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Roaming Kanto

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Posted September 9th, 2019
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This hack allows you to change the shiny odds in Fire Red by making the game try a number of extra times to find a shiny Pokemon when an encounter occurs.
It functions in essentially the same way as the Shiny Charm and things like the Masuda method do in later generation Pokemon titles.
The Shiny Pokemon generated by this hack are shiny by the standard definition of shinyness and will be shiny when carried over to other games.

This hack obsoletes my earlier hack known as the ShinyCC tool.

You can download the v1.2 archive with the patch here.

Added Emerald support.

Fixed support for stationary encounters.

Please refer to readme.txt for installation guidelines, including how to change the number of extra rolls that will be performed.
Also included in the archive is the source code for the bootstrap as well the PID rerolling itself. I was a bit rusty while making this hack so the code is likely not entirely up to par, still, feel free to use it in any of your projects.

The included 1024.ips files for each version have 1024 rerolls, which I found to give a nice shiny rate for a randomized playthrough.

Due to Emerald's RNG seeding from the same point after each reset you can't reset for a shiny there easily.
Encountering more Pokemon will advance the RNG further to allow shinies to be found.
To reset for a shiny starter you likely need to restart the game entirely to get a different TID and SID.

Known issues
Pokemon originating from hacks that implement this method will be flagged as illegal by tools such as PkHex.

If you encounter any other issues please let me know.
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