning on sleeping forever" she jokingly continued as smiled and walked over towards the boy.

      The boy was slightly startled by her sudden presence and shifted backwards a bit. Who exactly was this woman? He assumed that she was the caretaker of this place and did not want to be disrespectful, so he tried to show his gratitude.

      "Thank you for taking care of me, I appreciate your care" he managed to say while bowing his head.

      As he arose, his thought was ended early as the woman rested her forehead on top of his. He slightly blushed at this, and moved back a little.

      What the hell was that for? Why did she just randomly rest her head on mine? Was she trying to do some kind of brain telepathy? Various thoughts rambled through the boy's head until he decided to let his words explain the situation.

      "W-What are you doing?" he asked, surprised at her close proximity. He noticed that the woman was quite pretty so it was most likely because of this that he was shy.

      "What's wrong? I was just checking If you still had a fever" she replied while having a confused look on her face

      The cat just purred happily while sending the boy a subtle hint that it was laughing at him. He snickered in annoyance and looked the other way.

      "This damn cat…" he thought, annoyed by the cat's sly behaviour.

      "Now now Glameow, it's not nice to tease him like that" she said as she looked down at the pokemon. The cat also turned the other way and frowned a bit. She then looked back at the boy.

      "Why don't you use the shower and come downstairs, I have something I want to ask you" she said and with that she left the room with the cat, but not before she picked up the food on its back and placed it onto one of the desks near the bed.

      The boy looked back at the food and glared it down. A noise abruptly erupted from his stomach, and he rubbed it with his hand. He knew what that meant.

      "Guess it can't be helped" he thought and picked up the food and began eating. It was surprisingly good and he felt his strength coming back to him. After that, he had gotten up and headed into the bathroom. Twenty minutes had passed and he emerged from his room with nothing on but a towel.

      "Now…where are my clothes…" he pondered as he looked around the previous room, but then noticed that the window was open and looked out of it. To his surprise, all of his clothes were being hung on a lengthy white line that extended over from a fence to another fence.

      "Did that woman do this?" he said silently wondering how his clothes ended up there. A smirk began to form on his face and he placed his leg on the window's ledge and his arm on the top. He had to admit, for someone he had never met, she was surprisingly thoughtful.

      Downstairs, the woman had been cleaning some dishes in the sink and humming happily. She looked outside the window and to her shock she witnessed something quite out of the ordinary. The boy had jumped from his window and landed onto the grass perfectly.

      How in the world did he do such a thing? Sure, it wasn't a ten foot drop and would definitely not have taken his life but still, for someone who had just awoken to be performing such feats was quite a sight to behold. Johanna had come to the idea that judging from the way he had been dressed that he was a type of martial artist.

      As she thought about this, she then noticed the reason why he had jumped and what he was after. The boy removed his towel and proceeded to change into his outfit in broad day light.

      She continued to look at the boy and for some strange reason began giggling. It was actually quite cute to see a boy of his age and appearance put on his clothes like a child. The neighbours and townsfolk walked by a few times and tried their best to ignore the naked teenager that was changing in front of their eyes. A little boy who was walking with his mother stopped and looked at him and tucked his mother's shirt.

      "Mommy, why is that guy naked?" he asked innocently and to his confusion his mother covered his eyes and continued walking in a hurry. After the boy had finished changing into his clothes he jumped right back up and tightened the laces on his pants and his vest.

      "Alright, I'm ready to go" he said happily as he was now ready and willing to take on anything.


      He put his arm onto his chin and tried to think of what he was supposed to do next. What exactly was he supposed to do? He didn't really remember much of where he had come from or what exactly he was doing prior to being found by the woman, but he felt as if he was missing something very important from his memory.

      "Hey!" a voice spoke from the house. The boy turned around to see the woman waving at him.

      "Once you're done over there, come inside, I made you some great pie" she yelled. The boy merely scoffed at the thought of being treated like a kid but he couldn't deny his urge to eat something again. He couldn't help it, he had an extreme appetite. After he had come inside and settled down in the living room, the woman brought him a slice of pie and a water bottle.

      "I am in your debt again" he said as he bowed his head. Even though he was stubborn, he had an instinctive urge to show elderly woman respect.

      "My, what a polite young man you are" she said as she sat down across from him. As they began eating, the boy couldn't stop looking around the house at all of the trophies, plaques, and certificates that were hung all over the living room. The woman noticed this and giggled.

      "So…" the woman began, which in turn caused the boy to focus his attention on her.

      "I haven't caught your name yet have I?" she said with a smile, intrigued as to what this boy's name was.

      He had stopped eating his slice of pie and looked at her with a serious expression. He began to speak his mind trying to answer the woman's question.

      "Ryu…" is all that came out of his mouth.

      Ryu? That's a name that was quite new to her ears. Johanna sighed reassuringly. At least she was able to get a name from the mysterious boy. She had never come across anyone with such an enticing name, but hey who was she to judge?.

      "That's quite a name you have there" she remarked as she put down her coffee. Wanting to know more about his caretaker, Ryu asked a similar question.

      "May I know your name Ma'am?" he asked, slightly looking away. The woman was quite taken back by this, she expected him to ask who she was, but she never expected it to be in such an adorable way.

      "It's Johanna" she replied. Ryu looked at her and then he also smiled.

      "You also possess a nice name" he mustered towards her.

      "So where do you live? she asked.

      Ryu glanced at her for a moment and then looked down at his slice of pie.

      "Live?" he repeated to himself. He had absolutely no idea where he lived. Why couldn't he remember where he had come from? It was so frustrating to know nothing about where you come from.

      " not know" he quietly said. His expression had indicated that answering that question had affected him. Johanna looked at him sympathetically.

      "Your parents? Siblings? Pokemon?".

      All Ryu was able to do was shake his head in disagreement. Johanna's heart nearly melted at the thought of a boy, no older than fifteen years of age not having any memories of his parents.

      "All I am able to remember is that my name is Ryu" he mustered out.

      "So, you don't even know what kind of world we live in?" she asked.

      Ryu looked and nodded his head. "Well, I know what Pokemon are but, that's just about how far the train goes up here" he said while pointing towards the top of his head.

      Johanna couldn't believe what she had just heard. There was someone in this world who did not even know the basics of Pokemon? This was outrageous, especially for someone his age. Johanna had made up her mind, she swiftly got up from her seat and placed both of her hands on the table. Ryu was startled by her sudden movement and moved back a bit.

      "I'll jam all of the basics into your head!" she announced with a newly found resolve to help the uninformed youth.

      Johanna explained to him that this was her house in Twin Leaf town, and that he was in the Sinnoh Region. She also explained to him the difference between trainers and coordinators. Although the two meanings were relatively the same in the concept of raising Pokemon, their paths shifted at a certain point.

      Trainers followed the path of battle and wanted their Pokemon to become strong combatants that competed in Gym Battles. Coordinators on the other hand strived to make their Pokemon more elegant and competed in Pokemon Contests.

      As the hours went by, Ryu began to understand so many magnificent things about the world he never knew about. However, even though this was the first time he had heard about it, he was certain that somewhere in his mind, he definitely had heard of these things. Johanna stared at Ryu multiple times while she explained the fundamentals of Pokemon.

      As she looked at him, she examined his bizarre clothing and shockingly long hair. Who was this boy? She couldn't just grasp the fact that he had come from the sky and just happened to land in the forest. She thought about how he could be an alien from another planet, and that he was going to pull out some sort of alien zap ray but quickly shook off this silly idea and returned to drinking her coffee.

      Ryu was fascinated with her tales of how she became a top coordinator and the challenges that she and Glameow had faced on their journeys. He began to admire her whole heartedly; not just because she was incredibly caring, but also because she was a strong woman at that. After she had told him stories about her past, she was curious to see if she could help him remember anything about where he had come from.

      They tried several different methods such as showing him her past photos and even taking him outside and meeting some of the people in the town, but to no luck. They returned home and began to run out of ideas.

      "I'm sorry that I couldn't be of any help today, Ryu" she said with a frown as she sat on her couch with Glameow on her lap. Ryu looked at her from his seat on the other couch and tried to cheer her up.

      "What are you talking about? You've already done so much for me Johanna" he exclaimed as he arose from his seat. He showed her a toothy grin to show her that he was fine and that it wasn't her fault. She had done more than enough by taking care of him.

      Johanna was slightly surprised at this, at how innocent and sincere his smile was. As she was about to say something, her phone rang. She got up from her seat and took the call.

      Glameow, that had been sitting on her lap up until this point, sprang up and purred at Ryu in which he responded by sticking his tongue out. Enraged, Glameow made an attack for Ryu and collided with his face. A battle emerged between the two of them for absolutely no reason.

      Johanna looked at them and smiled, noting how this reminded her of how her daughter used to do that with Glameow as well. The phone stopped ringing and the other line became connected.

      "Hello?" she asked.

      "Johanna, it's been awhile" the rough sounding voice came from the other end.

      "Oh my, Professor Rowan how long has it been since we've last spoken" she remarked, recognizing who the voice came from.

      "Yes it has been quite some time. I just called to let you know that your daughter has received her first pokemon from me and has begun her trip" the professor annonced, while sounding proud of her accomplishment.

      Johanna grew excited and thanked the professor for what he had done. She had been worried about her daughter due to the fact that she had always been quite a clumsy girl. Ryu and Glameow stopped play fighting and noticed Johanna's happiness. Ryu was glad that she was happy as she didn't look as pretty when she wasn't smiling. His happiness however, quickly descended into disgust as Glameow bit his right ear. Ryu winced at the pain of having his ear bitten by this "demonic cat".

      "That hurts! Take this!" he screamed and he began squeezing Glameow's tail around his body, which caused Glameow to purr out in pain as well.

      Round two had begun.

      Ignoring them, Johanna gleefully continued to ask about her daughter

      "So is Dawn travelling all by herself?"

      "Well, from what I saw she had two other companions with her, both of which were males" he replied, not sure on how she would react. The phone went silent for about a minute until Johanna burst into a hysteric laugh, much to Professor Rowan's confusion.

      "No need to worry, Dawn is too young to even be thinking about boys" she explained to Rowan's amusement.

      He chuckled. "Well that's good to hear, now if you'll excuse me I am needed down by the lab."

      "We all know how busy you are, sorry for taking your time Professor and thank you for informing me about my daughter" Johanna thanked, and with that she placed the phone down. She then looked at Ryu and Glameow who had turned a little play fight into a full blown street brawl. A drip of sweat comically appeared behind her head as she noted their childish behaviour. It was quite astounding for Johanna to see Glameow being so lively with anyone other than herself.

      The day quickly went by, and sooner the they had expected it, the sun had went down and it was time for the moon to rise. Being the gentlemen that he is, Ryu volunteered to help organise the house and set up the dinner table. Glameow also helped out, but she and Ryu had ended up causing numerous mini fights around the house. As he was setting the plates down which he got from the kitchen, he noticed Johanna's unusually happy exterior. Of course, she was naturally kind and was always smiling, but they way she began acting was different from this morning.

      "I wonder why she's so happy?" he thought as he set down the last plate. Curious as he was, he decided he would ask her when they ate. Johanna soon joined them at the table and she brought out one of her favourite delicacies, a rainbow sprinkled cake that looked extremely delicious. It took all of Ryu's strength to resist himself from assaulting the cake down to the last bite.

      Johanna noticed Ryu's enthusiasm to eat one of her cakes and smiled.

      "You may eat some now Ryu" she confirmed and with that, the carnage had begun with Ryu not waiting another moment to devour it. His eyes lit up from the cream soft feeling of eating the well made cake and he thanked her multiple times. As he was finishing up, Ryu wanted to know why she was in such a good mood all of a sudden, and so he asked. Johanna had told Ryu about her daughter, Dawn.

      She explained how she was ten years old and how she had always wanted to become a pokemon coordinator. Ryu, who was still stuffing his face, asked her where she was now. She had told him that she left home two days before he had arrived and met with Professor Rowan. This sparked Ryu's interest even more, as he wanted to know what a Professor was.

      She explained all of the details about their responsibilities and what they did for a living, but most importantly, she told him that they were responsible for giving new trainers their starter Pokemon and Pokedex. These words bounced around Ryu's head many times over as he tried to contemplate their meaning. He had a hunch that he had heard these words before but just quite couldn't remember where.

      Johanna, who was enjoying explaining things to Ryu, looked at his right arm; to be more precise the black gauntlet that was around it and still remembered when she first gazed upon it. She still wasn't quite sure why it was attached to his arm and god knows who exactly attached it, but now was her chance to find out.

      "Ryu, do you mind telling me why you always wear that gauntlet around your arm?" she asked pointing towards it. Ryu snapped out of his "thinking" mode and looked at his arm.


      Now that she mentioned it, what exactly was this thing around my arm? Ryu had never actually noticed that it was attached to his arm and never really bothered to even to figure out why. He just thought of it as if it was an extension of his arm, not really a gauntlet. "I can't remove it from my arm, so I can't really help it can I?" he joked with a tint of sadness in his voice.

      Johanna had noticed this and saw the discouraging face that Ryu tried to hide and frowned. She began to regret asking about it.

      "I apologize if it was a personal matter. I had no business asking you about it" she apologized as she bowed her head.

      "It's fine It's fine , I don't really know how to feel all depressed and stuff" he responded, trying to ease her guilt.

      "I just wish I had more information to tell you about it" he continued while carefully looking at it. Johanna suddenly raised her head and looked at Ryu.

      "Information! That's it of course!" she thought as she got up from her seat. Ryu and Glameow were startled by this, looking at one another and then back to her.

      "Is something wrong Ma'am?" he questioned, wanting to know what had made the passive woman so jumpy.

      "I've got it!" she screamed out loud. "Why don't you go and visit Professor Rowan? I'm sure if anyone knows about your arm, it will definitely be him" she suggested to Ryu.

      "Are you absolutely sure?" he asked, feeling anxious at her sudden outburst.

      "Of course, he's knows everything there is to know about Pokemon, and if that arm has anything to do with Pokemon history, then I can guarantee that he'll know what it is" she reassured him. Ryu suddenly began feeling incredibly happy at how a piece of his memory could be solved.

      "This is awesome! Thank you so much Johanna!" he exclaimed and went over and gave her a great big hug. She didn't know how to respond to such a tight embrace from someone she had just met. Although it was unexpected, she smiled and embraced him back. This news must have meant alot to him, as being able to regain your memories must have been quite a miracle. He could now understand why he was here and where exactly did he come from. Johanna retracted herself from the hug and looked at the time.

      "Oh my it's quite late, we should all get some rest" she offered.

      Ryu's stubborn side began to overtake him and he wanted to go right now and ask Professor Rowan about it.

      "But I want to meet the Professor right now, besides it's not even that la-" he almost finished, but froze dead in his tracks as he saw Johanna frown at him while putting her hands on her hips.

      "Now listen Ryu, when a guest stays at my house I expect them to comply with my demands. Do you understand?" she demanded of him while slowly inching her face closer to his.

      Not wanting to defy the "head" of the house, Ryu did as he was told.

      "As you wish Ma'am" he replied awkwardly. She smiled and pointed him to the direction of where he would be staying tonight. He made his way towards his room and spent the next couple of minutes making his bed and opening his windows. He jumped onto the bed that laid there and stretched outwards.

      Bringing his arm in front of his face, he deeply stared at the black machine that was attached to his arm, wondering different ideas about who he was.

      "Just who am I?" he endlessly thought as he clenched his fist. Not wanting to incur Johanna's "wrath" any further, Ryu tucked himself in and slowly began to drift into sleep. He had all day tomorrow to meet this Professor Rowan and hopefully he would have the answers that he wanted.

      A/N: Thanks for reading you guys. All reviews/critiques are appreciated. I want to know what you guys thought of it :) To show my appreciation, I will post previews of new chapters at the end of the previous ones.

      Next Time: Chapter 2:“A Fateful Meeting”: As Ryu ventures into the forest and heads for the Professor, he comes across an injured pokemon who is being chased! Who exactly is this lost and hurt pokemon and why are these weirdly dressed invaders after it
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        A/N: Here comes Chapter 2. Ryu is venturing through the forest, what will he find? Read on if you want to find out :)

        Chapter 2:

        A Fateful Meeting

        The sun rose brightly on Johanna's house as it was now morning.

        Ryu had slept soundly and was ready to tackle today with a new found motivation he had obtained after hearing about this chance to find out who he was. Johanna had packed a backpack for him, which was filled with delicious snacks and sweets that could keep him going. She also gave him a map of Sinnoh, which contained all of the routes and dangers that lied ahead before he reached Sandgem town.

        She was hesitant to let him go into the woods by himself, but Ryu eased her mind and told her that he would be extremely careful. Ryu thanked her multiple times for the necessities before stepping out of the front door.

        "Wait Ryu" she exclaimed as he was walking. Ryu turned around and expected another back pack of some sort, but was taken by surprise when he noticed her close proximity, which was then followed by a motherly embrace.

        "If you ever feel lost or troubled on what to do, there is always a place here that welcomes you" she whispered into his ear. Johanna had felt like Ryu was a son she never had even though she had only recently met him. He reminded her so much of her daughter. This had touched Ryu's heart. This feeling of security and warmness were all new to Ryu. He was wordless. It was different from last night, when he hugged her out of excitement, this hug felt more special. Not only did she give him a place in her home, but she also treated him as if he were her own child.

        Ryu was indebted to her, and one day would definitely pay back that debt.

        "Thanks for everything Ma'am" he began as he withdrew himself from the hug and turned around. "I'll be off now"

        Ryu began walking along the front steps of the house, and was about to leave, but heard a familiar growl from the cat.

        "Nya…" she purred softly as she saw Ryu walk away. Ryu looked at her and locked eyes with the gray cat that had her eyes lids slightly down. It didn't take a genius to realize that Glameow had grown attached to Ryu in a cruel sort of way. He noted that even though they were minor enemies, he was going to miss arguing with her and playing with that fluffy tail.

        The same thought went through Johanna's head; Glameow wasn't usually one to show emotions to strangers so quickly, meaning that she must have really taken a liking to Ryu.

        Ryu walked towards her and bent down. He placed a hand over Glameow's head and rubbed it affectionately. Glameow looked up and gazed at Ryu who had a huge grin on his face

        "Hey, don't be upset. I'll definitely come back to play with you some more ya stubborn cat" he grinned while rubbing the cat Pokemon.

        Glameow purred in excitement and enjoyed the sensation. After all of the goodbyes were said, Ryu walked out of the front gate and made his way toward the forest that was up ahead. He then turned around and looked back at Johanna and Glameow, who were still outside waving goodbye.

        "Thanks again, Ma'am" he thought sincerely as he watched the two figures wave goodbye at him. He then quickly shook his head, trying to erase the mushy feelings he was having for the two. It wasn't time for any of that now, he was on an important mission.

        Ryu looked towards the forest and stood right outside the entrance. He smiled abruptly and began walking into the unknown forest that stood before him. This was now the start of his journey to find out exactly who he was, where he had come from, and most importantly, what this gauntlet was doing attached to his arm.

        As Ryu walked on top of the ground that was covered in other footsteps, he looked in amazement at his current surroundings. The forest was filled with such vibrant colours, and trees that stretched down the road for miles. Playing around in the bushes, were all different kinds of pokemon that were happily interacting with one another. To his left, he saw small brown rodent creatures with large front teeth chomping down on some wood. To his right, he noticed brownish-Gray coloured birds flying around and enjoying their time as well. He was fascinated with the different types of pokemon that lived on this route.

        "Wow, what a lively place" he said anxiously as he continued to walk down the path. He remembered that Johanna had given him a map with directions on it on how to get to Sandgem town, and so he reached into his backpack and brought out a small secured cylinder like paper. He unfolded it and revealed a surprisingly large map that had different land marks and symbols on it.

        Ryu scanned through the map trying to locate where he was currently at, but due to the fact that he had problems understanding more than one thing at a time, he ended up hurting his brain a bit.

        "Gah! How the hell am I supposed to figure out where I'm supposed to go when I can't even find where I am?" he screamed as he shook his head, alerting the pokemon near him. They all gave him blank stares, and some even began to laugh at his silliness. Ryu turned to them and let out an evil grin.

        "You making fun of me?" he sputtered with a dark aura emitting from him, to show the creatures around that he did not take lightly towards staring. All of the pokemon just slowly backed away and shook their heads.

        He looked back at his map and then noticed something that he had not noticed before. It was a small red mark located near the bottom of the map. Next to the dot, was an arrow sign that had words connected to it that read "You are here".

        Son of a...

        Did he really just spend all that time trying to figure out something that was explained right in front of him? Ryu felt his face get a little hotter from embarrassment. Reading maps was definitely not one of his strong points.

        "Good thing no one was here to witness that…" he thought as he wiped his head. With his new found "directions", he began to march on through the route and off to Sandgem town, that is until he noticed a figure up ahead resting on a nearby tree. Ryu slowly approached the figure that seemed to be asleep from a distance. As he got closer, he was able to get a better look at its features.

        It was a pretty small pokemon, looking as if it would only reach up to Ryu's ankle at best. It was coloured light purple and had three spikes on the top of its head. It's arms and torso were covered in bandages, looking as if the Pokemon had gone through quite a training regiment. Despite the fact that it was a Pokemon, it had a human-type shape.

        "What pokemon is this?" he asked as he came to a stop. He had never seen this kind of pokemon before, or to be honest, never heard of a pokemon that had bandages on its body. As Ryu continued to examine it, he quickly noted that it had been inflicted with some injuries. It's breathing was also abnormal as well.

        "Is it sick?" he quickly thought as he got closer. He bent down and looked at it more carefully, resting his hand on top of its head. He swiftly withdrew his hand as it began to burn rapidly at an unbelievably fast rate, nothing in which a human could catch.

        "This isn't good, its looks badly injured and has an incredibly high fever" he thought carefully as he tried to figure out what to do.

        Should he carry this pokemon back to Twinleaf town and have Johanna take a look at it? No he couldn't, he didn't want to inconvenience her again, and with that dramatic goodbye he just had earlier, it would make it ever so cliché. So what other options did he have? The only one left, he just had to take it with him to see Professor Rowan and let the man work his magic. I mean he is a genius when it comes to knowing how Pokemon work so he should know how to treat it.


        With his mind set, Ryu proceeded to pick up the pokemon and placed it into a "carry" style position close to his chest. The pokemon mildly winced as it was being moved but it calmed down as it was relaxed in Ryu's chest.

        "Heh, it looks kind of cute when it does things like that…" he thought, but his thoughts were quickly interrupted. Suddenly, a barrage of purple needles had been fired directly at him. In an heartbeat, he instinctively jumped into the air and rotated his body completely backwards as he laid one hand on the ground. With the momentum he had just gained, he pushed off of his hand and bean spinning backwards. He was catapulted a few metres back and landed safely, as his feet skid across the forest floor. He then ascended his head upwards to find out the origin of the assault. He didn't know where or how he learned how to pull off such acrobatics. Maybe he was some sort of gymnast, or a well known martial artist?

        "So, we've finally found you" a voice said from the direction that the attack had been launched. Emerging from the forest, were two figures that were dressed quite oddly. The male was wearing a white spacesuit looking outfit with short blue hair and the female was wearing the exact same thing, except her outfit was depicted as more of a dress. Next to them, were two undiscovered Pokemon that Ryu had never encountered before. The one standing next to the male was a small dark blue frog type pokemon that had two yellow cheeks that occasionally puffed in and out, while the one standing next to the female was a raven coloured bird that had a yellow beak, and looked much like a black crow.

        Ryu glared at the two and depicted two symbols that were placed on the centre of their uniforms with the initials "TG" labelled on them. Why were they attacking a random traveller and a sick and injured pokemon? None of this made any sense to him, but all he knew was that they weren't going to let him by easily.

        "The hell do you two want?" he rudely asked. The two of them jumped from their locations and landed a few metres in front of Ryu.

        "Such insolence, you've never heard of Team Galactic before boy?" the man snapped back with a tint of anger in his voice.

        "How could he? Look at him, I bet he's just some no talent trainer" the woman said ignorantly as she glanced at him. Now this was very stupid. Ryu wasn't even a trainer, yet they presumed he was, just because he was carrying an injured Pokemon?

        Ryu looked confused as to what the duo could possibly want from him. He then realized that maybe that they were after his map that he had obtained. He quickly shook this ridiculous thought out of his head and tried to understand the situation. "What exactly do you need from me?"

        The pair looked at each other for a moment and began to laugh quite hysterically. Oh boy, laughing at Ryu was not something someone should take lightly. Their hysteric laughing pissed him off plenty as the thought of someone laughing at him; except elderly woman, was something he did not take sitting down.

        "The hell's so funny?" he shouted.

        "Don't flatter yourself boy, it isn't you that we are after" the man cracked while still laughing. They stopped laughing for an instant and then looked at him seriously while slowly raising their arms to become parallel with another.

        "Drop that pokemon, and get out of here" they both said in unison. This statement struck Ryu as odd. Why were they after this little guy? He clearly wasn't in any condition to battle and most likely couldn't even walk on it's own. Perhaps they it's lost trainers that came to pick it up?

        "Why do you want this pokemon so badly that you'd have to attack a random traveller?" Ryu asked with a tint of irritation in his voice.

        Before the woman had a chance to speak, the man put his hand front and stopped her.

        "We do not need to explain ourselves to the likes of someone who is of no importance." He then looked over towards Ryu.

        "Now just make this easy on yourself and hand over that Tyrogue!" he demanded, revealing the name of the sleeping pokemon.

        "Tyrogue?" Ryu thought as he stared at the two. He had never heard of a pokemon with that name before. He still retained a few memories of some of the pokemon in this region but most of them were still quite new to him.

        "Why are we even waiting? I say we just attack them now and capture the Tyrogue" the female suggested and readied her pokemon but she was stopped by her male partner once again.

        "Patience is the key to a successful operation, haven't you learned anything at the training camps?" he pointed out. The female became slightly irritated by this.

        "And who was the one who got held back because he caused an explosion on the campus when his electrode exploded randomly!" she retaliated while exposing her partner.

        His cheeks began to turn a light colour from embarrassment and he turned around to face the woman. Humorously, the two began arguing as if they were a married couple, much to Ryu's confusion and amusement. He couldn't help and laugh a bit at the unprofessional attitude of his so called "Pursuers". He could watch them go at it for hours but there was no time for that. With quick thinking, he slowly stepped backwards behind a near tree and then sprinted off into a different direction, hoping to escape the oddly dressed freaks.

        "Whatever! Let's just capture this fool and get back to bas-" before he could be finish his sentence he had noticed that the one he was trying to capture was already long gone.

        "You see what you do! Oh man, why did I have to stuck with you as a partner." He moaned and looked around the area for signs of the two.

        "The feelings mutual" she quietly said as she also began searching but then noticed a trail of blood that was on the ground leading to a direction south west of their location. She smiled and informed her partner who also had a wicked grin on his face as the two looked in the direction of where Ryu had supposedly run off too.

        With great speed, Ryu was able to quickly maneuver his way through the route to find a safe place to hide.

        "Whoa, since when could I run this fast?" he wondered as he continued to run through the forest. The speed that Ryu was running at was most definitely not human like speed. As he continued running, he quickly looked over at the hill top located on the right. Even though this would mean exposing himself in public, he had to make it to Sandgem town as swiftly as possible. Ryu jumped up as quickly as he could and landed on the street that was in the middle of the two hills. He made sure to land softly as he did not want to strain the injured Pokemon.

        Ryu looked back at the direction he had run from and smirked.

        "Thanks to those two idiots, I was able to put some good distance between us" he said as he remembered the bickering the two had done, which granted him the perfect opportunity to escape. He then used one of his hands to reach into his backpack and pull out the map from earlier, but it was harder to hold up due to him using his other hand to support incapacitated Pokemon.

        "Well, I may have strayed off course a little but I think If I keep going south I should make it to town" he said as he marked out a way to go, since going back to where he was would surely mean encountering the two weirdly dressed people again. He placed the map back into his backpack, supported Tyrogue with both hands and began running south. As he ran, he could see other trainers that were along the street and some in the grass that were most likely training or adventuring around.

        "These must be the new trainers that Johanna spoke about" he thought as he continued to run southwards. Even Ryu had to confess, journeying around with a partner seemed like it would be really fun, but he didn't have time for that. His memories was his first priority, and he needed to know the truth behind his gauntlet.

        Then all of a sudden, a voice cried from the side of Ryu's body.

        "Croagunk use Poison Sting!" a recognizable voice commanded, and another barrage of purple needles was aimed towards the now panicking Ryu.

        With no time to dodge, Ryu shifted his body around and accepted the blasts into his back. He screamed in agony at the stinging pain that the needles had caused him and fell onto one knee. He recognized that attack from earlier and turned his head to see two familiar faces that he was not too pleased to see again. Ryu frowned and slowly adjusted his body so that he was facing them.

        "It was a good attempt, but futile in the end boy" the man from earlier said as he stood there with his female partner and their pokemon.

        "Oh great, these two again, damn I can still feel the sting of that earlier attack" Ryu thought as he gritted his teeth, trying to bear the stinging sensation of their frog's attack.

        "Don't be such a fool, just hand over the Tyrogue and you're free to go" the woman said arrogantly. Was this really true? Would they really just let him go right after he tried to help this pokemon escape?

        Ryu didn't even know the back history of this Tyrogue. For all he knew, it could have been a criminal that broke the law and was now a wanted Pokemon that the police wanted to catch. After all, he was still unfamiliar with this world's customs and how things worked. It wasn't as if Ryu was some messiah or anything like that, he wouldn't just risk his life without a reason other than "To be a hero". He needed to know the circumstances of what exactly what going on. Ryu decided that if he wanted answers, there was only one way.

        "Let me ask you something then. I'll give you the Tyrogue only if you tell me exactly what it has done" he slyly said, trying to deceive the two as he turned around. The two members looked at one another and sighed in unison. Why should they tell this random trainer their objective anyway? Well since he would no longer interfere with their plans, it didn't really pose much of a problem now did it?

        "Alright, I'll tell you kid" The man begun to say. Ryu listened intensively; as the decision that he was going to make of either continuing to protect it or handing it over was residing on this.

        "It's not that it did anything wrong, it's just we want to extract the nature energy out of it" he blabbered on, revealing their true objective.

        Ryu just stared at the man and couldn't contemplate what he had just said.

        "Extract? Nature Energy?" he managed to say, but with much confusion in his voice. Why would they want to suck the life out of something that was already way past its limits? And why would they chase down a runaway Tyrogue that had no crimes on its name? More questions began to pop into Ryu's head, and he needed to know right here and now why they wanted this 'nature energy",

        "But this Tyrogue is weakened and isn't in any condition to be sucked or whatever" he pleaded, and tried to believe that their intentions were somewhat positive. However, Ryu's hopes were quickly shattered at what the man said next.

        "What the hell are you talking about? Who cares if a pokemon is weakened or not, their just tools and objects used for combat." he explained with a small grin on his face. His partner also had a seemingly wicked smile on her face to signal that she agreed with him.

        "Oh, he must be one of those trainers who wants to bond with his pokemon, how pitiful" she taunted, as the thought of how funny it was that some trainers thought of pokemon as equals. While the two began to laugh and ridicule him, Ryu on the other hand was swelling up inside. All of his previous doubts and indecisiveness suddenly vanished and he was clear on what morale they belonged to. Even though he didn't know what exact purpose they wanted it for, he was certain that it wasn't a very pleasant one.

        He gripped his fists tighter and gritted his teeth. The magnitude of his irritation began to sky rocket. Whoever these two jerks were, he was not going to allow Tyrogue to be taken by them. Ok yea, he did not know where he came from or who he was, but if there was one thing he knew instinctively about, it was the that those who break the law are scum, however those who abandon and desert their friends are worse than scum.


        Where did that come from? It was weird. Ryu didn't know why but he felt as if that sentence was very meaningful towards him. Without warning, a sharp pain appeared in Ryu's head and he placed his hand at the side of his head to contemplate what was going on.

        "Argh! What is this feeling?" he shrieked as he closed his eyes and gripped his head harder. The pain was unbearable and it felt as if someone was crushing his head against a boulder. Ryu didn't know what happened next, he blanked out. All he could see was complete darkness as he floated in some distant desolate location.

        "What's going on? Where am I?" he thought as he just drifted slowly while looking upwards, not sure which direction was what. This vast and unfamiliar location was terribly frightening.

        Suddenly, a flash of dazzling white light illuminated the darkness and he shut his eyes to protect his pupils. Moments later, he re-opened his eyes and gazed upon a figure. This was no ordinary figure, the figure was in the shape of a human. He couldn't actually see his face or what he was wearing as it was a silhouette , but he could never forget the eyes that it was facing him with. They were a crimson red colour that hunted Ryu dead in the centre of his soul.

        "Who are you?" he slowly asked the figure.

        "Ryu..." the voice began as it raised one of it's arms. How did this mysterious figure know his name? Who exactly was it behind the flashing white light? The figure then began to disappear, and slowly got smaller and smaller.

        "Wait! Come back! I need to know who you are!" he screamed out towards the disappearing dot. It only took a few more seconds, until it completely vanished, leaving Ryu desiring more answers.

        In an instant, he was snapped back into reality and his eyes opened slowly. He began to breath heavily while the gauntlet on his arm was starting to vibrate rapidly. He looked at it for a moment, until it finally died on. Why was it reacting towards his subconscious?

        "What…was that?" he slowly managed to say. The duo that was still standing there, looked at Ryu quite awkwardly. They knew the boy wasn't normal from the moment they saw him, but this was just down right creepy.

        "What the hell is up with this kid?" the man spoke in confusion as he regained his composure. He quickly reminded himself of their objective and lifted his arm into the air.

        "Now that we've told you why we want it, hand it over" he demanded.

        Ryu slowly looked at the duo and lightly smiled. He then gripped Tyrogue closer to his chest and took a readied stance.

        "Nah, I'm sorry but I don't think that'll ever be happening" he said with determination in his eyes to clearly show that he was not going to give up this injured Tyrogue. He didn't know who that mysterious figure was or what it was trying to tell him, but he knew in his heart that protecting this Pokemon was something he just had to do.

        The duo then sighed in disappointment and readied themselves for an unavoidable conflict. It was a shame; they could have gotten the Tyrogue and left the kid without anyone getting hurt. They may have not been the nicest pair around but they did not want any unnecessary violence if it could be avoided.

        "Suit yourself" the man began. His small frog type pokemon slowly approached Ryu, with an intent to kill in its eyes.

        "Croagunk, use Poison Jab!" the man commanded. Croagrunk extended it's right flap to the side of its body. It began to morph into a dark purple colour and as soon as the flap finished lighting up, it began sprinting toward Ryu. Ryu was in serious trouble here. How was he going to escape this situation? Croagunk jumped into the air and dived toward Ryu with its Poison Jab ready to collide with the helpless human until...

        "Growlithe, Use Flame Wheel!" a voice screamed close by, and suddenly a rotating ball that was cloaked in flames appeared from nowhere and smashed the airborne Croagunk down onto the ground. The duo had been surprised by this and turned their heads to see who had caused the attack. As they looked, the flames that were spiralling around suddenly dispersed, and a small red and black wolf type creature with black stripes and fluffy orange fur landed in an aggressive stance. Behind it, stood a woman who was wearing a blue formal uniform and a dangerously short blue skirt. She had light blue spiky hair and was wearing an officer's uniform.

        The woman slowly walked past the wolf pokemon that stood next to her and reached into her jacket pocket and pulled out some sort of badge.

        "By the law of Sinnoh, you three are under arrest!" she announced as she presented her badge towards the three of them.

        Confused, Ryu's mouth hung open as he took in the woman's entrance. In the three, was she referring to him?

        A/N:That’s all folks, that is the second chapter. Getting real exciting now isn’t it? On to the next one :)

        Next Time: Chapter 3 “Meeting the Professor”:
        As Ryu meets a Police Officer and sorts his little dilemma, Professor Rowan is still his objective. Will Ryu meet this Professor who will answer the questions he seeks?
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          A/N: Officer Jenny is on the scene, will she arrest Ryu and take back Tyrogue? Most likely not :( Read on :P

          Chapter 3:

          Meeting the Professor

          "You three are all under arrest!" the woman pronounced, as she held her badge up and shoved it forward in front of them. The man frowned in annoyance, clearly showcasing that he was not too keen on encountering her.

          "Damn, it's Officer Jenny" the man said aggravated as he looked at the woman who was glaring down the two.

          "What should we do? If we stay here any longer, they're might be more on the way" the woman panicked as she slowly backed away.

          "Don't falter!" he screamed, which caused her to be startled.

          "We still have the advantage, if we can take out her out quickly, we can set our eyes on re capturing the Tyrogue" he explained to his less enthusiastic team mate.

          Officer Jenny however, set her eyes upon the teenage boy who was currently kneeing down with what seemed to be a Pokemon in his hands. Was this boy trying to save that Pokemon from them? He wasn't wearing one of their uniforms and was on the opposite side of their attacks, so maybe he wasn't apart of Team Galactic. This is what she concluded and decided that as an officer of the Sinnoh Region, she must protect and secure the safety of all citizens and pokemon. However, her thinking was cut short, as the two began their assault on her.

          "Croagunk, Use Poison Jab!" he screamed, and as quickly as it came, Croagunk leaped up after being previously defeated and released a purple glow around his flap. It then sprinted towards Officer Jenny's Growlithe with the intent on getting payback.

          "Playing dirty eh? Growlithe use Ember!" Jenny countered. Growlithe opened its mouth and released a barrage of small orange darts towards Croagunk.

          "Croa!" it screamed out it agony as it was stopped mid way of its charge. The attack hit it dead on and it began taking its toll on the frog pokemon.

          "Use Wing Attack Murkrow!" the female screamed. On coomand, her dark bird jetted towards the wolf pokemon. Its wings began to glow white and soon they were fully basked in a translucent bright light.

          "Watch out!" Ryu screamed.

          Jenny however, just smirked and remained her cool.

          "Now Growlithe, aim your Ember towards Murkrow" she told it. On que, Growlithe lifted its head about ninety degrees and the small barrage of orange darts began shifting themselves toward the flying pokemon.

          "Murkrow!" the pokemon howled out as the barrage landed itself on its body, sending it crashing down to the floor.

          "Now Growlithe, follow up with Take Down!" she ordered, and with amazing speed, Growlithe dashed towards the falling Murkrow and delivered a devastating tackle towards its torso which sent it flying back, crashing into the weakened Croagunk. Ryu was in complete awe. He never imagined that a Police officer would be such a potent battler.

          The man and the woman from Team Galactic couldn't believe this. They never anticipated that the Police force would have such strong battlers on their squads. The duo panicked and decided that it was time to withdraw.

          They most likely could have dealt with the single Officer by themselves if they used their weapons, but they did not want to risk the chance of more coming to her aid. They recalled their defeated pokemon, who were lying on the floor with dizzy circles spinning around their eyes.

          "We may have lost for now, but I promise you that we'll take back that Tyrogue, count on it" and with that, the two had disappeared into the forest.

          Officer Jenny sighed in disappointment. This was the third one she let get away. Head Officer Trudge wasn't going to be too happy about this, seeing as he wasn't the most "easy going" boss. She then bent down and patted her Growlithe on its head.

          "Excellent job Growlithe, you did very well"

          "Grow~" the wolf Pokémon purred as its owner rubbed its head. Jenny then took out her Poke ball and recalled her tough canine back.

          She then turned her attention towards the teenager who was still kneeling down, clutching his chest closely. She hastily made her way toward him and examined his body.

          "Are you injured?" she asked, wanting to know if he had taken any damage. Ryu turned his head and gave her a confident smile.

          "Yea I'm fine, nothing to concern yourself with" he said, but still trying to bear the back pain that the poison needles from earlier had caused.

          "That was incredibly reckless you know, trying to take on Team Galactic by yourself" she said with a little sass in her voice as she put her hands on her hips.

          Apparently, Team Galactic was what they were called.

          "I guess that explains why they had the initials TG on their uniforms" he thought as he remembered what they looked like.

          Ryu stood up and shook off all of the pain his back was giving him, as treating this weakened Tyrogue was more important to him.

          "Sorry I cannot talk Officer, I need to get this guy to Professor Rowan as quickly as possible" Ryu said with haste in his voice. As he turned around and tried to continue his path towards Sandgem town, a sudden stinging pain surfaced on his back.

          "Ai!" he squealed, as the pain came as sudden as a millisecond. He turned around and looked at Jenny, who had a finger directed on the spot on his back that had been damaged.

          "The hell was that for!" he yelled, still feeling the sting of her little "attack".

          "Faker, you aren't alright are you" she said with her eyes squinted. Ryu chuckled nervously and scratched the back of his head.

          Damn, she was good.

          She then reached into one of her pockets and brought out a white handkerchief. She walked closely to Ryu and wiped his back that had a few bruises all over it.

          "I appreciate it, thank you" he thanked her, as he felt her hands rubbing into his skin.

          "Hey, don't sweet it kid" she replied happily, as she finished dusting off what had been on his back. Jenny turned her attention towards the small creature that had been resting in his arms.

          "Is that a…Tyrogue?" she inquired, while placing a hand on her chin, wanting to know what a pokemon that wasn't usually seen in these parts was doing here with this boy.

          "I guess so, I found him in the forest, and I've been trying to get him to Professor Rowan" he responded, explaining the situation. Ryu continued to inform her of what had happened and how he had been attacked by Team Galactic.

          Officer Jenny couldn't really believe that he was trying to bring an injured Pokemon to a Pokemon Professor. Why didn't he think of taking it to the Pokemon Centre?

          Either he must have been a completely new trainer, who had no idea about the Pokemon world...or he was just stupid.

          "Uhm, why don't you take him to the Po-" she didn't have the chance to finish, as Ryu leaned in closer as he made a request.

          "Please, I need to see Professor Rowan as quickly as possible!" he said with a firm resolve to see the Professor. Jenny could see how determined he was to see him and thought that seeing him would have the same result as surely Professor Rowan knew how to handle a fever. Besides, with the puppy dog face he was giving her, how could she say no?

          "Alright leave it to me, I'll take you there" she proudly said, and offered him a ride on her motor bike. Ryu's face suddenly brightened up and he smiled happily.

          "Thank you Officer….uhm…sorry, but do you mind telling me your name" he asked, while looking the other way as when he did when he asked Johanna for her name. Jenny looked at the boy curiously, but then smiled and answered his request.

          "It's Jenny" she said as she walked towards her motor bike.

          "Well come on now" she continued, while motioning him to take a seat next to her.

          Ryu, not waiting another second, walked towards the bike and sat down.

          Her bike was double seated, as it had a seat in the middle of it and another that was in the form of a pod that sat next to it. He adjusted himself around as he secured his helmet, making sure not to move around too much due to Tyrogue's condition.

          "Hang on, kid" she assured him, turning the handle on her bike. The bike's motor spiked up and the two were on their way towards Sandgem Town.

          The bike ride was fairly quiet, with Jenny asking him occasionally about his past and where he had come from, but he had to remind himself that he had no recollection of what happened before he met Johanna in Twin Leaf town.

          While Jenny was asking questions about him, he popped in a few questions of his own, wanting to know more about the two jerks who had assaulted him in the forest. It seems that their organization was called Team Galactic. They were a crime syndicate that focused on capturing Pokémon for god knows what. Ryu knew that they were not the friendliest type of people from how their belief on how Pokémon were just tools, but to attack, capture, and then absorb pokemon? The mere thought almost made Ryu intensely irritated at how they didn't' treat them respectfully.

          "So, you really had no idea why Team Galactic was after you?" she inquired.

          "I already told you, I have no memory of anything before I came to Twin Leaf town. If I had done something, it must have been something I did way before then" he replied.

          "But what about that pokemon you're holding?" she reminded him, and pointed to the light-headed Tyrogue that had crouched up in Ryu's chest.

          "I'm assuming that they must have been after that pokemon from what you are telling me"

          Ryu looked at the pokemon in his hands and tried to figure out what had made this pokemon so special.

          "Hey Jenny, can you tell me anything about this pokemon?" he asked, trying to inquire more information.

          Jenny had stayed quiet for a while, trying to seem as if she had something important to say, but unfortunately….

          "Yea, I have absolutely no idea" she admittedly said, while blushing and putting her hand behind her head. A drop of sweat formed behind Ryu's head, and he just smiled awkwardly.

          "Sorry, but I don't know much about Pokémon that aren't from this region" she began to explain.

          "What do you mean?" he asked.

          "Each region is assigned its own number of Police Officers, so if you really want to know anything about that pokemon, your best bet would be to ask someone who is from the Johto region."

          Ryu pondered what she had just said about these so called regions. How many of these regions would he have to explore if he were to have any hope of discovering anything about this Tyrogue, his memories, and the gauntlet that had been placed on his arm.

          As the two continued their conversation, the time flew by and before they knew it, they were at the end of Route 201, and at the entrance of Sandgem Town.

          The town was quite large in fact, with several different houses located all around the area. There was some sort of salty scent that filled the air, probably due to the fact that they were located right next to a beach. Jenny noticed Ryu's amusement at seeing the town and let out a small giggle. Was this really his first time seeing such an average populated place before?

          "Do you see that white building over there that is bigger than the other houses" she asked as she pointed her finger towards a tall white cylinder shaped building. Ryu nodded, noticing the difference between this building and all of the others.

          "That is where Professor Rowan does all of his Pokemon Research, I'll drop you off there" she explained and continued to drive the vehicle until they reached the lab.

          As they finally arrived, Ryu had gotten out of the two seat bike and of course made sure not to move around too much.

          As he got out, Jenny noticed something for the first time that was quite peculiar. It was his arm. Why was he wearing a gauntlet on his right arm? She thought that she should ask but hesitated for a moment. Ryu noticed this and looked at her carefully.

          "What's wrong?" he asked with a confused look on his face. Jenny quickly shook her hands and began to laugh nervously.

          "Oh, it's nothing, forget it" she was able to muster while still awkwardly laughing, with Ryu just raising an eyebrow.

          Even though he was grateful towards her, she was weird, but in a good way.

          Minutes went by in which Ryu and Jenny exchanged goodbyes and Jenny expressed concern for Tyrogue.

          "You make sure you get that Tyrogue back to normal, you hear me?" she ordered in a type of motherly fashion. Ryu snickered at how she tried to act like his mother, but smiled.

          "Of course, just leave it to me" he said to her. Jenny knew that Tyrogue would most likely be fine. Call it a hunch or instinct, but she just had a feeling that she could trust him, even though he did not look like the most trustworthy person in the world. However, he had the innocence of a child on his face, which made his story all the more believable.

          "Well then, I'll see you around kid" she finally said, and reached for the handle on her bike.

          "Jenny hold on!" he swiftly said which alerted the older woman.

          "W-What is it?" she mumbled out, a little taken back at what he had just blurted out. Ryu then sort of blushed a bit as he did not usually like talking all mushy.

          "Thank you" he wholeheartedly said and bowed his head in respect.

          Two words. Two simple words that held such little meaning to some people, had the opposite effect on others.

          Jenny just stared blankly at him; she had never heard such an innocent and sincere thanks, especially coming from a boy who looked out of the ordinary. She had to admit to herself that she had some doubts about the boy when she saw him with the Team Galactic members. However, those doubts were all diminished, as he seemed like the type of person who wouldn't join an organization like Team Galactic.

          So with that, Jenny left the laboratory, and soon Sandgem town as well. Ryu just stared into the distant image of her bike running off and started to think about the first woman to help him out.

          "Man, is every woman in this world so naturally kind?" he thought as he turned around. Ryu shook his head and tried to forget about it. Now wasn't the time to think about that right now, he had finally arrived at Professor Rowan's laboratory.

          He swallowed his spit as he stood at the laboratory's glass door. He began to feel nervous after thinking about it for a while. This could be the place where he could learn the answer to all of his questions. This Professor could finally tell him the secret behind his right arm, and why it was attached to him, and maybe even who he was in the past. Seeing as though Team Galactic desperately wanted this Tyrogue, there might have been a connection as well. Ryu looked down at the small Pokemon, who was still breathing abnormally and nodded his head.

          He found the strength to move his shaken legs and began to march forward. When he reached the glass door, he raised his arm to open it, but the door automatically opened, which caused Ryu to be slightly alarmed.

          "Whoa…" he stared in amazement at the doors opening all on their own. He entered the laboratory and looked it over for any signs of life.

          He saw a couple of people who looked no older than twenty years of age wearing white lab coats at different desks. The laboratory was huge, with stairs and different rooms located on every side. On the top floors was what appeared to be a research area, as there were different kinds of Pokemon that were in green tubes and had some type of equipment covering their bodies.

          He slowly walked inside and apparently, no one cared, as he wasn't noticed by any of the scientists. As he continued to walk, trying to search for a certain someone, a sudden burst of smoke erupted a few metres ahead of him at the corner.

          "What's going on?" he panicked, covering his eyes and turned his back to shield not only himself, but the Tyrogue in his hand.

          "Chimchar, get back here!" one of the scientists screamed, as a wild monkey animal ran across the room jumping from place to place firing the same attack that Jenny's Growlithe had used against the duo.

          "Chim-char~!" the pokemon screamed gleefully while flaunting about.

          "A wild Pokemon is on the loose?" Ryu thought, watching the hyperactive pokemon fling from desk to desk pretty much destroying everything in its path. Chimchar had then noticed Ryu standing there observing it, and felt a sudden urge to attack him for absolutely no reason. It charged in at him at such a speed that it didn't give Ryu a chance to react.

          "Holy ****!" Ryu screamed as he watched the Chimchar swiftly approach him.

          "Ariados, use String Shot!" a rough sounding voice said from the back, and all of a sudden, a white string that looked like a spider net came from a arachnid like Pokemon. The string was a direct hit and tangled the hot headed monkey Pokémon, finally subduing it.

          "Char!" it screamed out as it was captured. The monkey kept trying to escape its capture, but the string that had secured it was incredibly binding,and only made it worse the more he struggled.

          "Now, get back in your poke ball" said the voice from earlier, as a man pulled out a Poke Ball that emitted a light which sucked the Chimchar back into the into it. Ryu dropped to the floor with some slight sweat coming from his forehead.

          "Well, what do we have here?" the man from earlier remarked as he walked toward Ryu.

          He was slightly taller than average, and had a white beard that went along with his white moustache and white hair. He looked like he was in his early forties maybe late forties at best.

          As he got closer, Ryu had just remembered the real reason why he was here. He was supposed to meet with Professor Rowan and getting involved in silly antics would only distract him from that goal, especially for Tyrogue as it looked weaker by the second.

          "You must be Ryu" the man examined, bending down in a squat position and staring at him. How did this old many know his name? How could he have known his name when he had never seen him before in his life? Could he be his father? Nah, couldn't be they looked nothing alike.

          "Uh…Yea that's me, but how do you know my name?" Ryu asked

          "My word, she was right, you do have frighteningly long hair" he said, while continuing to stare at the confused youth.

          Now this was weird. Who was "she?"

          "I didn't believe her at first but I can't be-" he was about to continue, but quickly noticed the pokemon in his arms that was breathing heavily.

          "Oh my" he examined, as he looked at the weak pokemon who had a faint red cheeks on its pink face.

          "Quickly, place that pokemon on my desk" he said, indicating to the boy to act fast.

          Ryu, who was still confused as to who this old guy was, suddenly snapped back into it. He nodded his head and went along with him as he placed the Tyrogue on his desk.

          The old man took out some sort of device that had a lot of difficult buttons to understand, pressed a few of them and held the machine near Tyrogue. A light was released from the tip of the machine and scanned the pokemon from head to toe.

          Numbers and different formulas began to scroll down the device, and different pop ups began opening up on it with the man staring intensely at them.

          "What did that machine do? Is he going to be alright?" Ryu asked, worried about the safety of the pokemon. The man turned around and raised his fist into the hair and lightly conked Ryu on the head.

          "Ah!" he screamed as he held his head with both his hands, confused as to why the old man would hit him.

          "What was that for!" he screamed, as he agonized at the unexpected assault on his head.

          "Simple, that was a punishment for being such a reckless trainer" he calmly said with his hands behind his back.


          Who was he referring to? Surely he couldn't be referring to Ryu.

          "Are you talking about me?" he asked confused.

          "Do you see anyone else standing next to me?" he responded, not believing that he asked such a silly question.

          This annoyed Ryu a bit as he did not take kindly to adults who were know it all's, the only exception being females.

          "Whoa, let's get something straight old man; I am not that Pokémon's trainer." Ryu stated, trying to clear the situation. Now it was the man's turn to be surprised. If he was not this Pokémon's trainer, than why the bloody hell was he carrying it around?

          "Wait a minute, you are the same Ryu that Johanna had helped out earlier, are you not?" he questioned, trying to understand the misunderstanding.

          Oh the irony. Now this was another shocker. How did he know Johanna? Was this man some sort of famous person that Ryu was not informed about?

          "Yea that's me, but like I said, I'm not this Pokémon's trainer. I just found it in the forest injured and it had a fever so I thought that Professor Rowan could take a look at it" he explained.

          It took a while but the man suddenly began laughing. What was so funny? Ryu didn't get adult humour so he just stood there tilting his head.

          "Ah I see I see, there's no way you could be any type of trainer if you didn't know you were supposed to bring your pokemon to the Pokemon Centre when it became ill or injured." He joked, while still laughing at Ryu's odd decision to bring an injured Pokemon toward a Research laboratory.

          What was he talking about? What did he mean by….Ah!

          All of a sudden, Ryu's head began to pound again exactly the same way it did before when he was attacked.

          What was this Pokemon…..Centre? Those two words came into his head.

          Ryu found himself seeing images of an orange building that the initials "P" on it. Pools of information began to flood it's way into his membrane, and information that he had not known before unexpectedly became relevant. How could he forget? A Pokemon Centre was used as a Pokemon hospital to nurse and care of injured Pokemon. But where had this information come from? Why was it suddenly revealed to him after he had heard these certain words.

          The strange old man observed Ryu's odd behaviour and how he kept placing one of his hands next to his head, as if he was having the world's worst headache.

          "Johanna was right, this boy is quite different" he thought.

          As Ryu ran these different thoughts in his head, Professor Rowan took this time to call one of his assistants.

          "Ian!" he shouted towards a young man who was dressed in a lab coat a few feet from their location. He had raven coloured hair and wore a pair of glasses. The young scientist looked over at him and began to walk to where they were standing.

          "Is there something that I can assist you with, Professor?" he asked in a respectful tone.

          "I need you to take a look at this Tyrogue. Bring it some antidotes and paralyse heals" he explained, as he pointed towards the slumbering Pokemon. The assistant looked over at him and nodded his head to show that he understood.

          "Of course, right away" he nodded as he lifted the injured pokemon carefully and walked into a different door.

          Ryu had noticed this, as he felt the pain from his head die down, and became slightly worried.

          "Hey, where is he taking him?" he asked, trying to follow the assistant. He then felt a force grab onto his left arm with a firm grip.

          "We need to talk" the old man said with a serious look on his face. Ryu didn't understand who this man was or what he had needed, but he didn't appreciate some stranger suddenly grabbing him on his arm.

          "What makes you think I'd listen to you? Just who exactly are you anyway?" he rudely demanded.

          The man just smiled and let go off his arm. "I am Professor Rowan, the Head Professor of Sinnoh. It's a pleasure to meet you" he proudly said as he put both of his arms behind his back.

          Oh Crap.

          Whoa! Well Ryu finally gets to meet the Professor. Will he be able answer all of his questions?

          Next Time: Chapter 4“Kenta, The Lone Wolf”
          Ryu finally meets Professor Rowan and is desperate to know about his past and about his right arm. Will Ryu obtain the answers he ever so needs? and who is this new trainer who appears before him?
          Special Thanks to Doodles for the Badass Banner
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            A/N: Loved writing this chapter because Mr. Badass Kenta arrives. Have fun reading :)

            Chapter 4:

            Kenta, The Lone Wolf

            Shocked wasn't quite the emotion that Ryu was feeling at the moment. The man that currently stood before him was the great and well known Professor Rowan? He just couldn't believe it. Meeting him right now wasn't the surprise; it was the fact that he didn't look anything like he pictured him to be. He was expecting someone younger and more intimidating from what Johanna had described him as, not some fluffy white haired old man who looked almost like a pokemon.

            "You can't be serious! You're Professor Rowan?" Ryu shouted,

            Professor Rowan just chuckled. "Not quite what you were expecting, eh?"

            That was the understatement of the year. Well I guess it didn't really matter.

            Ryu had now completed the first stage of regaining his lost memories and needed to get as many answers out of this guy as he could.

            "Come with me Ryu, I have something very important I want to discuss with you" he said calmly as he walked over towards a tall door that was behind Ryu.

            Ryu didn't really have much of a choice and went along with him into the room.

            As they walked, Ryu took in his surroundings and saw various different photographs that were placed on two parallel sides of a hallway that stretched for miles. He looked closer at the photographs and noticed that the people in photos were what seemed to be past pokemon trainers that stood alongside Professor Rowan.

            Ryu was intrigued and wanted to know more. "Who are all the people in these photos?"

            Professor Rowan had noticed Ryu gawking and decided to answer his question.

            "Those are photos of past students of mine, when they first started out their Pokemon journeys".

            Each of the photographs looked relatively different, as each trainer had either a red coloured monkey that was jumping, a blue coloured penguin that was posing or a green coloured tree creature that was eating grass.

            "These must be the starter pokemon that Johanna mentioned before" he thought.

            Finally, their passage came to a stop as they reached a door located at the end of the hallway. As Professor Rowan grabbed the door hinge and proceeded to open the door; Ryu peaked his head into the office and was flabbergasted.

            Professor Rowan's office was nearly double in size to all of the other offices that the other scientists had, and was definitely more furnished.

            The Professor was living the good life. Well it was to be expected, I mean he was the head Professor.

            As they strolled into the large room and walked over towards his desk, Professor Rowan motioned for Ryu to take a seat at a small black chair that was located right in front of his desk.

            Ryu took his seat and felt kind of nervous. He was usually fine with entering an unfamiliar area, and not having much to worry about, but this was different. Maybe it was because he was in Professor Rowan's office that made him nervous.

            Ryu suddenly remembered what Johanna had told him about being nervous and recalled that he should just take a deep breath and relax, which is exactly what he did.

            What was there to worry about? He had waited for this moment to learn about his arm, and also his forgotten self and now was the time to finally discover that secret.

            "Ryu, I want you to tell me everything you can about what you remember before you met Johanna" Professor Rowan asked as he brought out a notebook and a pen from his desk.

            Ryu looked at him carefully and tried to comply with what he had asked. It was definitely not as easy as remembering what had happened a couple of hours ago. Ryu closed his eyes and tried his hardest to remember anything about where he had come from, or even anyone he knew before meeting Johanna. Or better yet, that mysterious figure that had appeared before him when he was attacked by Team Galactic.

            Minutes went by, with nothing but silence and Professor Rowan feared that Ryu could not remember anything.

            "I didn't think it was that bad….this is going to take longer than I had originally planned" he thought as he recorded Ryu's behaviour down into his notebook.

            Concluding the first phase of his research, he looked at Ryu and decided that it was time for a new type of experiment.

            "We're going to try something else Ryu, you can stop thinking now"

            Again, silence filled the room as Ryu hadn't responded to what he just said.

            "Ryu?" Professor Rowan inquired curiously, trying to wake up the boy, until he had noticed a little snot bubble coming out from his nose.

            Professor Rowan nearly fell over from where he was standing and got up, trying to adjust his jacket.

            He cleared this throat and screamed "Wake up!" while hitting him over the head with his notebook.

            The snot bubble popped, and a eerie eyed Ryu looked up at the Professor who was crossing his arms.

            Laughing nervously, Ryu scratched the back of his head and apologized several times. It wasn't his fault, Ryu didn't really care much for deep thinking and disliked having to think about something for too long, but if he was ever going to get his memories and the knowledge about his arm that he desired, then he was going to have to endure it.

            Continuing the experiment, the two of them began trying different memory games about different Pokemon topics and common sense exercises. Professor Rowan wanted to know exactly what he was dealing with here, and needed as much information as possible.

            Half an hour went by fairly quickly, with the professor gathering a substantial amount of information to conclude his research.

            Professor Rowan had left Ryu on his own to go and finish his research, and to check on the pokemon that he had brought with him.

            As Professor Rowan entered the Restoration centre in his laboratory for treating injured Pokemon with only mild and un-severe illness, he dropped the check board he was holding and looked in horror at the carnage that had occurred.

            The entire room was a complete wreck, with tables flipped over and many of the less injured Pokemon cowering in fear in the corner. It was if a Steelix had woken up from a really bad nap and started going ape.

            Some of the scientists that were lying on the floor either knocked out or knocked through some of the walls had looked as if they were punched by a really tough Pokemon.

            "What in the Shiftry happened?" he mentally asked himself while walking slowly into the room.

            He quickly remembered the last time his lab was in this condition. It was when some of his co workers decided to throw a party when he was out. Gripping his knuckles, he looked around to see if he could find a certain someone.

            "I swear, if Ian is responsible for this, he's going to have to clean up after Muk for a very long time" he said quietly.

            However, try as he might, he could not locate the familiar scientist and released his frustration.

            As he continued to explore the room, he gazed upon a familiar face from not too long ago.

            In the middle of all of this destruction was a Tyrogue that stood there, holding the head of an unconscious scientist.

            Professor Rowan could not be certain of what he was witnessing.

            Did this little Tyrogue really cause this much chaos and mayhem? That shouldn't even be possible; a Tyrogue's strength shouldn't be this overwhelming to have caused all of this.

            As Professor Rowan tried to contemplate what was happening, Tyrogue took this chance to blitz out of the room and head towards the main entrance.

            With its abnormal speed it quickly manoeuvred through the wreckage of what it had caused and headed out into the main facility.

            "This does not bode well…" Professor Rowan reflected, as he just stood there and watched him run. He tried to go after him and followed him all over the lab until the main door was just in sight.

            With no time left to catch up, he reached into his lab coat and brought out one of his Pokeballs and threw it.

            "Ariados, Stop that Tyrogue!" he ordered, and the Pokeball opened to reveal a giant red and black striped spider type pokemon.

            As it landed, it shot out a thick white spider web and encased the running Tyrogue's feet within it.

            "Rogue!" the pokemon screamed out, as its mobility was now cut off and it was seemingly captured.

            "Good work Ariados, now just hold it for a moment while I try to ca-" Professor Rowan was cut off mid-sentence, as the pokemon grew angrier and took a hold of the web string that was binding it, and with all of its might began to spin it around while rotating Ariados like a rag doll.

            "Ari!" Ariados screamed out in terror as it was being spun across the room.

            Tyrogue then did the most logical and might I add the funniest action, and let go of its hold on the web which launched Ariados spiralling out of control. It crashed into a research facility area, totally wrecking the place with glasses being broken and tables being moved.

            This alerted all of the other scientists in the facility to which they quickly ran to safety, trying to secure and make sure none of the pokemon in the research tubes got loose.

            "But that's impossible, there's no way a Tyrogue should have that magnitude of strength, especially after considering that it had just recovered" Professor Rowan said out loud, as he marvelled at the feat of the pokemon who, despite its size was incredibly powerful. Tyrogue then took this opportunity to run again out to the main entrance.

            "This is not good; we can't let it get out of here!" Professor Rowan exclaimed, but he knew regardless that it was too late and watched as the door to the lab automatically open and the Tyrogue jumped out.

            His hope seemed lost until the Tyrogue was abruptly sent flying backwards and barely managed to land on its feet as it retracted the ground.

            Professor Rowan had found it a shock as well and looked to see what had stopped the pokemon.

            "Oi, is this the welcome you give to your grandson geezer?" a teenage voice pronounced.

            A teen, no taller than Ryu had entered the laboratory with his pockets in his hands. He was slim and his skin tone was coloured white but he was tanned. which went along with his striking blond hair that stretched back and defied the laws of physics. He also wore a pair of black silver on his head.

            He was wearing a pitch black shirt with black jeans and a wallet chain to match. He wore black biker gloves on both of his arms and had a silver chain around his neck. The two most peculiar things about this teenager was the fact that he had a white line running across the centre of his nose, and that his eyes were coloured light yellow like a cat, and looked as if they could penetrate your entire being.

            "K-Kenta? I didn't expect you so soon" Professor Rowan remarked at his supposed relative, as he watched him enter the laboratory.

            Kenta just scoffed in annoyance and narrowed his eyes towards his grandfather, still as forgetful as ever. He looked on towards the Tyrogue who had a very irritated expression on his face.

            "Why is this pokemon glaring at me?" he wondered as he competed into a staring competition with the Tyrogue.

            Suddenly, Ryu ran into the room after hearing all of the commotion that was going on.

            As he ran in, he had noticed that the left side of the lab had been mostly trashed and saw a knocked out spider Pokemon that was clearly unable to move stuck between some books.

            "Just what did I miss?" he thought, trying to understand the situation.

            Professor Rowan, who now saw this as the perfect opportunity to stop Tyrogue, reached into the other side of his lab pocket and brought out a Pokeball.

            "Now" he screamed, throwing the Pokeball towards the Tyrogue.

            Tyrogue had noticed the Professor's attempt to capture it and did something that would not only hurt him physically but his pride as well.

            Tyrogue jumped into the air and using the momentum of the jump, started to roll backwards until it did a complete back flip, and on impact did a somersault kick at the ball and sent it straight back.

            The ball smashed into Professor Rowan's face, which left a noticeable bump mark on his head as he fell down. It was hard to tell if he was conscious or not, but he was definitely not getting back up any time soon.

            Ryu had been startled by this and almost burst out laughing at what had just happened.

            "Well I don't blame the little guy....." Ryu thought as he stared at the Tyrogue, who was mocking the knocked Professor by slapping its butt.

            Ryu and Kenta both stopped their attempted laughter for a second and glared at one another for the first time as they noticed each other's presence.

            It may have just been for a couple of seconds, but it felt like an eternity to the two of them.

            Ryu had just taken in Kenta's "cool" appearance and wondered who he was, while Kenta also watched and observed Ryu, wanting to know more about this mysterious trainer, and how he got his hair to be so frighteningly long.

            "Hey you, what is your name?" Kenta questioned, curious to the identity of this shadowy boy.

            "Isn't it common courtesy to give your own name before asking for another?" Ryu responded, as he was slightly annoyed with his attitude.

            Kenta grew a vein at the top of his forehead from hearing this response and smirked a bit. Ryu then also smirked and the two just stared at one another again while giving each other the famous "electricity" eye tension stare.

            Kenta turned his attention towards the bandaged Pokemon that stood there, waiting to pull off another escape attempt. Curious, he turned his focus back on Ryu.

            "Does this rude Pokemon belong to you?" he asked.

            Ryu, who was still trying to figure out what had been going on quickly denied it.

            "Hell no, I'm not even a trainer" he responded.

            This surprised Kenta a bit, as he was expecting him to be one judging from the way he was dressed.

            "Oh is that so" he said calmly, and then took another look at the wild Tyrogue just standing there.

            "So you wouldn't mind if I caught this barbaric pokemon?" he said bluntly. This caused something in Ryu to snap, something he never knew had been there. Capture? Why would he want to capture Tyrogue all of a sudden?

            "Since this pokemon does not belong to you, you obviously don't care if I were too say...capture it?" he remarked, pressuring Ryu on with his subtle words.

            Ryu was not sure how to react to what he had just said. He did think of the Tyrogue as some type of friend that he had rescued and grown to somewhat care about, while on the other hand, Team Galactic would have probably never attacked him out of the blue if he hadn't been carrying it. He wasn't sure what to do; he didn't know whether he should say something or not.

            It was then that he had realized something that he had believed in when Team Galactic had confronted him.

            Those who break the law are scum, however, those who abandon their comrades and friends are even worse than scum.

            This is what he had believed when he decided not to give up Tyrogue to those two agents, and this is what he should believe in now.

            Kenta's eyes spiked up as he noticed Ryu taking a few steps in front of the confused Pokemon. He just stood there, standing right beside him as if he was it's trainer to begin with.

            Tyrogue, who was also astonished to see Ryu stand beside it, observed that he had a smirk plastered on his face.

            Many different thoughts went through Tyrogue's head, as he gazed upon Ryu's familiar face. Tyrogue couldn't remember all that clearly, but he could slightly recall the face of someone who was carrying it. Was this human the same one that saved him?

            "Sorry buddy, but I can't let you do that. Tyrogue's my friend and I never abandon my friends" he stated clearly, showing Kenta his resolve at not letting him capture him. Tyrogue found it quite odd to hear a human utter such words. He assumed that all of them just wanted to enslave the Poke race into abiding by their every command.

            Kenta stared at the two and looked deep within Ryu's black eyes, in which he saw his determination to keep his words. Even though he claimed he wasn't a trainer, Kenta knew that he had the heart of one, and was satisfied with his answer.

            He let out a small smile and walked towards his grandfather who was still in recovery from his failed attempt to capture the Tyrogue.

            He bent down and started poking his grandfather to get him to wake up. "Oi geezer, come on rise and shine"

            After a while of poking, Professor Rowan had woken up and tried to grasp at what had happened while he was in dream land. Kenta filled him in on what had occurred, even his humiliating defeat at the hands of a Pokemon less than three feet.

            Afterwards, the group of scientists helped organize and fix the section of the lab that had been broken from the defeated Ariados. During this time, Professor Rowan (with his new bandage seated on top of his head) invited Kenta, Ryu, and Tyrogue to his main office to clarify the entire situation.

            Tyrogue was now sitting on top of the Professor's desk and Ryu sat down in the same chair in front of it. Kenta however, leaned himself on the door to the office, comfortable at staying a distance away from them.

            "Now since that little mess has been taken care of, I can now explain the data I had gathered from the research" Professor Rowan declared as he brought out the check board from earlier.

            Ryu gulped heavily at this moment, as if he was waiting to hear if he was going to live or not. He had finally been waiting for the opportunity to learn where he had come from and what this gauntlet was doing attached to his arm.

            "Lay it on me, Professor" he said while gripping his chair. Professor Rowan nodded in agreement.

            "Very well" he began.

            "From my research, the only thing I can conclude completely is that you have some sort of limited amnesia" he explained.

            Ryu was confused at what he meant by this term.

            "What does that mean?" he questioned, wanting him to elaborate further.

            "Well simply put, your brain has all of its memories, however, for some unknown reason it cannot access one hundred percent of that information" he explained to the still confused boy.

            Ryu was at a loss for words. Did he really have all of his memories inside of him? Why was his brain not allowing him to access his memories? Just when Ryu thought he had the answer for what he was looking for, a thousand more began popping up.

            "Is there anything else you can tell me Professor? What about the mysterious figure?" he asked, wanting to know more about himself.

            Professor Rowan just shook his head to signify that he had not discovered anything other than that.

            "There is not enough data to explain why you saw that in your subconscious" he reported, crushing Ryu's hopes in the process.

            Ryu's chance at finding out who he was began slipping away from him, as the key to unlocking his hidden memories still felt such a long distance away.

            Kenta, who had remained quiet most of the time, wanted another thing clarified.

            "Geezer, aren't you forgetting about the gauntlet attached to his arm?" he inquired, trying to remind his absent minded grandfather.

            "Ah, that is right I had almost forgotten", reminding himself of another conclusion he had drawn.

            "Now about your arm, it seems as if you're arm generates the same frequency waves that pokemon emit from their structures" he explained.

            Ryu, who was just as speechless as before looked at the gauntlet. He closely examined it to see any signs of communicators of such, but all he saw was a black gauntlet that had white outlines traced around it. As he was about to stop, he noticed a small circular button located near the bottom.

            Impulsive as he is, he pressed it, which revealed four small crimson red gems that reflected the sun's light off of them.

            "What are these things?" he asked as he glared at them.

            Professor Rowan approached Ryu and came in closer to take a better look at them.

            "Fascinating..." he examined as he stared at them. He hadn't the slightest idea what exactly they did, but he was sure that these orbs played a significant role in unlocking the mystery behind who Ryu was.

            Kenta all the while, was observing Ryu from the corner and tried to figure out exactly where he had seen his face before. He recognized his face from somewhere, but he just couldn't pin point exactly where.

            The more pressing matter that Kenta had a hard time grasping wasn't about where he had seen him before; it was trying to understand the secret behind the boy's gauntlet. Those orbs that he mentioned earlier were definitely something that he should keep in his mind and watch out for.

            Professor Rowan noticed that the day had gotten out of hand and he had now just remembered the real reason why Kenta had paid him a visit.

            "Kenta, I apologize for forgetting about your pokemon" he said as he left the room to go and retrieve something for him.

            Kenta sighed, knowing how clueless his grandfather was sometimes when it came to important matters, despite his reputation.

            "Hey, Kenta" Ryu quietly murmured, which alerted Kenta's attention as he turned to face him.

            "What?" he asked, wanting to know why he had called him.

            "Who are you?", dying to know the true history of this unknown teenager.

            Kenta pondered this question for quite some time, but found it more intriguing to let him keep it a secret, well at least for now that is.

            "Don't you worry about it, it doesn't concern you anyway" he said as his eye lids began to close.

            Ryu grew a vein at the top of his head at how annoying this guy could be. He had already taken an immediate disliking towards him for offering to capture Tyrogue, but with his attitude and the way he carried himself, Ryu knew that he was someone who was going to have problems with.

            Professor Rowan returned to the office and was carrying a Poke ball with a black star on the top of it. He handed it over to Kenta who took it and placed it around his belt that held two other Poke ball's around it.

            "I hope it hasn't been too much trouble to take care off" he said, feeling sympathetic towards his grandfather.

            Professor Rowan just chuckled and shook his head.

            "An over active pokemon is a sign that it is healthy and wants to be noticed by its trainer" he stated.

            Kenta then mildly smiled and gave his grandfather a quick thanks and proceeded out of the office.

            Ryu, who still wanted to know more about Kenta went after him.

            Professor Rowan turned his attention towards the small pink Pokemon, who hadn't made a single move up until this point.

            "You know, you should really thank that young man. If he hadn't brought you to us when he did, your illness would have been much worse" he explained to the small Pokemon.

            Pokemon were able to understand the human language, so Tyrogue got the message.

            Now wanting to feel ungrateful, Tyrogue jumped off from the desk and ran out of the room on it's human shaped limbs.

            "What a softie" the Professor uttered under his breath.

            As Kenta made his way towards the front door of the laboratory, he heard a voice call out to him from behind.

            "Wait!" Ryu shouted as he ran up to him.

            Kenta turned around and was actually a little surprised to see Ryu chasing after him.

            "What is it?" he asked, getting straight to the point.

            "At least tell me why you wanted to capture Tyrogue?" he replied, hoping to receive an answer.

            Kenta stared at him for a couple of seconds, and then closed his eyes.

            "That's none of your business" he stated.

            Feeling furious, Ryu tried to ask another question but was cut off short, as Kenta had raised a Pokeball towards him.

            "If you're dying to know so badly, then do it with your Pokemon" he exclaimed.

            "You mean in a battle?" Ryu inquired, as he had heard the term from Johanna.

            "That's right, I'll tell you why if you can defeat me" he offered.

            Not wanting to sound like a wimp and chicken out, Ryu stepped forward and agreed. "You're on!"

            Kenta faintly smiled. "And what Pokemon are you going to be using, Mr I'm not a trainer?" he said playfully, knowing full well that Ryu didn't have any Pokemon, so there was no way he could battle him.

            Ryu was afraid of that. Ever since waking up at Johanna's house to meeting Professor Rowan, he hadn't been able to capture or obtain any pokemon. How could he? He didn't have any of the proper equipment needed and was definitely lacking the necessary information as well.

            What was he supposed to do? Going back now on it would make him look like a sissy.

            Just as the situation seemed hopeless, Tyrogue stepped up in front of Ryu and readied its stance.

            A sensation occurred within Ryu's right arm as he grasped it with his other arm. It was resonating violently as he watched Tyrogue glare at Kenta.

            What was going on? Why was his arm suddenly reacting towards Tyrogue's presence in the room?. One of the red orbs on Ryu's gauntlet started to grow brightly which blinded everyone in it's crimson light.

            Kenta brought up his elbow to protect himself from the luminous light that had enveloped the room.

            "What's going on? Where is this light coming from?" he wondered

            The light began to dissipate, and soon the room was back to it's normal state. Ryu, looked downwards at his gauntlet and noticed that the crimson red orb that was shining brightly, was back to normal.

            Tyrogue grinned towards Kenta which caused him to become a little startled. Why was he smiling towards him?

            "Rogue! (Let me fight human!) the pokemon announced as it was heated for combat.

            Ryu stopped thinking immediately and tried to contemplate what he had just heard. Did he just hear incorrectly or did he just understand what Tyrogue had just said?

            A/N:Dayum! Ryu learning about his past a bit and discovering how his arm is somehow related to pokemon and now Tyrogue can talk? Let us proceed :)

            Next Time: Chapter 5- “Ryu vs Kenta, Tyrogue’s Frustration” :
            Kenta has challenged Ryu to a 1 vs 1 battle with Tyrogue. How will the battle turn out? And will the explanation behind how Ryu is able to communicate with Tyrogue ever be explained?
            Special Thanks to Doodles for the Badass Banner
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