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Hi, this is the OOC/SU thread for “The Deliverance of a Region”. For the main IC thread follow the link.

  1. In this RP my word is law.
  2. All Pokécommunity rules apply, also this RP is rated [T].
  3. Keep active or be kicked.
  4. If you are unsure ask and don't be afraid to make suggestions.
  5. Have fun, if you aren't having fun let me know.


Alphen Corp.: A major corporation in the Trinuania region, it has factories in Old Middlechester and a regional headquarters in Hartville. It is the regions leader in the technology industry and produces a large proportion of the worlds electronic goods.

Amateur Pokémon League: The more popular of the two leagues in the Trinuania region, it is open to new trainers from the region. It has not been under the jurisdiction of the world Pokémon League for several years now.

Deliverance: A group involved in many crimes in the region, its motives are unknown. It has been around for at least fifteen years but still very little is known of it.

Easthite group: The top media group in the region. Produces most news programs in the region as well as the best selling news paper. It has partner businesses in the financial sector and video game development.

Guaranteed Trainer Account: A type of bank account which includes a system to set a wager on a Pokémon battle via text and guarantees that the winner will be rewarded after the battle. There is normally a small fee taken off the winning under this system.

Mechanion: Produces most every day goods for the region. It was the first company to sponsor a trainer in the Trinuania Region Amateur Pokémon League, the trainer won the league and set a precedent for the region.

Manins and Co.: This business is ninety percent owned by one family, it runs a number of casinos and other small businesses in Havenstead. It is rumoured that they have ties to organised crime.

Professional Pokémon League: Is the other league in the region, it is less popular as it is only open to people who reach the last eight of any major tournament, it still has quite a fan base though. It split off from the official Pokémon League a few years before the Amateur Pokémon League did.

Septor: A private security group that is contracted to assist the regions relatively weak police force. You should avoid crossing them as they have in the past been criticised for their treatment of prisoners. They also operate private healthcare and Pokécenters across the region.

Trinuania Region: The region where you live, it is located in the northern hemisphere of the Pokémon world and has a fairly temperate climate. The region is home to many large corporations, it has been criticised for the large divide between rich and poor in the region and the low pay ow many of the unskilled workers.

Xadical: A new small company that produces designer clothes at relatively cheap prices, there is a rising trend for their goods in the region despite the competition from the other large industries.

Money Matters
A break down of money in this RP

This is intended to be a rough guide to the prices of things in the region. I will be using $ as the regions currency but you can consider it short for Pokédollar.

All trainers in the region can expect to have at least a few essentials that they would use in their everyday life. A mobile phone for example, anything else that you buy before your journey won't be factored into the money system. When you sign up tell me how long you have been saving, up to a year and what you have been doing, in your history section, and I'll give you a sum of money to start with. By the way not everyone will be equal.

Your trainer licence is the first concern, which costs $100 for the year but includes 100 box spaces and free health care at public Pokécenters. Your first Pokémon will likely cost $100 - $5,000 depending on the rarity of the Pokémon and other factors if you buy it, however you can adopt a Pokémon for a small donation of around $20 to any of the Pokémon rescue charities in the region.

Next is feeding yourself and your Pokémon. Lets say that the absolute minimum for your own food is $5/day but it could be much more. If you eat at restaurants etc. (ignoring takeaway) then a minimum $30/day should cover your food. Feeding your Pokémon should be about $2/Pokémon/day for up to the six Pokémon in your team.

Stuff like potions and Pokéballs would vary. Here you can just say you stock up on them each time you reach a city and say it cost you about $25. For other items just add them on to the bill, but ask me about a price first.

Events that you may attend will come up when we reach them. If you reach a town and want to get a temporary job then just let me know. For battles I will let you stake whatever you like but think about it how much money you stake will depend on how much you have. Ten percent of your money should be the upper limit on what your character stakes unless they are being extremely foolish and have permission from me. You should lose as well as win and anyone I think is abusing the system I will punish.

Sign Up Form

Name: (Forename, middle-names and surname.)
Gender: (Hopefully so clear that I don't even need to make a joke about it.)
Age: (At least 15 but as trainers often save for many years before starting their journeys its not uncommon for new trainers to be in their early twenties. Richer trainers are generally younger.)
Appearance: (A few paragraphs on your features and general attire.)
Personality: (A couple of paragraphs on your mood and your attitude towards the region you live in.)
History: (Talk about your upbringing in the Trinuania region, are you family rich or poor, how have you prepared for your journey.)

Starter Pokémon Sign Up
Species: (Will depend on where you get your Pokémon, if you can afford to pay a lot of money you can pick pretty much anything otherwise your stuck with the more common Pokémon.)
Appearance: (Anything abnormal about your Pokémon's appearance, please not that shiny Pokémon will cost a lot more that normal Pokémon.)
Personality: (How does your Pokémon act.)
History: (Talk about your Pokémon's life.)
Move set: (You can have as many moves as you want at any time, but I will give you your move set and let you know when you can learn new moves.)

Opening post: (Make a short post about how you first met you starter Pokémon, and your reactions to each other. Did you buy it from a shop, adopt it, hatch it yourself or even catch it.)