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Old May 1st, 2013 (8:06 AM).
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    Pokémon Graphite
    (name not final)

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    Pokémon Graphite is a small project I’m currently developing, I’m trying to get something out and playable with a somewhat decent story; although there will be a few new features added into the game. Pokémon Graphite won’t be like traditional games, as there will only be 4 Gym Leaders and the Pokémon League will work differently. I haven’t decided on a final number of Pokémon but it’s looking to be around 120, with around 70~ of them being Pokémon that I’ve designed.

    Oh and a lot of this information may change, I’m still very much planning and designing the game/story as I go.

    [3 years before you were born]
    Graphite takes place in the world of Pokémon; opening abruptly in the tropical Honshu Islands, a roaring meteorite ‘crashes into a mountain side splitting the land in two, with magnitudes of damage covering the region the people are forced to move and rebuild. In this event hundreds gathered in search of the meteorite and quickly traced it to the mountain side near the sleepy town of Itota – But it was underneath the meteorite it was that the real marvel was found.

    A young researcher had discovered what seemed to be an ancient artifact beneath the meteorite crash site. The relic intrigued the researcher, and he quickly began work on learning how the object worked. He built a lab in Itota Town and with a small group of scientists discovered that the relic acts very similar to a Pokéball and actually contained a Pokémon. This young man soon founded the HR Project (Honshu Revival Project), a project established with a team of Scientists, miners and Pokémon professor’s to work together to find, revive and place ancient Pokémon back in to their accurate habitat.

    [20 years later]
    The Honshu region has changed quite a bit since the founding of the HR Project, there have been over 65 new Pokémon revived and successfully brought back into the region while HR Project is still running strong. Your father works as the lead researcher at the mining site in Itota town, and it is in Itota town where you and your family lives. Years before you lived in Rustboro City, in the Hoenn region but when your father was hired as lead researcher working for the HR project so he moved you and your family to the small town of Itota where you’ve lived for the past 5 years. Working closely with your Father is Pokémon Professor David Cedar, a young Pokémon Professor hired to help your father to study the new Pokémon discovered and place them in appropriate locations around Honshu.

    However quite recently with Prof. Cedar your father has found three new rare Pokémon, a fire, water and grass type. With this totaling 70 Pokémon found, and with the recent types of Pokémon found, your father and Prof. Cedar think it’s quite appropriate to surprise you with the choice of one... And so, your journey will begin!

    • 70 NEW Pokémon! Plus 50 original Pokémon
    • Fresh Gameplay!
    • Travel the completely new Honshu region!
    • Only 4 Pokemon Gyms, (Much harder)
    • Changes to the Pokémon League!

    Coming very soon!

    RPG Maker XP
    Maruno - Pokémon Essentials .V11

    Thanks, I’ll be updating often, I’d like to know what people though.
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    Old June 26th, 2013 (10:48 AM).
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      This sounds amazing. Literally, my perfect game. *v*

      Well, erm, if you need a... beta tester.. um.. I'm always here. o.o

      xD But in all seriousness, this sounds really good, and it looks like you've put a lot of hard work into thinking about this, so keep up the good work, and I hope this stops being an idea, and becomes a real game.

      P.S. I could make some graphics for you, which I doubt you need ._.
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