Pokemon Ruby Adventure[megarceus]

Started by megarceus April 18th, 2016 11:37 AM
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Hey Guys! This is my very First Thread here! And with that I'll present my(also first) Pokemon Essentials Game, Pokemon Ruby Adventures! YAAY! It features updated OWs, updated Tilesets and follows the Manga really closely. Now, I can't post pics without 5 posts first, so I just provided the main link part of the screenies. Just add dot com("dot"com) in the address bar and roll with it!
[eg: if its googledotcom/xyz, i have given google<space>.<space>com/xyz like google . com/xyz]
http: //imgur . com/pa2gz3a
http: //imgur . com/cu25SQ4
http: //imgur . com/mVTBrq1
http: //imgur . com/v0eFCTb


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Hi there! Unfortunately your game doesn't quite reach our requirements and is in the wrong place!

Once you have enough bits of info to meet our expectations you can post your game thread in the progressing games section.