Essentials Pokemon Lapis Lazuli

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Pokemon Lapis Lazuli is a small project I am working on alone using Pokemon Essentials
and now finally I decided to release demos and try to recruit too
you can check more here (the plot is here too)

What I need:


Secondary/If possible:

1: Each gym leader is based in another game series (not pokemon) creating lots of fun references!
2: Trainers pose before battle for the Cool effect!
3: NPC variation for Pokemon center no more Nurse Joy clone army
4: Interesting and cool biomes to explore!


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Hello dude i can be mapper i can do all the things you done in those screenshot and I'm trustworthy although i lack experience u can ignore for my talent give me a chance
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Hello, I would like to help, but you probably don't want me to be honest. I love to design a game, and I started a project of my own. It says your using RPG maker, and Pokémon essentials, which I use as well. I don't have very much experience, only a little over 15 hours in RPG maker, but I would love to help never the less. I like to be a writer if that helps. I don't have very much experience, but I would be to be a good and loyal member to the team. thank you for reading, sorry for the late response!