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A Life Time on the Run (OOC)

Started by Blaziken15 July 29th, 2011 8:26 AM
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A Life Time on the Run (OOC)

Team Rocket has stooped to a new low. They have set up a work camp that teaches children how to be Team Rocket grunts. How do the children agree with doing this? They are abducted as infants and are trains from a young age so it’s all they know. The goal is for Team Rocket to have more members so they can take control of Kanto.

It was a normal day; you were doing your regular duties when the generator that gives electricity to the camp explodes. Everyone makes a run for it, but only you and five others escape. Now, you live a life time on the run. The camp has sent out grunts that are determined to catch the runaways.

You are an escaped Team Rocket protégée that is hiding out all around Kanto and Johto. Your goal, stay hidden and survive. But you can do more than just hide. You can take the gym challenge, contest challenge, become a breeder, travel around, try and find your parents or anything else you can think of. (But bring it by me first if it’s not one of the following)

-Follow the PC RPing rules
-Do NOT be inactive.
-Do NOT have short posts.
-If capturing a Pokemon, leave the ball rocking at the end. If your post is descriptive enough, you will most likely capture it but not always.
-Please stay in Kanto or Johto. Do NOT leave these two regions.
-This RP is rated T. So violence is allowed.
-Romance is allowed.
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