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Old January 6th, 2014 (1:40 AM).
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I cant do CSS one tiny bit so i try to make it as nice as possible my way :)

Ladies and gentleman, behold the abomination called Command and Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight.
Why do i call it a abomination? Simple: This game is far from C&C worthy, let alone being RTS worthy. This game has the most flaws i have ever seen. I called this game horrible a while ago without trying it, but i had my thoughts of this game actually being not bad so i tried it out and here is what i think of it.

To start off there may be some spoilers in it, since i have played a mere 2 hours into the game, and it was just torture for me. I will try to make you not buy this game, unless you get the complete C&C edition, cause its simply not worth any money.

To start off to play this game you have to be online, there is no way you can play it offline. And then they still have a single-player campaign in it, but it can also be played co-op with up to 5 players. Which seems good at first, actually its quite a improvement since the last game with a co-op campaign was Red Alert 3 which supported 2 players for the entire story. But now here comes everything what makes this game oh so bad.

To start off, there is no base building. Every C&C game had base building, except for this one. In this one you have a giant walker factory which produces units at a cost of "supply". You are allowed a limited ammount of "supply" and each unit costs a certain ammount of "supply". There is no money so you can spam tanks as long as you want untill your walker factory is dead which makes this game utterly easy, even on the hardest difficulty. Secondly to get more units you have to rank up, which takes ages to do so, so you are forced to play the multiplayer mode which also contains people playing it 24/7 and having already the best units in the game. Also there is little to none infantry, and this made me angry. I loved my infantry in C&C, and now they scratched it.

Then there's the story in which is laughably stupid. It already starts in the opening cutscene in which a "package" gets delivered to the GDI headquarters. This "package" gets escorted by two soldiers armed with... P90's.. That made me facepalm a lot... The game is set in the future, the cutscenes in the previous games had futuristic weapons and now they show up with P90's... huge mistake if you ask me. Then the "package" appears to be Kane (the Nod leader in GDI's HQ, wonderful).

The units are pretty impressive and the classes make it look like a RPG in a small way. You have the Assault class which has the real powerful and big units, the Defensive class has defensive structures and the Support class has abilities to help in combat, which actually forces you to play with others to get a good combination between the 3 classes. Though there is still no infantry they did a great job making this game more of a online game than a offline one.

To come to my conclusion: Tiberian Twilight murders the C&C series brutally with everything there is about it.
As a RTS fan im deeply disappointed with this joke EA pulled off. Do not buy this game under any circumstances.

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