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Old February 9th, 2014 (4:44 AM).
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    If this isn't the post to ask this in, please forgive me, I'm new to these forums.

    But anyway. I would like to ask an opinion from you guys on my current team. If you can, please give suggestions for my team. I am aware that i probably need better type coverage, but I'm trying to decide what to make the pokemon for that type coverage.

    My team is:

    A level 30 Marshtomp
    A level 29 Kadabra
    and a level 25 Azumarill.

    Please suggest any tips if you have some. Much appreciated
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    Old February 10th, 2014 (4:42 PM).
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    It wouldn't be a good idea to have two water-types on your team, so it'd be a good idea to switch of them (preferably Azumarill) with something else. What should you replace it with? Try Haryama. For moves, go with Rest, Sleep Talk, Whirlwind, and Crosschop. You should be able to catch Makuhita in Granite Cave, then all you need to do is evolve. :)
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    Old February 11th, 2014 (12:06 PM).
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    I don't agree with the RestTalk Hariyama suggestion, as it's a tutor move that is better used on something else when you get to the Frontier, and Whirlwind isn't very useful without Spikes-stacking and at that point you're making every match a total slog. If you want to use Hariyama (not a terrible choice, but a little slow) then use:

    - Vital Throw / Brick Break
    - Return
    - Rock Tomb
    - Fake Out / Arm Thrust / Brick Break

    Strong, but deceivingly poor bulk. Use Brick Break if you can replenish the TM through trading with other games (FRLG especially) but otherwise just use Vital Throw--you'll want to save Brick Break for something to use in the Frontier probably. Rock Tomb is weak and inaccurate but is probably your best option and sucks on most other pokes, Return hits hard and can be replenished in Pacifidlog, and Fake Out has priority and nets free damage. Arm Thrust is usable as a fighting move without negative priority.

    Otherwise, Swampert is amazing. Use:

    - Earthquake
    - Surf
    - Ice Beam
    - Return / filler

    Evolves from Marshtomp at level 36. Earthquake is gained at a high level (I think 52?) but Mud Shot is fine until then. Ice Beam can come from the Mauville game corner or the Abandoned Ship. Surf is superior to Muddy Water because of accuracy, and Return is a filler. Either mud attack works as Mud Shot lowers Speed (sometimes useful as pert is rather slow) and Muddy Water lowers accuracy.

    Azumarill sucks and overlaps with Swampert. I'd keep it on as an HM slave but nothing more.

    Kadabra is good, though Gardevoir is better if you can't get Kadabra evolved via trade. Even so, it's still perfectly usable (and is actually quite good). Use:

    Kadabra / Alakazam
    - Psychic
    - Shock Wave
    - Reflect
    - Calm Mind

    Its type coverage is limited but it hits hard with 120 base satk. Shock Wave was basically made for this poke unless you want to breed for elemental punches (a drag without access to Meditite which isn't in Emerald). Psychic is very strong. Either of the last two moves can be replaced with Psybeam for more PP as you go through the game. I'd recommend keeping Reflect if you do that though, as it really helps Kadabra take at least some physical hits and makes Swampert briefly untouchable.

    A better option for a Fighting-type than Hariyama is Heracross. It helps a ton with the last enemies in the game. You need an acro bike but you can access it in the safari zone (it's rare but you should find one after not too long). It gives you free wins over 2 of the 4 e4 members and is very helpful against the champion. Use:

    - Brick Break
    - Megahorn
    - Rock Tomb
    - Return / Horn Attack / Reversal / filler

    You really only need his two STAB attacks. Megahorn is learned late as well so be patient, but it's the bug-type fire blast. Brick Break is learned without needing the TM. Rock Tomb still sucks but serves its purpose well enough, and the last slot doesn't really matter but Return is probably your best bet for 100% accurate KOs on Flying-types.

    good luck
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    Old February 12th, 2014 (12:34 AM).
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      This seems a bit gimmicky but that's not to say it isn't useful. The answer is Shedinja.

      Reason being, the only types that counter your pokemon thus far. (Swampert will get an additionally ground typing later on.) are dark, electric, bug, rock and psychic if you go with Hariyama.Shedinja dosen't take damage from any of those types except Rock, and if you suspect a Pokemon is carrying rock tomb or something like that switch it out, or you can try to outspeed and KO it.

      [email protected] Berry
      - Solarbeam
      - Silver Wind
      - Shadow Ball
      - Protect

      While it's moves don't excatly counter every single type, the Pokemon that aren't super effectuve do nothing to it, and since emerald trainers don't have really surprising move sets, it's a realatively safe choice, but it still is unpredictable and has its risks.

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