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Old August 1st, 2018 (10:47 AM). Edited August 1st, 2018 by dturon14.
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    Hey I'm working on a new generation 4 based project and have a few storylines I'm considering, wondering which one you guys think I should use/is your favorite. I'm trying to stay away from traditional style (training and collecting badges), as well as keep a realism to it, so you will start as an adult or more qualified hero who already has Pokemon, so the gameplay can focus on the storyline.

    Pokemon Tsukuyomi - In this one you do actually play as a teenager, only you have no past memory or hints at how you've ended up at the foot of mt. Coronet. Plus you keep getting a crazy dream occuring in a cave with a man dressed all in black and a Mega-Bannette. In the dream you can't hear them but you know they are plotting something, specifically with darkrai. As the story progresses in a combination of trying to discover your identity and stop the plot of the man in the cave, you get more and more hints, finally finding out the man plans on trying to activate darkrai into his mega form so he can take over the sinnoh region and you were a boy created by Arceus born to stop him, except when you go to stop the man it turns out Mega-Bannette was fooling him the whole time, and after they mega evolve Darkrai Bannette takes control of Mega-Darkrai and plans on using his new powers in conjunction with absorbing power from dialga and palkia to use Darkrais new move Tsukuyomi to put the whole human race into an eternal sleep. Stop him or face the end of humanity. (Would feature new types and delta pokemon)

    Pokemon Galactica - Takes place in the year where Deoxys landed on Earth. (Landed in sinnoh in this game) Play as the head detective of the Jubilife region investigating what this pokemon is and why it is here. Soon you are able to interpret Deoxys message that you are in grave danger. In this universe there are multiple pokemon worlds each with their own pokemon and creator/protector. Arceus is earth's, Deoxys was from the planet Hayvif. Problem is the planet Veonov has progressed super fast into a super powerfull planet and the planet leaders along with their mega evolved creator, are space pirates venturing to each planet and taking them over, they just destroyed Hayvif (Deoxys planet), Earth is next. Prepare earth for doomsday by figuring out how to mega evolving Arceus on a journey to the center of the earth, and Deoxys who you will have to travel to Hayvif to find out how to mega evolve. You have to succeed, and fast to even stand a chance against Veonoff. (Would include many new mega evolutions, as well as fakemon from other planets)

    Mega evolved creators would be over powered af
    Mega Arceus-insane stats and ability like Greninja.
    Mega Deoxys-Could switch between forms at will. Improved stats.
    Mega (Veonoff creator)- always moves last in priority bracket in exchange for 1.5 damage, and insane stats

    Sinnoh Revolution- takes place in a more political pokemon world 12 years after the events of pokemon diamond. After the terror of Cyrus on the sinnoh region a good bidding politician removes the sinnoh citizens rights to pokemon, needing a permit explaining exactly why you want them and limiting there strength narrowly gets voted in on a very controversial election. 4 years later with a new president with the same rules, he is able to take over the sinnoh region due to the citizens lack of defense, and has been corruptly reigning removing new elections. You play as a rebel who wants to take back right to pokemon and gather a rebellion of vigilante who go undercover to stop this government and take back freedom. One problem, penalty for rebellion is death. (Would feature delta pokemon and new types or some new mega evolutions)

    Comment which one is your favourite!
    Thanks in advanced :)
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    Old August 1st, 2018 (11:25 AM).
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      I like Sinnoh revolution as it has a lot of opportunities about exploring a black market, revolution theme and such good things ! I'd play it !
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