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    ~Pokemon Immortal (A Browser Based Rpg)~

    ~Hey everyone! This is the official progress thread for a new pokemon game called Pokemon Immortal. I haven't officially started to work on it yet, and am currently in need of help. It is going to be a browser based pokemon rpg, somewhat similar to pokemon crater.



    ~I wanted to create this rpg for a couple years now, but life got in the way, and I wasn't able to really pursue it until now. I want to create a community where people can collect their favorite pokemon, battle them, train them, and make new friends. So why you're asking? Aren't there enough rpgs like this out there? Well, depending on who you ask, yes. But I have been unsatisfied with most of them, and I dream of making my own with some special twists to set it apart from other rpgs of it's kind.


    What is it Exactly?

    ~Well the closest thing I could relate this too, would be a cross between pokemon crater and global pokedex plus. I'm not looking to make exact copies of those games morphed together, because that's just stupid, but in terms of basic functionality, those would be similar.

    Planned Features?

    ~All current 649 pokemon (In all forms for those that have them) and some fakemon on the side.
    ~A pokedex which tells you what pokemon you have, and what you need.
    ~Normal, Shiny, Shadow, Fog, and Golden pokemon.
    ~A pokemart where you can buy evolution items, pokeballs, potions, and other mis. things.
    ~A pokemon shelter where you can adopt pokemon or pokemon eggs.
    ~A trading system.
    ~A lottery where you can win rare pokemon, items, and eggs.
    ~A store where you can buy very rare pokemon forms for a great sum.
    ~Ability to battle all gym leaders, frontier brains, elite four, and champions.
    ~Special events where we give away a rare pokemon for a limited time.
    ~Different maps to go to and catch pokemon and legends.
    ~A point system.
    ~A top trainers list.
    ~Ability to nickname your pokemon.
    ~Ability to battle other trainers.
    ~Ability to evolve and de-evolve your pokemon.
    ~Find fossils and revive them into pokemon.
    ~A forum for trading, chatting, ect.
    ~(These ideas are subject to change. In the future some may be removed, and some may be added)


    Currently Hiring!

    ~Well, to start this section off, it's not fair to ask others without telling my information and what I can give to this project.

    I best fit into the jobs of designer and coder, though I am able to do some sprite work. An example of my Photoshop skills would be my signature and avy. In terms of coding. I probably know a lot less than you would like me too, but I am capable of learning quickly. I currently know html, some php, and some javascript. What I really excel in would be an organizer. ^-^

    My timezone~U.S eastern time zone (I forgot what it's actually called)
    My contact method~ You can contact me through email ([email protected]), Msn (Shiki Sama), and Skype (Also Shiki Sama).


    So I am in need of......

    ~expert coders
    ~Designers (banners, logos, ect.)

    Application Form:

    What position are you applying for?~
    Example of work (Coders: what kind of languages do you excel in? What past experience have you had?)~
    Contact Method~
    Would you be fully committed to this project?~
    Additional Info~


    Current Team


    (Will be updated as people join)


    Time Plan

    Well, a lot of factors come into play when looking at a tentative release date. At absolute least we could have it done by the end of the summer. At most it could take a year or more to release the first version. It is a big project that, and as far as I know, has to be coded from scratch. Please bear with us on time frames. We WILL get it done. I promise. =)


    Thank you for reading this somewhat long post~(I really appreciate your interest in this project)

    ~Shiki <3


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    Old June 25th, 2013 (1:36 PM).
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      I don't know if you're still developing this, or if you have any designers yet, but i'd be willing to help you with graphics, or coding.

      I use Gimp, and the latest Photoshop (which is currently Photoshop CC), oh, and Paint Tool Sai. I'm really good with Gimp, i'm also good with Photoshop, and I can draw a few stuff on PTS. I still have a lot to learn about coding but, i'm average with it, that's why i'd prefer designing, c:

      I hope this doesn't bother you too much, but I'm only 13. I love drawing and graphic design though, and doing this would be like a dream come true. I love Pokemon and i'm friendly and easy to get along with, so... :3

      If you have any questions for me, i'd be glad to answer them.

      P.S- I joined this forum just because I saw this and it looked amazing. Good work on the features!
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