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Old November 23rd, 2013 (8:46 AM).
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    I posted on THIS VERY FORUM complaining about Brendino infracting me for something I DID NOT DO!!! HE POSTED BACK IN A PM "it was an accident. I hit the wrong username" I ASKED HIM TO REMOVE MY POST THEN!!! he said he'd take it to a higher staff to help me get it removed because IT WAS NO LONGER NEEDED!!! INSTEADOF THE HIGHER STAFF REMOVING THE POST LIKE I ASKED CALMLY, HE BANS ME FOR BEING RUDE TO MODERATORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WAS A F^%$%& ACCIDENT AND Brendino SAID IT WAS ALL GOOD!!!! THAT WAS A LIE!!!!! BECAUSE INSTEAD I WAS BANNED OVER AN ACCIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!! you can ask Brendino yourself, he made a mistake and said NOTHING BAD WAS GOING TO HAPPEN!!!!! I ASKED A HIGHER STAFF TO REMOVE MY COMPLAINT ABOUT Brendino!!!!!! INSTEAD OF REMOVING, LOOK WHAT HAPPENED!!!!!!! there is NO OPTION for ban appeal like you guys say!!!!! and I thought these bans are two weeks NOT AN ENTIRE MONTH!!!!!!!!!!! ask Brendino yourself, he made a mistake and Brendino and I were getting along JUST FINE before the ban!!!!!!!!!! I was told that fighting with Brendino was the reason behind my ban!!!!!!!!!! I WAS NOT FIGHTING WITH Brendino!!!!!! we were talking via PM until the ban!!!!!!!!!! I WANTED HIS FC FOR F^%$##@ SAKE!!!!!!

    I think the REAL REASON why you ban me is that Poképhilia is a turn off on this forum and you guys are trying to MAKE me leave permanently by either scaring me or completely banning me outright because of Poképhilia!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET A LIFE, SO WHAT IF I AM ATTRACTED TO Pokémon!!!!! I can be attracted if I want MY LIFE!!!!!!! I KNOW THAT'S WHAT UR DOING!!!!

    I ALMOST didn't even come back because I WAS SCARED TO WITH THE ARRAY OF PROBLEMS YOU GUYS HAVE CAUSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! two Xanax later, I posted this


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    Old November 23rd, 2013 (8:53 AM).
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    Okay we're going to do a neat little exercise here Justin. I'm going to close this thread, you're going to try and calm down. You're going to read over all the threads you've made about this sort of thing, and remember why they were closed and where you were directed. Then you're going to contact a Super Moderator or Administrator (I know how much you love the colour scheme formatting!). You're going to try and use Caps Lock when appropriate, you're going to try and be approachable and coherent, and we're all going to leave with an understanding. Won't that just be lovely? Let's try that! I mean, as you say, it was an accident right? So nothing to scream over am I right? Great! Let us know how it goes.

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