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Old March 10th, 2014 (10:33 AM).
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Hey guys . Many of us want remakes for R/S/E games but do we even know why ? Anyways , I have some hint or maybe pictures of probably they're telling us that there will be a remake.
  • I noticed the logo for pokemon black and white looks like it may be hinting to Hoenn,the ice is red and blue for white kyurem and black kyurem but the ice looks more like crystals then ice to me (The logo). It is probably just my imagination or a coincidence but the logo looks incredibly suspicous

As Pokemon X and Y players know, the Kalos Power Plant is a location within the Kalos region which plays a important role in the game. Team Flare takes over the station to take advantage of its energy, and it becomes the player's job to stop them.

Although this seems too have nothing to do with Hoenn on the outset, a fan supposition rumor has reduce the makeup of the Power Plant to represent the legendary Pokemon of R/S/E.

According to the photo , a certain amount of the Kalos Power Plant uses flaming energy (Groudon), another portion uses ground energy through the use of a water heater (Kyogre), and the wind mills use the air (Rayquaza).

This Pokemon X and Y rumor even goes to suggest that the Power Plant's main place has an alien, space-like design, which apparently links it to Celebi or Deoxys.

As X and Y fans know, the progress of finding any junk of evidence to encourage the rumor of confirming a Hoenn remake has become a hobby for gamers. However, this rumor does seem to cause some curiosity in the matter.

Obviously, this is not the only thing within X and Y which seems to mention to the Hoenn region.
Various NPCs in X and Y can be seen talking about the region in Ruby and Sapphire.

Much of the dialogue could just be taken as a homesick bonus for those familiar with the series and corresponding games, but there’s one conversation in particular that seems to hint strongly that the games are en route to the Nintendo 3DS. When speaking with a traveler who’s checked into one of the many hotels featured throughout X and Y‘s Kalos region, the weary traveler informs players that the area isn’t nearly as nice as his home region – before teasing that users “will see it in due time.”
  • Lumiose Museum: a picture of Peeko and Mr.Briney
  • Lumiose Hotel : 3rd floor: an old man mentions getting Sapphire or Ruby stones for his wife
  • The Royal Castle: Lava cookies are mentioned by one of the people in the castle
  • One of the people who move from hotel to hotel is from the Hoenn Region

So what do you guys think ? will they make a remake ?

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Old March 10th, 2014 (2:48 PM).
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We have a remake thread in Pokemon Gaming Central. Check it out!

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