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01x. requiem of the FALLEN [OOC + Signups]

Started by parallelzero September 1st, 2009 7:12 PM
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You can find the actual RP here.

My characters are:

Name: Avery Greene
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Profession: Trainer / Traveling Student

Avery doesn't fail to deliver the appearance of a perfect girl at first glance, giving off a complete aura of innocence. Cute in all respects, you definitely wouldn't label her for the bookish kind of girl that travels all over the world. Her hair, a light chestnut brown in colour - it's wavy lower-back reaching locks bound by a white tie on the left of her head and a black, flower shaped ornament with silver beads running around it on the right - is only complimented by her wide eyes. The eyes are similar in colour to her hair, but they are lightly darker so that they stand out against her thick head of hair and well cared for skin. She's rather tall for her age, standing at about 5'7", but this fact only accents her lean, quickly maturing body. She dons her thin body in an outfit that's simple, yet fashionable. Her top is a strapped, completely revealing her bare shoulders and arms while the pale yellow material decorates her torso, fine black stitching seen going down both sides and the bottom, a black triangle resting where her chest is and connecting to the black straps of the shirt. Her skirt an oddity, it consists of several layers. The bottom layer is a completely yellow skirt that matches her yellow shirt, but the layer on top is translucent black in colour, with black frills at the top, making the upper part of the skirt appear to be a brown-yellow in colour. Black thigh-highs run from her feet to just below where her skirt ends, leaving some skin showing. Finally, a pair of small black ballet flats covers her dainty feet, completing her ensemble.

Innocent in nature, Avery has a very broad view of the world at large due to her constant traveling and studying. The girl's kindness and politeness is overwhelming, she takes exceptional care of her Pokémon, giving them the Pokéchow with highest recommendations, using the most recent massage and various other techniques to relax them, and making sure they stay happy and healthy. As a result, all of her Pokémon are very loyal to her, and they seem to shine in battle. Although, while around others, she is often pressured into helping other people with their Pokémon. Nothing good has come of this, and she now sees most others as incapable of caring for Pokémon. She's at the point where she habitually cares for the creatures of another, just because she feels it's her responsibility. Another thing she takes a shine to is fashion. She loves to make sure she is wearing the trendiest clothes, and keeping herself clean and tidy is a priority. If she wasn't preoccupied with other things, Avery may have made a rather good coordinator.

Her overall sweet persona, however, is occasionally stirred by her tendency to point out the bitter truth that is derived from her veracious demeanor. She has problems reading the mood, so if speaking the truth is something that is unwise at the time, she is usually completely oblivious to the fact, which usually leads to hurt feelings. Her other flaws include an extremely short fuse when it comes to being judged. The girl doesn't feel that other people have the right to negatively judge her or her Pokémon after how much work and effort they have put into living their lives, and if she feels their honor is threatened then she will get angry to the point of completely ignoring the one she feels is at fault. Avery also has a tendency to hesitate when it comes to conflict, having been raised to be a scholar and passive in nature. Also, if it comes down to it and there isn't something of value for Avery to study, she habitually drops all of what she's doing in order to examine it.

Avery was born and raised amidst the snowy hills of Snowpoint City, although her current appearance would not suggest that in the least. Born 14 years ago to Edward and Alicia Greene, the girl had always been one with a curiosity for the unknown. From the moment she learned to speak, she was constantly trying to understand what things were, where they came from, what their relationships were with everything else, and so on. It was for this reason that she was admitted to Snowpoint's premier educational facility for studying, while most children were off slacking until a time when they could get their own Pokémon and explore the world. In her spare time as a child, she spent a lot of time around the Snowpoint Temple, exploring and befriending the local Pokémon. It was here that she met a Froslass that she became close friends with, only for it to fall sick and pass away when she was but 10 years old.

The sorrow she felt from the loss of her friend eventually manifested itself into a longing - a longing to see the world while continuing her studies. Avery understood that her understanding of things could only go so far cooped up in Snowpoint, and thus she would have to travel to learn of the reasons behind life and death for all living things on the planet. Since she was at the proper age to travel on her own Pokémon adventure, her parents granted her permission to do so. Armed with a Sentret provided to her by family in Johto, she embarked on the greatest quest of her life, traveling from region to region, city to city, meeting various people and Pokémon alike while studying at various schools in these regions for short periods of time.

Currently, she is off studying in Fortree City of Hoenn...

Plates: Icicle Plate + Insect Plate


Furret (♀)
Originally her starter Pokémon, Furret has been with Avery since it was merely a Sentret. It was originally captured in Johto and sent to the girl in Sinnoh, where it was warmly welcomed and quickly brought on the road with the girl. Furret has been a valuable companion for the human girl, as it has seen as much of the planet as Avery herself has seen. A girl herself, the Furret is constantly grooming herself to make sure she looks in tip-top shape so that she doesn't clash with her trainer's constant attempts to stay stylish. Friendly by nature, she gets along with all of Avery's other Pokémon, although not all of them want to get along with her.

Venomoth (♂)
This Venomoth came into Avery's possession under unusual circumstances indeed. When the girl arrived in Kanto after traveling all the way by boat from Sinnoh, it was mixed in with her luggage. After almost a full day of searching, she eventually came to find its owner, only to learn that the trainer had discarded it on purpose after it had helped him win a Gym Battle. Feeling pity for the giant insect, Avery took it in as her own. Venomoth had issues with the sudden change at first, but it eventually learned to cope and is now a valued member of the girl's team. It doesn't get along particularly well with Taillow, whom it shares a favorite food with and is constantly bickering with it over who gets to eat it.

Taillow (♂)
Caught in Hoenn only hours after arriving in the faraway region, Taillow has always been rather arrogant; often biting off more than it can chew. It thinks of itself as unbeatable in battle due to its smaller size and quick pace, but truth be told if it would swallow it's pride and allow itself to evolve, it would probably be a lot stronger. Very protective of its trainer, Taillow would probably go as far as to place its life on the line for Avery's own protection. Failure to do so would probably leave it severely wounded emotionally. Constantly bickering with Avery's other Pokémon, he has particular animosity towards Venomoth over a series of misunderstandings. However, the two can work together if the situation calls for it.

Luxray (♂)
By far Avery's strongest Pokémon, Luxray was the girl's first real capture after encountering it as a Shinx while traveling through Route 203 in Sinnoh. What was once a cute and innocent Pokémon in its youth, eventually gained a hardened attitude as it evolved and became more battle wary. It now holds the spot of the girl's most reliable Pokémon - not only for its battle prowess, but because Luxray can see through objects, it has become a valuable asset for her studies. Amidst all of Avery's other Pokémon, Luxray holds the tentative position of leader if anything were to happen to their trainer. Most of the girl's other creatures respect him, aside from Taillow who doesn't see Luxray as much of anything but a showoff.

Quilava (♀)
Received from Professor Elm during her travels in Johto as just a Cyndaquil, Avery's Quilava is as reliable as it is silly. It's more or less the jokester of the party, often playing pranks on others and usually receiving due punishment for these pranks via attacks from fellow Pokémon. Overall, Quilava gets used a lot by Avery both in battle for its strong fire attacks, but outside of battle she is often used for starting fires and such to cook food. It also has an exceptional sense of smell, one that often leads her in the right direction when she's lost or if she's tracking something important - for example if one of her Pokémon runs away like her Taillow once did.

Lapras (♀)
The Lapras was a gift Avery received in Kanto from relatives she had there. They lived alongside the sea, a bay nearby where many Lapras took shelter during storms. Often, her family tended to the sick and injured Lapras in the aftermath of these storms, and one such event occurred while Avery was visiting. She treated a young Lapras which became attached to her and decided to come along on her adventure. Lapras is a very calm and gentle Pokémon, not usually starting any kind of conflict with Avery's others. She is an invaluable Pokémon when it comes to traveling across water, as due to her size, surfing is nothing but practical.

Name: Rene White
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Profession: Archaeologist / Ex-Rocket Member

At a first glance, Rene doesn't appear to be the type of person that could possibly be an ex-Rocket member, let alone a member of Olivine's Rocket resistance movement. He keeps himself rather well-kept, with his wavy blue hair resting in a manner that could be considered either neat or messy depending on the person, a top his head. His eyes, turquoise in colour, always seem to be wary, watching for any impending dangers or discrepancies that may put himself or others at risk. He has a rather skinny build, albeit a relatively strong one, for the most part from all of his travels. His torso is donned in layers of clothes. The very bottom layer is a white dress shirt, a different, dark grey button-up shirt with white vertical lines overtop. Finally, a darker grey-blue vest rests atop all this. His legs adorn a pair of blueish-green pants, a brown belt wrapped around his waist to hold them up, while grey shoes decorate his feet.

An emotionally torn person as a child, over time Rene grew and matured and shed the little boy he used to be. In his youth he suffered from abandonment issues after being ripped from his horrible family and being placed in Team Rocket due to his parents own mistakes. These issues lead to sleep loss, hunger loss, as well as making him anti-social. Of course, the horrible treatment he received from the member of Team Rocket certainly didn't help any. As time passed, however, and he met many people and did many regrettable things, he began to grow personality wise. He began to confide in people, other than just his Pokémon, which helped him develop his own path. He never had any particular attachment to his abusive family, but he still loved them enough to stay with Team Rocket despite his dislike, to save their lives. He was a compassionate person with a strong sense of justice, a sense he couldn't express in his current forced employment.

However, when Team Rocket disbanded, he was allowed to let his real self break free. It came as a shock to him when he returned home and found his parents had been killed, so he spent the next year mourning, although swearing he'd stay on the straight and narrow. When he eventually met the girl whom would become his employer, he began to show his true self to her. She understood his sorrows, accepted his past, and gave him a reason to do more than just mope around. For this girl who couldn't travel on her own, this girl that listened to him, he would travel Kanto and Johto, excavating and exploring for the girl. Of course, he also needed the money, so it worked out well. What? Money was important too!

He was always the type of person who persevered no matter the challenge, and his own guilt during his time with Team Rocket portrays his own compassion for the lives of humans and Pokémon alike. He isn't a very social person, however, not usually talking unless he's talked to first. He also has a bad habit of acting on his own - a negative trait he received from his time spent with Team Rocket. As of yet, he hasn't had to face up for any of the crimes he committed, and until he does he will be carrying the heavy weight of guilt on his shoulders. However, he's slowly starting to clear his mind by doing good - such as driving Rocket members out of Olivine, for one. Rene is very protective of his friends and allies, especially if he sees them as weak and defenseless. For example, children and women, at least in his eyes, are people that need protecting. In fact, his sense of justice is so strong, you probably wouldn't believe he was a Rocket member even if he told you so.

Rene White, born in Olivine City amidst the Johto region 18 years prior to the destruction of Mount Coronet, has a very interesting past. From the moment he was born to Illia and Frederick White, he was subject to terrible abuse. His family was rather disjointed, you see, with parents that gambled and took out the stress of their losses on their son. This continued for years, with the boy unable to do anything about it. However, shortly after Rene's ninth birthday, Team Rocket members arrived at his home to collect the debt his parents owed. When they found his parents couldn't pay the price, they decided to take something else as a warning: Rene. Of course, his parents really couldn't have cared less. After all, he was just a whiny little brat whom inhibited their ability to spend all their money on gambling. They were better off without him.

Meanwhile, Rene was being forced into the lifestyle of a Rocket member. He began to have abandonment issues, which incited both eating and sleeping disorders, as well as causing him to withdraw from people, even the relatively nice Rocket members who only wanted to help the pathetic little kid. It took two years for the boy to overcome his issues and become a model member of the scourge team of Kanto, of course after being transferred to the Kanto unit. Before his transfer, however, he was granted a Natu that was destined to become his closest companion. For the next three years, he did a lot of things he found he'd later regret despite the training he'd received. As he was forced to hurt more and more people, more and more Pokémon, he became more aware of his disgust for what he was doing. Of course, there was no way out of Team Rocket for him, because even though he hated them for being so horrible to him, he still valued his parents lives - something that would be taken if he ran away.

However, Rene received a once in a lifetime chance to return to a normal life. To much shock amongst the organization and the world, Team Rocket disbanded, apparently after the leader, Giovanni, was defeated by some kid in red clothes. With this miracle came Rene's freedom, and he quickly returned home to Olivine to check on his family. What he found came as quite a shock to him, as both his parents had died two years ago as their gambling debt had caught up with them. In mourning, he stayed at his home in Olivine for the next year as he contemplated what to do from then on. Surprisingly, his answer came from a young girl he befriended. She was small, and always said the silliest things like she was the Gym Leader of the gym in town. Rene never believed the young girl, Jasmine, however. He had never seen the leader himself, but surely it wasn't such a small girl. Anyways, she suggested that Rene embark on a mission for her. Since it was impossible for her to travel herself, she wanted Rene to travel to various ruins and caves and take pictures and stuff to bring back to her in order to further her understanding of Johto and Kanto. He would have, of course, been paid. Having nothing better to do, and thinking the traveling would clear his mind, he agreed.

Things continued like this for two years as he visited places like the Ruins of Alph and the Pokémon Tower in Lavender Town. He occasionally reported back to Jasmine, the two become close friends as the years passed. It was three years after Team Rocket disbanded that things became iffy again, however. Team Rocket reassembled under a new leader with a much stronger hold in Johto. They called themselves Neo Team Rocket, and they became a nuisance in the daily lives of people everywhere. Rene was approached several times to rejoin by old teammates, but refused every time, often getting into battles after being instigated by the Rocket members. For this, he was labeled as a traitor and was forced to take shelter in Olivine City in order to make it easier to avoid the Rocket members. Jasmine took him in, and he became a member of Olivine's protection group, charged with keeping Rocket's influence out of the city. Similar cases of groups appearing in other Johto cities were becoming more common as well.

To this very day, he takes up such a post.

Plates: Mind Plate + Spooky Plate


The Natu that was given to Rene when he first became a Rocket member, it has been a loyal and kind companion for all of the years they had been together. Like it's trainer, it showed remorse for the terrible things it had to do during it's term with Team Rocket, and it wasn't until after they disbanded that the Natu allowed itself to evolve into Xatu. Very wary by nature, the Mystic Pokémon doesn't really move a lot outside of battle. It would rather stand around and observe. The past, the future, the present, it could see all of these things. Therefore, it had no reason to move. When it comes to battle, however, Xatu changes it's focus completely to it's opponent. It's more or less the odd one out personality wise in Rene's party.

Scizor (♂)
Scizor was provided to Rene by Team Rocket for a certain mission back when he was a member. It was already fully evolved, and had little to no respect for the trainer whom he was assigned to. Obedience was rare, which lead to the mission in question ending in failure. Despite this, however, he was assigned to keep the Scizor as it may be useful for future endeavors. Things were tense between Rene and Scizor for a long time, but as they traveled together and Rene became a stronger person, the Pokémon began to become more obedient. When Rocket disbanded, nobody came to collect the Pincer Pokémon, so it stayed in the boy's possession of it's own will. It wanted to see how much more the boy could grow.

Crobat (♂)
Like almost all Rocket members, Rene was required to carry a Zubat on him at all times. The Zubat he received was energetic and well behaved, so it got along well with it's trainer and fellow Pokémon. When it eventually evolved into a Golbat, and then a Crobat when he began working for Jasmine, it retained this energetic persona, making for a fast and powerful bat. It's often made fun of by other Pokémon, however, for it's inability to walk properly due to having wings as legs. It is close friends with Rene's Xatu, as the two have been together with their trainer for almost the same amount of time. It doesn't like other Pokémon taking all the affection, and often gets jealous.

Hitmontop (♂)
Hitmontop first came to Rene as a Tyrogue he received at the Dojo in Saffron City. He was challenged to train it in a manner that would balance it's attack and defense, thus evolving it into a Hitmontop, with the prize being the Pokémon itself. The boy took the challenge, and managed to succeed through much pain and sweat. The Hitmontop that emerged from the bright white light of Tyrogue's evolution was a serious Pokémon whom liked to fight. Battle was it's calling, and it was a calling it wouldn't ignore. One of Rene's top battle choices, it's balanced attack and defense makes it a dangerous contender in a physical fight.

Haunter (♂)
While exploring the Pokémon Tower in Lavender Town, the boy encounter a Gastly that bore some sort of ill will against him, most likely for disturbing it's slumber. The Pokémon attacked him without relent, and Rene was forced to put him down with Xatu. For the heck of it, he also captured the ball of gas, as he felt it would be able to help him more thoroughly explore the tower. It turned out to be more than helpful, and he brought it back to Olivine City with him. During their travels, they formed a bond that was only breakable by Xatu, whom the Gastly seemed to still dislike for KOing it back at the tower. It eventually evolved into a Haunter through much battle experience.

Horsea (♀)
The most recent of Rene's Pokémon, Horsea was caught accidentally while the boy was fishing down by the sea in Olivine. When he hooked it, it was already severely injured, most likely after being attacked by a hungry Pokémon in the ocean, and it could barely move. Out of the goodness of his heart, the youth nursed the Seahorse Pokémon back to full health. In order to repay Rene for doing so, the Horsea decided to stay at his side, often helping him in battle with his many Rocket encounters. Horsea herself seems to have a personal dislike towards Team Rocket, which has lead him to wonder if her wounds were related to them somehow. Naturally, she garners a lot of Rene's affection, which has recently irritated his Crobat a lot.

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Here it is.

Name: Axel LeRoux

Age: 23


Mythology Expert, Amateur Explorer

Appearance: Axel is built tall and lean, with good posture and narrow shoulders. However, he's no bodybuilder. Even at a solid 6'1", he weighs only about 135 pounds, very little of that being actual muscle. He stays healthy by exploring ruins and (fairly often, unfortunately) being chased out of private excavation sites by "jealous colleagues." His sandy blonde hair stops just short of his eyeline; although if it gets wet or just too gross, it gets matted down enough where it just barely pokes him right in the eyeball. Although he'd never really admit it, his facial features aren't half bad to look at, a tan face from sundrenched ruins and exploration rounded off with a pleasant smile and nicely proportioned misty blue eyes that twinkle like a calm breeze when he's happy and rage like a hurricane when he's mad.
In terms of clothing, Axel has always preferred to keep things simple and light, even in his professional life. He has never liked sport coats or suits of any kind, and the mere thought of ties will have his skin crawling. He has unusual high tolerance to heat and cold, so more often than not a T-shirt (his favorite being a white t-shirt emblazoned with a Mawile, it's jaws bared viciously towards the viewer, complete with blocky text underneath suggesting that the reader "Bite Me") and a pair of black jeans will keep him more than comfortable. When the cold front really sets in though, sometimes he convinces himself to put on a gray zip-up hoodie jacket, usually unzipped, with the sleeves rolled up. The entire outfit is not complete of course, without his lucky tennis shoes. These shoes have more holes than a Donphan's dancing grounds but Axel swears by them; insisting that the once jet black, now stone gray converse with the frayed neon green laces are what makes him complete as a person; he never goes anywhere without them.

Axel is definitely a quirky person, what some might call a clown. His wit is as sharp as they come and his actual smarts are right behind, but it's rare that he's ever intelectually challenged to the point of really having to put his mind to a problem. He trusts his intuition very strongly, as it's taken him in the right direction many a-time. (The times that it was wrong he just doesn't count. Makes it easier that way.) If you give him the wrong vibe, be prepared to do some legwork if you want to get back on his good side; but if you give him the wrong vibe you probably won't give two snaps about him away, so it's a win-win situation.
Axel's sense of humor is what drives most of his conversation, so when the topic really turns serious, he often quiets down and doesn't have much to say. He rarely likes to take sides in personal quarrels between his friends, making him an ideal mediator if the situation arises. Since he uses his humor as his crutch, expect a bit of a disguntlement if you don't appreciate his type of funny jokes. If you do, you're in luck; you've found entertainment for life. If not, you might want to invest in earplugs, especially if you start discussing his field of expertise.
Axel takes his study very seriously, and even though he is a bit of a joker on the outside, he truly yearns to know and understand everything there is to know about the supernatural and explain it for the world to see. Driven by a childhood passion, he knows that there's more to the world than we know, and he strives to understand it all, even at his own personal risk, like sneaking onto restricted digging sites that his colleagues didn't find him "suitable to analyze." In fact, Axel's ambition have turned him off for a lot of professionals in the field of archaeology simply because they don't understand his belief, no, his CERTAINTY that mythical pokemon exist and they're too cowardly to take it to the level of dedication that Axel has.

History: Born and raised in Ecruteak City, both of Axel's parents lived and worked in an age old, family owned inn, in which Axel lived for most of his teenage and childhood life. One of Ecruteak City's most treasured pieces of architecture, Pidgeot's Palace was the premier lodging place for those looking for that authentic old style inn when in the ghost town. Axel's parents, Mark and Nancy LeRoux are the 3rd generation of LeRoux to run the Palace, and as a young boy and even into his late teens, Axel was excited to become the next link in the chain. There was something so magical about the place; it seemed that mysterious things seemed just to land right in the lobby. Ever since the time he could walk, he loved to sneak out of his bed and listen to the batty tales told by travelers and mariners alike who frequented the inn. Due to the spiritual history of the city, many-a-time monks would barge in, raving like a mad dog about how his body was possessed and the souls of all who were in the city were doomed. (Of course, their rants were often fueled by a young Axel's clever manipulation of the light switch.) All sorts of people came and went through the inn. (Some of his favorites included a man named Ignov Snypes, who was a big beefy man from some foreign country who married his Jynx, and a skinny man named Horace Greenfield who insisted every time that he came into the bar that he was turning into a Bellsprout ever since the guards at Sprout Tower had thrown him out the window.) So, naturally, Axel became very familiar with the surrounding regions, along with any tall tales that accompanied them.

As he grew older, he found himself writing down the legends and making notes and writing his own ideas about what he thinks could be the real story basing his theses on a compilation of the many stories he had heard over the years. By the time he was 16, he knew what he wanted to do with his life. After travelling around the world for 2 years, compiling more and more information, he wrote his first conglomerative paper that got him a full scholarship to Pewter City's School of Archaeology, where he quickly made his way to the top of his class. Through his four years of study and travel, he became more and more certain that the creatures that he read about on all those ruin walls were in fact real. He began to sqaunder all of his precious funding on exploration trips that eventually led to nowhere, and his fellow scientists began to lose faith in him. They had seen his type before; the kind that don't want to observe from a distance, they want to be in it, part of it, BECOME it...

Those believers... they all go batty in the end. Each and every one of them. It engulfs them and they lose themselves to it. Shame though, he really was a bright kid.

Zap Plate [Electric] and Sky Plate [Flying]


Mismagius - "Stella" - Female

Stella was the first Pokemon Axel ever got, and she was definitely a heavy influence on his personality. As a Misdreavus living in the Palace, Stella and Axel originally teamed up to wreak havoc on the nutjobs that would ramble endlessly about their hauntings in the Inn's bar. While Axel manned the light switch, Stella would shake things and conjure spectral balls of energy to terrify the patrons of the inn, who would, without fail come in the next night. Axel and Stella's fun was the patron's taboo love, so everything worked out, and it became almost a show. When Axel left to explore the world in search of more myths and legends, Stella opted to come along for the ride, evn allowing herself to be captured. She became as much of a nut for myths as Axel did, even excavating with him to the best of her ability. A Dusk stone found accidentaly in a ruin site transformed her into a Mismagius.

Personality: Stella and Axel are kindred spirits. Quirky and playful, she loves to entertain and she loves to educate, even if people don't want to listen. Much like Axel, she also enjoys a good practical joke, and as her battle prowess increased over time, so have her elaborate pranks. Tricky to the very end, she also has a talent for imitating voices, which she can do after spending even a relatively short period of time with a person.

Kabutops - "Drakk" - Male

Drakk was given as a Kabuto to Axel when he visited Cinnabar Island. A scientist there who has (surprisingly) read Axel's papers was a humongous fan, and quickly pushed the fossil pokemon upon Axel without taking no for an answer. Many weeks later, he realized that the man whom he had met had not been a scientist at all, but a thief who had stolen an experimental Kabuto from the Cinnabar Research Center and fearing capture, had relinquished his prize to the first stranger he met. Axel offered to return the pokemon, but by that time, Drakk had grown so attached to Axel that they were content in just taking one of Drakk's offspring and leaving Axel with the father as a gift.

Drakk is an experiment. One of the problems with recreated Kabutos and Kabutops from fossils is that the DNA is often corrupted, leaving the finished product incomplete, with flawed claws or brittle bones. By genetically altering the DNA of a fossilized Kabuto, they strove to streamline and optimize the creatures, making them smarter, faster, stronger, and potentially as effective killing machines if not more as they were when they populated the earth. He is a powerful swimmer, and can carry things many times his own weight, and he keeps his scythed arms almost ritualistically sharpened, although he's not sure why. Just something in him, he guesses.

Since he is a lab rat, and spent most of his life in a controlled environment, Drakk knows very little about the natural world and how things are supposed to work. Through continuous travels and conversation with Axel, Drakk has become slightly more cultured, but he still posesses an almost childlike naivety, which is poorly coupled with his untapped genetically improved strength. His childlike mind is parallel to his smaller, more balanced stature.

Girafarig - "Melody" - Female

Axel once heard a rumor that a Girafarig's backhead was once deeply intelligent and served as sort of extrasensory perception for the pokemon. Finding no research on the matter, Axel decided to capture one and study it. Although he found no evidence of a supersmart "butt-head", Axel was charmed by the particular specimen that he captured and he became partial to her, allowing her to travel with him almost constantly. Melody and Stella rarely get along, each of them fighting for their master's attention.

Melody is almost a polar opposite of Stella. As boyish and active as Stella is, Melody is equally feminine and proper. Although she is smart like Axel, she is deeply embarrased by idiotic questions and has no tolerance for tomfoolery. She insists on looking her best on all occasions and always wears a pink bow in her mane. If that bow ever gets lost or dirty in any way, she becomes deeply upset and refuses to come out in public.

Houndour - "Mars" - Male

While visiting Celadon City following a hunch on Ho-oh (Surely the rainbow feathers and the Rainbow city have to have SOMETHING in common), Axel came across a Houndour wandering outside the city. Jumping on the opportunity, he quickly captured it.

Personality: Mars loves to be in charge. He obviously sees himself as the leader of the pack, and even though he's smaller than the rest of the group, sometimes he even gets away with it. Scrappy would be the best way to describe him, as he rarely gives up a fight without being completely physically exhausted. In this case, his bite is worse than his bark, and that's saying something. Stella often teases him, calling him Scruffles. This naturally infuriates him.

Breloom - "Scrubs" - Male

While in Azalea Forest looking for Celebi, Axel found his arm inexplicably attached to a Shroomish. It just was there. It wouldn't make a sound, or move, or.. do anything. It was attached to his arm, and that's how it was going to stay. Fortunately, Axel was able to remedy the problem by tapping it with a Pokeball, thus capturing it. Since then, whenever it gets too excited or afraid, it will quickly grab onto Axel's arm and not let go until it is told to do so. He got his name from all the scrubbing that Axel had to do to try and get it off his arm.

Personality: Scrubs is weird. He speaks in broken, oddly impersonal phrases, and he is constantly looking around with his beady black eyes, looking for something to hit. It loves to bounce around, and it's mushroom head flopping around always make Axel laugh. However, in battle, Scrubs is as odd as ever; not moving until the precise right moment when he has to in order to score the perfect hit. His springy arms are quick as lightning, and just as painful.

Pidgeot - "Zelda" - Female

Queenie, the Pidgeot's Palace's mascot's, offspring Zelda is Mark and Nancy LeRoux's gift to Axel for completing his studies at Pewter. Axel recieved her as a Pidgeotto, and she quickly progressed to become a massively powerful pokemon. She serves as Axel's main means of transportation, and though she is relatively new to the team, she has taken a role as the mother of the pack, watching over her team mates with a careful eye. He reminds Axel a lot of his mother, which is probably why he keeps her around so much.

Personality: Much like Nancy LeRoux, Zelda watches from beyond with a bird's eye, always making sure that Axel is sure of himself and that the integrity of the team isn't compromised by infighting. Axel keeps such a motley crew of companions that it's often hard to keep them from squabbling, but she manages to do it, making sure that his companions are the least of Axel's worries.

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Here's my character again for reference

Name: Brianne Bontecou
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Profession: Environmentalist/Explorer/Surfer

Brianne was never a typically feminine girl. More often then not her clothes are unkempt and wrinkled. She keeps two outfits with her at all times. She keeps two outfits with her at one times. When on land, she usually wears a light blue tank top with spaghetti straps with a Wooper using Bubble on the front. In a surprising touch of femininity, she wears a navy blue skirt that reaches halfway down her thigh. Usually Brianne goes barefoot unless required to wear shoes (like in a restaraunt). If that is the case, she wears a pair of scuffed, dirty white sandals. When surfing, she wears a two piece swimming suit. The top is white with a Staryu on each breast. The bottom is also white with a Starmie on the back. She also keeps a khaki satchel bag with her at all times. In it she keeps all of her essentials: food, potions, etc. On her wrist she wears an blue, older model of the Pokétch. Brianne is rather lanky, standing at five feet and eight inches. Her skin is naturally rather pale, but due to her spending most of her time on the beach, she's usually rather burned or in the process of peeling from a recent burn. Her back is covered in many freckles from the many years of exposure to the sun. She tends to slouch slightly and her blue eyes barely open. Her shoulder length, blond hair is usually a mess, so she keeps most of it in a ponytail and hidden under a Team Aqua bandanna. Her breasts are rather small which is fine by Brianne. Any larger and they could be cumbersome when surfing. Her body is toned and muscular from her 10+ years surfing and swimming.

Her prized surfboard is a sky blue and painted with numerous water-type Pokémon.

Brianne is your stereotypical surfer girl. She never feels compelled to accomplish anything quickly. Her schedule is made around the waves. She's never had any desire to win any tournaments, become a Champion of some league, or achieve national fame. She's happiest with her Pokémon and the beach. Beneath the calm and collected exterior is an intelligent, fiery girl who hates to lose and feels a rush with every battle that comes her way. She wants no part in society however. She does have an interest in the study of Pokémon evolution and wishes to meet Professor Rowan, the leading expert on the subject, one day. She also loves to study the ocean and the environment. She often takes note of how certain Pokémon affect the environment around them. Flexible in any situation, she is never flustered or angered.

She is not without faults however. Brianne dislikes most people and often comes off as rude when people meet her for the first time. She's rather cold to people's plights and it takes a great deal for her to care about people other than herself. She's very sensitive to criticism and hates to be told she's wrong.

While she's seems incredibly laid back, once in battle, her natural ability in battle comes into play. She's an efficient trainer and quickly levels up her Pokémon.

Brianne was born almost 22 years before the destruction of Mt. Coronet in Lilycove City, Hoenn. She lived on the outskirts of the Safari Zone with her parents and grandparents. Her father was a renowned scientist in the field of Pokémon fossil regeneration and had helped develop the technology capable of doing so for Devon Corp. Her mother was the owner of the Safari Zone. She had carefully studied all of the Pokémon transported to the area. This was to ensure the environment was adjusted so that the foreign Pokémon were as comfortable as possible. Her maternal grandparents were the former purveyors of the Safari Zone who had retired so that they could devote their days to Pokémon contests. Her paternal grandparents were hippie environmentalists that only moved into the family home after Brianne's grandma broke her leg. Through all of these influences, Brianne developed into the girl she is today.

Brianne felt closest to her father's mom. She instilled a love of the ocean into young Brianne. She would often have the girl wheel her down to the nearby ocean and the two of them would sit there for hours listening to the waves and the Wingull nearby. When Brianne was six, her grandmother died and her ashes spread across the ocean. Full of sorrow, Brianne ran to the ocean in the middle of the night and jumped into the water to be "closer" to her grandma. Unfortunately, the young girl didn't know how to swim and she nearly drowned. Luckily for her, a friendly Gyarados was nearby and saved her. She saw this as a sign of her Grandma protecting her and vowed to come to the ocean every day to visit the Gyarados and Magikarp that saved her life.

Time passed and Brianne developed into a young woman. Bored of Lilycove, she departed with her Omanyte, her Gyarados named Sushi, and Magikarp named Shrimp on a journey across Hoenn. Uninterested in the gym challenge, she instead took the time to thoroughly explore the varying environments of Hoenn. She was one of the first to step foot in the secret chambers of Meteor Falls and to spot Mirage Island. She trekked the deserts of the north and made her way through the forests of the west. At this point, she was noted for her prowess as an exploring environmentalist and soon began to do small lectures on her adventures. This took her to every continent, speaking of the foreign lands people dreamed of visiting. She rarely speaks though, spending most of her time looking for prime surfing spots and uncharted territories.

Currently she is in Kanto, surfing on the beaches to the south of the Fuchsia City...

Plates: Toxic Plate and Splash Plate


Omastar ()
Level: 64
Ability: Swift Swim
Nature: Quirky
Common Attacks: Hydro Pump / Ice Beam / Ancientpower / Rapid Spin / Spikes
Growing up in a household of researchers and scientists, Brianne's house was often full of revived fossil Pokémon. As a young girl, she befriended a tiny Omanyte that lived in the house as a "pet" of sorts. Brianne would secretly take it out in the yard and train it. When she left on her journey, she took Omanyte as her starter. Clumsy and rather vapid, Omastar appears to be nothing more than a doofus. It gets along with everyone it meets, particularly Nidoqueen and Marill. In battle its proficient at long range attacks like Ice Beam, Hydro Pump and Ancientpower. For quick transport, Brianne will have it spin rapidly like a top as she sits on it. Its capable of becoming airborne, giving Brianne access to higher points in areas where using Shrimp or Sushi is impossible.

Sushi ()
Level: 71
Ability: Intimidate
Nature: Rash
Common Attacks: Aqua Tail / Earthquake / Thunderbolt / Body Slam
Of Brianne's two Gyarados, Sushi is the more dominant and outgoing of the two. An outcast of her school of Gyarados, she set off with her brother, a Magikarp at the time, to wander the ocean. One day, she discovered a six year old Brianne drowning and rushed forward to save her. Brianne, thankful for everything, promised to come back to the beach everyday to visit Sushi and her brother. Through her almost daily visits, the siblings became very attached to the girl. Sushi is by far the most powerful of Brianne's Pokémon. She's capable of summoning massive earthquakes and powerful water attacks. When angered, it becomes nearly impossible for Brianne to control Sushi. This once resulted in the destruction of a Team Aqua base.

Shrimp ()
Level: 54
Ability: Intimidate
Nature: Careful
Common Attacks: Hydro Pump / Flamethrower / Stone Edge / Toxic
Sushi's younger brother. Brianne still considers him to be the Magikarp he was when she first met him. Shrimp is incredibly close to his sister. So much so that when she was ostracized from their school, he followed her as she departed the group. He was only a Magikarp though which made it nearly impossible for him to keep up with Sushi as she swam. Eventually through Brianne's training, he too evolved into a Gyarados. While not as proficient of a battler as his sister, he's more than capable of holding his own in battle. Unlike his sister, who rushes forward into battle, Shrimp likes to calculate a plan and find his opponent's weakness. While his anger is more easily checked than Sushi's, his bouts of rage are much more destructive and longer lasting.

Nidoqueen ()
Level: 56
Ability: Rivalry
Nature: Bold
Common Attacks: Fire Blast / Earth Power / Superpower / Sludge Bomb / Surf
Brianne first discovered her swimming in a pond outside of Cherrygrove. She left a small treat for the Pokémon on the edge of the pond and walked away. Several days later, Brianne was resting outside of the Violet City PokéCenter when she felt a nibble on her leg. It was the same Nidoran♀, who was desperately looking for more treats. Brianne then made the rodent her first official capture. Nidoqueen is a proficient swimmer and can easily keep up with Brianne in the water. It can take damage like a pro and dish it out as well. She takes great pride in its physical appearance and can spend over an hour cleaning its scales, especially after a tough battle.

Marill ()
Level: 14
Ability: Huge Power
Nature: Jolly
Common Attacks: Tackle / Water Gun / Waterfall / Aqua Jet / Ice Punch
Brianne bought an egg from a renowned breeder in Johto shortly before making her way to Sinnoh. She was promised the resulting Pokémon would not disappoint. When the egg hatched, a tiny Azurill burst forward and easily knocked Brianne to the ground in joy. It recently evolved into Marill due to its close bond to Brianne finally coming into fruition. Brianne mostly uses its keen senses to detect where the waves will be coming from. Its very powerful though: its capable of lifting Nidoqueen over its head and tossing it several feet. Because of this, Brianne has recently taken up training it and helping it realize its full potential. It hates being in its PokéBall and prefers to travel on Brianne's shoulder/in her satchel bag.

Kricketune ()
Level: 42
Ability: Chlorophyll
Nature: Lax
Common Attacks: Psychic / Egg Bomb / Solarbeam / Substitute / Sludge Bomb
~To be finished~

Note: She also has numerous Pokémon found in the ocean (e.g. Tentacool, Pelipper, etc) stored away in Bill's system.
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I'm a tad disappointed. Don't you remember that I signed up too? I also had taken the dread plate, basing my character around that and the steel type one (unless it was the fist one?). *sigh* Well no worries now, it's taken and I start school soon anyways. Soccer is already taking a toll. :P



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I'm a tad disappointed. Don't you remember that I signed up too? I also had taken the dread plate, basing my character around that and the steel type one (unless it was the fist one?). *sigh* Well no worries now, it's taken and I start school soon anyways. Soccer is already taking a toll. :P
Well I sent out a PM last week to everyone who joined the old one, and the only people I'd heard from since were Mika and Britney Spears, so I just went ahead and assumed you dropped.

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Name: Rori Lilianis
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Profession: Trainer/Coordinator
To say Rori is a plain girl would be somewhat of an understatement, though not too far from the mark. With black hair that hangs to the middle of her back without any sort of wave or curl, it often seems to simply hang there around her face. Though it often gets in her way, she's had it long for as long as she can remember and can't stand the idea of keeping it above her shoulders. And seeing as a haircut falls under a 'luxury' in her book, she hasn't bothered stopping in a salon for quite some time. She does take the time to brush it every few mornings, though. Bathing to her isn't something she considers a necessity, considering most of the trainers she meets are of the same opinion, don't care, or just don't comment. But, though the flat black hair isn't her best attribute, her face isn't hard on the eyes. Though not beautiful by any means, her face does seem to have a level of refinement to it. With an almond shape and verge on being slightly too large, her eyes are a simple, dark green. Framed by naturally-long lashes, they tend to betray her every emotion when the rest of her face doesn't. Her eyebrows are the same color as her hair, and plenty large enough to really stick out on her face. She has premature furrow lines on her forehead, due to all of the eyebrow-raising she does. Her cheekbones are visible, most vestiges of baby fat gone from her face. Her nose is a normal size, thankfully, something she inherited from her mother. With a diamond face that seems to criticize everyone and everything, she can be somewhat intimidating if she wants to be.

Clothing is always basic for Rori. No splurging for that 'adorable' dress with a Pichu on it. No, she's fairly happy with her simple white t-shirt with the shiny Rapidash running across it. She normally dons a black jacket, which has an Dragonite stretching its wings across her shoulders - she sheds it only when it's unbearably hot. She wears either a pair of jeans (which have several holes and rips from her travels), or a pair of denim shorts, depending on the weather. And always on her feet is a pair of ordinary white sneakers. Of course, her contest garb is a bit more high maintinence. Contests are perhaps the only time she bothers wearing a dress - dark green with black accents, reaching down to her knees and accompanied by black ballet flats. Her hair goes up into a high ponytail, and that about does it.

Rori is a fairly withdrawn person. She likes keeping to herself, and isn't one for idle chatting. She doesn't like forced conversations or introductions, as they always seem to lead to awkward silences. She doesn't normally speak unless she has to or feels like the person she speaks to can maintain a decent conversation - it's always a pleasant surprise when that person turns out to be fairly intelligent and has their own distinct opinion about something. When she does deign to speak to others, she speaks very dryly. Her sense of humor is normally limited to sarcasm and cynical remarks that are said at the perfect time. But however aloof Rori can seem, she isn't without understanding. She does believe in the policy that everyone can voice their own opinion without harsh or unfair judgment, and she tries to uphold that and try to see where someone is coming from before turning her nose down at them. Despite her sense of pride that sometimes leads to overconfidence, she's normally a level-headed individual. She's learned enough by now that underestimating an opponent was perhaps the worst thing you could do in a battle.

Rori is very much about simplicity. She means what she says, and doesn't normally bother sugarcoating. A noncommittal shrug is perhaps one of her favorite responses to the reactions of those receiving her blunt remarks, seeing as some of them can get rather upset. She upholds a good taste for the simple pleasures in life - things like a nice breeze and the smell of good food have the ability to make her smile, if only just so. Though she always shows due respect to every person she happens to meet, she reserves her absolute and utter respect for Pokemon. She figured out a long time ago that even if you show a person the proper respect, they won't always return it. But Pokemon return every bit you give to them. She has no issue respecting a worthy opponent or even an enemy, so long as their techniques and motives aren't without good reason. Though by no means is she an optimist, she isn't downright doom and gloom. When there's a bleak situation, Rori isn't one to just up and give in. She tries to put on a tough face and keeps on keeping on. She has no problem with hoping for something every so often, but she can normally be classified as a realist. She makes things happen for herself instead of just waiting and seeing what happens. Even when she seems completely unconcerned, the gears in her head are turning. Her ambition is insatiable at this point, and though she refrains from downright ruthlessness, she is no stranger to determination.

All in all, Rori is a quiet, impassive face that holds more thoughts than she lets on.

Rori had a quiet past. She was born in Solaceon Town, to Evelyn and Caleb Lilianis. She had an older brother of five years, Jason, who had acutally already seen much of Sinnoh, as their parents were always on the move. When Rori was born, Evelyn and Caleb were studying the ruins just east of Solaceon. During their frequent excursions, Jason and Rori were left with the old couple that ran the Pokemon daycare. And, well, one day they didn't come back. Though Jason had been hit hard for the first few months, as a five year old, he moved on fiarly quickly. And Rori wasn't even a year old - the loss of her parents never really hit her. With their parents now missing, the old couple in charge of the daycare, Rose and Johnathan, took Jason and Rori in as their own. Rori grew up with Pokemon, being around them, taking care of them, every hour of every day. It would have been an awful thing if she hadn't grown to love each and every one of the creatures, however ugly or useless.

Five years time after the disappearance of Rori's parents, Jason left on his journey with the Eevee Rose and Johnathan had given him as his tenth birthday present. Of course, that left Rori with plenty of work to do around the daycare, assisting Johnathan in filling the food and water troughs, picking up orders from the store in town, and other such tasks. Now, Rose and Johnathan weren't depriving her of education this entire time. Rose made Rori help her add and subtract numbers to determine profits and costs, while also having her read multiple books on proper care for Pokemon to make sure she picked up reading. Writing came with both of those skills, and it wasn't long until she was finally allowed to begin assisting in the actual training of the Pokemon.

And so by the time Rori hit age ten and was ready to begin her journey, she already knew how how to find an individual Pokemon's strengths and how to maximize them, as well as how to deal with their weaknesses and work past them. So convinced she had more to learn at the daycare, she remained there for a few more years, trying to learn as much as she could before she thought about setting off for her journey. It wasn't until Jason gave her the egg of his Eevee, which had evolved into a Leafeon, and his Persian. It hatched into a Meowth, and Rori finally set off on her journey across Sinnoh with Caleb, named after her father, by her side.

At thirteen years and with more training experience than those just starting out, she wasted no time in beginning the Gym Challenge of Sinnoh. She progressed quickly, ignoring Maylene's warnings to slow down and really train. It wasn't until Rori lost a mind-blowing defeat to Fantina about a year into her journey that she paused and really thought about what to do. She left Hearthome and went to Solaceon to visit Rose and Johnathan and take a break. At age fourteen, she had been moving too fast for her own good. While at the daycare, the menial labor she did gave her time to think. Fantina had completely wiped her out without blinking an eye, even after coming out of a contest just the day before. Was Rori missing something here?

And so that began the research in contests, something Rori had always tended to hold below battles. And, it turned out, they were much more than the glitzy, over-the-top events Rori had always thought them to be. So now, along with battle training, each of her Pokemon were trained in the skills needed for contests. After a few runs at Solaceon and Hearthome, Rori knew she was ready to come back to the Gym Challenge. She challenged Fantina again, coming out victorious and knowing shehad made the right choice. By her fifteenth brithday, she was back on track, and now with a new outlet for her ambition - the Grand Festival had been tacked onto her list of things to conquer. She's been going back and forth between them both, earning a ribbon here, a ribbon there, and always preparing herself for a gym battle. She challenged Volkner for her eigth badge a few weeks ago, and is still travelling Sinnoh, trying to get the last two ribbons she needs before the Grand Festival.

Plates: Flame Plate & Meadow Plate


Species: Persian
Nickname: Caleb
Gender: Male
As a little Meowth, Caleb (named after her father), was Rori's starter when she set off to travel Sinnoh, and the unique Pokemon won her over almost immediately. He almost never complained, never mewled pathetically or let show how tired he was, even if he was about to drop. He was her little trooper, the one she coudl always count on to be with her and just keep on trucking. Whenever she needs a warm body to huddle next to, he's there, stretching himself to share his body warmth with her. When she has nightmares, he's the one to wake her up and sits with her, making sure she falls asleep and stays asleep. He has an unending store of patience, always enduring whatever funky mood Rori happens to be in. He's the one that keeps Rori grounded - when he looks at her with his big, blinking eyes, asking nothing, saying nothing, she finds it impossible to not calm down. He follows her everywhere outside of his Poke Ball, bot because he can't stand it being in one, but because she can't stand him being in one.

Species: Aerodactyl
Nickname: Terrence
Gender: Male
Terrence is easily Rori's strongest battler. He is very much the 'tough guy' in the group, always acting nonchalant and uncaring. But, deep down, he's very intelligent, very cunning, and very much not a tough guy. He has a weakness for food (more so than other Pokemon, that is), and cannot stand storms of any kind. Water, lightning, and thunder all rank in the top five of his least favorite things. But whenever he isn't faced by these obstacles, he can be very stubborn. He doesn't like weakness in anything, and tends to be very impatient with everyone, snapping and gnashing his teeth when things don't go to his liking. Despite it all, though, he manages to be one of the few Rori would entrust her life too.

Species: Rapidash
Nickname: Karen
Gender: Female
The Ponyta egg was a birthday gift from Jason - the offspring of his own Rapidash and Girafarig. It hadn't taken long for her to hatch, and Rori soon decided on the name Karen. The Ponyta soon proved herself to be quite a handful. She was vain, demanding to be groomed at every possible moment, and a bit of a temper. Rori, though, was patient and determined. Soon, Karen had settled to being groomed once a week and was working on keeping her temper in check. With the Ponyta much calmer now, Rori was able to see that she was actually quite the team player, though a little hot-headed. She seems to have taken on Rori's pride, though at a much larger scale that leads to plenty of arrogance in battle. So arrogant, in fact, that during a training session outside of Snowpoint, she almost lost to a little Snorunt. It was only through her evolution then that she was able to win, and since then she seems to have mellowed out some, though that unmistakable pride is still there.

Species: Froslass
Nickname: Evelyn
Gender: Female
Evelyn was actually the Pokemon that helped spur Karen's evolution - the plucky Snorunt had landed enough Crunches to get the Ponyta to find her inner strength can come into her full power. Not to mention that it impressed Rori enough that when Karen finally managed to defeat the tiny Pokemon, she tossed a Poke Ball and took on the newest member of the team. Evelyn soon proved herself to be quite the battler, compeitive in everyway. Though her determination knows no end, she's a humble soul. She does, however, have such an inner fire that Rori sometimes wonders how the Froslass doesn't just melt from within. Evelyn is very intense in every thing she does, though throughout it all she effortlessly maintains grace and poise. Evelyn has become Rori's chief contest battler - every movement from her looks like a dance, and the ice moves at her disposal can lead to some truly dazzling attacks.

Species: Jolteon
Nickname: Jason
Gender: Male
It was on a whim that Rori named the Jolteon after her brother, and it seemed to fit him well enough at the time. He was another birthday present, though this time a joint one from Rose, Johnathan, and Jason. Jason the Jolteon is what one would call the 'normal' one in the group. He doesn't have a temper or vanity issues, he doesn't like drama and isn't particuarly the leader type. He's the Pokemon you always list last, but yet can't imagine the team without him. He's just there, with his intelligent, curious gaze that always seems to ask what's wrong. He's the support, the very backbone of the team that keeps them all stable. Caleb is the obvious leader, with his lack of judgment, but Jason is the one that has the ability to calm scraps with his very presence, as though fighting should not occur in his presence. He's like a mother hen, only he's a male. Rori often jokes that he should have been born a female, to which the Jolteon only looks up at her, his eyes sparkling with amusement.

Species: Starmie
Nickname: Charlie
Gender: Genderless
Charlie was a surprise catch, being added to the team after Rori received the Beacon Badge from Volkner. It was only after he participated in a few contests and endured some very intense training Rori allowed it to evolve. The Starmie, though genderless, is often referred to by Rori as a 'he,' simply because he acts like one. Without a face to look at, it can be somewhat hard to determine what its feeling at any given moment. Normally, though, Rori can rely on the fact that Charlie is calm, relaxed, and in its usual 'come-what-may' mood. Its a fairly good battler, though it lacks the amount of focus Rori would like to see. But he makes up for that for being extremely adept at appeals, and Rori is just fine with that. It gives Karen someone to compete against, and makes her work harder. If only Charlie could be fazed as much.



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Name: Keisuke Yamaziwa
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Profession: Global Police Operative / “Traveling Student”

Appearance: He has shaggy blonde medium-length hair that gets into his eyes but doesn’t extent too fair on either side of his face, bright green eyes and a paler than average complexion that refuses to tan and refuses to burn. He stands just over 6 ft and weighs around 130 pounds. His appearance is always clean shaven and he’s known to stay almost obsessively clean [he’s taken three baths in a day before to erase feelings of filth] regardless of whether or not people actually perceive him to smell poorly. He wears a pair of darker wash jeans, knee high white socks and a pair of durable boots on his lower half and above the waist, wears either a long sleeved black shirt or a black cap-sleeve tshirt [depending on the weather] under his sleeveless hooded pullover with a pocket in the middle that extends past his nicely shaped behind. The hoodie is a purple color with a sideways gold crescent moon on the back. He wears a black wristwatch on his left wrist and carries a black sling backpack. Around his neck is a black and gold pokegear.

Personality: Keisuke is a reserved fellow with a pleasantly cold demeanor and severe insomnia that both invites and shoos away people. He is not the type of person that declines interaction with other persons, he simply hates getting close to people, especially since his sister died. He’ll smile at you and help if you ask him nicely but he won’t be your friend and he won’t let you close to him. He prefers to work alone and finds people incompetent to work with and only does group projects if absolutely required to. In such groups, he is often awkward if he speaks at all and looks a bit like a cornered animal that wants to run. As far as the insomnia goes, he can get by easily on two hours of sleep. He has a sharp temper that is hard to trigger with a few exceptions and can be violently explosive, resorting to cruel heart slicing words and physical violence to make whatever bothered him so deeply stop talking. He struggles to trust people but does not struggle to be civil towards them. For people lucky enough to break his defenses and get close to them, they find a very protective guardian side to Keisuke who drops things for the sake of his friends which, when he takes the time to make them, are the center of his world.

A side fact, he’s a stellar cook.

History: Keisuke was born in the middle of a good harvest season in a rural village in north west regions of Johto to very kind, madly in love lower middle class parents with a good farm and a solid marriage. They had a nice house, little debt, good jobs and the air around them was all fine and dandy. His early childhood was bliss. Candy, toys, Pokemon, everything a little boy could want. The people in the village treated him well, always looking for him and encouraging him, as well as the other children in the small village, to do well in school before setting out to bring honor and glory back to their homeland. By the time he turned eleven, the final year before he’d be allowed to leave the village according to village tradition, the future seemed bright and untainted. This was, as most stories like these go, when the world began to crumble around him. When Keisuke was six years old, his parents had a second child, a little girl. A sweet baby who never excessively cried, she was named Aisuke and more than anything else in the world, she loved her big brother, Kei-nii. Walking at nine months to chase her brother who like any boy wasn’t too thrilled with a little sister tag along, always getting in the way of her brother and his friends and overall causing problems here and there for the people of the village were the things she excelled at and yet no one could bring themselves to hate such an adorable little child who was the spitting image of her brother albit with longer hair. However, unlike her big brother who knew, as he was older than her by almost seven years, when to explore something and when to leave it alone, Aisuke, at the age of five, made a mistake that would bring more problems than it was worth for years to come. It was a simple thing really; she’d seen her brother who’d just recently received his starter pokemon battling with other children in the village and wanted to try it to; be just like Kei-nii. She’d pretended to be sleeping until she was certain her brother with whom she shared a room was sound asleep before she wiggled out of her futon and crept across the tatami matt floors into the family room, where the family kept their pokemon. Her father, who had given Keisuke his Trapinch, had his pokemon on the top shelf. A successful local Trainer before he retired to work the farm and raising a family, his pokemon were put out of reach, supposedly, from little hands on the top shelf. Aisuke was a climber and after a bit of work, managed to claim one ball for herself. Creeping outside, she enlarged the pokeball. She stared at it for a moment before throwing it into the air, whispering, “Liam, Liam come out and play!”

An innocent child in her first year of pre-departure training wouldn’t know any better, wouldn’t know that trainers without experience cannot control pokemon above a basic level. She had released her father’s blaziken. Needless to say, the Pokemon went into a rage and set the village a blaze in the dead of the night. Her brother found her first and managed to get the Pokemon back into the ball and, with the alarms ringing through the village, tried to sooth his terrified shaking sister, pushing the hair out of her face, trying to sooth her. By the time the inquiry from the Global Police arrived later that morning, Keisuke had already made up his mind on what he was going to do. Silencing his sister, he took the blame for the incident in place of his sister knowing that the smaller than average child wouldn’t be able to handle whatever punishment was placed on her. His trainer’s license was revoked for the time being and he was sent off by order of the Justice System to a boarding school in the eastern Johto region to be ‘reformed’. Keisuke left his family, assuming to serve the sentence and return and for the matter to be dropped. He wasn’t intending on having his cover up completely exposed within a week of arriving at the school.

Karen, a member of the Johto Elite, had taken an interest in the boy after receiving his case file one Sunday morning. His grades were flawlessly high, his pokemon battling skills were top knotch and overall, the second highest student at his local school. It didn’t add up. She did some digging and, after finding out what had really happened in the entire scandal, met with the boy and gave him a bit of an ultimatum. He would help the Global Police, in the quest to keep the citizens of the Pokemon Universe safe by working as an operative under Karen herself. Refusal and she’d have his sister arrested. Having no real option, he accepted the terms and was reinstated as a trainer. After completing a year at one of the highest ranking schools for up and coming stars, he started to be sent out on missions. Looking for Team Rocket here, taking out a Magma base there. Wherever he was sent, he went.

Needless to say, he hated the work and while he tried to hide it on his visits home, it became more and more apparent of just how much of a burden this was putting on the boy. His sister, an observant child despite her blunders, started to pick up on it and inwardly blamed herself despite his attempts to remind her that he really didn’t mind and it was best that she just stay at home and study.

The New Year celebrations following her ninth birthday, she begged her brother to take her to the cliffs outside the village over viewing the stream that lead south to Olivine City. While no one has spoken details of what happened on that ridge, they went together and he came back alone. All he could say was that she’d fallen. No body was ever found but the team of experts from the Global Task force concluded that there was no chance of plausible survival and a funeral was held.

Unable to break off from the group, even after his sister’s death, Keisuke still does missions, refusing to speak about his sister or anything that led up to it. Karen, who became something of a mentor to him, had told him to move on as best he could. That it would be what his sister would’ve wanted.

He is currently in Slateport City, Hoenn, doing a bit of field work on illegal activity in the city.

Plates: Dragon + Dark Plate


Hannah [Ratatta] ♀

Hannah was his sister’s ratatta, her starter pokemon [that she’d chosen of her own personal free will] and after his sister’s accident, the mouse had attached itself to him. He has an everstone on the mouse to prevent it form him evolving, to honor his sister’s wishes. It’s a snuggly mouse that’s scared of practically everything that could potentially move and cries at the first sign of pain or suffering. She will, however, bite in the name of protecting Keisuke and while she might potentially be sobbing in the process, she won’t back down if his honor is at stake. She's adorable and fluffy and loves to be snuggled and attaches to people who pet her and snuggle her.

Shadow [Flygon] ♂

Shadow is a quiet little thing that doesn’t speak or listen to anyone outside of his trainer. Protective, he’s willing to lay down his life for his trainer and he is the pokemon Keisuke has entrusted with all of his secrets. Shadow has been with him since he was young and serves as his mount in most places. He doesn't like dealing with trainers outside of Kei and will force himself back into the pokeball just to not deal with other trainers.

Fuoco [Murkrow] ♂

Crows are clever birds and Murkrow are no exception. While he can't set things on fire, he enjoys stealing things and planting them in other people's luggage simply to torment the people around him. A dastardly thing, he's only nice to Kei and Kei is the only person who can get the blasted bird to behave. He's overprotective and haughty but deep down, he really is a good bird. When he's not stealing your wallet. Or your PokeGear. Or your Batteries.

Scarlet [Houndour] ♂

Scarlet was a gift from Karen after the accident. He’s an incredibly energetic almost hyper pup who is loyal to his master but easily distracted, especially by Pachirishu, electric Pokemon and other shiny pokemon or objects and will dart off to chase them regardless of what he was doing before. He enjoys campfire music and almost always sits with Keisuke during the long night hours when the boy finds his insomnia dehabilitating. He’s a very haughty dog who believes himself to be much stronger than he is, often picking fights that end up with a trip to Nurse Joy and an angry Keisuke. Noisy selfish children annoy him. He’s known to bite ankles.

Rhys [Dragonair] ♀

Rhys is a temperamental female with a vicious serpant-tounge attitude towards women who get close to Keisuke. She has been known before to come out of her pokeball without being asked if Keisuke’s being flirted with too heavily by someone she doesn’t approve of which in most cases extends to anyone remotely attractive. She will also mess with the weather around policemen just to annoy them or to cause cover for Keisuke to hide under. She is an incredibly heavy sleeper and enjoys curry and Pecha Berries to the point of obsession and will borrow Fuoco just to steal the berries.
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