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Started by PokéCommunity Daily February 13th, 2016 8:05 PM
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I wanted to post some feedback on this article. Quote below to ping the author:

hello author
First off, this is a fun article, so well done. I just want to give some suggestions to improve it since you plan on making more of them.

- First, I thought the abbreviation section was unnecessary. Four moveslot syndrome can be explained when it comes up, special stats are very self-explanatory, the tiers can be foregrounded in the introduction with a simple link, and Mega Pokemon should not be abbreviated at all. I thought this section killed the momentum of the article and talked down to the reader, so I'd just remove it.

- Less of a comment for the author than for the editors, but the colored moves felt gimmicky to me. They just came off as a bit of an eyesore, and it just felt like unnecessary embellishment to me. The type of the moves is both obvious and unnecessary at the same time anyway.

- The overview felt a little aimless to me. It felt like everything it contained could have been briefly glossed over or mentioned when relevant in the moveset section. Instead of a section where you note its Speed, you can just casually drop in something like "Given its solid Speed tier and access to Spikes and Destiny Bond, Froslass makes for a natural suicide lead."

- The analysis section was the strongest. It begins to deflate a bit in the pro/con section, which I found to be pretty variant in insight. Everything about its role in the hazard game was very good, and the pros in general were solid. However, not getting Prankster isn't really a con, just like "Justified is useless" isn't a con for Keldeo, just a factual annoyance. Also, it seems like there is a misunderstanding of what four moveslot syndrome is. From what I gathered about Froslass's function, it doesn't really suffer from this at all. 4MSS is when you need more moveslots to really be functional, while with Froslass it seems like stuff like, say, Thunderbolt is kind of a luxury.

- The cons section states that it does not get Stealth Rocks. It does not get Stealth Rock.

- The points of comparison had some things that I wouldn't classify as coherent categories. Destiny Bonders and Taunters, for example, aren't really a thing, the same way Ice Beamers aren't a thing. The hazard roles were much stronger. In the spinblockers section, you just say ewwwwwww. I was very confused what this was supposed to convey, and while I mostly thought the article's tone was pretty fun, I thought it got a little too cute here since it drowned out the content.

- Finally, the my only major criticism (since everything above is pretty nitpicky) is that Froslass is not really put in context very much. I feel like the analysis of Froslass as an individual Pokemon is strong, but what types of teams can it work on? How can you compensate for its lack of defensive utility? How does Froslass's skillset translate into wins? It was here where I felt unconvinced. Froslass feels very difficult to fit onto a team because of the difficult into cramming enough defensive utility into six team slots to cover the many threats in OU. Since a Pokemon like Klefki does this, it seems to be a much stronger choice, and I think that this lack of team context undercut the article. Similarly, I think your series as a whole would really benefit from replays showing the Pokemon in action. First, replays will give some team context by virtue of the fact that, well, you'll be battling with Froslass (or whatever Pokemon) with five teammates. Second, it will give you more authority as an author since you will be showing Froslass putting in work--or not putting in work, so as to not cherrypick replays. Finally, it just gives further evidence and reinforces the more abstract or theoretical work being done in the rest of the piece. Plus, replays are exciting to watch.

I hope this helps. Good job, and good luck.
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