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Old March 6th, 2014 (12:21 PM). Edited March 6th, 2014 by RiverStyxx.
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    Hey guys, just got X and Y with the Mario and Luigi Dream Team 3DS XL and am currently at the town with the second gym, the gym is not complete yet however; just to give you a hint on where I currently am! I only train female pokemon and always nickname those I train starting with a Miss, always have and always will

    - Miss Ivy (Ivysaur) Level 26; Nature: Adamant
    Current Moves: Venoshock, Poison Powder, Leech Seed, Razor Leaf

    - Miss Lilly (Floette) Level 22; Nature: Careful
    Current Moves: Tackle, Razor Leaf, Fairy Wind, Wish

    - Miss Foxie (Braixen) Level 28; Nature: Gentle
    Current Moves: Fire Spin, Flame Charge, Psybeam, Howl

    - Miss Aerial (Pidgeotto) Level 26; Nature: Hasty
    Current Moves: Tackle, Twister, Gust, Quick Attack

    - Miss Roo (Kangaskhan) Level 20; Nature: Calm
    Current Moves: Rock Smash, Fake Out, Double Hit, Bite

    - Miss Aoi-toa (Vaporeon) Level 10; Nature: Gentle
    Current Moves: Helping Hand, Baby-Doll Eyes, Tackle, Swift

    Keep in mind this is my IN-GAME team so I need these HMs included + the best coverage you can provide for me! Keep in mind for my in-game playthrough I DO NOT EV TRAIN OR BREED FOR NATURES so that information isnt needed! Also keep in mind this is my first playthrough but watched the walkthroughs before I got my game hehe

    HM's Needed Are As Follows:
    • Cut
    • Fly
    • Surf
    • Strength
    • Waterfall

    I would generally love as much coverage as possible and smart movesets, meaning if the pokemon has sucky attack but good special attack, give him special attack moves not regular attack moves! If attack sucks both ways, make it a staller with a way to slowly kill. Movesets for those pokemons evolved forms listed (Venasaur, Delphox, Pidgeot, Kangaskhan, Vaporeon, Florges) is what I am asking for, making sure you include all the HMs spread nicely and usably(?) over the pokemon. If you have the time hold items would be great but dont need or want natures, evs, ivs or anything! I will train my competitive team after I complete the story!

    Also, WHEN should I use a shiny stone on my FLOETTE to evolve it into FLORGES to get the most out of the pokemon?

    Any improvements or replacements you all can give would be great! Those who are not allowed to be replaced are as follows: Ivysaur, Vaporeon, Kangaskhan.

    Thank you so much!
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    Old March 6th, 2014 (6:30 PM).
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    So, basically, you want to teach these HMs to your Pokémon, right? If I were you, I would replace Pidgeotto's Gust with Fly. Gust is a special-based attack while Fly is physical, and Pidgeotto generally performs better on physical side of things. Vaporeon and Kangaskhan are the only Pokémon on your team that could learn Surf, but you should most likely teach it to former because of STAB. You'd have to teach Waterfall to Vaporeon as well, since this is the only Pokémon that could learn it. As for Cut, teach it to Kangaskhan. Replace it with either Bite or Double Hit. Now, all we're left with is Strength. Kangaskhan and Ivysaur could both learn this attack, but you should probably teach it to the latter, since you're teaching Kangaskhan Cut. Hope this helps. n__n
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    Old March 7th, 2014 (1:11 PM). Edited March 8th, 2014 by RiverStyxx.
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      I came up with my own movesets for my pokemon and wanted you guys for input on any improvements I could make! I HAD to implement full HMs like I ALWAYS do for my play-throughs so those moves must stay and feel I did an okay job seperating them nicely! I would have loved to replace cut with calm mind on delphox, surf and waterfall for scald and protect or substitute on vaporeon, strength for return on kangaskhan, fly for brave bird on pidgeot; but ANYWAY here it is: (I will explain the move-sets after I show them!

      Let's Get The Team Going!

      Miss Ivy (Venasaur) @ Venasaurite
      - MOVES: Petal Blizzard, Sludge Bomb, Synthesis, Earthquake
      - - EXPLANATION: My tank and destroyer of all ingame baddies! Petal Blizzard for pesky Water, Rock and Ground types. Sludge Bomb, ahh, my way to kill some Grass and them pesky Fairies! Synthesis is recovery! Earthquake, ultimate coverage! Killing off those Rock, Steel, Fire, Electric and Poison types!


      Miss Aerial (Pidgeot) @ Muscle Band
      - MOVES: Fly, Roost, Return, Steel Wing
      - - EXPLANATION: Fly, the pesky HM I had to fit but its not a bad in-game move for those Grass, Fighting and Bug types! Roost is simply a recovery that unfortunately makes me vulnerable to ground moves. Return for a nice damage normal type move, great damage at full happiness! Steel Wing is coverage for those Ice and Rock types that will take me down, as well as Fairy types!


      Miss Roo (Kangaskhan) @ Expert Belt
      - MOVES: Strength, Crunch, Brick Break, Aerial Ace
      - - EXPLANATION: Strength is that other pesky TM I wish I could have replaced with Return or Power-Up Punch to increase my attack stat or get a reliable STAB from return but Strength STAB isn't horrible. Crunch was used to bring down those Psychic and Ghost types. Brick Break was chosen to bring down other normal types, Lucario who would sweep me fast or other Ice, Rock, Dark and Steel types! Aerial Ace for those fighting types that will OHKO or 2HKO this character as well as take down Grass and Bug Pokémon, but mostly their for fighting types!


      Miss Aoi-toa (Vaporeon) @ Leftovers
      - MOVES: Surf, Icebeam, Waterfall, Toxic
      - - EXPLANATION: Surf and Waterfall are other HM's I had to fit, Surf isn't a bad move though, would rather have Scald! Waterfall isn't great unless your on a higher attack water Pokémon but not horrible on this guy either, would rather have Substitute, Protect or Wish. Surf and Waterfall take care of Fire, Rock and Ground Types though! Icebeam is great! Love it! Takes out Grass, Ground, Flying and Dragon Types! Toxic is an all around great move, and staller Vaporeon is my favorite so had to throw something in to remind me of my stalling team days!


      Miss Foxie (Delphox) @ Scope Lens
      - MOVES: Flamethrower, Psychic, Cut, Shadowball
      - - EXPLANATION: Flamethrower is obvious, better accuracy than Fire Blast and I like it, also is STAB! It takes out those Grass, Ice, Bug and Steel types! Psychic is another great move and is also STAB and takes out those pesky Fighting types for my Kangaskhan, look out Lucario! Psychic not only takes out Fighting types but also Poison types! Cut is a pesky HM I had to fit and saw the extra move-slot Delphox had was the way to go with it! Shadowball is another great option I chose for this set, always handy for me! I love wiping out other Ghost types with a Ghost type move! Ha! Also takes out those Psychic Pokémon!


      Miss Petal (Florges) @ Life Orb
      - MOVES: Moonblast, Energy Ball, Wish, Psychic
      - - EXPLANATION: Moonblast, AHH! Finally another way to deal with those overpowered Dragon types! We only had other Dragon and Ice types, now Fairy! So lets use Moonblast to deal with those overpowered Dragons, the Fighting and Dark types as well! Energy Ball to deal with some more Water, Rock and Ground types. Wish is to return some of my Life Orb recoil damage and believe it will benefit just more than that! Psychic is a filler used to kill Fighting and Poison types!


      There you have it! What do you all think? Any improvements or did I think this all out well enough that I should be okay? Any types I need coverage on?

      Thanks so much! Send a PM with any information or post here if you like, both are ok!

      Currently Playing: Pokemon Y
      Pokemon Y IGN: Styxx
      Pokemon Y FC: 1263.7544.6559
      My Friend Safari Pokemon: Fairy Type

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