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Started by Eldaryon March 22nd, 2017 12:21 PM
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Now the secret final Boss of every game you know.

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If this is not the right place for this, can a mod move (or even delete) this thread? Thanks.
Hey guys!
I just wanted to put my ideas from my (many) failed hacks and fangames here, so people can use them in something less... Failed.
Just reference me in the credits If you do, I'll appreciate that :D.

New game mechanics

Low gravity terrain
This one looks pretty self explanatory, but what it does is not :
  • Accuracy of Special Flying type moves goes up by 5/3, rest is unchanged.
  • Priority of moves goes down by 1, meaning that quick attack becomes as useful as tackle.
  • Physical Flying type attacks, Ground type attacks, Fighting attacks, and weight related attacks have their efficiency divided by 2.
  • Does not change any type repercussion.

Psychic,-- Accuracy,10 PPs,Status

Description : Gravity is lowered for 5 turns, making moves involving speed or ground weaker.

Technical Information : Changes the terrain to low gravity.

Eldaryon's note : That's just the move that goes with the mechanic explained before.

Clean Cut
Normal,100 Accuracy,60 Damage,10 PPs,Physical

Description : A very precise and dexterous slash that cuts the opponent very deeply. Deals bonus attack if an offensive physical move is used against the opponent next turn.

Technical information : ­ second attack turn is equal to 0.8 of the user's level.

Eldaryon's note : Pokémon bleed build, anyone?

Blue Flame
Fire,100 Acc,90 Dam,10 PPs,Special

Description : An uncanny flame that saps heat instead of radiating with it. It can freeze the opponent solid.

Technical information : 10% of freeze chance.

Eldaryon's note : Sometime, to make something new, ya don't need something complicated, ya know?

Faint Whisper
Ghost,100 Acc,10 PPs,Status

Description : The user calls out his evil powers to distract the opponent, wasting his turn.

Technical Informations : +4 in priority.

Eldaryon's note : Overlord is good, ya should watch it.

Rainbow Strike
???,100 Acc,90 Dmg,5 PPs,Physical

Description : A powerful strike infused with the might of it's user, has a random type, unless it's sunny, when it has none.

Technical information : Has a random type, unless Sunny day is active, it's then a super effective ??? type move.

Eldaryon's note : Have you ever asked yourself what type is weak to "???" ? All of them.

Electric,90 Acc,150 Dmg,5 PPs,Special

Description : The opponent is hit with every volt of electricity in the user's body. Leaves the user to recharge the next turn.

Technical Information : Recharge turn after ability use.

Eldaryon's note : I have waited for this for so long and still haven't got it. Pls Game Freak.

Fighting,100 Acc,10 PPs,Status

Description : The user skillfully counters the opponent's physical ability, negating it and returning half of the expected damage.

Technical information : The opponent's attack needs to be physical, -1 Priority.

Eldaryon's note : My Aikido training is now useful to something.

Seismic Toss (Revamp)

Fighting,100 Acc, ??? Dmg,20 PPs, Physical

Description : The target is thrown using the power of gravity. The heavier the target, The stronger the ability.

Technical Information : It uses the same mechanic that grass knot, double power on high gravity, half power on low gravity.

Eldaryon's note : Yes. Gravity. Level. That's some good logic right there. Can't blame GF though, that was Gen 1 after all.


Static Surge

If rain, hail or sandstorm are up, the opponent takes 1/8 of his HP as damage every turn. Ground types take none, Steel and Rock take 1/16 instead.

Power Within

Any continuous damage multiplier item has his bonus doubled, single use items have a 1.5 mutiplier instead.

Eldaryon's note : Second part is for those gems, you don't wanna see a x3 Outrage, don'tcha?

Unstoppable Force

Any ability that damages the user too ignores Type and Accuracy/Evasion check.


If the opponent's attack or sp. attack rises, the user rises respectively his defense or sp. defense by one, and lowers the other.


If a water type attack is used on the field, the opponent has 10% of chances to be paralyzed.

I'm still not finished with this thread, I still have to add my old stories and the concept arts.
Thanks for reading!

Now that I, Eldaryon, have obtained to power to jump between dimensons, I'm going to use it for....