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Game Idea pokemon daycare adventures

Started by naamal September 29th, 2019 5:42 AM
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Posted September 29th, 2019
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well, im new here but I have an idea for a fan game (i think).
I always wanted to realy care for my pokemon and the ammy and pokemon refresh didn't do that in the way I expected.
I want to create a game like a pokemon tamagoochy or something like that where you can really care for your pokemon and bond with them.
there will be battles and like the mood of the pokemon will determend how they will do in a battle, I think its a pretty cool concept.
if you care for pokemon more they will be happier but there are still natures so a lonely natured pokemon will get anxiety or mad if its neer another pokemon or you for a long time.
the battles in the game arent for fame or story, they are for bonding with your pokemon. again if the pokemon nature is like lazy he will not enjoy battles like a Bashful natured pokemon.
they will be a lot of activities to do with your pokemon and games, but if you will play with a pokemon the same game a couple of times he will get bored and won't enjoy it and even hate it.
pokemon will remember stuff, like hated food favorite game boring activity and more. this can change however, when pokemon will get older it can change its taste or favorite stuff.
Pokemon can evolve in this game too, but not all of them want to. sometimes after a pokemon evolve he can hate his new look or not like his type, this can make pokemons verry afraid of evolving.
pokemon talk with other pokemons! they will gossip, spread rumors and tell jokes. this can sometimes be a good thing or a bad thing, if a pokemon had a bad experience with you they will tell other pokemon friends about it and pokemons can think of you as a bad guy or judge you.

the purpose of this game is basically to have fun but also to know that not everything in your control and to know how to deal with situations.

well this is my idea and im trying to make it a reality so if you guys can help me with telling me your thoughts of this fan game then go ahead!
by the way, English is not my mother's language so if there are mistakes don't blame me I did my best and turned on Grammarly!
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Posted October 17th, 2019
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I don't know if you dug into some script already but if you just started this might be a bit hard. Essentials is made to help beginners to make a regular pokemon game. A lot of different games can be made but they will need a lot of scripting so depending on how far you have dug into it I would recommend you try various things just to learn more about the language and the essentials tool. Of course if you have a more detailed and precise idea and basis of a script then everyone will be happy to help you
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