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Old April 1st, 2013 (10:03 AM).
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    The Seventh Door
    This Roleplay is rated PG-13

    The year is 2074. The continent of Condra has advanced greatly in technology thanks to King Caviel. Condra, in fact, was rather poor in it's begging. Compared to the other two continents, Unol and Anarian, who had the best technology known to man, Condra was falling behind. It slowly began to become a 'crime continent' where gangs would gather. And these gangs ended up driving everyone out of Condra and into the more technologically advanced Unol and Anarian. Condra was on the verge of extinction until an un-suspecting man rose and took over Condra. King Caviel and his army attacked Unol and Anarian until they had no technology left. Unol and Anarian still stand today, but they remain a normal society. Never again will the rulers of Unol and Anarian even think of getting new technology, fearing another attack from Condra.

    All was well in Condra until Aseus, King Caviel's evil brother, came ino the picture. Aseus had a hideout in the slums of Condra where he manufactured powerful 'Mecha'. The Mecha is a new generation of robots, developed by Aseus, who posses powerful guns, missals, and bombs. Their electronic brains can easily outsmart those of King Caviel's (or any other human).

    Aseus came out from hiding, and attacked King Caviel's army with the help of his Mecha. Aseus took over the Condra kingdom, the skies forever turned grey, and King Caviel was imprisoned in another dimension. And the only way to enter these dimensions is to enter one of the hidden doors. There are seven doors; each that take you to a new dimension. Ad in these dimensions hide ravenous creatures, and Mecha that defy all gravity.

    The future of Condra is in your hands.

    The Seven Doors
    Door One: Cave Dimension

    Door Two: Winter Wonderland

    Door Three: Galaxy Dimension

    Door Four: Poverty Dimension

    Door Five: Sky Dimension

    Door Six: Medieval Dimension

    Door Seven: Underworld Dimension

    Character Sheet

    Character Name:
    Weapon Type: (Be creative! Remember that Condra is very technologically advanced.))
    Birthplace: (CONDRA, UNOL, ANARIAN)

    [1]: Brycen Anvill (Oshy)




    Brycen Anvill (Oshy)

    1) We will all only be able to have one character; all Mecha will be controlled by us, as a group. Meaning we choose the fate of the Mecha and ourselves.

    2) No sexual scenes, but things relating to love are allowed.

    3)You are allowed to create simple characters to benefit our RP. (EXAMPLE: The Old Innkeeper)

    4) No heavy swearing.

    5) No going God and killing a Mecha with one hit. Mecha are tough machinery; at least take damage from them.

    6) This RP will last a while, and is a commitment. Please, if you join, stay with us and don't drop out. If personal lie is inflicting with the RP please PM me.
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